Sack it to Me: The Anatomy Edition

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Happy Friday to all! Take a peek at some happenings in the world of LittleBigPlanet!

Sack’s Anatomy
Many people wonder what SackBoy is made of on the inside. Is it cotton stuffing? Pure creative energy? Who knows? While this might be a point of speculation and debate, that didn’t stop Jason Freeny from making his own guess and doing this great render.

LittleBigPlanet Deconstructing SackBoy

Check out his other anatomy images as well!

Check out this new promotion that our friends across the pond are doing via their new YouTube channel. While I’m not sure if us US folks can participate, you have to love the video.

DLC Round Up- On Sale Now!

PATA-PATA-PATA-PON! New costume, 3 Weapons – get your Pata-On!

LittleBigPlanet Add-On Patapon Costume Pack


LittleBigPlanet Buzz

KILLZONE Mini-Pack – When did futuristic warfare get so cute?

LittleBigPlanet Killzone Mini Pack 1

LittleBigPlanet Killzone Mini Pack 2

FORE! The Golf Course Challenge

LBP Hot Shots Golf contest

Just in case you missed it, earlier this week we kicked off the next LittleBigChallenge to celebrate SackBoy getting integrated into Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. For all of you searching for Prize Crown glory, tee up and get creating!

Click here for US Terms & Conditions
Click here for Canadian Terms & Conditions

LittleBigPlanet in Hot Shots Golf

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  • wow, good stuff. I like the YouTube channel as well guys!

  • that’s cool.

  • Very cool.

  • Great content updates. Keep it up.

  • This post is awesome.

  • SACK BOY has a little WEE-WEE

  • That is the coolest sackboy I have seen thus far. A definite purchase for me when I get back to the states.

  • That’s a very cool Sack’s Anatomy! Very well done Jason Freeny.

    Question for Mark, will the EU region get the Patapon costumes too? I didn’t see it with the PlayStation store update.

    Thanks for the answer!

  • Oh, is that not a purchase lol?

  • The pic on the top far right is x-rated.

  • Lmao what’s with the p*nis?
    hehe, its hilarious :P

  • Sweet Job

  • Do a KILLZONE Level-Pack PLEASE ;)
    Like the MGS4/LBP Level-Pack. That was FUN.
    I’m Loving LBP;)

  • you guys really need to make killzone 2 levels, similar to the MGS4, and sell them as a pack with it own trophies, I would buy it instantly

  • LMAO that video funny both his and sackboy’s

  • no muscles? no nose? .. ewww sackboy is a mouth breather.

  • Erm, Sackboy’s private is showing…


  • Guys of MM.. release levels pack about sony exclusives.. Killozone 2, Heavenly Sword, God Of War..with trophies :D

    Release my Lara Croft Sackgirl and add water :D


  • ayo..sackboy wee wee is showin. thats nasty…lol as for the rest of the stuff looks pretty kool..and yeah we seriously need a KZ2 level ..and others too..WE ALL know that it takes tyme but WE ALL would just like to know if its gettin WORKED On..THATS ALL..then we will stop bugging u guys @ Mm about it!..:P

  • LAWL! SB has a pen1s!!!!

  • omg the anatomy is cracking me up, you need to censor that lol its so small

  • Sony when are you going to go on the attack and kill the 360 already? It can’t be that hard but your just not willing to do it???

    -Cross Chat support
    -Backwards Compatibility
    -Lower the price to $299

    Do it all at once, make a big announcement with it, and do it when some big titles are coming out…. How hard would it be to win already?

  • Lmao nice! XD

  • LMFAO!!!

  • I laughed so hard at the microscopic pen*s.


  • For those who don’t know, that video of Sackboy dancing was based off of this video, watch it, it’s great.

  • Thanks Mark.

    Love that tune from the Youtube clip !

  • the top right pic and all the people talking about makes me laugh. not trying to b a kid but u cant help but to laugh at it

  • So when is the Heavenly Sword pack coming?

  • Plz release lvl packs, like one with MGS. Do with KZ 2 level!

  • I’m disturbed! i guess sackboys really are REAL.


  • @ 23 Stay ontopic dude. Stop ranting OK? Just shut up

  • i absolutly love LittleBigPlanet, my tattoo artist is working on a nice SackBoy tatty for me its gonna be awesome

  • LOL The Sackboy anatomy made me laugh…

  • Nice work Jason Freeney!

    Not just SackBoy either…everything on your site is excellent.

    As a fellow Graphic designer / Artist, I appreciate your work on a level only known by those who create.
    It’s always wonderful to marvel at one’s own work of art (in any form) and feel that sense of pride. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    You deserve the props man…for well constructed works of art.


  • lmao! funny, good job.

  • That would do a great sack costume ;)

    Funny stuff for sure.

  • When will the Patapon costume be released in the Europe, because it wasn’t available in the EU store ! Even though the game is out here and not in NA…

  • Bah! no new news on cornish yarg.

    Off topic
    Do you guys havew any tips on how to get your levels played,some of the levels on the cool levels (i’m looking at you, cheeta race.) are much worse than my level (the adentures of tommy bleech: smells like bleech spirit.) any tips on how to get it played?

  • Great job, still waiting for the next level pack from the masters at MM ;-)

  • Any chance of a higher resolution picture? Need a background. :)

  • Let me guess, ackboys true enemy is that zipper of his. Ouch.

  • “Check out this new promotion that our friends across the pond are doing via their new YouTube channel. While I’m not sure if us US folks can participate, you have to love the video.”

    Shouldn’t you call/email SCEE and find out? That pretty well sums up one of the biggest failings of Sony’s gaming division, the complete lack of communication between territories and segmentation of the market. We live in a connected world now, the old PS2 era rules no longer apply.

  • LittleBigP*nis.
    Too obvious?
    Oh well. Not only is this a bit disturbing, but now I’ll never look at Sackboy the same way again.

  • Aw man, I was hoping I could forget that image of the anatomy of sackboy! Not something I enjoy seeing.

  • this is so cool!!!!! i love LBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ha ha, who knew that was how a sackboy looked. Anyway, LBP just keeps on getting better!

  • The anatomy chart is very cool. That must have taken a lot of doing.

    I’m impressed that Sony was willing to put that up since it actually does show proper anatomy.

    I’m a little disappointed in the few responders that don’t seem to be mature enough to deal with an anatomy reference chart. One of the biggest reasons I choose Sony over say Nintendo is because they’ve always built their consoles for more mature and discerning audiences. I was never interested in consoles prior to the PS1 because they were clearly aimed at children.

    If you’re totally immature, this probably isn’t the brand for you. The Wii is right over there.

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