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A fully-stocked kitchen, on-site massage therapist, free cruise to the Bahamas—apparently, those kinds of employee perks weren’t enough for Chris Stathis, the star of last year’s ”Pinballz” video, to stick around at Insomniac Games. But even though Chris has moved on, he’s still our friend. In fact, we decided to check in with him at his new gig, MegaCorp, to see how it compared to his time here.

So if you’re like Chris’ new…err, old MegaCorp coworker and want to join Insomniac Games, head to the careers section of our website. We have a number of positions available in both our Burbank and North Carolina studio.

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  • Wait for me! Once I get my degree I will apply! Yayuh baby ;)

  • Sweet. You guys rock!

    I would love to work at Insomniac.

  • I’d love to have a job at a game company, unfortunate I know nothing about development :-(

  • Good videos, glad to see you guys growing during the economy. I went to apply with you guys before I got my current job in NC but it didn’t appear there were any jobs along my line of work(web/graphic designer) at the time.

    I think I sent on in anyway…but at any rate great videos. Maybe I’ll break into the game industry later with more experience :)

  • This is neat, just like a $99 ps2 *price is right fail song*

  • Maybe they should charge $99 for this too?

  • Electrical Engineer with 15 years networking and telecommunications…..I will get the coffee and donuts….mmmm donuts.

    Will work for games :) !

  • @SolidOni_ds

    Awwwww…poor liddle baby! Are you still crying about ‘teh Big Announcement’ you were dumb enough to think was supposed to happen today?

  • You guys are crazy people. I like that.

  • Great videos! But PLEASE tell me that the FMS is a hint to the show returning soon! And I mean very soon! Like this Thursday . . . PLEASE!

    • Maybe not this Thursday, but very soon. I\’m sort of getting antsy about not having done one (though the break has been nice)

  • Needing a animator for a AAA title with great characters is kind of a give away isn’t it, Bryan ? :)

    Need to make sure to do some community stuff in Raleigh like Burbank receives. There’s a great gaming community here.

  • When is the full moon show coming back?

  • Hey Brian I’m an artist and I would really love to have my hands in game art, Think it’s possible to internt at your Burbank Studio?

  • you guys can hire me as ‘dude who plays your games’ or ‘dude who buys all the food’ cuz I know you guys need sum1 for buying that food.. and eating it..


  • Go cry on another blog solid! Stick to the subject.

  • man if i even had the slightest bit of skills id be all over this job

  • What degree do I need Bryan?

  • @15
    I’m sure you could apply for QA down the road unless it’s outsourced.

  • Brian! When is a new Podcast coming out?

    I miss hearing you guys on my subway commute, lol.

  • never seen that animated FMS logo, it looks great.

  • well insomaniac can now start with some vichles in resistance 3 i dont wannne walk the every mission

  • Now you all can go make a difference in the games you play instead of moaning what it lacks all the time :)

  • I need a place to put my foot into the door I’m currently scripting my game with my friend who’s an art designer, and I just entered early programming. Hey quick question, I’m 2 years into college and I would like to know when I graduate will I be able to instantly apply for Insomniac. Or is there more that you guys require other than an almost complete game and a degree in Computer web development and programming?


  • so… do you hire other people to do your work while you do NOTHING at all??? :)

  • I’ve sent in my resume almost a month ago. I’m new to California so I hope that I can get something close to home. You guys drive like maniacs out here!!! I thought Atlanta was bad…

  • I’m a Insomniac fanboy(just look at my name), but can you please stop posting about the job opportunities and benefits at Insomniac.

    You made one post about it and that’s enough; leave that stuff on your main website.

  • Matter of fact, if anyone knows anywhere that’s hiring in the LA area, please let me know. I’ve been out here for two months turning in resumes and filling out apps with no result. I keep revising my resume and still nothing…ok enough begging. Time to get out and continue the search.

  • Only if I was older.

  • I’d love to work at a place like that!

  • Is there going to be a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Collectors Edition?

  • man its amazing how u guys can have all that fun and still make a game.. (check that)… a great game every year ….. you guys are awesome!!

  • bryan not saying these arent funny cause they really are…but that music video last year is just too good. nice job Insomniac

  • maybe thats why your games are always fun to play.. cause you guys understand fun!

  • I would love to join Insomniac, it is my dream to work there but I am only a sophomore in high school. Just keep an intern spot open until I’m in college. Thanks. I love you guys.

    P.S. I am on the east coast so I’ll probably go for the North Carolina branch.

  • Great videos though and I would definitely love to work there.

    I guess this is a good way to get a large audience interested, thus you guys can get the best qualified workers.

  • I LOL’ed. I wish I could work at a place like Insomniac, but instead I will end up at a MegaCorp. Stupid business world. What can ya do?

  • Neat, where is the PlayStation 3 announcement Sony we are all waiting????

  • @#28

    Good luck man. I was job searching for a long time too, took me 6 months of steadily putting out applications every day until I got a few nibbles and ended up with a pretty decent job.

    Just be persistent, call them for a follow up if they don’t specify not to. (Just remembered what he didn’t do with his Insomniac resume).

    In this economy they can hire experienced people for less so new guys are having a harder time…keep at it and someone will take notice :)

  • we get free milk at my work… i don’t see how this can compare.

  • Too bad I’m only 17.
    (18 in June)

    Especially since I see you have Raisin Bran…

  • I’m getting a weird sortta Office spinoff vibe here… i give props for the mustache but production value a C-. A for effort though guys! would love to work for ya. with all those awards as being best company to work for im surprised you guys are hiring. that either mean expansion or layoffs/quitters. no one likes a quitter.


  • Forgot to mention I used to work at a place that had a gym. That’s because it WAS a gym…

    I was the guy who cleaned all the sweat and dirt off of the machines…


  • Would love to work for them.

    P.S. I leaving the blog for today,there just too many pissed off ps3 owners.

  • Do you ever have any writer or PM slots that open up? The categories on the web site didn’t seem to indicate it, so I figured I’d ask here.

  • Haha, this looks like a great place to work…
    Hopefully, if I ever get involved in game development, you’ll still be hiring! It’ll be a few years at least, though…

  • it’s like a fantasy you guys are awesome

  • I’ll apply, I have IT experience but not experience in the videogames industry :/

  • I love the way a gaming company is advertising like this to get new employers XD.

    although with all the fancy stuff going on… how is working for insomniac when the release date is coming closer and the stress is building up.

  • I know most people hate them but do you need an Technology Auditor? Blaagh.. I know the answer already.. :(

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