Sack it to Me: The “CORNISH YARG” Edition

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Today’s post is going to get chessy….or Cornish Yarg-y, the code name for the 1.12 LBP game update. Check out some of the new things to expect with the update plus some other bits and pieces!

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CORNISH YARG (aka 1.12 game update)
We don’t yet have a fixed release date for this update, but it has now finished primary development so won’t be too much longer. Additional fixes, particularly for online connection reliability and save game/profile size problems are already well into development and we’ll bring you more news on that just as soon as possible.

This update addresses several outstanding issues with the game:

  • There is a new music player which lets player’s choose their own music from the XMB to play during create mode and in their Pod
  • Improved decoration mode makes it easier to customize your Sackboy

New options to help prevent profiles becoming full of unwanted community objects:

  • Option to delete all (unhearted) community objects and photos
  • Option to select whether to automatically collect community prizes and photos
  • A number of improvements have been made to make profiles more robust and to recover from certain errors
  • We now support Japanese and Korean IME for text chat.
  • Emitter prediction has been improved (this should help fast-moving projectiles e.g. in MGS levels)
  • The player proximity switch now has a ‘require all’ option in it
  • An option has been added to cycle between various level information when viewing community levels on the earth
  • Various LittleBigStore improvements

We love it when you guys interface on our forums in LittleBigWorkshop and we want to recognize a few active community members:

Lionheart & Blufalcon78

Congratulations, you just got CROWNED! Check your email, codes coming your way.


Here are a few shots of the action at our booth at GDC. Per our last post, LBP Creators like you are doing workshops on level creation in LBP, and attendees at our booth get to take part in a “GDC CREATE Jam Session.” We can’t wait to play that level!

LBP at GDC 1 LBP at GDC 2

Did you always want to sport BUZZ’s flashy red suit and pumped up hairdo? Now you can starting today, plus getting some BUZZ!-themed stickers as a bonus!

LittleBigPlanet Add-On Buzz Minipack

New LBP Shirt at Hot Topic!
Since you sold Hot Topic out on the last shirt we told you about, they went ahead and got another one! Go online can score this one quick or visit your local Hot Topic on this list. FYI, they usually sell the S-XL size tees at $19 each and XXL at $21.

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