God of War Developer Interview #5 – Battle Director Adam Poole Answers Your Questions

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Here it is, our 5th and final God of War III developer interview of the week, and my personal favorite. The man with the coolest title in gaming, “Battle Director” talks damage dealing, weapons, and the influence of fighting games on the world of God of War. His descriptions of combos and, well, violence are vivid and fun; so this video is a little longer than the other ones. I don’t think you’ll mind.

If Adam’s descriptions don’t get you salivating for the game, maybe you need to watch the trailer again!

Thanks so much for taking time to watch the videos and meet God of War III’s developers. We’ll have a lot more for you on this game closer to E3.

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  • Want! Want! Want!

    Thanks for all these interviews Jeff.

  • Great interview jeff.

    Is this going to be the last GDC related post on the blog?

  • It’s a little choppy during 4:18

    I don’t know what that is but just pointing out kind sir. :)

  • Nice one Jeff. Now time to beat President Devil tonight!

  • Man, that’s been a lot of GoW this week; now I have to sit on my hands wondering what you guys have up your sleeves for E3 :)

  • jeff!!!!!!1 i wish i had your job man D:

  • Has anyone said yet whether or not this game will have custom soundtrax? Also, I hope someone can express to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 producer Yosuke Hayashi and let him know that the same amount of blood in Ninja Gaiden 2 should be used instead of a purple haze when the game is released in western markets. If the only way to get the appropriate age rating in Japan is to use purple haze, then use purple haze in Japan. Give western audiences as much blood as was in Ninja Gaiden 2.

  • God of war is the best series i’ve ever played, thanks alot to the combat, so keep doing your stuff, and there will be tons of happy people!

  • Every time I see God of War 3 I wet myself. This is just getting ridiculous now.

  • Awesome , i need God of war like … yesterday lol , cant wait to play it

  • This game is going to be amazing, both of my buddies have 360s and they are even excited for this game!!!!

    Keep these amazing exclusives coming…

    Jeff do you want Adam Pooles job? lol

  • Sweeet is all i can say

  • Great job Jeff. I can’t wait to go home and watch this.

  • Great interview! Thx Jeff

  • Hmm, the video gets weird from the middle to the end.

    Fix it ASAP!

  • Though all of the interviews had information that I’ve already heard through reading articles, it’s good to hear it from the developers. I can’t wait for new reveals as E3 rolls up.

  • i cry everytime i see GOW3 stuff because its not yet :|
    anyways …. Cant wait for this game!

  • jeff check the video starting from 4:00

  • Once again: wow.

  • jeff, stop staring at the camera! I can’t handle that handsome hunk of a face.

  • Sounds sick! Can’t wait!

    Thanx to the PSN (Jeff), and all of the God of War development team who participated!

  • Please do not strip Kratos of his powers, make everyone else even more powerful and cause Kratos to have to adapt throughout the game.

  • @7:
    If there is a game that does not requires a custom soundtrack, its God of War. Those games have the best music I have heard in years!

  • I’m loving the way the new combat system is coming along. Will there be a new trailer sometime soon?

  • Thank you PlayStation Blog for informative behind the scenes interviews with game developers. There should be a collection of these videos in its own category on the PS Store. Again great job Jeff and crew!

  • Can any of you guys tell me when this year E3 is going to be?

    @23: I agree God of war doesn’t need custom soundtrack, the music in the game is one of the many things that makes GoW the best game ever! Rock on guys, you are going the make one he11 of a great game!

  • Sounds great.

    I like the Street Fighter reference. Is it true that some of the guys working on GOD 3 (and worked on GOD 1 and 2) combat are former Street Fighter developers?

  • omg i cant wait for this!!!!! i wish jaffe wanted to make a large scale game again, he said his final story for kratos is awesome. i hope they use it :-D

  • Tonnes of fun indeed.

  • head smashing into walls like the cinematic from the first GOW with the barbarians i want that brutality.

  • What is this guys credentials though? Was he a part of the previous God Of War’s or is he an outsider?

  • Great interview man, I hope the God of war team takes all the time they need to make this game all that it can be. And like some have said, let them find a way to not strip Kratos of his powers, that alone will be the single most original thing of the game.

  • is there something wrong with the video stream about halfway through? the audio stays fine.

    great info and interview!

  • This is EPIC!
    I can’t wait to play God Of War 3!

  • ”Okay, those guys are all on fire, so I have a few seconds to deal with these guys now.”

    BEST … LINE … EVER … !!!

  • Jeff you seriously need to this with others developers , i know God of War is one of sony’s most loved franchises and theres a lot of us who are dying to play the game but it would be very cool to see the same developer interviews from people like Naughty Dog( Uncharted2), Insomniac(Ratchet and Clank), Zipper interactive( M.A.G.), Quantic Dream(Heavy Rain) and much more

  • Is there going to be DLC?

    (I hope not, I’d rather have a complete game.)

  • GOD OF ******* WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what happened with the rumor about God of War 3 having multiplayer??

  • great time to be a PS fan keep it up guys!

  • Did I just hear a Firebow? Hell Yeah! GOW3 is gonna be epic!!!!!!

    Thanks for the vids Jeff!

  • Jeff,

    You have another problem with the video. The audio stays fine but the video lags behind, and becomes overly compressed.

  • I going to pre-order this game right now. Thanks Jeff. Your great man.

  • plz don’t add multiplayer. god of war was meant to be played single player because obviously it’s the best ever! don’t waste time on multiplayer just make the story and gameplay awesome, we got killzone2 for multiplayer!

  • @39 If god of war had multiplayer I probably won’t but it, are you kidding me you think every game that is going to be made has to be multiplayer.Games like KZ2 and resistance are build for the sole purpose of multiplayer but not every game is intended to have it.

  • Jeff,

    Did Adam give you an indication of what other weapons will be in the game? What about using the environment as a weapon (and by that, I mean breaking off objects to use as weapons/traps as opposed to throwing a guy against a wall)?

    Good interview… but I felt like we didn’t learn that much new stuff since much of this info was covered in a Game Informer article about six weeks back.

  • My most anticipated game of all time.

  • how tall are you Jeff? you seem to look down at everyone. Im 6’5″. I know what im talking about when I say looking down…

  • Did he just say you can run some guy’s face into a wall or did I just dream that?

  • @49
    He said “You can crush your opponents skulls into walls”
    Not thier faces lol

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