All Busy on the PixelJunk Front

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Hey PixelJunk fans,

Sorry about the lack of information as of late, but busy doesn’t even begin to describe my work for the past few months…what with the exciting new project coming along (hint: yes, we’ve heard your requests!), and at the same time implementing some of our most crazy ideas for the new gardens in Eden Encore.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 2

Eden Encore will be coming out very soon in April. Get ready for zero gravity, mirror worlds, all new music from Baiyon, and we’ve added something extra special at the end which is a Big Secret(tm) and is a present to all the fans. On top of all this, we’re flying along with the next new PixelJunk title (we’re calling it #4 for now) and even experimenting with future PixelJunk ideas too.

But things just keep getting more exciting because PixelJunk Eden has been nominated in not just one, but three (!!!) categories at the upcoming Independent Game Festival‘s award show in San Francisco, CA. We are also nominated for the GDC Choice awards too, which are held during the same week. So GDC is going to be pretty crazy and even busier than normal, and I am looking forward to it a lot! Oh, and before I forget, on Friday, March 27 at GDC, Baiyon will be doing a talk about Eden and the use of CMYK in his graphic design work. I’ll be there in the audience listening in of course, so if you’re attending GDC, be sure to come check out this talk.

Anyway, back to work. I’ll pop back soon to detail more specifics about Eden Encore, so watch this space!

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 1 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 3

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 4 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 5

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