The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

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    Things that matter most:

    Universal Game Invites
    Voice Messaging
    Private Chat in-game
    Allow two or more users to sign on PSN the same time and let them both get trophies
    Add Optional sound to notifications so when you are focused on the middle of the screen you know you got a new message or someone came online
    symbols and numbers that represent friends online and messages sent somewhere on the XMB and beside message box
    Auto Sync Trophies
    More options on profiles
    Report feature to report users, cheaters etc.
    Faster loading XMB and profiles
    More developed profiles
    When you recieve a message you should be able to push the PSN button for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still there.

    Friend Request should go on the top of the friends list instead of the bottom

    View your friends’s friends
    More Avatars
    More details on what your friends are doing
    XMB for PS2 games and movies
    group friends like how u can group instant messaging friends( to oraganize people you met from certain games, online, school, etc.)
    Join friend’s game button
    More Color, everything is black and gray

  • Can’t wait til weds. for the GDC meet up. Can I get a pass to the GDC as well please? :-)

  • The moderators are sensitive, aren’t they? :(

    I tried posting a link to my Photobucket where I had a picture of a railgun I was on in 3ds max last night (in the entry about the R&C blaster contest), and after having it say, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” for the last 15 hours, it was deleted…

  • I don’t think you were supposed to post it there. I think they were just preventing you from losing your idea.

  • i would like to know if there’s going to be an announcement about new firmware features and /or new rpgs for the ps3.also,jeff i’m currently typing from my ps3 and the question that i would like to ask is why i have to double sign up to this blog if am already signed in from my ps3?

  • Shoot, this was a great week on the blog! Pretty much multiple posts per day. Keep it up!

  • Chris or Jeff,

    Any idea what happened to that inFamous article that was supposed to be on IGN yesterday?

    • Hmm, not sure. I know IGN was supposed to post yesterday, but it might have been pushed. We\’ll let you know when we hear.

  • Any word on the StA52 assault rifle winners?

    I know I have a snowballs chance in hell of winning but i’d still would like to know who won.

  • A lot of great stuff this week man! Also…I agree with jakinov (the first post) with most of the stuff that need to be updated…such as the faster loading of the in-game xmb and profiles, auto sync trophies, and more options on profiles.

  • umm, yea that inFamous article that was supposed to on IGN about the in-game karma system never showed up. what happened??

  • Please fix the random disconnects while in RANKED ROOMS in Socom. I am getting upset that I get booted at least 4 times a night. It is very LAME!

  • @1 some good stuff in there i second it

  • Give Slant Six more resources! Socom fans deserve better!

  • Hey Chris!
    Please tell me that sometime soon there is going to be some news about Bomberman Ultra! Please!~

  • lol I like how people think that the post saying the PSB & Socom Recap= Please tell us what you want.

    Anyway does anyone know when we are supposed to recieve the e-mails stating if we won the Loco Roco Sweepstakes.


  • So Jeff, was it a boy or a girl? I’m curious! :D

  • “Universal Game Invites”
    “Voice Messaging”
    “Private In-Game Chat Room”
    If that happens, what happens if your talking to a friend thru THE game?
    “Allow two users to sign into PSN at the same time”
    “Symbols and Numbers represent Friends Online & Messages”
    “Auto Snyc Trophies”
    “More Options on Profiles”
    “Report Users”
    Sounds great
    “Faster Loading XMB & Profiles”
    “More Developed Profiles”
    “When you recieve messages yadayadayada”
    “Friend Requests at the Top”
    “View your Friends Friend”
    Useless to others but I ALWAYS WANT THAT FEATURE
    “More Avatars”
    Damn right
    “More details on what your friends are doing”
    “XMB for PS2 / movies”
    “Group Friends”
    Why do you wanna do that?
    “Join Friends Game Button”
    Some games have that feature
    “More Color”
    Yes but looks like they got all Yes they have gray

  • Hi Chris! Do you know if we will be hearing anything about a new firmware update for the PSP or PS3 soon?

  • When is new 2.70 update going to be out.

  • new firmware, please

  • When are we going to hear more on Home, especially on Xi

  • “Universal Game Invites”
    Because right now it’s up to the developer to implement a good online system to play with friends. On Live every game you can invite people to your game through the interface anytime as long as the game isn’t full, some games like killzone involve you going to your friends name and clicking join game, and some like COD 4 have an invite system where you can only invite them when you are not in a game and they aren’t in a game. Adding it to the firmware and making developers use it is better than hoping the developers make it easy for us :).

    “Private In-Game Chat Room”
    You don’t talk to them through the game.

    “Allow two users to sign into PSN at the same time”
    Insomniac actually said they have the feature now so I should remove this but we still don’t have it :P

  • “Symbols and Numbers represent Friends Online & Messages”
    So you know how many messages you got all the time, since there’s not sound notification or any other way of knowning unless you manually check go look at any message system on any website they have a number beside their inbox telling you how many new messages you got( Emails, forums, Facebook, mypsace). Checking the list of messages and list of friends for the number beside their names is as effient as having a number somewhere beside a mail symbol that tells you. Having number of friends lets you go hey it was 2 earlier who just signed on incase you missed them.

    “More Options on Profiles”
    Sorta fits in with the view friends, report, send game invite, send chat invite(in-game), send voice message, rate this player, etc.

    “More Developed Profiles”
    By developed I mean more polished the current one is tiny takes a small part of the screen, it’s gray, it’s ugly it has hardly any buttons and it has hardly any info.

  • our PS3 need some block buster news this year I’m hoping for one at E3 this year. a good one would be like bring PC game that only PS3 can run.

  • “When you recieve messages yadayadayada”
    Because it’s faster than going to your message box and checking it…say Jeff sent you a message and the notification thing is still on the bottom you push the middle button then bam the message is there

    “Friend Requests at the Top”
    So you see it right away, I’m not going to scroll to the bottom to notice friend request, I don’t want to manually check if I got new messages I want something to show me as soon as I sign on I got this many new messgaes and I want to be able to see my friend request right away, it being at the bottom is just stupid

    “View your Friends Friend”
    It’s also good for finding people you know.

  • “More details on what your friends are doing”
    That’s why I said least important, on Live it says so and so is playing Domination in Call of Duty 4 and it’s joinable and you put the game in and click join game on their profile and bam you are playing with them or you know what part of a game they’re playing for example it says they are playing single player you don’t bother asking them to play online with you, or you see that they are playing online and you decide to join them.

    “Group Friends”
    that’s why it’s in less, it’s cool for when you meet new people online say Socom, you can put all the socom friends in one group, COD in one group, all the people you met in home in another it’s something cool that could be useful more than something I really want

    “Join Friends Game Button”
    Adding in the firmware and making developers use it if possible is better :)

  • another great week and GDC nearly here.


  • I wonder….. Why dont they make a road view on the life with playstation3 with traffic details?

  • How about we move the wish lists to the PlayStation forums…SONY monitors that as well and then the blog doesn’t need to be over run…


  • Congrats again to you and Mrs. Playstation on the baby!! Quick question: What’s the status of the Killzone 2 “Bullet” Application that was supposed to come out in early March? Soon?

  • @21…

    March 23 2009

    See here: *

  • Chris? where have you been dude? it was all about Jeff for the past ….generations.

    Not that im complaining xD.

  • Dumb question but why is the GDC is way earlier than last year? (i think it was like NOvember 08 last year?)

  • You guys heard anything about the PS3 release of The Last Remnant? Any chance you could call your SE connections and see what happened to that? I’m jonesin’ for this game and afraid that it may have fallen through the cracks.

  • @ 33

    There are multiple events…

    For instanc GDCEU is in AUG and GDCAUSTIN is in Sept

  • wow you just said everything i want for ps3

  • hey chris! did you grew up in san francisco?

  • Release Demon’s Souls in North American now! The Asia version has 100% text and voice acting. The game is too good to be stuck with a Asia/Japan release only From Software rocks. Or at least increase your production so it doesn’t take forever to be Imported

  • Just one question.

    The GH Metallica Demo has hitted the XBL on Friday (I readed on the net) so when we’re gonna see it on the PSN, why didn’t upload it tomorrow or maybe on Monday?


  • New avatars for PS3 please!

  • Exactly what KatanaStrikes said, the current avatars take to long to make and don’t even look like you in the end. If I could make a suggestion for new avatars, I would say the sackboys would make an excellent choice. They are loved by virtually everyone and they are easy to customize. Also since they’ve already been created in 3d into shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

  • ^If they were 2D they would of been easy to implement :P, I don’t see where you got the idea of them being 3D makes it eassier.

  • I don’t want PS3 to turn into MSN i.e xBox LIVE! :D

    Can’t wait for GDC 2009 :P

  • Please tell Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton to get Kingdom Hearts 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5 as PlayStation® 3 exclusive. Thanks :)

  • @43

    So you rather it just be bad because you are unwilling to accept good ideas because the competitors did it first? That’s just stupid. The way you’re thinking, we should get rid of the in-game xmb too because Microsoft did in-game interface first. They also did single name sign on ID first too so should we get rid of that too? Should we also get rid of downloadable content and using avatars too?

  • sign it for ps3 and the fallout 3 users

  • Any chance for the rockstar
    launch patch for the DLC “fiasco” Midnight Club?

    I spend US$10 and DLC don´t work.

  • Where’s Silent Hill 1 for North America? The UK got it in their PSN on Thursday!

    Also, forget about all those pretty much useless features that people WANT, like voice messaging, in-game private chat rooms, more avatars, etc…

    In a firmware what we NEED is upscaling to 1080p for PS3 titles that do not natively support it! Does Sony not realize that native 1080p LCD displays have to upscale 720p titles, resulting in greater gaming lag? Not to mention those who have older HDTVs that do not support 720p have a good majority of their titles downscaled to 480p. I mean really… wtf?

    Sony released a statement waaaaaaaay back in December of 2007 confirming the issue & commenting that a patch would be released soon.

    Where is it?

  • HEY GUYS WOULD SOMEONE LIKE TO CALL MTC ON MY BEHALF, sees as though they FORGOT to send out my PS3 Friday, I’ve been up since the crack of dawn waiting, actually it’s been 5 long horrible months of waiting. I want a REFUND ON MY REPAIR COSTS as First they sent me a BROKEN PS3 then they told me on FRIDAY PAST that I would get it today MONDAY. WEll I just called and they said it’s now going in the mail today. I WANT A REFUND FOR THE COST OF THE REPAIR CONSIDERING THE DELAYS. I AM NOT ONE BIT HAPPY OR SATISFIED!!!


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