Qore Episode 11 – Featuring inFamous music, Fat Princess, Red Faction, and the Art of PSN

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The April episode of Qore is packed with exclusive features on the music of inFamous and the making of Fat Princess along with a look at the state of the art of innovative and independent games, plus a close look at the upcoming Red Faction: Guerrilla.

To conclude PlayStation Network’s Spring Fever campaign, a special FREE version of Qore Episode 11 is available in celebration of the season. Download this episode to view our feature stories. Annual subscribers still receive the usual exclusive downloadable content (detailed below).

inFamous Music
Video games don’t often feature soundtracks from world-renowned musicians. We look at a unique collaboration on the music of Sucker Punch’s upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous. Don’t miss these cool tracks matched up with the latest high-def game play of hero (anti-hero?) Cole McGrath in action.

Fat Princess
Everybody’s been talking about this game since the last E3. With most of the heavy lifting completed by Titan Studios, Qore’s got an exclusive look at this comic medieval combat multiplayer wonder with a unique twist. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Mars Rover
Red Faction is coming back soon…this time as a free-roaming third-person action/adventure. Qore visits Volition where they show us how Geo-Mod 2.0 lets players destroy just about everything around them.

State of the Art
With titles such as Flower and Linger in Shadows, the PlayStation Network is now a virtual canvas for the development of innovative and awe-inspiring games. Our video gallery features exclusive creations from independent game designers pushing the boundaries of interactive media.

Downloadable Content
Annual subscribers get early access to the Red Faction: Guerrilla demo and the complete Linger in Shadows demoscene title. New annual subscribers have access to these downloads as well as High Velocity Bowling! And don’t forget the exclusive Fat Princess PS3 theme available to everyone.

We hope you enjoy this very special episode of Qore as we conclude the celebration of Spring Fever. Enjoy the show.

Look for Qore Episode 11 available tomorrow.

* PlayStation Network registration required. User responsible for internet fees. Must be at least 18 years of age.

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  • Red Faction demo, nice :)

  • cool

  • woot! free episode. oh wait nice try april fools.

  • Nice… more inFamous news is extremely welcome, and I love hear about new developments with Fat Princess. Wait, so Qore is free tomorrow? Booyeah!

  • Suggestion:

    How about you let us know in advance what you’ll be offering for subscribers.

    I’m sure lots of people already have Linger is Shadows, for example.

    • Subscribers usually get an email about the show. This month was a short one for the production team so we\’re sorry that that message is also coming out today/tomorrow as well. Look for us to get you news about the May episode a bit earlier. We also hope to have some good news about June.

  • Awesome! Fat Princess looks great!

  • Nice post!
    Looking forward to this!

    Can you guys update us a little more on Ragdoll Kung Foo?

    Other than that, Awesome post!
    Keep up the good work!

  • is it April fool or real :)
    will check out later

  • I always love a free episode :) thanks!

  • Cool, I can’t wait to check out Linger in Shadows.

  • Yeah I know right…

    “Heres a FREE episode of Qore”…



  • Hello!

    This is all grate but…
    When Europe will get it own “Qore”?

    This is a bit frustrating…



  • with all the free stuff qore gives away the annual subscription has been more than worth it.

  • seems like a good episode….give me more beta codes though lol

  • Nice – more Veronica please!

  • Oh cool. Qore’s actually coming out in the first week of the month.

  • sweet! this makes me feel a little better about Sony butchering the Jak franchise. Thanks!

  • Very cool!

  • Never freakin fails. Every game that has been given away on Quore is one that I already own. I swear you are doing it on purpose just to tick me off.

    • You guys are the literal qore of PlayStation Network. We really do appreciate all the support. So, hope you can enjoy the early access to the Red Faction demo (since you probably already bagged all the Linger trophies!)

  • Sweet thanks for the free stuff!

    Unfortunately, the last 2 free downloads (High Velocity Bowling and Linger In Shadows) I already have—LOL in the future could you guys set it up so that, if we already downloaded something, we just get credit for an extra QORE episode added on to our account or something? It’s irritating to support you guys by buying this stuff only to find out that, as a QORE subscriber, I could have gotten it free later—free stuff rules but please find a way to help us out who are your day 1 buyers! For now, the codes make great presents to others I guess hehe….

  • any word about 2.70 fw update?????????????

  • Ah Red Faction :) I enjoyed part 1. I can’t wait to see how the third one is

  • Oh and…

    Oh lovely Veronica Belmont! Can you guys tell her Thrasher20 is available? ;) Tell her to call me!

  • What i want to know is i bought the year subscription for Qore when it first came out. Now this is the 2nd free episode people can get so does that mean i get 2 more months of Qore for free or do I lose the money when I paid for it?

    • The free promotion versions of Qore do NOT allow access to the DLC. These special versions allow folks to sample the magazine much like how print publications offer special promotional samples. But, the free versions don\’t come with DLC.

      For our loyal annual subscribers, we feel April is very strong package with a demo and full game in one month.

  • Is it just me or every game Qore been giving away to the subscriber so far I already owned? And finally a fricken good Qore Episode and I can’t download it because my PS3 broke and isn’t getting it back until next week the earliest.

  • Another title I have already purchased.
    I don’t even watch’em anymore.

  • April Fools!

  • Something to look forward to for my PTOM subscription.

  • I like how i asked a question since feels like im getting ripped of since they give away free episodes and they wont reply to my question

  • @ Kevin Furuichi

    I’m sure I will enjoy the demo. Love the demos and betas I’ve gotten with Quore. I don’t own a ridiculous amount of d/l games from PSN but I seem to have everyone that is free to Quore subscribers. Calling All Cars, Pain, Syphon Filter, High Velocity Bowling, and now Linger in Shadows. I still like Quore and feel it was worth the price… it’s just a little frustrating that all the give-aways are already on my PS3. I would at least like the games to be given away in code form rather than d/l from Quore. I can at least share my abundance of titles with people on my freinds list.

  • Free Qore episodes are always a good thing. I already bought High Velocity Bowling and Linger in Shadows and am not encouraged to subscribe to Qore just yet. How about in the future, as an incentive to encourage subscription rates- offer PS Store gift certificate codes ($9.99) instead of a free game? This would allow us to choose what free content we would like.

  • Count me in for Qore11.

  • Pretty awesome~
    Will Qore be offering any other free things in the future? like PS1 games?

  • I actually regret not subscribing sooner. What can I say – I’m a sucker for subscriber-exclusive downloadable goodies!

    I didn’t have High Velocity Bowling *or* Linger in Shadows before I subscribed, so this is all very cool. I guess I missed out on Calling All Cars, though…

  • Oh this PSN update is gonna be good video wise. We have the Killzone 2 4D ad coming and now a free episode of pulse. And since it’s the end of Spring fever then I guess we’re going to get a good game. Plus due to the fact that we did not have one demo last week we could see some good ones this week hopefully.

  • Darn, I just bought Linger in Shadows along with Flower when that came out in February. Oh well, I’m still batting .500 on the free games. Already had LiS and CaC, but got Syphon Filter and HVB for free. Can’t complain.

  • Any new info on inFamous and Fat Princess is always welcome!

    And I won’t even complain about the fact that I already have Linger in Shadows like the children above.

  • I’m glad to hear what’s in this episode, also I really like the free games you’ve been giving away recently, for me they’ve all been titles that I have been interested in but didn’t buy (especially Linger in the Shadows).

    Anyway keep up the good work, and I will without a doubt renew my subscription (in a few months) so that I will be able to enjoy another great years worth of Qore.

  • Unless I hear of a PS3 2.70, I will not be happy.

  • I wish you would give us the option to pick one game from the PSN list that’s under X ammount. That way if we already bought the other games, C.A.C. linger in shadows, H.V.B, we could pick a game that we haven’t bought yet.

  • Veronica Belmont = YUMMY ;P

  • I’ve been a subscriber since day one, EVERY SINGLE freebie given, i have allready owned…Qore seems to be more of an incentive for me to stop buying games, not buy more.

  • i can’t believe that qore has almost been around for a full year now! i hope u guys keep it going… something that would be nice to know is what games will be available to annual subscribers at a certain time. i would feel totally bummed if i paid for an annual subscription and a PSN game only to find out that its being offered for at a later time.


  • Can you give us some information about Firmware 2.70? please!

  • i can’t add money to my account. i have a mastercard debit card but it all goes through then at the last minute it says funds could not be added :(

    also when is video store comming to australia?

    and can you buy movies to keep off the store or only rent them? i want to get the new xmen wolverine when it comes out.. !!! K!

  • When will we see a Bionic Commando Demo?

  • I am really starting to like what qore is giving me! since i dont usually get to buy all the unique PSN games Qore is giving me this oppurtunity!

    I really love HIGH velocity bowling and now linger in the shadows!!! AWESOME! thank you qore team! im actually starting to be glad that i subcribed to qore even though the first months were pretty shaky.

  • I want firmware 2.70 information

  • well im excited to see more of Infamous and Fat Princess

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