Ratchet & Clank Live Chat Tomorrow at 1PM with Insomniac Games

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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Watch Tease

OK, so I know we’re breaking the tradition of live-chat Wednesdays, but tomorrow at 1pm Pacific Time we’re doing a very special live Q&A with some of our good friends from Insomniac Games. As you know, last week was a great one for Ratchet & Clank fans, with the unveiling of the next R&C game, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and an awesome weapons contest. So bring all your burning R&C questions and we’ll see you promptly at 1PM Pacific!

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  • Great, I like these chats but my comments never go through, makes it aggravating when i wanna ask a question but it doesn’t appear but someone’s YEAAA WOOOO makes it through, what gives with that?

  • I’ll definitely be tuning in for this chat. Thanks for the heads up Chris.

  • HAHAHHAHAHA can’t wait!

  • Thanks Chris
    3 PM eastern correct? Anyway this is great news. I hope things go well because I would really like to know more about this game.

    P.S. Where’s Jeff? is he sick or is he on Early Spring Break?

  • Awesome. Can´t wait!

  • Ohhhhh, that’s so freakin sweet!!! I can’t wait!

  • About the weapons contest.

    I live in the Netherlands. So I can’t join that awesome contest. But is it possible to submit my entry? Without making a change on the prizes. But I’ve got some ideas I would like to share about two nice weapon concepts.

    Or is it pointless to submit anything if you don’t live in the US?

  • At the last live chat I could put my name in but I couldn’t say anything, was I doing something wrong? A response would be awesome thanks!

    • You are not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, we can\’t let every single question or response through. If we did, it would be a complete overbearing mess and very difficult to read. Rest assured that if your questions are good and relevant, we\’ll let them through. Hope this helps!

  • Someone remember to bring the beef jerky.

  • Aww, sad… the day I am gone at work. If only it could have been today.
    Maybe I’ll try and log on anyways, lol. :)

  • Let me add “sweeet”

    The teaser you made was chilling good. Breaking the 4th wall like that by mr awesome lombax was perfect!

  • I’m there!

  • I’ve never got into the live chats before, but this one might be worth it :)


    Can you post that video from Playstation Home on this game here?

    I couldn’t hear any audio on the other one… it would be REALLY nice to see it on here as well!

    Either way, THANK YOU! lol I can finally participate in one of these live chat thingys!

  • Finally a Q&A session that I’m actually home for.

  • I never got into Ratchet & Clank series… Thanks to Quest for booty for introducing me to this genre!!

    I want some kind of online play with this game… plz insomniac…

    cant wait for E3!! I know you guys are cooking something…
    i just cant smell it…

  • Can´t wait!

  • Expect the Insomniacs to be

    Brian Allgeier, Design Director , Creative Director on Ratchet and Clank Future

    Bryan Intihar , James Stevenson , Community Managers

    Love them on the Full Moon Show, should be fun for them here.

    PS Jeff is on break, he mentioned having some time off

  • wow i’m looking forward for this chat

  • thats 3:00 P.M. central right?

  • Nice , i will ‘attend’ the chat

  • I think you guys just need to put a disclaimer at the top of the chat pages that say ‘only the best questions will be sent through’ or ‘not all questions will be sent through due to high volume of questions’ or something. I didnt see a message like that in the previous chats. Thats all you really need

    Btw, this is one chat that I will be trying very hard NOT to miss, I am very excited for this game. I think Insomniac is so talented, I loved Resistance 1 and loved Ratchet and Clank: Quest for booty (even though its overpriced, unless it had trophies, cuz its like a 3 hour experience other wise). I didnt like R2 or Ratchet and Clank PS3. So I have very high hoped for this next one. I played R1 so much, I must have over 500 hours online for that game.

    I want them to innovate and make more risks with their R&C series. PLEASE try to change it up a bit, thats why Quest for Booty was so good!!

  • Argh! I gotta work tomorrow… I’ll check the chat when I get home. Insomniac rules.

  • when will we see some gameplay footage of this goty 2009?

  • Okay, so, factor in time difference… I’m curious of how long the live chat will be. An hour, maybe two?

    I can’t wait. Where do we go for the chat?

  • Aww, pesky day job. Have fun, guys!

  • that teaser left me thinking, whos the old guy??? who are the 2 lombaxes in the watch?

  • Will this be the last R+C game?

  • wishing for multiplayer here. ^_^

  • this is great! unfortunately ill be at work

  • if its at 1 pacific thats 4 eastern right please reply and also this will be my first live chat ever

  • Darn, I will miss it. :(

    But will I be able to veiw the Chat again?
    And will you guys at Insomniac be holding anymore R&C: ACT in the furture?

  • Will the chat be hosted on this site? Is a IRC chat that we viewers can post our questions in?

  • Hm…

    I’m glad I come home from school early tomorrow. Looking forward to the chat! I don’t have any questions (atm), though, so I might not ask, but just watch, like the creepy pedophile next door.

  • CrimsonFox13, that was one time I stalked a little girl. One time.

  • OH YES! at last a chat that I can be there when it starts!!

  • Cnn93, be there before it starts

  • A chat I am interested in but it won’t happen when I can be online. *Sighs*.

    I wanted to know why they made the games rated E instead of T like they used to. Maybe then the game really would’ve been “Ratchet & Clank: Clock Blockers”.

    I mean you got away with Up your Arsenal.

  • LOL DNAgent I finally found some !up listeners :D I was going to ask the Same question

  • Sweet I’ll see it on my ipod touch like I did for KILLZONE 2 chat.


  • sweet cant wait !! :D

  • Oh darn, I don’t get off school till 2:50(never leave till like 4 though) and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow…

  • So how can I join this chat? Is there a website?
    Please answer, I really want to join this.

  • Well?

  • ManWithGoodTaste

    It’s oooooouuuuuuveeeeeeeeeer!

  • Is the show over?

  • this is great news, but i’ll be working when this happens… well chris tell everyone in insomnaic that they’re the best… and tell them i can’t wait for the new R&C game to hit shelves or psn store

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