Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce PSP Demo and Trailer

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Hi. This is Kenichi Ogasawara, a producer at KOEI and the creator of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce for PSP. We’re launching a new multiplayer demo tomorrow on PlayStation Store, so I came by to share some thoughts about the game.

Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of support for the Dynasty Warriors series, but the longer you continue a series, the more conservative some elements become when you are making the game system and the game world. Our aim this time was to overhaul everything: new system, new visuals, new action.

With Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce we shifted the focus of the series on PSP to 4-player multi-play. But even by adding multiplayer to the Dynasty Warriors formula, my team and I were really doubtful as to whether or not players could get any more excitement from the series. We still felt we needed something huge…

Monsters! Yes!

This might sound completely over the top, but idea behind adding monsters (like Bi Xie, the giant stone tiger you’ll see at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate) is that we wanted players to have the same reaction that actual warriors would have when going up against massive fortresses. We really brainstormed. In the end it was decided that visually Bi Xie would be the best way to portray the frightening nature of the Hu Lao Gate (which in Chinese translates to “Tiger Cage” Gate).

Still we felt that wasn’t enough! So we created the “Fury” transformation. There were two big reasons for this. The first is that we loved the idea of having these high-speed battles where the characters could fight in the air. In order to realize this concept we really needed something revolutionary, a power that these warriors never had before.

The other is that the team wanted to break the rules of traditional characterizations. Many of you know that the Dynasty Warriors characters are all based on their historic counterparts, so we are fairly limited to what we can do with their design. With the Fury transformations, we gave the characters more uniqueness and freed them from these fixed designs as much as we could.

In the demo, you’ll face some of the strongest warriors of the Three Kingdoms such as Lu Bu, and Diao Chan. Fighting them will be really tough if you do it on your own, so the best way to approach this is to divide up your team and to figure out a strategy such as one player attacking one enemy, while the others go after Bi Xie. You will have to use these multiplayer elements to advance through the stage, so have fun trying different strategies.

I really hope all of you will play the demo tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the trailer.

As you’ll see, the levels have received a major makeover. Other than what you see in here, there are heaps more stages. Plus, for a multiplayer game, this has got to have the fastest pace of anything out there!

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  • Thanks. We don’t get many PSP demos that have multiplayer enabled.

  • This looks gorgeous on the PSP. Can’t wait to play this. Looks like a lot of fun but does it support Infrastructure multiplayer?

  • Yayuh! I’m with #1 Thanks guys… I love Dynasty Warriors since the PS2 ones. ;)

  • very nice! Thanks and looking forward to tomorrow for one more reason now!

  • Looks awesome. When is the demo coming?

  • WOW! It’s nice to see Dynasty Warriors going back to it’s roots while at the same time trying new things with it’s gameplay! I look forward to playing the demo!

    (No it dose not have online MP, it only has co-op via Ad Hoc)

    Also major props to the developers for DLC! I hope it comes to the US with DLC ready to launch soon after! PSP with PSN FTW!

    Also major props for bringing the Monsters back! “they were in the first 2 PSone games” So thanks for that! I love Monster battles!

  • man all this Ad Hoc games… We need Ad Hoc party in the US

  • Luky me I have a famliy member that has a PSP and loves these kind of games as well. I hope me and her can go at it in at least one ad-hoc game and have fun!

  • MP focus, adding “monsters” – trying to capture the magic of Monster Hunter? Probably a smart idea…

  • Major props to Koei for giveing the PSP support! I hope to buy the game soon! “Please give us some PSone games over PSN in the US and the PSP owners here would be forever greatfull!”

  • Infrastructure + Headset?

  • I had the chance to try out the Japanese demo and it was very good. Only problem was that I couldn’t read Japanese. Thank you very much for releasing this demo stateside Koei. :D

    Btw, plan to release Musou Orochi Z in the U.S. for PS3? I’d definitely buy it since I really like Warriors Orochi and would love to play it on my PS3.

  • looks muy interesante. will the full game be offered as a d/l via the PSN? that seems to be the new way of distribution for new PSP games and i am totally down with that as soon as i get a new 16gig memory card. guess i better get back to craigslist to hunt one down.


  • Is this ad-hoc multiplayer, infrastructure multiplayer or both?

    PSP games don’t take advantage of infrastructure mode as much as they could.

  • I’m a big KOEI fan, but I admit I am not really into Dynasty Warriors. However, this one looks really good with some changes I think the franchise needed.

    I am a HUGE fan of historical simulation games from KOEI like Nobunaga’s Ambition. I realize those games are pretty niche here in the US, but I just wanted to say thanks for bringing us 2 of them for the PS2 over the past year, I am really enjoying them.

  • The words “jump” and “shark” come to mind.

    What on earth have they done to the once great Dynasty Warriors? DW6 for PS3 was dreadful and this is a few textures away from being DW:Gundam.

    Humbug. I shall happily go back to DW3XL thank you.

  • Just a request but please get this kind of gameplay on the PS3/Xbox360 as well! It would lend it’s self so well to those platforms! With exclusive DLC for both too please! IMHO This kind of set up is the way Dynasty Warriors should of gone with next gen systems in the first place!

  • i have ALWAYS loved the DW series. i def will be playing this demo.

    PLEASE PLEASE for the next PS3 DW game…. have ONLINE CO-OP play. this is something i was hoping would have been there for DW6. adding online play for the next PS3 DW game would be great.

  • looks interesting and i like the 4 co op idea , any chance we see a motorstorm and little big planet videos for the psp???

  • I have friends who make fun of me for it, but I love the DW series. It is simple, fast paced gameplay that is just plain fun. Thanks for continuing to build on the formula, both with Strikforce and the Gundum spin-off.

  • This is definitely looking like a good new addition to my library. Have to say, we don’t see you guys from Koei nearly often enough. In fact, I think this is the first time we’ve seen you… Welcome. :D

    @ mixedkidbx (18)
    Really? I just wanted four-player splitscreen, but I suppose someone’s always going to want online something or other on every game…

  • This game looks great! I can’t wait for it’s release! I’m also excited about the MP co-op. I’m a big supporter of DW series.

    I only have one concern, as most of you might agree with me, my favorite character is Xiahou Dun, and due to the makeover you guys gave him in DW6, he cannot go without his sword. To me, that was a big factor. In Warriors Orochi, he had great combination of moves, and subsequently, he was always fast. But now, or at least in DW6, he was extremely slow, slower than 60% of the characters. That was a downfall. DW6 was the ONLY DW game I did not play with Xiahou Dun first (or as soon as he was available) because of these reasons.

    Hope to see this modified, and I hope to see more DW series on the PS3. You guys should have this game on PS3 as well! It looks like it will be a must buy for all PS gamers!


  • Congrats to Koei this game did veeerrry well in Japan. i am going to try it out =]

  • *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* *tap attack* etc

    Congrats, you have beaten the game!
    haha :p

    Loved it a couple of times then after playing the newer ones, over time I was like “wtf I just keep doing the same thing” LOL

    Great news though, I know it’s a successful franchise, best of luck for the launch of this one.

  • it’s good to see more games for the psp. i’m not really a fan of dynasty warriors but this game looks hot for the psp.

    Q.uic C.ash!

    – Your #1 Asian Guy! Steve Sap!

  • While I agree that the PSP needs more exlcuives the PS3 needs some more from third party developers as well. IMHO This would be a great fit for the PS3 with updates, and DLC to boot. (just make sure you keep the PSP features only on the PSP and do online co-op/Split screen for the PS3/Xbox360, as well as do some new things as well!)

  • lol @ somethingatt

    square square square square square square square square square square , special move….square square square square square ….

  • Thank you for letting us know about the demo, I’ll be sure to check it out. Could you please let us know if Orochi 2 is still coming to the US PSP someday? Orochi is my go to game on PSP as it’s great for quick play bursts. I know Orochi Z is heading here for the PS3, but while I don’t have time to level every char to 99 sitting at home in from on my television, I do on the PSP. (and I have, every char 99 + their personal items)

  • Oh, and if you could find a way to let me use my PSP savegame from Orochi 1 in Orochi Z that would be great! I bought the PS2 Orochi 1 to try and play through but got bored leveling all the characters a 2nd time & left it quickly. I understand why you couldn’t do it for a PS2 game (older platform) but linking a PSP & PS3 together is meant to be, and maybe you could make that happen now?

  • Nice ideas there TLSBill! I like them! I would like it also if Koei would give us some new Orochi love on the PSP. “for a long time they were the best PSP games around”

    Also Any chance that Koei would launch some demos and PSone games on PSN for us all to enjoy? Like Dynasty Warriors 1, 2, and 3? They were all great on the PSone!

  • wow. this looks really awesome. Im surprised!

  • This makes me wish I had a PSP!

  • Whoa im surprised from this video, it looks awesome

  • WoW… I am a big fan of the series. But I will say that the sixth one did not really give me much to keep my interest mainly because the lack of coopereative play. But this game I will buy for my friend, my enemies and anyone who doesn’t have a PSP, It just looks that good. KOEI HAS DONE WHAT MANY SHOULD HAVE AT PERFECT TIMES LIKES THESE…THEY HAVE RE-INVENTED THEIR OWN GENERE AND MADE IT THAT MUCH BETTER!

  • Interesting…

    I tried an earlier PSP Dynasty Warriors game and it was “meh”… but this looks interesting!

    I’ll try the demo! :)

  • Kenichi Ogasawara

    Thank you to everyone for all of your comments and feedback.

    Some of you were asking, so I just wanted to clarify that the demo will be available on PlayStation Store starting tomorrow!

  • @ 34 I agree! I gave up after number six on my PS2. “sadly I had a one console rule so after I got my Xbox I had to wait for 6 to come to that but I still bought it, and 6 Empires”

    But sadly both of them got boring fast. Even if you had a buddiy over it got boring fast. This sounds like a much needed remakeing of the games style, and content! I hope the reviewers are kind to it and give props for Koei to going new places with this vary long runing franchise!

  • Does this mean that the dynasty warriors franchise will finally have better AI cause you need to tackle these new obstacles with multiplayer? Hope so. Make it challenging and different. Thats what make games fun.

  • cool i just got japanese full version Dynasty Warriors:StrikeForce (aka Shin Sangoku Musou MultiRAID) little hard to understand hehe.
    Mr.Kenichi Ogasawara i have a question WHEN WILL OROCHI Z COMING OUTSIDE FROM YOPPON? WILL GAME MADE IT THIS YEAR? (i tried import it but it’s hard)

  • Mr. Ogasawara, I am currently without the use of the ability to download via the PlayStation Store, since I am unable to install the Media Manager for the PSP 3.0 application due to an error that I keep getting. My question is this: will getting the demo via the PlayStation Store be the only way of getting the demo?

  • Dynasty warriors has bin my favorite series since the first one ever came out, seeing how the other games I enjoyed I am sure this one will interest with hours amazing game play.

  • how do u down load this??

  • YeS! i can’t wait for the full game to come out. the Dynasty Warriors series is one of my favorite games.

  • We in Kosova if you know where it is ???

    We play more this kind of this games with wars And fighting . . . :)

  • I am a fan of the series and I have to say I am a little bit disappointed on the whole fury transformations…

    To me, Dynasty Warriors was always about presenting the Sango history/fantasy as accurate as possible. The fighting mechanics was consider innovative when it was first noticed, but later on it became almost a trademark for the series. However, the idea of adding the fury transformation seems like downgrading a mature and historic title to a cheesy teenage anime. Dragon Ball Z, anyone? The characters looked over the top and unbelievable, although this move might entice some gamers, it is a turn off for an old school fan like me.

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