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Hey PixelJunk fans,

Sorry about the lack of information as of late, but busy doesn’t even begin to describe my work for the past few months…what with the exciting new project coming along (hint: yes, we’ve heard your requests!), and at the same time implementing some of our most crazy ideas for the new gardens in Eden Encore.

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 2

Eden Encore will be coming out very soon in April. Get ready for zero gravity, mirror worlds, all new music from Baiyon, and we’ve added something extra special at the end which is a Big Secret(tm) and is a present to all the fans. On top of all this, we’re flying along with the next new PixelJunk title (we’re calling it #4 for now) and even experimenting with future PixelJunk ideas too.

But things just keep getting more exciting because PixelJunk Eden has been nominated in not just one, but three (!!!) categories at the upcoming Independent Game Festival‘s award show in San Francisco, CA. We are also nominated for the GDC Choice awards too, which are held during the same week. So GDC is going to be pretty crazy and even busier than normal, and I am looking forward to it a lot! Oh, and before I forget, on Friday, March 27 at GDC, Baiyon will be doing a talk about Eden and the use of CMYK in his graphic design work. I’ll be there in the audience listening in of course, so if you’re attending GDC, be sure to come check out this talk.

Anyway, back to work. I’ll pop back soon to detail more specifics about Eden Encore, so watch this space!

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 1 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 3

PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 4 PixelJunk Eden Encore screenshot 5

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  • No new infos?! loll cant wait to hear more about your next game, any hint or something lol?

  • Nice to see you back on the Blog get back to work! Looking forward to hearing more.

  • I love the 2 games I bough PJE & PJM, and am very excited for another game from you guys

  • I DONT CARE ABOUT THAT EDEN THING, TELL ME MORE ABOUT MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Cool man. I got to say, PJ Eden is just an awesome platform and i’m a little disappointed you guys didn’t support this more. I’m glad to hear now that you’re coming with an expansion pack, but I hope it turns out to be a whole lot of new stuff, some that introduces new gameplay. Anyway, Eden is just an exquisite game with fantastic music and wonderful art direction. Please, reverse gravity, warp time toward multidirectional (rather than linear), do whatever you can to turn my head upside down in surprising ways!

  • man…i know it might seem soon but my girlfriend and i are ready for PixelJunk Monsters 2. or at least another new island.

    PLEASE hear this request. the people want it. the first game is still one of the most played games on my PS3 (playing PJM with her makes her love the PS3 as much as i do so that when i’m playing Killzone 2, Madden or Fallout3 she understands lol).



  • Can’t wait to see the new game, and whats more to come =D

  • also…question while i’m here…

    will the PSP version of PJM have the same islands and levels as the PS3 version or will it be new material? or a mix? thanks.

  • COOOL. can’t wait!

  • I really liked PJ Eden till I got to the Gravity switching stage. Man did that one piss me off. As soon as I built up enough plants to get to the spectra, that a*hole thing would show up then bam gravity now goes to the right.

  • cant wait till eden encore, although i never finished eden, 41 spectra and kinda just stopped, anyway

    eden encore and pixeljunk #4 are high on my list, i hope the pixeljunk GDC news isnt just eden encore, that’d be a bit of a let down

  • Friggin sweet.

  • Beauty! This is the news I’ve been waiting to hear! I cannot even tell you how much I love Eden, best psn game by far!!! Omg why am I using so many exclamation marks!!!! Looking forward now to news on the next game.

  • A PSP version of Monsters, huh? I’m intrigued. Will it have trophies? ;)

  • Cant wait For PixelJunk #4!!!!
    Can we hear about it anytime soon? this month? next?

  • Dylan! I’ve been wanting to hear some news for awhile, thanks for spilling the beans. What will the price be on Eden Encore?

  • DYLAN!!! Please, can you guys make a vetically-scrolling shooter as one of the upcoming PixelJunk games? Your unique flair and cool soundtracks would be a great twist, and plus, there is no existing competition on the PSN in this genre, aside from 1942: Joint Strike.. We need a good VSS on the PSN.

    Please! I beg you.

  • Wow that is going to be great. I’ve been wondering about PJ Eden Enore for a while now since someone mentioned it months ago. And yes PJ Monsters on PSP will be awesome. I have a PSP but my network connection seems to be a little too slow to handle the game. Is this going to be UMD or PSN? I’m assuming PSN download since that’s what you guys do best. Hmm may have to pick up another memory card.

    Now how about Pixeljunk Eden Portable??? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean…
    Just to put another bee in your bonnet.

    But yes before all that I’d like to see Pixeljunk 4.

    Q-Games and ThatGameCompany are the best developers on PSN. And that’s not flattery! It’s just true! Hope to hear from you soon.

  • pixeljunk dungeons?

  • Why CMYK vs. RGB? ha

  • I only ask for one thing, for Eden and EdenEncore.

    Online multiplayer FTW!!!

  • Wow, it’s looking great! Can’t wait :)

  • If i may ask, should we be expecting PixelJunk #4 at GDC? Or will you be showing off Eden Encore?

  • I have all 50 spectra but have not been awarded the trophy. Can anyone help please? I love this game and can’t wait for Encore, but to not get a trophy I’ve earned after all the hard work, well, that just…

  • Can’t wait! I’ve been missing playing eden lately…

  • Thanks for the info

  • When’s the physical media version coming?

  • Liked Pixeljunk Eden and i’m a HUGE fan of Pixeljunk Monsters(& Encore) … but why does it take so long to reveal your next game? Give us 1 screenshot, one news, a title or anything.. PLEASE

  • lol @ not proof reading blog posts for EPIC spoilers. For those of you who didn’t catch it, they edited the post since it said there would be a PSP version of Monsters.

    All I have to say is…why not pool all current PJ games into one DL(or UMD if you MUST) and release that?

    Hopefully PJM PSP is only 20 since that’s about all I shell out for handheld games (thank you locoroco2 and patapon!)

  • So not one person yet has caught on to the Big Secret trademark hint?

  • @ Rampage

    Haven’t they already announced a PSP version of Monsters? So not really “EPIC” of a spoiler.

    I wish we can edit our comments.

  • I can’t wait, I love this game so much – also eager to hear about the next title – anything ya’ll put out is an instant purchase for me

  • How about making PixelJunk: CMYK vs. RGB :)

    Good luck at the GDC choice awards fellas!

  • Man what an awesome summer I had with PJ Eden, by far the most fun game of the psn store at the time of release.

    I bought the Music from the game through the psn store and its amazing you sold that for 3 bucks.

    Can’t wait for the new “expansion/game”, and keep up the good work…

    P.S. I still can’t believe I got all the Spectra (almost all seeds, but missing some since I got into the 7th garden).

    Thanks for making a challenging game, not ÜBER HARD, like Killzone 2 on Elite, I’m at the final confrontation scene, and can’t finish the game because of “Unfair Cirumnstances”.

  • @31

    it’s Ramage not Rampage…
    anyways…if it had already been announced why would they remove the line and simply leave us with a hint? It’s not very often these posts get edited unless its a bad hyperlink. Either way I don’t think anything official was mentioned regarding PJM PSP yet.

  • One of the best IF NOT THE BEST psn game, wow imagine playing eden on PSP, that would be amazing.

    Im getting this for sure.

  • Especially the top picture looks pretty sweet :-) Sure gonna get the Encore pack once it releases. PJE Gardens from 7 are now less frustrating thanks to the patch. I’m really happy with that :-)

  • i wonder what the surprise can be. cannot wait to find out… ill def buy anything you guys put out.


  • Trade Mark after Big Secret? Is that a hint? :-) I’m anxiously waiting for more Eden!

  • Hey Dylan,

    I downloaded the latest Eden patch but I got no trophy when I got all 5 spectra from garden 3. No, I didn’t use continues or anything.

    I had 3 spectra before the patch and got the two other after.

    Any ideas what happened here?

  • I will purchase new Eden DLC. It is paid, right, not free? Free would be amazing, but I kind of doubt it.

  • @NotoriousGamer

    There are no trophies for getting all 5 spectra in ANY of the gardens.

    The first 10 trophies are for “opening all SEEDS” in a garden. For example, there are 29 seeds in the first garden. After you pollinate and sprout all of them, you get your trophy.
    I just checked and there are 31 seeds to open in garden 3.

    You only get a trophy for getting all 5 spectra in ALL of the levels (50, total).

  • Why is there no physical media version yet?

  • Hmmm.. Pics Look Quite Good, So I Might Jus Have To Get This One =D

  • [PART I]

    Hello Dylan Cuthbert, thanks for all this info =]

    I’m a big fan of your Eden creation. Loved it since the Demo. It was a pleasure to finish it completely getting too the 100% of its trophies, and I’m quite happy with the idea of the Encore. I’ve the soundtrack, and after this game I started to look for the Baiyon works on his site.

    Glad to know the game was nominated at the GDC Choice Awars (I was one of those who voted for it at the Independent Game Festival).

    3 doubts:

    1.- On the early days of the game, I saw a video in which Q-Games was showing a Beta state of PixelJunk Eden. That video shown a different physics of the game along with a different version of the Baiyon song featured for the main Eden garden (Become Part Of This). May be available for the fans in the near future that kind of Demo material?, it sounded nice !

    • Hey there, the physics in that old video were pretty much the same – but some sites had the video playing at x2 speed! This is why the physics look different.

      Hopefully you mean questions, not doubts ;-)

      The music on the old prototype title screen was a tentative test track and might have used some copyrighted samples so we had to pull it unfortunately.

  • [PART II]

    2.- On its Encore part, will it include a few more trophies?, that would be nice to add more length to the game experience.

    3.- That new Baiyon music for the encore will be released in any media?

    By the way, it was nice to see on the Ending the song “3 Across 4” as a bonus, or beautiful changes like the background colors in the Garden #8 emulating different paint drops. I wish any day there would be an PixelJunk Eden II or any game by Q-Games that match that mix between art, colours and electronic music, and a forum for the PixelJunk series lovers ;]

    Greetings from Spain.

    • 2 – yes, there are more trophies
      3 – we\’re not sure about a music release yet, if it is popular enough then we\’ll definitely consider it.

      Garden 8\’s paint drops were a really nice touch by Baiyon and he\’s put a lot of effort into the new backdrops in Encore too.

  • [PART III]

    note: on the 1st question I was asking about the Baiyon sound material on that Beat, clearly not the Beta stage =]


  • All this we listen to the fans stuff, well you know what has stopped me from buying your games? Your logo and hud “burning in” and destroying my 3,000 plasma TV like it did to 2 of my friends TVS……put a remove hud option, better yet I KNOW it’s your game after i have played it for 5 days, i don’t need to see your logo trashing my tv with burned white pixels…..thanks

    TURN off the hud and logo and i will but all your games….it’s that simple

  • Thanks Dylan, and yeah those were questions, no doubts. Excuse my english. By the way it would be nice that more developers put demos about their works, because thank of the Demo I bought Eden, but unfortunately there are no demos for the other two products you’ve so I’ve never knew what the others 2 titles may give to me. Videos or screens are not always enough and I’ve been always asking myself it Monsters may switch my style like Eden did. A demo would be nice.

    -> And to LN_MEXWARRIOR: there’s the option to custom soundtracks already on PixelJunk Eden, but it’s enabled at the very end of the game as a bonus when you finish something. Continue with the journey, you’ll see it !

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