Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Demo Available Now on PSN

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Hello again everyone, it’s me, David Seeholzer the Senior Development Director on Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition. I’m excited to let you know that our single player demo for the Ultimate Edition is available over at the PlayStation Store right now! So go start your downloads…go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back ;-)

The demo contains 2 campaign missions and a tutorial that will get you accustomed to playing RA3 on your PS3. The first campaign mission comes from the Soviet campaign; mission “Krasna 45,” the second mission of the Soviet campaign, which we recommend you play first. You are sent in to reclaim a derelict soviet base in order to intercept an Empire of the Rising Sun force en route to Moscow. The other mission is “Heidelberg,”the third mission in the Allied campaign, which we recommend you play second overall. In Heidelberg, the Soviets have been pushed back to their headquarters and players will need to turn the tide of the battle by sneaking into their base, forcing them all the way back to Siberia. Both these missions feature co-op gameplay with an A.I. co-commander who will support you as well as follow your orders.

As I mentioned before, the demo will also include a tutorial to get you familiar commanding your army, utilizing the CommandStick 2.0 User Interface, and how to boss your co-commander around. Feel free to let us know how you’re doing with the controls either in the comments section here or in the forums at our website. We feel it’s definitely something you can pick up and learn quickly, and that in time, some of you may even become quicker with the SIXAXIS than you would be on the PC with a keyboard and mouse – we have a few of those guys on our team here in Los Angeles – hopefully you won’t run into them in multiplayer!

We hope you enjoy playing the demo this weekend. We’re shipping to stores next week, so you’ll get the chance to play through the entire 27-mission co-op campaign with a buddy over PSN, along with skirmish and multiplayer in just a few days. Red Alert 3 is all about having fun with your friends, and we think you will have a blast playing both cooperatively and competitively over PSN. Who knows, maybe you’ll even stumble across some of us at EALA out there somewhere. See you on the battlefield!

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  • Where’s the EU demo, I want to download it? Delayed?

  • edit to title… nothing is available on the psn right now…

  • Gonna try it out tonight.

  • NICE!

  • David Seeholzer is not just the president…he’s also a client!

  • Will download demo as soon as the store is actually working again.

  • I hope the store comes live soon, while the traffic is not so busy here. I really want to play this.

  • Yay, its back, and sporting a slightly new look.

  • Looking forward to playing it. :)

  • Attention THE STORE IS NOT WORKING!!!!

    This does look fun and interesting ats.

  • store not loading… i keep getting an error code. perhaps the content is being uploaded? as soon as the store is back up ill be sure to give this a spin.


  • I’m going to download this demo as soon as the Playstation Store becomes steady again. I love C&C!

  • I DL the demo already and I have to say FANTASTIC!


  • Just played the demo, turned it off after a few minutes. I havnt played any RTS games in a few years, the old games were a million times better than this and endwars. This is slow, clunky, boring. Canceling my reserve on it tomorrow. Disapointing as i was really looking forrward to what I remembered about the old Red Alert games.

  • Excellent game guys, just played it, you definitely got my money.

  • I loved the C&C games on PS1 (slowdown issues notwithstanding ), but where were you guys on PS2 ?

    No matter, Red Alert 3 looks awesome , and I can’t think of another series with more replay value ! I feel as giggly as a schoolgirl in wonton anticipation of its upcoming release !!

    Thanks EA !!!

  • So..?
    The demo comes equipped with Co-op?
    Sickly cool downloadin it now as we speak

  • I can’t wait till the demo is done downloading cause then it is time to play :)

  • I will say that I normally hate RTS games. However, having played the demo, I found myself having a lot more fun than I thought I would. The storyline was so absurd that I couldn’t help but love it and the gameplay wasn’t bad. I think I very well may pick this up next week. Good show, guys.

  • So I didn’t get an answer for my last question, will C&C:RA3 support the on coming expansion or not? This game doesn’t seem worth it at all if we don’t get PSN support for PC expansion.

  • I realize this probably doesn’t help a whole lot, but I too can’t get the store to even open, let alone download the awesome content that is supposedly available today.

    This does look pretty cool though.

  • it would be nice if you could accsess the store its all timed out and error msgs so quit your advertising and fix the store please

  • Downloading the demo now, looking forward to playing it. For the people that can’t get in, I managed to get it to download by blitzing through the menus and starting the download before it had a chance to error on me :)

    David, I may have missed it in a previous blog post of yours, but WHY is there no mouse/keyboard support? I understand you guys have tuned the controls for consoles, but why not include the option when the PS3 supports this feature? To date the only game that uses it is UT3 and I just don’t understand it. This isn’t me bitching (though I wish it did have the support), I’d just like to know why you decided not to include it.

  • Just played the demo and WOW what a HORRIBLE DEMO it was, let me elaborate, I chose the Russian camapign mission and the opening movie was fine then as soon as the game starts BAM NO SOUND!

    Yes no sound for anything, units, music, or the little videos that pop up on the side of the screen while your playing, furthermore those little pop up videos froze on the first frame so they didnt even play, just a guy with his mouth open and nothing playing, so I keep playing and here comes a next video and BAM that one is frozen as well, play somre more next video comes up and BAM this one is like crazy frozen by that I mean the frozen picture is all jumbled up, pretty ridiculous if you ask me, if the final game is going to be like this I wish you luck with sales.

    Also would like to address the controls, I think they are horrible, I did hear that 360 version had some horrid controls but they were suppose to be fixed a little for the PS3 version but nope looks like same thing. I have played the original C&C on PS1 and I think that game had better controls then this, I am being honest here. Anyhow total let down in my opinion. Thats just my 2 cents.

  • @24 Nukes, you are scaring me :( I hope your experience is not normal, that sounds terrible. Maybe try redownloading it?

  • for somereason the demos taking for ever to download and i have 100% connection any one have a solution

  • also do things still download when the ps3 is off but not totally off

  • eep. Judging by how much EA has been supportive of the PS3 version, it would be a serious shame if it bombed. I’ve been trying to download it but the store seems to be down. I am still quite excited to be trying it. I hope it’s awesome!

  • i barely got in and now its taking for ever to download and i really want to play it

  • @Tezasaurus I guess I could try re-download but I don’t see how that would help. As I mentioned there was sound in the game Menu screen and then in the opening movie to the mission but as soon as it dropped into the game there was no more sound. I am taking a break from it but I will give it another go on Allies this time and see how it goes.

    I also feel I should add that I was really looking forward to this game on PS3. I own EVERY single C&C ever released for PC. I didn’t buy RA3 for PC because I really wanted to play it while sitting on my couch but looks like I will have to get it for PC after all since the controls just don’t do anything for me.

  • Does the game have split-screen co-op or something? Or is co-op only for online? I would like to be able to play with my brother at home…

  • Nice I want to download it….. IF THE STORE WORKS!!!!

  • The CommandStick 2.0 User Interface is all well and good, but does Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 support Keyboard and Mouse for those of us who utilize this functionality on the PS3?

    Thank you.

  • wow i was skeptical at first but the controller actually works really well! its like it was meant for it

  • So the game is amazing…Even the controls were great, and this is coming from someone who was skeptical of a RTS on a console. I have RA3 for the PC and I actually had more fun playing the demo on my ps3… I don’t know why I just did. I did have one BIG issue with it though. We can only have 50 offensive units MAX?!?! That really doesn’t seem enough to me, we need like 100. How are we supposed to have a nave, infantry and army with 50 units max? Also, how are we supposed to get past significant base defense with only 50 units? If a person builds tons of defense, 50 units might not even make a dent. Other than that, this game is awesome, and the demo definitely is making consider getting this and telling a couple friends to get it too.

  • nice i can’t wait to get this on tuesday!!!

  • Can we get keyboard/mouse support? Joysticks aren’t for RTS’s.

  • Okay. After playing the Red Alert 3 demo, I have decided too:


    (PC version) :)
    Yes, surprisingly, the control system actually works—maybe even better than the classic mouse/keyboard set-up. Congrats!

    Thank You for bringing this to the PS3. I am still disappointed that you didn’t port CNC3 over…

  • Awesome.

  • If the controls hold up with my insane microing skills and feel natural then I’m sold. The Red Alert franchise is one of the most genuinely funny collections of games in existence.

    You guys going to unfreeze Hitler from the secret liquid nitrogen chamber beneath the Fuhrer bunker in the sequel?

  • at First I was skeptical about how this game was going to run on the PS3 since of course it was delayed and all, not to mention its an RTS, and usually consoles and RTS’ dont really mix together

    But after playing this Demo, all i have to say is wow! the game looks great and looks better than the 360 version, the controls are pretty easy to play with after the tutorials and the frame rate is solid! you guys have my money! cant wait to go back to Red alert again!

  • if EA announce a battlefield 3 i will cry there name from the roof tops.

  • does Red Alert 3 have a unit building cap i really hope not im tired of console rts games have a cap on how much they can build im wandering because im playing the demo right now and it wont let me build anymore troops hopefully its just the demo version its not worth buying other why’s

  • Just got done playing the demo and I think this is a buy for me. With WiC turning tail on consoles, I needed to find a RTS to pick up and with the unique approach to the cutscenes/movies and the gameplay, I’m going with this :)

  • errr, the PS Store, it’s working all right already, BUT, there’s a little minus problem, ¡yesterday i buyed the ratchet and clank and it isn’t downloading, i forgot de error number, but when you put download when activating fails! please anyone else having this problem too?

  • why cannot i not find the demo in the store?!?!?!
    i’m in UK if that makes a difference… WHERE IS IT

  • I hate the look of this cartoony C&C. The very FIRST one looked better (more realistic). I also hate the lighthearted music and stupid humor. Ugh. They RUINED C&C! Darn you EA!!!!!

  • Europe, Australia doesn’t get any love? :(
    The distribution with the titles across the World IS HORRIFIC!

  • Oh when is this game releasing in Australia?

  • What a huge improvement over the 360 version.I definitely plan on getting it. Red Alert 3 is starting to become my favorite out of the series. It is a lot more deep than the others.

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