The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Firmware 2.70 and the Jak and Daxter news were the best for me this week. Playstation Store downloads were flops 2 weeks in a row, demo wise.

  • Good news week. Is there anyway we can have a Live Q&A with Zipper about MAG in the future?

  • Chris first of all thanks for putting the Ratchet and clank teaser trailer on the store last thursday and im finding the text feature in 2.70 update very handy at times lol , i like it , it could have been better a voice chat feature but its good nonetheless ,im not complaining i know you guys are working hard to give us most of the things we ask , but i have one complaint to make , everytime you have this live chats with developers , WE the fans ask certain questions that maybe they are not ready to answer at that moment but you guys never let them go through , let them answer them , let them at least say we cant comment on that just yet , most of us wanted to know if Ratchet and clank would feature any sort of online play ( co op or multiplayer) but the question never got through instead there were comments like Insonmiac you rock, even my parents play your games , i didnt get to know more about the game than i knew before the chat

  • Yo Jeff, can you call up ol’ zipper Interactive and tell them to put a Third Person view option in MAG? I mean it looks great and all (pics on Flicker) but First Person, we don’t need another killzone….

    You are Zipper, you are to continue on with the Socom Franchise. Do not disappoint us.

  • Can’t say I wanted a PSP/PS2 version of Jak (more like PS3) but that’s ok I guess.

    FW 2.7 was cool.

  • I agree with remanutd5. If Insomniac didn’t want to answer they should’ve said that.I’ll be expecting an answer at E3 this year.

  • Great week Chris~
    just a little disapointed with firmware update 2.70… ingame video/voice chat would have been nice. but what am i gunna do! I also loved the Takahshi interview, it was great stuff chris. I hope to hear alot more from him soon~

    Cant wait to see whats in store for next week! is it gunna be good?

  • *challenges Chris to SFIV*

  • do u guys know any good games lately, i was busy playing killzone 2 all month, but i gotta admit im starting to get bored when i reached general. anyways it has been a great week,

  • Hey Chris, I take it by your avatar you are a fan of Radiohead!

    I love them! My favorite band!
    I was lucky enough to see them in concert!

    Please respond back! Thanks!

  • Great update!

    Things I would like to see in the next one:

    1). HD movies to own instead of just to rent on Playstation Store!

    2). More selctions on the Visual Player when playing music instead of just the current 3!

    3). PS2 games for download for those of us that have backwards compatability!

    Thank You in advance,


  • Thanks Chris….past week was great !

  • Haha, MAG’s looking good. I hope the maps have more variety and some are larger, though.

    I think this week’s been good so far. Downloaded firmware 2.70, have zero problems with my PS3, but I have a few suggestions.
    – Remove the censors. The censors sometimes censors unoffensive words, and it’s a private chat, I don’t think we need censors for something private.
    – Increase the character limit. If it takes up more than one line, just adjust it to make it take up two! I think making it similar to twitter’s character limit is ideal, but I’ll be happy with something a little lower.

    Thanks for reading. Constructive criticism makes everything better, no? Also: THANK YOU FOR COPY & PASTE ON THE BROWSER!

  • Amazing week for the plastation blog, wasnt expecting all this, i just hope that jak and daxter comes to ps3 eventually, and that we get cross game voice chat eventually, but other then that Sony is doing amazing, thanks for all your hard work. One more thing though, do you know if MAG will be third person shooter or a first person shooter? or can you switch between both??

  • and Chris i think you guys should make pulse a little longer than it already is , i mean psn is growing fast , theres tons of games coming out , more features , more exclusives , 3 platforms … more content than before thats for sure man , i really enjoy pulse and Qore (sometimes) , heck i even think you guys should have your own tv show so we dont have to go to all those bias websites to get info on all playstation related but it is whats it is lol , and the Gran turismo cafe is for real or was it an april fools joke??

  • I’m a little disapointed that you guys didn’t pull a prank on us… but I guess that wouldn’t have been cool with the suits upstairs.

    Anyway Firmware 2.70 has issues, mainly the rather restrictive to the point of suffocation censorship in text chat. also the limited string length is a pain. It sucks as well that I can’t just press the PS Button after I hit the enter key to jump back into my game. 3 Button Presses means life or death in Killzone 2. voice chat would have been a bonus as well. Not much more I can state other than what was said on the Firmware update comments (BC/UPnP Client in game/IGX for PS2-1/etc).

    Anyway good job as always to the PS Blog team. Content is getting so frequent on the blog it gives me many reasons to show up during the course of a day. Could you guys also pass my thanks onto the firmware guys for the video backup. There’s more that they can do, but this is a start and much appreciated.

  • So when is the MAG beta starting, since their will obviously be one

  • Where is Crystal Defenders???

  • #16 KazeEternal

    What do you mean they didn’t pull a prank on us? What do you think Firmware 2.7 was?

    A complete joke.

    A gimped, censored, hamstringed, half-assed joke of what customers actually wanted.

  • a couple of things.
    test chat is too restrictive. make it more like home so we can type long sentances. also make it so its like home in regards to typeing with a chat pad or key board.. i should be able to see what everyone else is writing while i am typeing like it is in home where it come up with a little box at the bottom of the screen.
    audio chat is what everyone wants. to do this properly you should use skype imo.

    also the two buttons that are on the chat pad. instead of making them go to the message box and friends list. can we get one of them to go to the chat menu instead?

    i have been playing xi. it is a good direction for home imo. keeps me comming back every couple of days to get the new quest.

    disapointed the new jak and daxter isn’t for ps3.. oh well you got to support the ps2 as well.

    also we want music and video sharing on our tv’s in home. our clubhouse is not worth paying a subscription for if we can’t have a video running or our own music playing. there is a tv in there. let us use it.

    also increase the size of the clubhouse members list. i know you can only have 60 people in a room but not everyone in the club is on at the same time. increase the size of the members list to 1000.

  • @ #4 soopergooman man forget that, third person shooters are just for stupid campers who love to sit at a corner waiting for you to get closer so they can get a cheap kill that’s why a lot of people wont ply socom confrontation any more, because of lame noobs that love to camp for hours.

  • oh and where is jeff when is he coming back, we miss you Jeff rubenstein

  • Thanks for all the links Chris.

    Can’t wait to play some new Jak & Dax on my PSP.

  • great week 2.70 update. digging all the new features. thanks for the recap Chris!


  • Hi just want to know is there’s a possibility the actual 160 and 80 gig PS3 can run ps2 games in a future update or buying the backwards compatibility via ps store.

  • I have to say that its another firmware with features I have no use, sorry.

  • @ mendezgato I take it you were one of them by that remark or that you found the game TOO HARD for you. No need to bash ideas dude.

    Also with the free issue of quore do we get access to the demos?

  • @19

    amen brother.

    do the people making the decisions at Sony actually play games?

    just curious.

    Wish I could say it was a good week, but to me it wasn’t. Just disppointment after disappointment. Maybe next week will be better.

  • Nice week. Thanks Chris

  • Im happy fo the playstation 3 getting an update but what about the psp it should be just as important

  • I wish people would STFU about 2.7 and be thankful we got a update at all.
    For god sakes people the damn thing is in devolopment. Jesus Christ I Can’t wait to see what you guys will whine about next after voice msg and cross game chat.

  • not really cause i still have the game and play it WHEN i get my hole gang together, whee we know nobody is going to play [DELETED] and sit in a corner other that that i wont play it, as for bashing your ideas i really don’t want to bash nobody anymore so i apologise if you felt disrespected

  • The early access to the Red Faction Guerilla demo for us annual Qore subscribers was fantastic! I hope that we will get more early access demos in the near future – especially for these upcoming games:
    1) X-men Origins: Wolverine,
    2) Batman: Arkham Asylum,
    3) Dark Void,
    4) M.A.G,
    5) Borderlands.

  • #31: BoobooJones

    Be thankful that we got an update? Ummm…Firmware 2.7 has ruined media streaming on the PS3. The console no longer plays files streamed from PC’s or media servers.

    This was the one feature I used on my PS3 more than any other (including playing games). And now it doesn’t work.

    So no, I won’t be thankful for this abortion of an update.

    I’d gladly trade back that half-ass 32-character censored joke of a chat feature for media streaming.

  • Sony desperately needs to implement voice chat. Until that happens everyone will be missing out on:

    * Listening to other people’s screaming babies and kids in the background

    * Listening to other people’s screaming wives constantly complaining about domestic crap

    * Listening to other people’s static filled crappy music that they think everyone else chatting with the wants to hear

    * Listening to other people heading off to the bathroom with the mic still on

    Come on Sony! How can you expect anyone to play online games without voice chat!

  • I love firmware 2.70. In my opinion it is the best update since trophies/in-game XMB. I love the text chat, and even though things like copy & paste, faster trophy loading, and the audio normalizer aren’t big, hype-worthy improvements, they are great to have.

    I do have two gripes though and I hope they are addressed in the next firmware update.

    First is the new friends list organization. Before the update I had all my online friends list first alphabetically, followed by all my online friends listed alphabetically. Now the offline list is organized by last log-in time. I’d like to have the old option back.

    Second, in text chat, I have to click a button on the controller to type, at which point it brings up the on-screen keyboard. Couldn’t the extra click be bypassed when typing on the keyboard begins?


  • I can’t wait for some Jak & Dax on my PSP def a day one purchae for me even though the beloved Ready At Dawn isn’t working on it.

  • Hey Chris,
    Do you know what we ALL would like on OUR psn updates?? well here are a few good ideas that MOST of US agree on. IE:

    1)More demos ( hence the idea TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.)

    2)Music ( we have games & videos now lets try SONGS & WHOLE CDS useing the same concept as the others.songs would do better)

    3)More ADD-ON content for both disc & downloaded games.

    4)Some price drops on download games every now & then.

    Well thats all for now but there is more. Lets try working on these first & see how it does..Even if you do 1 & 2 that people would be happy .

  • Hey Chris,

    Would it be possible for you to speak with the higher ups about Hardware Marketing Director John Koller? His most recent statement regarding the DSi’s launch is just asking for a fight. The last time we heard from him, he royally f-ed up with the PS2 price drop announcement. He has been completely ineffective at his job and should be REPLACED.

    Just how many publicity mistakes do you guys intend to make with that joker around?

  • I had the opportunity to check the new firmware until today and found the volume dynamic equalizer being the thing i liked the most.

    It would be nice that the volume equalizer was applied to xmb game icons as well, Crash Commando and Puzzle fighter want my speakers exploding!

    For those of you who have the official tiny keyboard for the controller, is there a button that opens the chat or do you have to explore the xmb?

  • @ #40:
    You have to explore the XMB. There is a tutorial video on the PSBlog that explained all the chat-related issues. Personally, I’d just get a bluetooth keyboard and set it aside for instances where I need to use it. It’s not like you can control the game while you’re typing in messages so you might as well have a comfortable typing platform while you’re at it.

  • As usual, yet another good week to be a PlayStation owner.

  • Good 2.70 firmware indeed (even if i won’t use text chat a lot)

    No PSP firmware news ? I’m still waiting for Trophies / Friends list on PSP ^^

  • totally disappointed about fw 2.70

    I can’t believe that you really think is usefull.. text priate chat.. incredible

    we don’t pretend voice chat tonight.. but at least not these jokes, and just say something.. are you sony interested about online gaming? about private voice chat?

    @ 35 – perfect, exactly, impossible to continue playing this way on ps3

    @ 34 – I didn’t try again.. but if it’s true, they have to fix now!

  • ..and another question.. are you sony interested about your community? everybody that write here in this blog are your supporter really.. without the rage of the first days after fw 2.70 release, we’re just asking you an answer about voice private chat.. just understand this


  • “…and John D gives away a voucher and a copy of Street Fighter IV to the 200th commenter. Comment explosion…”

    ROTFL, still not that much of an explosion comparing to a while back ago with 20.000+ messages counted. At least we can guess when John’s around :-D

  • Well I found the 2.70 firmware update a nice one, despite what others said. The fact that Tri Ace has opened a teaser site for their upcoming, unknown RPG for on the 360 and… PS3 and that Tales of Vesperia has been announced to come to the PS3, sure made a nice week :-) Jak & Daxter well, but was more hoping for an official release on the PS3 from Naughty Dog. Though I’m sure the PSP / PS2 versions are gonna be great.

  • You guys need to take off the “PS3 is Lead Platform for Modern Warfare 2 – PlayStation Lifestyle” Story. Infinity Ward confirmed it was fake and that Todd Stewart was a made up name.

  • @38
    I’d also love it if they added a music video store! That would be so great! Maybe Sony and Apple can make a deal together, since there both against Microsoft.

  • i am here to protest
    plz join me people

    we want psn to be like xbox live
    we want psn to be like xbox live
    we want psn to be like xbox live
    we want psn to be like xbox live
    we want psn to be like xbox live

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