Interview with Noby Noby Boy Creator Keita Takahashi

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During GDC last week, our friends at Namco Bandai invited us to chat with Keita Takahashi, Noby Noby Boy and Katamari series creator, and you should know him well by now. Of course, I jumped at the chance to talk to Mr. Takahashi, as his always-entertaining posts have made me quite a fan. It’s a really cool interview, as he gives insight in to the influences behind Noby Noy Boy, how the multiplayer works, and even dishes about working on a music game! Enjoy.

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  • noby noby boy is one crazy game, but its great

  • Disappointed that this game is so quickly losing its PS exclusivity.

  • cool

  • @3: What?

  • No: 5
    It’s going to iPhone.

  • Ahw, thank you! <3

  • i love sony games!!!
    im still wanting one thing on my xmb is in game chat or party chat system! how about it sony?

  • The game is a lot of fun. So glad I bought it. Looking forward to the multi-player. :D

  • Hopefully he brings some more wacky fun games to PSN =D
    Thanks for the weirdest, yet “funnest” game ever =D

  • Please fix the Playstation Blog Yahoo Widget!

  • #11 i agree and i just dont get this game i guess i dont understand it it is a crazy game tho

  • picked up this game on day one, and i kinda like it cuz its kinda different to other titles, but stopped playing because of the camera angle when you stretch uggh..and for the people that are not sure about this,its just $5 man doesn’t hurt your wallet.

  • @11 Kuff1

    These are the guys that designed the blog and the widget….maybe they can help?


  • How on earth did he get BOY so big in that video? Future update?

    Add this into the game. I’d like to somehow eat my own ass while it’s still attached.

    (WTF am I saying?)

  • This man, Keita Takahashi.

    He is my hero.

  • @ 3



    Noby Noby Boy here I come!

  • @GHenrik (#15) – haha… I was wondering the same thing!

    Great interview with Keita Takahashi, and can’t wait to see what his next ‘game’ may be! =D

  • Enjoyed Noby, looking forward to Katamari Tribute! :D

  • Hey hey Keita!

    Try your best and keep up the good work!

  • Weird but awesome game. Very unique and brilliant concept

  • @17
    It is already in development for iPhone/Touch…instead of PSP.


  • Keita is such a wonderful creator.
    I wish there were more people out there with his kind of attitude.

    Thanks for the fun.

  • Namco Bandai
    My favorite game company…

    Have yet to get this game but will soon…

    PS, Make more Digimon games! ~.~

  • Your game is crazy, weird and strange…………but I still log in sometimes stretch out and tell girl what I did.

  • @22
    of course its going to iphone and not psp. lets look at reasons why shall we?
    it requires some sorta motion tech, and touch screen makes more sense for double analogue than the psp which has no second analogue stick. also, katamari seems to be selling on the iphone, and its a lot less work to make and submit those games.

  • Keita Takahashi is awesome. Thanks for posting up this interview. :)
    I love his games and I hope that he releases more to the PS3.

  • Great interview.

    Hope more games are coming from Keita Takahashi.

    The price of this one is sure right !

  • please put online multiplayer if nothing else!

  • I heard that a PS3 Katamari game is coming to Japan! Thank you! …hopefully it comes to North America because I hardly know any Japanese. :-S


    Thanks m8 I’ll look in to that :)

    On topic:
    Good interview. But it would be nice to actually hear his voice to. It doesn’t feel right when all you hear is the translator.

  • thank you for noby noby myself and my fiance love it.

  • Very cool interview!

    I’ve enjoyed Noby Noby Boy immensely!

  • Boing Boing goes my brain, whirr whirr goes my feet, what am I?

  • yay Takahashi! He has excellent taste in music, so a ‘music game’ would be amazing!!!!
    ..Though, could this be implemented within NOBYNOBYBOY™? [Like using sound within the environment in different ways.(VIB-RIBBON is a nice example)] Also, while I’m ranting/suggesting,
    -Takahashi’s ‘Google/search idea’ is great! please try to include this sometime! Also: What about using images from hdd to place within the landscape(to pin-up, or eat, ect.)!
    [Seeing GOMIBAKO gave that thought; when ‘mottainai'(勿体無い) is ‘recovered’, could not stop laughing!!!!!]

    NOBYNOBYBOY™ for iphoneOS is a good thing.
    1. This will help BOY+GIRL; these two systems continue to stretch WEBWEBBOY(o–

    2. SCEI + Apple are two companies who really seem to be interested in creating unique things. This is important. When the other ‘consoles’ begin to ‘stretch’ their conception of ‘games’/object, I would like to see them connect WEBWEBBOY too.[Will that happen? Maybe not.]

    Another Note(3.): mr. Takahashi must keep creating! He, + we, have to ‘stretch’ our understanding, also. Please support good directors.

  • The game should have a pacman mode where you have to eat as much as possible within a certain time or find and eat all of certain objects on a certain world. As it is there is little in the way of gameplay and it wears thin quickly.

  • I don’t see what’s to be upset about this game going into the iPhone…

    Still, when is the MP patch coming out?

  • @30:
    Would it really matter if you could read Japanese to play a game like Katamari? I don’t really see it making much difference other than reading some level goals, but the game was never really about story, so just technical things would be lost :p I’d import it.

  • @36 Kenshin71

    have you tried wrapping yourself in tree and making a big slingshot? the gameplay is all up to your imagination, and it helps to have a short attention span lol

  • I cant wait for MULTI-BOY~
    is it going to be out anytime soon?

  • I’m starting to hate the iPhone more and more… *looks at MGS Touch*

    Still, I love Keita Takahashi’s work.

  • Too bad Keita wants to make a playground instead of make more crazy games. :(

    1 more thing, why are you using an LG tv?

  • I’ll buy anything he makes – as long as it’s on disc.

  • I loved the Katamari series on PS2 and can’t wait for the new one on the PSN, and I finally got around to picking up a PSN card last Thursday and had to get Noby Noby Boy…I love the crazy niche titles…INDY DEVS ROCK!!

  • i love the english voice translation. its a riot! Keita should really learn english… im actually kinda surprised he doesn’t know it!

    OT – this game looks seriously trippy. thanks for the original title! I’m glad fans of his are finding this game interesting. it just doesn’t seem like my kind of game. i’m more into the relaxation of flOw and Flower from TGC. i swear if Keita creates something to that affect i’ll make it mine fo sho!


  • @42 I was gonna ask the same thing why would their be a LG tv in a Sony Interview.

  • @43 that old chestnut. You never give up, do you? You can pretty much guarantee that this game will never come out on a disc. There is not enough to it to warrant it.

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