GGL Global Gaming Launches Road to Retribution Tournament

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Resistance Retribution Road to Retribution Tournament

Resistance: Retribution has only been available for mere hours, but we hope you’ve been practicing! Starting today, there’s more than James Grayson’s life on the line – try $25,000 in Sony prizes.

Global Gaming and SCEA have teamed up to offer fans the Road to Retribution Tournament, where Resistance Retribution players go head-to-head on the new PSP-exclusive third person shooter.

Registration for the 2v2 and 4v4 ladders kicks off today, and runs through May 10, 2009. The top players from the ladders will move up to compete in the bracket playoffs from May 13, 2009 to May 31, 2009 and battle it out for SonyStyle gear from PlayStation, PSP system prize packs, and Resistance: Retribution inspired leather bomber jackets.

To join the open ladder, participants can head over the the Road to Retribution GGL site to complete the online registration form. All players must be legal residents of the U.S. or Canada and at least 13 years of age.

For additional information on the tournament, go to

Good luck!

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  • Cool news

  • Grr…. This game makes me want a PSP so bad :(

  • Sucks that my umd drive is kaput. Nice to see Canada included…Quebec took?

  • Damn straight we’re (Quebec) included! Now all I need is a partner for the 2v2 ladder or 3 for the 4v4 :D

    if anyone’s interested send me a msg via the PS3!

  • Im gonna try to get this game soon after i get Midnight Club L.A. Remix

  • I just have a message for the winners: I will take your old psp off your hands if you win the psp prize pack ;)
    thanks in advance

  • I wasn’t sure about buying this game but now I will seeing as how this contest INCLUDES CANADA. It’s about time that we start to get included in contests here, better late than never I guess. Now how about a video store for us and PSN CARDS. I think I will go out and buy this today. I am really good at Socom so this should be fairly similar. I kicked arse in coded arms and psp Socom ftb 1 and 2. Love the buttons for control but I must ask a question: What’s to stop people from using their DS3 to control their psp in the com[petition whilst others use the psp buttons for control? Is this going to be regulated or can you play anyway you want?

  • Thanks for the info. I will miss out though :(

    I love Resistance

  • yet another tourny! haha i love it. Im gonna try my best. good luck to every1.


  • man can we have tourny in PS3 also? beside Resistance 2 like Killzone 2 or Socom?

  • Is SONY monitoring GGL….a search on google reveals many that believe GGL doesn’t pay out its contests properly:


  • Wow! Nice to see that you are starting to include Canadians in your tournaments and contests!
    Very exciting news!!!

  • Isn’t it weird that you must be atleast 13 years of age to participate, but the game is rated M, 17+? So it should be atleast 17 years of age. Just wanted to point that out, but anyways, like others have said, nice to see canadians included, now we want that video store.

  • The Warhawk GGL tournament was an utter disaster. You should seriously consider partnering with another “league” next time.

  • Any Canadians want to join my crew for 4v4? Team name is Street Sweepa’s! Let’s run the show!

  • Americans are welcome on the SS too…of course

  • GGL is the worst site to hold any tournament,
    they did a terrible job with the Warhawk tournament.

  • AWESOME!!!!

    I still need to pick up this game though…


    But it’s GREAT news to hear that this contest is for US AND Canada! (I’ve been hearing a lot of Canadians complain about how they keep getting left out of things… and honestly, it’s true! I think that every place should get the same content simultaneasley!) (I know, I spelled that last word wrong… LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!)


  • @7

    I think that the devs said a while back that you can’t play online with a PS3 controller… They said that it would give them an unfair advantage…

    So, no worries!

  • The GGL, lol…good god that Warhawk tourney they held was horrible!

  • You have no idea how happy I am to see the words “legal residents of…CANADA” in the rules for a contest! Everything SONY does is only open to U.S residents.

    Please, someone head over to SCEA and give them a lesson in Canadian contest laws, and how to include us in contests. Being left out of all the cool prizes really makes Canadians feel like second class customers (we don’t have the video store either, and that’s just a lack of mandatory Canadian Content, which wouldn’t be hard to include either), and you’re doing the one thing we need to alleviate that problem. THANK YOU! I’m not a FPS guy, but I will buy your game now!

  • yes! Canada included! thank you..just got the game today

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