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This week, we’re recovering from an action-packed GDC, but don’t think for a second that the Blog is slowing down. This last week of March / beginning of April will be just as news-worthy as ever, so keep your eyes peeled for some great stuff right here. Specifically, here’s what you can expect from the week ahead:

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  • Kudos to all you guys for a great GDC blitz; really enjoyed the meetup, even if I only placed 5th in the finals for the tournament :( But hey, that guy who won the big MGS4 PS3 totally deserved it.

  • Can’t wait to hear what that new PSN game is. :D

    I thought R&C was the best news, but then again, I’m a HUGE fan of the series.

  • Sony’s big announcement ! I hope we get a clue or something from the BLOG before anyone else. Cant wait…

  • This is going to be a one-sided poll. Well, the R2 DLC is nice, but the Ratchet news is where it’s at.

    All around win for Insomniac!

  • lol
    The reveal of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. (67.0%)

    None of the others came close.

  • i hope tommorow they announce in-game chat

  • What about this announcement tomorrow? you gonna give us a teaser – is it update, ps3 price alteration or game related?

  • Ooooo! New PSN game? Yeah! I gotta say, with me being as busy as I am, these little games from PSN save what I’ll for the sake of this conversation refer to as my sanity.

    Can’t wait to hear what it is! On a hopefully VERY related topic, when do we get to hear something about Trine? I saw the trailer for that awhile back, and it looked like a game I need.

    Also, we took a week off for GDC, but is there going to be any live dev chat this week?

  • Thanks for all your work on the GDC event !

    Quick question: can we expect a PSP firmware to delete Go! Messenger icon here in Europe, as it goes down tomorrow ?

  • The meet up was the best by far IMO. My son won the MGS4 Bundle!

  • So what’s the new PSN game? I really hope it’s Bomberman! I’ve been waiting forever.

    I wasn’t really blown away by any GDC news. Although, GDC isn’t really about hype anyway, that’s for E3. Speaking of… I really hope you guys have a better E3 lined up for this year. Last year was very disappointing.

  • Leaked GOWIII and Uncharted 2 is high on my list.

  • This new game better be Gomibako!

  • Peggle perhaps?

  • no vote for Fat Princess? for shame then Ratchet shall win my vote

    Release Demon’s Souls in North America the game is already translated and there’s no point not to release it

  • Thanks for the update Chris! Since Fat Princess goes unlisted, Ratchet will definitely win my vote! (Can’t wait to submit my weapon either.)

  • Man ….. my stomach gargles everytime i see Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time. That game is on my “To buy” list

  • can’t wait for e3 now

  • Yeah, I am not voting since nothing interests me. A fat princess mention would’ve recieved my vote. And in regards to No. 11:

    I bought this weekend:

    Astro Tripper
    Burn Zombie Burn

    Yeah, I am loving these PSN games!

  • R&C no doubt but unofficially…honestly it was the GoW tech demo, it’s just amazing how Helios will be crushed by kratos. CAN’T WAIT for both games to come out

  • Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us =D
    Xi is excellent, and a new game for PSN? =D
    I smell Comet Crash ^^
    PS blog team rocks!

  • I’m excited about Xi in Home but I can’t login since last Thursday, PS3 keeps freezing while “Downloading”. Is there a fix coming anytime soon?

  • Is the new PSN the big announcement? Comon!! What is in 2.70!!! HINT!

  • Worms sneaking on to the PSN this week is where my vote truly is, although it crashes my PS3 every so often when I log out of their servers…

  • I’m enjoying the Xi event in Home. Some good news came out of GDC, I voted for R&C :) . I really hope the new PSN game is Peggel, we know it’s coming!

  • Hey guys there is suppossed to be a bomb you guys from Sony will be dropping tomorrow, is this just a rumor or something?

    BTW, any news about the Latin American expansion would be very very very welcomed

    Also please give us info about the American release of White Knight Chronicles, is it happenning, like, ever? :(

  • The big announcement is a PS2 price drop. I’ve seen the evidence already. Whether or not there may be more to the announcement is yet to be determined but please people, dont get hyped up

  • Any plans to get SEGA on the Blog soon to talk about the Valkyria Chronicles DLC (pricing, an actual date)?

  • @27: care to share that evidence of yours?

  • Will the rumored Firmware Update 2.70 be addressed to be a factual update with a factual release date of tomorrow, or is it all speculated with no such confirmation from Sony/Playstation?

  • come on a big annoucement on firmwire go go

  • Looking forward to the new PSN game information.

  • Can you guys encourage Namco to release Katamari Tribute on PSN instead of retail?

  • I was hoping to hear some more about new functionality, such as being able to compare trophies on the website and message your Friends.

  • sounds like an awesome week ahead of us… and it seems that global announcement is a PS2 price drop :( i really wanted to buy one for my g/f. are you guys gonna give me info about that on here tomorrow? you’ve kinda taken the place of Jeff on here Chris. is he still recouping? and is the PSN game the one PS3fanboy is reporting on… project V?


  • no new firmware news = wackness

  • Answer this sony why is it that all 60gb playstation 3 systems are breaking down all at the same time? its all over the net and you all are not saying anything about it mine broke on me 3 days ago and it is very well kept for $650 bucks it has to be. it plays all ps1 and ps2 games and dvd movies but no blu-ray movies or blu-ray games and its only a few months out of warranty im posting here cause sony dosent call you back or respond to emails very good so maybe you all will see this everyday till we get answers thank you

  • I liked how there was no ps3 price cut.

    oh wait, that sucks.

  • Hardly anything from Team Ico = :(
    No new firmware announcements = :(
    No word on US releases of WKC
    and Demon’s Souls = :(

    GDC was kind of a disappointment…
    I hope whatever announcement Sony has tomorrow is a good one! I’m excited :)

  • a new psn game, for my psp please !

  • e) None of the above.

    No RPGs for PS3 = fail. Where are White Knight Chronicles, The Last Remnant, & Demon Souls release dates for the PS3 in the US?

  • Anyone else notice that jaknov is missing? I guess once you’ve read one of his posts you’ve read them all. But I would like to see those japanese games come to North America (Demon’s Souls and WKC) but I would prefer to see some Yakuza 3, hell if they had english subs I would import it.

  • oh and the leaked God of war 3 and Uncharted 2 gameplay was awesome.

    I need more Drake in my life.

  • here’s the evidence of a PS2 price drop.

  • officially was Ratchet and Clank: a Crank in Time , cant wait to continue the journey and the teaser left me thinking lol, whos that old man?? he doesnt sound like ratchet at all and who are the 2 lombaxes in the watch?? , unofficially has to be the God of War 3 leaked video OH MANNNN cant wait , Zeus your time is almost up lol and Uncharted 2 leaked video man for a second i thought Drake was Snake lol

  • Ratchet & Clank for sure!!!!! im such a huge fan of this series

  • You guys suck, how about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? That game is way more exciting than any of the bs options you put up. You disappoint me greatly

  • The new PSN game will most likely be from UK developer Just Add Water and called Project V or the Gomibako game that was recently released in Japan.

  • I hope the new PSN Game is either Peggle or Bomberman Ultra.
    Cant wait for the Takahshi interview either, I REALLY want multi-boy.
    looks like a great week.

  • Chris, I would say the PSBlog meetup but I couldn’t go :( I am though going to your guys’ next meetup for sure!

    What about the big news for tomorrow? Is it a new firmware update? I hope Eric Lempel spills the beans :)

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