Free Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack Lands Tomorrow

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“Greedings,” everyone. As you may have heard, the new Titan Pack expansion for Unreal Tournament 3 will be available on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, and it’s completely free.

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack icon

The Titan Pack’s downloadable content includes the gametypes Greed and Betrayal, the namesake Titan mutator, 19 maps, the Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon weapons, the Stealthbender vehicle, the Slow Field power-up, and characters Kana and Nova.

Speaking of Greed, our guys are having a blast with this addictive new gametype. Greed is a fast-paced, “tug of war” style mode in which you swipe the skulls of fallen players and unload them at the enemy base to score points. Silver skulls are worth a point, gold skulls represent five points, and red skulls are 20 points.

It’s common to see players fighting over huge hoards of skulls as the clock winds down. Each team always tries desperately to stop the other from scoring while, at the same time, fighting to survive en route to the enemy base with their own stockpile. It’s a complete frenzy, but no lead is insurmountable, and there is always hope for a comeback at the last second.

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack screenhot

For an interesting twist, you can play Greed with the Titan mutator activated. In this scenario, the goals are the same except you can transform into a 15-foot Titan, which is handy for sowing mass destruction on opponents while protecting skull-toting teammates. To trigger the metamorphosis, simply fill your meter by killing enemies, capturing flags or nodes, and completing other game objectives.

UT3 players can already enjoy the title update portion of the Titan Pack for PS3, which incorporates a long list of enhancements, including split-screen support, an integrated mod browser, 57 Trophies, major visual and menu flow upgrades, significant A.I. improvements, overhauled networking performance, and better mod support.

Happy hunting!

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  • Nice update. Thanks

  • How much players can play splitscreen? I’m going to start playing this again.

  • Sorry, but no thanks. I already have MGO and KZ2 to keep me busy online.

    Good luck to everybody who goes trophy hunting with this game.

  • Awesome supporting a year and older game!

  • Thank you very much for the Titan expansion pack and patch 2.00. It finally is very nice to have Trophies for UT3, plus the new vehicle, game modes, etc.

    Any chance of a future expansion pack with underwater (and surface water) vehicles? You could call it the Neptune expansion pack

  • I really had high hopes for UT3 for PS3 when it came out in 2007, and these new features sound awesome, albeit over 1 year late. Unfortunately, I traded in my copy to subsidize new game purchases for holiday 2008 so I won’t be able to take advantage of this patch.

  • 19 new maps?
    new game modes?



  • ight Epic Games doing something good for Playstation 3 to bad its a old game and i e-bayed my copy.

  • sweet i im going to start playing this again lol cant wait 4 tomorrow but i wont be on that much, just got KZ2 but ill still check it out i love how UT3 put mods 4 ps3, i go 2 in my ps3 internet browser and they got ALOT OF MAPS, CHARACTERS, MODES, etc 4 free!

  • For those who never bought/traded it in…you realize this game is $20 or LESS brand new right now! Theres no reason not to own this awesome game especially at that price.

  • @6: UT3 is available new for $20 from many online retailers. Also, manty Target stores will have it in their bargain bin for that price or less. Not to mention all of the Gamestop stores that have used copies for cheap.

  • oh and that site i mentioned downloads strait from ur ps3 internet browser 2 ur hard drive and strait 2 the game, anyone thats interested check it they tell u step by step how 2 download mod strait 2 through ur ps3 internet browser

  • @10: I don’t think I’ll be giving UT3 another go even at the lower price point. I had the game for over a year when I bought it at $60 for Epic to convince me that it’s a keeper. I still have a bad taste in my mouth over UT3 voice comms. not working properly in multiplayer (which I’m sure is patched by now). My experience with UT3 for PS3 for me is unfortunately just “too little and too late”.

  • Haven’t bought this game yet, but with the addition of trophies and this Titan Pack..I might give it a go. Seeing as how its like 20 bucks now.

    Keep up the good work Epic.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I’m splitting my time between K2 and UT3 on the moment, nut with college, work and other geezzzz I cant play a thing!

  • Thanks Epic!I can’t wait for tomorrow. (Capcom take note).

  • Thank you for supporting the PS3! I will be buying UT3 :)

  • Sweet! I’ve been requesting to you guys to get Epic on the PS Blog to announce this. Good going Jeff. :)

  • Its 2 player splitscreen by the way. Runs amazingly smooth too…feels almost identical to single player framerate.

    Also lol @ anyone still playing MGO

  • Doesnt matter how old the game is. It is better than Killzone 2.

    Epic supports community. UT3 has no framerate issues.

    Thank you, Epic. Thank you, Epic.

    Sony deserves no credit.

  • You people are pathetic talking of the age of a game.

    Super Metroid is also better than Killzone 2, in many many ways, including story and presentation and graphics. Fact.

    if youve played unreal since Unreal, like I have, then you know.

    99% of the videogamers here are less than 12years old.


  • havent touched my copy since oct. but have ti admit it’s a blast for me n now i think i’ll try out the new game modes

  • sweet trophies!!! when do we get those?


  • Kinda late. Sounds like a great expansion download and best of all it’s free. It’s a shame that months ago before I decided to get rid of my copy of UT3, Epic really dropped the ball on this with the crappy server support and the lack of online gamers because of it. I would play the same handful of people over and over, it was pretty pathetic.

  • Trophies, splitscreen and bug fixes are available right now when you boot up your game.

  • I bought this game on Steam recently, it’s nice to see that the PS3 version is getting the same treatment. ;)

  • Continued support, free DLC (or even DLC with a cost) this long after release is always appreciated. Thanx Epic!

  • Is there a demo for UT3 on PSN? I’ve never played, but I’ve heard good things…

  • no demo. If you like FPS than you would like UT3 but Single player is garbage lol

  • Awesome post Steve, Thanks again for everything !!

  • Single player is exactly like multiplayer,but with cut scenes and co-op.

  • Gears of war on ps3 would be amazing.. I would buy it so fast..


    this is cool

  • Excellent. Now this is what I call an update! Thanks.

  • @TailsTheCat
    You are the only person acting like a 12 year old right now. Everyone has different taste in games and you have to right to call them out if they (as many of us do) personally like Killzone 2 more then Unreal Tournament 3.
    As for me, I sold my copy about a month after I got this game in December 2007 to get COD4. It wasn’t the game, but the online. It wasn’t allowing me to play online at times and when I am able to connect online the voice chat wouldn’t work. I might just pick this game up again if the online has been fix.

  • Holy…sh…!!

    What do we owe this pleasant surprise to? Were you just sitting around the office thinking “You know, we haven’t given away a mess of awesome content for free recently…” ?

    I will be jumping in the moment this thing goes active. My thanks to the great developers at Epic. :D

  • I must buy this now!

    I’ll but it during the weekend ^_^

  • @Epic Games
    Didn’t you guys sign some kind of deal with Sony for optimizing the Unreal Engine for the PS3? Did you guys finishing working on it because developers are still having trouble using the Unreal engine on the PS3 to this day.

  • Awesome support and content! All for free!!! =D
    Thanks a million Epic… I hope to see some other project from you guys on PS3 soon =D

  • Awesome, I was wondering when this would drop. Just let me get my Valor Grand Cross in Killzone 2 and I’ll be on board.

  • Evreytime I go on now hardly anyone is on :(.

  • Been looking forward to this. I’ve been playing UT3 consistently since launch and still love it. The patch in itself was great but this Titan pack is something else. Thanks Epic.

  • I just bought this game and its a lot of fun. I can’t wait for this update and its FREE. Thanks Epic

  • I LOVE this game and FREE is GREAT but alas the Sony Repair shop sent me back a Broken PS3… Maybe next week.

    p.s. they are going to fix it but…

  • This is awesome. Anyone know where I can get some good goldeneye or timesplitters map mods?

  • wow talk about dev support. This put to shame all other DLC, so much yet all of it free.

    Im going back for those trophies, and I want to know what “split-screen” is all about.

    Did I mention MODS rule!!!

  • (please don’t kill me)
    An EPIC update! :D

  • Good you guys followed up on my request to put this up on the PS Blog.

    Great update! You guys should put up better pictures than that though.

    On and at Gamestop the game is $20 new!! Guys jump on this deal!
    Also remember how awesome it is that there are mods on the ps3 version.

  • I agree with TheHater2, Unreal Engine 3.0 based games have been lack lustre at best on the PS3. Until Epic lead on the PS3 and back port to the 360, the PS3 version of UE games will always suffer.

    If you guys decide to release Gears 3 on the PS3 ( for some strange reason ), make sure you lead on the PS3 for that one and your engine and its licensors will benefit in spades on all platforms!

    Actually, I hate multi-platform games. Just optimise your game engine to work on one console and make it the best it can be on that one platform, rather than mediocre on several! Forget the money :).

  • MS would had never allowed for this much content without charge.

    Im glad to be in the PS Family, and not the nickle&dime MS corp.

  • Thank you Epic!!11

    Your PS3 Support is amazing!


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