PS3 Firmware (v2.70) Update

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Hi everyone, we’re adding some great new features with the next PS3 firmware update (v2.70) that will continue to enhance your connected experience on the PS3. The 2.70 update brings a new Text Chat feature that enables you to communicate online with your PlayStation Network friends. Now, you’ll be able to chat with up to 15 online friends using the Wireless Keypad, on-screen keyboard, or other compatible keyboard peripherals. Not only can you chat with your friends instantly, but you can also access Text Chat while playing PS3 games and even participate in up to three chat rooms at once.

In addition to Text Chat, we’ve added a few more enhancements:

Friends list on the XMB (XrossMediaBar)

  • Sort your friends via their online status
  • Attach larger files to the messages you send to your friends (file size will increase from 1MB to 3MB)

Video delivery service on PlayStation Store

  • Video files you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store can be backed up to an external storage device and then restored to PS3’s internal hard drive for playback – so you can clear up space on your hard drive and then restore the video anytime in the future
  • Videos you’ve purchased for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system can now be transferred to PS3 for playback

For a quick preview of Text Chat and some of the other 2.70 features, check out this video:

The 2.70 update will be released soon, and as always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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  • Finally!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait what about in game chat? That what i really want. I will like to play Fallout 3 and still talk to my friends as they play Call Of Duty 4 or 5 i dont be useing the text alot=\.

  • wow amazing. You guys sure picked a funny day to announce all this amazing news

  • Brilliant!!! Keep up the great work guys :)

  • april fools.. to those xbots.. haha PSN > XBL officially

  • awesome cross game chat soon i presume ;-)

  • Awesome, that chat feature… im gonna love it. :)

  • comon why would anyone want text chat over VOICE chat

  • Will the latest chat messages be displayed via a notifier in the top right?

  • Is this all we are getting or any more other exciting features?

  • Man, I thought it was cross game voice chat….I’m a little sad now…Still good updates though. Just not what I was hoping for.

  • thanks for the info, keep up the good work.

  • W00t w00t !!!

  • when can we send other files such as MP3 via PSN?

    i mean the general size of songs are 4mb.

  • AMAZING!!!!!

  • AMAZING!!!!!

  • AMAZING!!!!!

  • now THIS is a big announcement you promised! If this is an April Fools, I would get pissed. Not all as rumored to be but Im loving the new text chat features.

  • OMG FINNALY!! you have my love!

  • Ok can we chat while in game or voice messages? I don’t care about cross game chat but I’d like to have a chat open during a game since KZ2 only allows the 4 people per squad.

    Hopefully there’s more that weren’t mentioned in the video on list, although I doubt there is.

    Thanks for the update tho, something is better than nothing.

  • AWESOME! lol Now we don’t have to hear anybody complaining about this update anymore!

    Anyways, this update is BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you SONY!

    Today is a GREAT day for Sony fans…

    Xi was cool today…
    A new Update…
    A new Jak and Daxter game announced…

    I’m lovin’ being a Playstation fan! Every single day there’s a ton of new things to look forward to!

  • This isnt April Fools is it?? lol…

    Anyway, looks like a great update. Looking forward to it!

  • this is pretty cool news, im liking the backup feature for videos the most, now i can purchase videos with out being afraid of losing them..

  • sounds good.

  • Hopefully next will be personal audio chats, so that we can stay in touch with friends even if we switch games or something.

  • Yes ! keep it coming.

  • Cross gamer voice chat………

  • Very awesome new chat feature. Up to 3 rooms with 16 people in each? Sweet. But why didn’t you guys just merge the voice/video chat with the text chat? I would love to have 5 other buddies in a chat, some have mics and others don’t, so it would be cool to have a ‘lobby’ where text chat as well as voice chat could be done in-game. Perhaps for the future.

    Thanks guys, can’t wait.

  • AWESOME u guys better not be pulling my leg now. u would be toying with my emotions lol

  • voice chat would be nice. I prefer like a voice mail+video mail type thing much more over this, not that this isnt nice, but it would be so crazy to actually have voice or video mail. I’ve never even seen anything like that before, so I think it would be a perfect thing for PS to have.

    Also you know how it says ‘you have received a new message’

    when you start a chat with a friend, the friend should get a message that says ‘youve been invited to a chat with so and so’ or something. Because if it says its just a ‘message’ then most people wont bother opening it until their gaming session has died down, if I know its an instant text chat, ill accept sooner and my friend wont have to wait as long for my acception.

  • Keep it up guys, great update when will hit?

  • lmfao im sure alot of people are gonna be pissed that were expaecting that the next update is automatically gonna be huge and amazing with pages of stuff lol.

    good update though hopfully the list has a lil bit more than the vid shws

  • @10 pc gamers prefer text chat.. voice would be nice but this will do.. this would be perfect for me when sacred 2 comes out.

  • in-game Text chatroom.. really?


    I hope the firmwire guys arent getting payed by update because this one wasnt worth releaseing

  • ThePieManOfDeath

    Wait, can I transfer movies from my PS3 to my PSP?

  • Ugh….

    So, no party voice chat and/or voice messages.

    This is getting ridiculous. How long is it going to take Sony to develop something that was standard in the 360 since day 1?

  • awesome. im so glad that the ps3 can be updated at so much ease.

    i remember getting new system firmware for ps2….what a hastle.

    :) Keep it going

  • Thanks for the update once again Eric. Looking forward to trying out the text chat

  • what happend to the voice chat Eric!!


    The text chat is a really nice idea, and I see this as a step forward to enable in game voice chat.

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  • Hopefully there will be an update for the copy protected save file issue. This needs to be resolved.

  • @37 – Dude the PSN has come a long way in just a year. This time last year you couldnt even access in-game XMB. I’m sure it’s a little more complex than you think… not to mention these updates are FREE. So I dont think you can complain.

    Keep up the good work, Eric.

  • so eric can we:

    back up current things on the hard drive, like tv shows, then delete them off the hard drive, and still be able to access the videos through that external device?

    Also, can we have 3 chat rooms with 16 players each or 16 all together?

    Thanks for the info on 2.70, and this is heading in the right direction.

  • Sweetness. There’s only one thing I’d like to have fixed up before I’m entirely satisfied: the indicator bar at the top right of the screen is overlapped by the controller battery gauge, and I’d really like for there to be a ‘new message indicator’ type thing. Just like a little picture of a letter and a number to indicate how many.

    More games using in-game music is obviously something I want, but that’s not really an issue with firmware as I understand it.

    My sincerest thanks to the people behind this update.

  • I’m hoping the Text Chat is an April Fools joke, does anyone realize how cumbersome it is to do that with a controller based console? Otherwise good job, can we get video folders/playlists some time soon?

  • About time!

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