Comet Crash Hits PSN Tomorrow!

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The inspiration for Comet Crash comes from traditional tower defense games, but we think it’s time for some exciting twists.

Generally in tower defense games, you build up weapons to protect your base from oncoming rushes of enemies. Killing enemy swarms is a lot of fun, but isn’t it time to take out the nest? In Comet Crash, you use a variety of weapons to defend against enemy rushes, and you get the chance to fight back. The real objective is to rush the enemy base with your own offensive army!

In the Campaign, your goal is to take control of four different comets that alien forces have sent to wreak havoc on your home planet. To save your planet, you’ll have to capture and secure each comet. The alien civilization has advanced technologies that you gain access to as you defeat them. The Campaign supports up to 3 players for offline co-op play and offers three difficulty levels: Beginner, Casual, and Ranked. Between collecting resources, building up armies, defending your base, and determining your winning strategy, there is never a dull moment!

To build structures, you need a resource called Thorium, which is found in the rocks that orbit the comets. Your ship can grab these rocks and drag them over to your weapons to smash them and collect the Thorium. We have a blast fighting over these rocks in co-op and battle modes.

Comet Crash screenshot 1

Battle mode let’s you play against your friends, supporting 2 to 4 players offline. Teams can be configured however you want. There are 12 different maps to choose from. Fight over resources, build up defenses, and attack each other with massive armies.

Eager to meet some of the cast members of Comet Crash? Let us whet your appetite…

There are four distinct weapons to choose from. Some can be used only against ground units, others against air, and some can be used against both ground and air. The weapons vary in cost and strength and you can upgrade to make them more powerful.


Comet Crash screenshot 2

One of the ground/air weapons is the Bomber. It shoots guided bombs that will attack and follow any enemy within its range. Enemy ships, units and structures…you name it, the Bomber can take it down. Bombers can cause some exciting scenarios! You can form a hovering mass of bombs by circling your ship around enemy Bombers. Once they’re chasing your ship, you might want to ditch them somewhere away from friendly territory.

There are four basic units for both ground and air that vary in speed and health. These are the units that you will usually be attacking with and defending your base against.

In addition to weapons and basic units, specialized units can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. Here is a sneak peak at some of the special units you can master.


Comet Crash screenshot 3

The Thief steals units from the enemy team and converts them to its own team. If your army runs into a gang of enemy Thieves, it could be bad news for you. Sending out Thieves is a great way to supplement your defensive weapons, because it reduces the enemy armies.


Comet Crash screenshot 4

This unit can pack a punch. The Carrier allows up to 20 basic ground units to take a ride through the air toward the enemy base. If you can get a fully loaded Carrier to the enemy base you will cause major destruction. On the flip side, don’t let these behemoths get too close to your territory.


Comet Crash screenshot 5

The Gateway allows friendly units to pass through it while blocking enemy units. This innovative structure can be used to manipulate the path. In the Campaign you’ll find some fun and challenging puzzle levels where the Gateway really comes into play.

Feature Review

  • Campaign with 28 stages, including some puzzle-like challenges!
  • Training stage that introduces essential gameplay and tactics.
  • Offline Co-op: Up to 3 players can fight through the Campaign together.
  • Offline Battle: Up to 4 player battles with configurable teams.
  • 4 basic mobile units with varying behavior, speed, and health.
  • 4 additional specialized mobile units with extra abilities.
  • 8 structures including weapons, factories, and others with special purposes.
  • Defend your base and rush the enemy with your own army.
  • Intuitive and powerful UI for building and attacking.
  • Highly optimized for PS3 with thousands of AI-controlled units.
  • 12 trophies.
  • 3 difficulty settings.
  • Online scoreboards.
  • Supports 1080p.
  • Supports BGM (XMB background music).

Comet Crash is available on PSN tomorrow for $9.99. Thanks for reading our post!

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8 Author Replies

  • Looks….interesting?

    Are there some videos or something we can check out to get a “feel” for this game?


  • Nice feature review section. Kudos!

  • Don’t suppose we’ll see a demo for it maybe?

  • Yea ! lets see some video of Comet Crash !

  • Game looks great Cant wait to try it

    *Daily: other PSN suggestions*

    credit to: jakinov

    XMB based Party system
    Universal Game Invites
    Voice Messaging
    Private Chat in-game
    Allow two or more users to sign on PSN the same time and let them both get trophies
    Add Optional sound to notifications so when you are focused on the middle of the screen you know you got a new message or someone came online
    symbols and numbers that represent friends online and messages sent somewhere on the XMB and beside message box
    Auto Sync Trophies
    More options on profiles
    Report feature to report users, cheaters etc.
    Faster loading XMB and profiles
    More developed profiles
    When you recieve a message you should be able to push the PSN button for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still there.

    Friend Request should go on the top of the friends list instead of the bottom

  • There is a video of the game on the official site.

  • sounds cool, thanks

  • Looks good, i’ll be picking it up tomorrow

  • It sounds cool, but I am really skeptical about these games with out a demo. Any chance of getting one?

  • Great. Now other people are posting jakinov’s spam too? Perfect. Jeff! This is normally where bans come in handy.

  • This spamming of stories needs to stop.

    bball230, jakinov, and anyone else spamming stories needs to be banned from posting.

  • I need to finish Savage Moon. lol

    Comet Crash looks weird to me.

    There seems to be a new tower defense game every few months.
    Where is the originality mang?

    Oh, I guess that’s where Q Games comes in.

  • looks interesting.. might get it.. if not this week then some time in the coming weeks.

  • Looks good.

    What about online?

  • Soooo, It’s sort of similar to Command and Conquer but on a much smaller scale right?

    • Similar, yeah, but you don\’t have to micro-manage the mobile units – you just choose an enemy base and attack. The units stream out of your base and take the shortest path to the enemy base.

  • looks great, keep them games coming. might be getting this and “burn, zombie, burn” tomorrow.

  • There is a video of the game here but it left me wondering a lot of things about the gameplay. Hope this helps:

    Also, any idea about a demo because I am seriously considering this game but I am not sure about it just yet.

  • The game doesn’t look very impressive to me. I might buy it though, depending on the reviews. You never know, sometimes games like this surprise me :)

  • Here is a good gameplay video:

    I’m pretty sure I am getting this game. Also for anyone that likes tower defense games try

  • The video was good!

    We’re going to have a good update tomorrow!

  • We need more arcade beat-em-up’s on PSN, not Tower Defense Games.

    I’ll buy your game regardless anyways. Happy not-here-yet easter.

  • Reminds me of Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander (pc games) which makes me want this instantly.

    Is it releasing in Europe this week?

    • TA.. one of my favorites :) Still working on the language localization, so it will be out a little bit later in Europe.

  • looks intresting but im saving my money for kung fu ragdoll!

  • Cool another game

  • Wait, not online? WTF

  • ill definitely be checking this out

  • interesting, need a demo though

  • Thanks for the video. After watching it I think i’ll pass on this one. Monsters is the funnest tower defense game.

  • looks really cool, i’ll wait for the reviews and if they’re good: buy

  • Great – when’s the disc version coming?

  • Only thing I dislike about PSN games… online seems to be completely ignored most of the time.

    Local co-op? Bleh.

    Online co-op? Yes please.

    Sorry guys, no sale from me.

  • Any online co-op will be added sometime soon? I love cooperative games to play with my partnuh

  • @28

    I remember playing local co-op games such as Contra on the NES when I was young. Great memories. If you think local co-op is “bleh”, then you missed out on some awesome experiences.

    I can’t wait to play RE5 with my cousin. I remember when we watched each other play RE2.

    As for Comet Crash, the concept seems like something I could enjoy. I might try it!

  • woah this game looks fantastic! definitely picking it up

  • I don’t know if a mandate need to come down from Sony or if they just need to send out some engineers to get 3rd parties up to speed, but these games need to stop only having offline multiplayer. It’s 2009, folks, and your game is EXCLUSIVELY on a download platform that requires Internet access to even make the purchase.

    Game looks fun, but if I want an offline-only tower defense game I’ve still got the original PixelJunk Monsters and if I ever run through that Encore is just over half the price of this.

  • I think I’d just prefer more Pixel Junk Monsters with online co-op.

    The art style in PJM seems relaxing and you can play for hours.

  • @@@@@@

    Comment 33 was aimed at 31.

  • Not my cup of tea. Keep the games coming. Hopefully there are more titles coming.

  • Nothing against this game because it looks good but there seem to be an awful lot of tower defense games coming out. How popular can these really be?

  • sweet! Looks like I’m going to pick this up! :-D

    Keep the good games comin!

  • people whine about online play a lot in PSN games but those online communities tend to die out quick. Although online would be a welcome addition, I’m glad you added offline multiplayer. It is sorely missing in today’s games. Nothing beats playing games with several friends over!

  • Anyone else notice when you add offense to a tower defense game its just another real time strategy game? This does look good tho.

    By the way People stop posting your suggestions in here for what you want Sony to do with PSN/PS3/PSP updates the developers in the blogs don’t always work for Sony they are just making game for the system. There are forums for that. Most of the suggestions you ask sony for are up to game developers to do except ones about the XMB.

  • Thanks John….reminds me a bit of Savage Moon.

  • COOL! And the co-op, and background music is a GREAT touch!

    THANK YOU! This will definately be a purchase for me!

  • First day buy for me. I’ve been dieing for a game like this. I hope it’s as good as you say.

  • interesting sounding game

  • @John Bates
    While I’m still not sure if i’m going to get this game, I would like to thank you guys for including IGM (In Game Music) via XMB. Sony really needs to start requiring this like trophies, but is nice to see a developer take the initiative. Here’s hoping to much success for your title.

  • Is there going to be a demo for this game?

  • !!!
    have anyone not noticed!
    this reminds me of Chu Chu Rocket! :D

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