Qore Episode 11 – Featuring inFamous music, Fat Princess, Red Faction, and the Art of PSN

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The April episode of Qore is packed with exclusive features on the music of inFamous and the making of Fat Princess along with a look at the state of the art of innovative and independent games, plus a close look at the upcoming Red Faction: Guerrilla.

To conclude PlayStation Network’s Spring Fever campaign, a special FREE version of Qore Episode 11 is available in celebration of the season. Download this episode to view our feature stories. Annual subscribers still receive the usual exclusive downloadable content (detailed below).

inFamous Music
Video games don’t often feature soundtracks from world-renowned musicians. We look at a unique collaboration on the music of Sucker Punch’s upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous. Don’t miss these cool tracks matched up with the latest high-def game play of hero (anti-hero?) Cole McGrath in action.

Fat Princess
Everybody’s been talking about this game since the last E3. With most of the heavy lifting completed by Titan Studios, Qore’s got an exclusive look at this comic medieval combat multiplayer wonder with a unique twist. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Mars Rover
Red Faction is coming back soon…this time as a free-roaming third-person action/adventure. Qore visits Volition where they show us how Geo-Mod 2.0 lets players destroy just about everything around them.

State of the Art
With titles such as Flower and Linger in Shadows, the PlayStation Network is now a virtual canvas for the development of innovative and awe-inspiring games. Our video gallery features exclusive creations from independent game designers pushing the boundaries of interactive media.

Downloadable Content
Annual subscribers get early access to the Red Faction: Guerrilla demo and the complete Linger in Shadows demoscene title. New annual subscribers have access to these downloads as well as High Velocity Bowling! And don’t forget the exclusive Fat Princess PS3 theme available to everyone.

We hope you enjoy this very special episode of Qore as we conclude the celebration of Spring Fever. Enjoy the show.

Look for Qore Episode 11 available tomorrow.

* PlayStation Network registration required. User responsible for internet fees. Must be at least 18 years of age.

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6 Author Replies

  • Even though I already have Linger in Shadows, I can still appreciate giving stuff away, so thanks!

  • please i had a bad april fools day just give us some light on 2.7o pleaseeeeee

  • What exactly is the difference between the paid and the free content, so the paid gets the extra content and free just gets to see the videos?

    • The special free version allows you to watch our exclusive features on inFAMOUS and Fat Princess. Annual Subscribers get access to the Downloadable content.

  • If I subscribe today, i will still receive High Velocity Bowling for free?

  • @ avi_66,

    I think subscribers get the extra content, like the free games, where the single-issue downloaders (whether they are free or $2.99) get the basic stuff only (like themes). So to get the free games, you have to subscribe.

  • Hey Sony, if you want to get more people to subscribe to Qore, you don’t need to give away free episodes, just add trophies!

  • nice episode too bad i already have linger in shadows and red faction doesnt interest me

  • I don’t see what all the hating on Qore is about. It is a pretty sweet show, with exclusive game footage and artwork. I got the annual subscription ($25) and it has been worth it: CAC ($10), HVB ($10), LITS($3) and SF ($6) = $29. They have also given out beta keys and there have been timed exclusive demos. Even without all the free stuff I would get it since it is only $2 an episode, cheaper than a coffee.

    • Thanks for the support! Sounds like you\’ve been with us since the beginning! We forgot to mention that this episode also features a special music track sampler in the inFAMOUS menu that allows you to layer music samples like the composers did when making the music. Gives you and idea of how cool their works is AND how difficult it is to make cool tunes for games. Make sure to check it out!

  • So I’m paying solely for the DLC? I thought this was an online magazine. Also,I have a question about my subscription. Was I suppose to get a holiday issue? I’m pretty sure there is supposed to be 13 issues in my subscription. Why are you giving Qore away for free? When I bought my subscription I thought the video content was what I was paying for and the DLC was just special content. It seems like the exact opposite. Two issues have been given away and subscribers have yet to receive the holiday issue.

  • so does this count for an episode for the full subscribers, also do old subscribers get high velocity bowling also?

  • Love getting the monthly Qore edition.

    Red Faction as well as Fat Princess are really looking great !

  • The music of infamous thing sounds really cool! Can’t wait to get the free version! Thank you!

  • Why don’t I get the Qore preview notification emails?

  • My two most wanted games (inFAMOUS & Fat Princess)

    I would’ve paid for this episode.

  • I’m sorry but I purchased the Qore Digital Magazine for the full annual price. Not only do I feel ripped off constantly by the low quality and length of Qore episodes, but the repeated free releases.

    I understand they are trying to expand the user base but they are alienating those who are already their user base.

    I understand ONE free episode but two out of 12? I will not be renewing mine that is for sure.

  • Do you still get Calling All Cars for free with a new subscription?

  • I’m still sitting on my HVB code because I already own the game and now Linger which was also purchased. I’m not mad at the offerings, but it would be nice if you guys could work out some sort of poll to find out if the majority already owns games you plan to offer. Anyway I love the mag and hope PAIN will be offered soon since I don’t own that yet. :)

  • most def getting this

  • Asylum3395 | April 1st, 2009 at 1:31 pm
    What i want to know is i bought the year subscription for Qore when it first came out. Now this is the 2nd free episode people can get so does that mean i get 2 more months of Qore for free or do I lose the money when I paid for it?

    Kevin Furuichi replied on April 1, 2009 at 3:43 pm
    The free promotion versions of Qore do NOT allow access to the DLC. These special versions allow folks to sample the magazine much like how print publications offer special promotional samples. But, the free versions don’t come with DLC.

    For our loyal annual subscribers, we feel April is very strong package with a demo and full game in one month.

    I feel exactly the same about this BS. These free issues should not be part of the annual subscription that we payed for. You say that we have access to some extra stuff huh? But that still does not make it right to us that have payed for something because it’s being cut short by allowing these shenanigans to continue. I wish I never would’ve subscribed now.

  • Kevin Furuichi dude ive been an annual subscriber since qore came out and i didnt receive my HVB voucher from march episode of qore i better get it this time or else
    Keep up the good work though

  • I wish the bonus download software in these Qore things would be stuff I didn’t already purchase. First calling all cars and now, linger in shadows! Sony should follow Steam and make it so that you can “gift” these things to people or maybe offer these downloads by giving the Qore user a code instead of a direct download.

  • just a question…I purchased both High Velocity Bowling and Linger in Shadows almost when they both first came out…is there any chance of offering substitute games to those who already have them…i have always wanted to try games like flower or savage moon but there is no demo…but with a free voucher for these im sure i would love them..just kinda discourages people from buying them if they have a qore subscription cause they may get them free in the future

  • I know this is off topic but will MGS4 be getting trophies?

  • Your treatment of Qore subscribers is getting better, but it still needs drastic improvement.

    You still havn’t made up for sending me my Home Beta code two days before Home Beta went public a full 5 weeks after you promised the codes to annual subscribers.

    Their’s still quick easy way to get subscription issues dealt with. If for some reason, you didn’t get your download code, do you have any idea how hard it is to get that issue resolved?

    Phone support cant do a thing, and Email support is too concerned with reply times. all they do is skim read your email then cut and paste a reply in that’s guaranteed to NOT resolve your issue.

    Why is their STILL no specific email address Qore subscribers can use to get subscription issues quickly addressed?

  • cant wait for the fat princess them, one question tho will it have a icon for the new text chat icon for no cuz that thing looks out of place on most themes

  • Is the Red Faction demo going to be available today or is it just going to be a ‘promissory note’ for a future download, like a week before it comes out?

  • End of spring fever?!?!? i thought that the new Punisher game was part of spring fever….does that mean it’s coming out today as well(or has it been delayed?)

  • yahooo! this is great news…

  • So I know that we can share the episode of Qore with 5 other systems, but are we able to share the games that we get as DLC as well?

  • I LOVE being a Qore subscriber! Pays for itself.


  • Well I just got a ps3 and subscribed to qore. I simply love it. The perks a s a subscriber are great. Keep up the good work, your newest fan :)

  • Thank you for giving us annual Qore subscribers early access to the Red Faction Guerilla demo. According to this game’s official website – the demo is limited to the single player campaign. None of the excellent multiplayer modes will be part of it. We’ll have to wait for the game’s June 9 release date for multiplayer. Here is the link to the official website: http://community.redfaction.com/age_gate.php

  • Has there been any thought put into possibly changing the Qore subscriptions delivery method? It’s a bit of a hassle to have to scroll through my considerable download list, to around the 60 – 80th item range just to find the latest issue.

  • no demos again? wheres the infamous iNFAMOUS demo thats supposed to be comin ?

    atleast you guys didnt hold off on this update cuz of 2.70 though.. wasnt really amazed with that either really i expected more out of a .X0 update

    but progress is progress atleast your moving forward

    whats the word on FreeRealms and The Agency betas? i signed up for them like 5 months ago

    and whats goin on as far as US store PS1 classics we still got like 25 when everyone else has more like 40-70

  • Alright, I just bought the annual subscription. How do I get High Velocity Bowling for free or did I have to purchase this yesterday to get the free game?

  • Hey, Kevin, I didnt’ receive my HVB code :(

  • Yeah, how do we get our HVB code?? I just subscribed today before the April one came out…was I too late, too early??

  • Well, I guess once the Qore episode finishes downloading, I’ll be able to download HVB and Linger from within Qore. Something must be up with PSN because my download speeds are SLOOOOWWWWW.

  • Hope the one year anniversary of Qore is packed with something special to celebrate it

  • infamous rocks

  • Did the annual subscribe get removed from the PS Store??

  • cant wait for infamous we need more news on that game too its been a while

  • This is the third time you’ve offered a PSN game as a freebie in Qore and I’ve already owned it.

    This is becoming quite annoying. You need to think of an alternative for your customers who already own the games you’re giving away. Otherwise, we’re paying the same dime for less content. In fact, we’re paying MORE the SAME content, since we already paid full price for the free games when they came out.

    Why not give out vouchers for “free PSN game of $5.99 or less”, or $9.99, whatever the case may be. This would give all Qore users the same benefit for the same price.

    The fact that this hasn’t been addressed means one of 2 things: 1) You’re all asleep at your desks and don’t give a **** what your users actually think. 2) You’re all morons who can’t see past their own noses. I think its the first one, but game corporations have surprised me before.

  • @mrwilt, BeNeXus, Staticfox, et al.

    If you subscribed to Qore and didn’t get a voucher for HVB in March, it doesn’t matter any longer. HVB can be downloaded from the Download Center in the April issue, as long as you are a subscriber. Hope this helps.

  • This is such a disappointment that you AGAIN give away a game that’s already out on the PSN that people have already paid for. Can I get a refund on my purchase of LIS? At this point, I’m going to stop buying anything on the PSN because it’ll show up as a freebie on here. What’s next? A Pixeljunk Monsters giveaway? Snakeball? Piyotama? Super Stardust HD? NO!!! Either find a way to refund the purchase price to those of us who already bought it, or give us DLC codes we can give, trade, or sell to someone else.

  • They should have had more info on inFamous in that episode. Not the stupid music.

  • Ive been trying to get the annuual subscription to Qore now that ive seen you can get the red faction demo with most recent episode of qore. The problem is i cant find out where to subsribe. Ive looked on playstation network and there isnt an option here either. any ideas?

  • Are you sure you don’t see it? It is usually on the PS Store, under the media tab (to the left on the main menu). Select Qore and look for the red ball annual subscription icon amongst the individual episodes.

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