I Came To Bring The PAIN

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My Peoples, it’s no secret that PAIN is the People’s Game. Our community has asked us for certain features or types of gameplay, and we’ve taken that feedback and turned it into modes, characters, bug fixes, and so on. No doubt, continued development of PAIN is a time-consuming process filled with pitfalls and turmoil, but in the end, it seems to be working out for the best. We never seem to be able to give you enough content quickly enough, but we get some quality feedback every time we release new content (not just praise – constructive criticism is welcome, too).

PAIN was never designed with online play in mind. The sheer number of active objects flying around at any given time during a single launch is ridiculous to process, and then when you factor in the possibility of each of those objects hitting another object – perhaps an exploding one – the situation becomes even nuttier. With that in mind, we were a bit stupefied when the People said that they wanted PAIN online. That is by no means a small task, but somehow the evil geniuses at Idol Minds have managed to pull it off, and the patch is now live. The patch is free, and it will allow you to play all your favorite multiplayer PAIN Modes against your buddies online. You can get your text chat on, of course, but it wouldn’t be PAIN without being able to talk trash, so we’ve included voice chat as well. Personally, I think that getting a strike or even a spare in PAIN Bowling with Jarvis’ L2 + X pose says more than I ever could, but it’s your world.

We’re about to drop the Smack Pack on you (sold separately), which includes the Darts and Fortress game Modes. As I’m sure you know, traditional Darts wouldn’t be suitable for PAIN. We wouldn’t dare make something as simple as launching a character into an oversized dartboard. Instead, you have to launch you character toward a giant sticky billboard with multiple bullseyes painted on it, in the process grabbing another character (or bomb) and chucking it at the billboard. Sounds simple enough, eh? Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that your opponents have distractions to jack you up during your flight to the billboard. It makes it even more satisfying to clear the distractions and pull off a bullseye, so I hope your game is in order.

PAIN Update Screenshot Darts

Fortress is the other half of the Smack Pack, and it pits you against up to three opponents, each of you with a giant fortress on a floating platform in the sky. On offense, your task is to aim at an opponent’s fortress, launch and grab an exploding object, and chuck it at their fortress to inflict maximum damage. Every bit of damage you do costs that player points, and when their score reaches zero, that player is eliminated. Obviously, we’d never make it easy for you to do something like that, so at the beginning of each game, every player gets a chance to select their defenses, which range from everything from reinforcements that toughen up your walls, to flying mailboxes and cereal that knock launching enemies out of play, to blue screens that fly up and take out enemies and/or their projectiles. Fortress is a blast to play (no pun intended), so make sure your trash talk is ready.

PAIN Update Screenshot Fortress

Like all of the current offline multiplayer Modes in PAIN, Darts and Fortress are playable offline, too. In both modes, the various objects and distractions in the game depend on the environment in which you’re playing. For example, if you’re playing Fortress in the Amusement Park, you’re grabbing and chucking exploding teddy bears. Likewise, if you’re playing Fortress in the Movie Studio, you might see some cameras being used to strengthen your opponents’ walls. Both Modes will be playable in all future environments as well.

As always, we look forward to hearing back from you all on online multiplayer once you get a taste. It’s a nice addition to the world of PAIN, and I have a feeling that everybody’s going to be “leveling up” their PAIN skills as a result of the new competition within the community. Let us know what you think. As always, we’re listening. So get out of here and GO ONLINE LATER TODAY!!!!!!

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  • NICE!
    Can’t wait to get home and rock this online!

  • Holy crap this is awesome. I love this game and those multiplayer modes look fun as hell.

    Oh and can you guys please make a level themed around a highway during rush hour??? I would buy that in an instant.

  • Thank You Idol Minds! I look forward to downloading this update when I get home. And like TheZed88 said above Pain + On-line = No Sleep. (Capcom please take note how this Multiplayer mode is being released for Free!)

  • Man Pain is awesome and was my very first Psn game. I thought it was hilarious and got a real kick out of playing it. I love the fact that is always being udated and bringing new places, characters, and game modes. Keep on the good work!

  • Pain is…meh. I wish my ps3 came with a voucher to dl Super Stardust HD instead…

  • Does Australia, Europe or any other country other than America get it? I’m an Aussie and it hasn’t updated yet! BTW how big is the download?

    • CJS, Europe should have it now or any minute now. The download is 384 MB (but we\’re overwriting a lot of stuff with new data).

  • Bring the PAIN!

    This game looks so gruesome, I still need to pick this up! :(

  • Great game, great updates, great support. Can’t wait to try the new update.

    I gotta agree with others who say the Pain trophies are about the toughest in any game out there, PSN or disk based. The ‘King of Pain’ trophy is probably one of the rarest in all of the Playstation Network….I have plenty of friends who have this game and not one of them have that one. I’d love to see some stats on trophies earned throughout the Playstation Network and sift through the data to find the rarest ones…I have a feeling 100% of the Pain trophies is about as common as a three legged unicorn riding a bicycle.

  • sweet, i like ur support 4 the game, keep it up :)

  • hey will playing the modes in online multiplayer count as unlocking the in game and PSN Trophy requirements? Thanks for the free updates!!

    • Kalel, we don\’t have trophies wired to online play. It could happen eventually, but we had enough to do just getting online to work, let alone putting trophies in the mix. If we go that route in the future, we\’ll sure let you know about it right away.

  • Just wanted to also chime in and say big “THANKS” to you guys for adding in free online gameplay to PAIN. This is the way to do DLC because it extends the playability and builds loyalty and support to an IP!!

  • Really awesome, all this DLC we get.

  • Online play is just what this game needs. Bravo guys.

  • wow. with all honestly you guys do DLC right. at a good time period. nice job!

  • Love it! Thanks guys for supporting this little gem of a game.

  • Online just added another 20% to the coolness level of PAIN. Great job !

  • I have waited so long for this i want to thank you guys for all the work you have done, i cant WAIT to play these new modes with my friends online *jumps up and down*

  • RE: 49 Only the Pain devs will let you yell at them and still be awesome…
    I too would love to know how many 100% pain trophy users are out there. If I could only get that darn triple launch smokestack f-ing frustrating ingame trophy… I’ve put in a good 10 hours or so over time just trying to get that.

  • hardcore from the brain

  • I love you guys, seriously. Idol Minds, Team Ramrod, and Criterion (don’t have Burnout Paradise, but I see all that they do). I wish more developers could be like you. You guys actually listen to us, and you let us know if you can do something we ask or not. You let us know the probablity and how much time it may take. We’ve been begging for online for the longest, and you never left us hanging. Every few weeks, you would let us know about the progress. For that, you have my endless support. Unlike some developers *cough*SOE and their Jeopardy! BS*cough*

  • Please consider a Home event. And, of course, a place to meet and launch into Pain.

  • I have 3 patches to download to play PAIN (haven’t played in a LONG time). I tried downloading, so slow. Maybe I’ll try again later.

  • Fantastic stuff. Cheers!

  • This really makes me happy. I loved pain since the day I got it, but it starts to get a bit boring while playing by myself. If you ever run for president, you got my vote (any of you).

  • Yes Finally. Well done!! I can’r wait to challenge people online.

  • …um I mean *can’t* :)

  • that is great news
    i didnt play Pain for a while but ill try this again, thanks

  • DAMN, finally you guys came through with the online patch. AWESOME!

    I still can’t believe that online play wasn’t a priority from the begining of the project…but I’m glad it is finally here now!

    Your game now feels complete in my eyes, Great Job!

    P-A-I-N, P-A-I-N, PAIN!

    Time to take a trip to the MANHOLE. :P

  • this is great idol minds! cant wait to play my friends online too… oh and I cant wait for those new environments you guys got coming soon.

  • By the way, for those of you who have Scurv Dogg, make sure you check him out after you get the update. You’re welcome! ;-)

  • I thought Pain had online since launch or did I not read this post right?

  • also, the trophies are HARD in this game, but surprisingly I got all the way to 81%, I don’t see myself getting past that as getting the “king of pain trophy and “ninja pwn” trophy are nearly impossible.

  • I am happy that you guys finally got around to putting online in, but I’m rather disappointed by the lobby system, is a ‘invite friend’ option really that much harder? It’s too tedious to play it the way it is, I tried to get into 3 matches with people and the game locked up. I got in once and the lag was unbearable, and I think it was due to his internet signal. Either way, I love you guys for putting this in, but it does need refining, that’s all.

  • Wow this will make me very HAPPY, you made MY WISH COME TRUE(online play with other people). Thank you so very much. I’m in alot of PAIN from a root canal yesterday, maybe a Dentist themed level or something, a character maybe. Dr. Driller. Pain helps to ease Pain.

    Making the online patch free for us is just beyond words. For Real!

    Oh side note, the LABS: If somehow you could make it so that each week there is a new one and maybe there could be an “Archive of Past Experiments” so that we can try out old and new ones?

    You are seriously eating into my Socom Confrontation Playing Time…LOl o.O

  • @Coke:

    Thanks for the wee Leprechaun. Does this mean we’ll get Tati in a Easter (Playboy) Bunny outfit next month?

    • …..you WILL be getting a new Tati, and you WILL be getting a bunny….

      (this is me being mysterious…)

  • Considering this game is unanimously one of the worst ever made for the PSN (sales mean nothing when it comes to quality), I’d say you should move on to other games. You’re clearly a one trick pony since all you do is continue to churn out overpriced content for a game that was already absurdly awful to begin with.

  • I wish I liked this game, great support..just not my thing :(

  • Online play at last.

    What’s up with the Trophies, they are impossible to get, I cant even get one.. I don’t even play the game solo anymore because the trophies are just to difficult…

  • I thought this was never coming, by the way my buddy was the guy who sent you the email to do darts, so 100% of the idea should be dedicated to him :p Thanks for your support and a great game. Saw the mention of a new game, cant wait to see what you guys can cook up :D

  • its on there now

  • I think the idea for a game like PAIN is really cool but most of all I think that you guys have managed to really make a fun game out of it! The controls are good and smooth and everything floats on just fine when I play it and I’ve spent many hours playing it with up to 4 friends since I downloaded it (Pretty much when it was released)

    Also I like that you put up David Hasselhoff as a painable character! PAIN him for ruining good songs like “Confrontation” from the musical “Jekyll & Hyde” is what he deserves xD.. I was wondering though.. Have you ever thought about adding Chuck norris as a character to the game? I think alot of people would like that xD

    • Thanks, Nonix. We’re glad you like it, and there will be plenty more coming. I appreciate your comment about the idea for the game. I found that from day one, a lot of people just blew PAIN off as a “stupid experiment in physics”, but I really don’t think that’s fair at all. I tend to think that the people who go that route either A) write the game off before giving it a fair shot because they just don’t like the “idea”, B) aren’t any good at it, so they hate on it, or C) they just love to hate (never a shortage of those people around).

      I’ve said many times before that not everybody is going to like every game. Heck, there are PLENTY of games out there that I’m not into. However, I don’t feel the need to write off those games as garbage. In fact, there are a lot of games that I think are great, but I’m just not into them. With PAIN, we took a simple idea and expanded on it to make it a silly, funny, and really competitive experience if you choose to go there (Best. Party game. EVAR!). Bottom line? We make the game for you and folks like you who dig it. The Haters can hate on. They always find something new to hate on. I gotta say though, Haters are certainly good for a chuckle once in a while.

      As for Mr. Norris in PAIN, that’s something that a lot of people have asked for. Unfortunately, based on all of our calculations, it seems that Chuck Norrisis not only immune to pain, but he actually causes pain to be in pain, so his inclusion in a game in which the object is to put him into pain could actually cause the universe to collapse upon itself.

  • haha the second comment talked about the game E rated, then i suddenly imagined Sackboy in the game , that doesnt look good at all xD.

    say how about captain quark from Ratchet and clank in the game?

  • Way to maintain the Pain train! Great job supporting my fav game. Sure would be nice to launch William Shatner at a fortress…

  • “Please consider a Home event. And, of course, a place to meet and launch into Pain.”

    Haha , “Launch into Pain” , thats the most awesomest unintentional Pun i have ever read

  • I guess no one caught the Method Man reference.

  • How about an update where, in the Downtown environment, you can crash through the roof of the bowling alley and see the HVB characters? Or, even better, how about an update to High Velocity Bowling? If a friend sends you an invitation to play PAIN! while you are in HVB, his PAIN! character crashes through the roof and lands in your alley.

  • Coker..coker cabana!

    Wassup brotha?
    I posted a message over on our site, but anyway..WAY TO GO MOPPA!
    Its finally here, and with all my heart, I sure as hell hope NO problems arise with it.. because the natives will be on the warpath as usual..lol

    Keep up the awesome work at the Coker, Coker’s Cabana

    Titanium Haskell

  • COOL!

    I haven’t played PAIN much recently, but this just might entice me to get back on!


  • Whats funny is i can play a 60 player lagless game on Resistance 2 and a 32 player game of Killzone 2 but i cant play PAIN online because i dont have a good enough upload speed.

    Guess ill have to play offline :(

  • I can’t believe I haven’t purchased this yet. I’ll fix that tomorrow :)

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