YouTube your HAWX mission, enter to win a flight stick!

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Hello everyone,

Ubisoft wants to help you achieve the fullest flight experience possible with Tom Clancy’s HAWX, and is giving you the opportunity to walk away with a brand-new Saitek Aviator Flight Stick compatible with your PLAYSTATION 3 console. All you have to do is take advantage of the awesome new YouTube upload feature incorporated in Tom Clancy’s HAWX – exclusively on PLAYSTATION 3 consoles.

Check out the contest, upload a cool video of you playing HAWX to YouTube, and enter to win! It’s that simple.

Saitek Aviator Flight Stick for Playstation 3

Deadline for submission is March 31st at 11:59PM.

For more information, and for the official rules and details, click here.

Good luck!

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  • pew pew

  • More devs should use stuff like youtube uploading and photo mode. Good work Ubi.

  • Looks like this one is a no-go for Canada, and a few states as well…oh well; good luck to all who enter.

  • Oh cruel irony; I’d buy the game if I had the stick, but I won’t buy the stick for the game :P

    Also, I live in Australia -_-

    I hope more devs jump on the youtube uploading thing though, it’s really awesome.

  • Very cool. I won’t be participating, but it’s nice for you guys to do this.

  • If only all games had youtube uploading.

  • sounds awesome. Very early ps blog posting…

  • if its a really good game you will get a stick. sadly for me i don’t by flying games unless they have helicopters in them ala battlefield 2

  • That flightstick is totally worth it so if any of you don’t win its definitely worth buying! I have one and it rocks!

  • Good promotion!
    The YouTube upload feature is unique to the PlayStation 3, Sony should promote it more.

    The Blu-ray Difference.
    Also PS3 games come on Blu-ray disc, why not make developers use the extra space for PS3 unique features such as making of movies, wallpapers, themes etc. You could call it the Blu-ray difference, then consumers know that the PS3 offers a little bit more then its competitors.

  • Sexy control stick ;)

  • the flight stick looks sick

  • Really great initiative! I just wish more games had this awesome feature, one would think that at least the games produced by Sony would incorporate this lovely feature.

  • HAWX has a huge problem! Over half the trophies are TDM based, and there is almost no one playing TDM, they all play the 4 player CO-OP mode. Basically it makes it impossible to get the platinum trophy.

    Other than that, it is a great game.

  • That’s a great looking flight stick, it’s just too bad that the game doesn’t measure up to that stick.

    Still, this is a really decent contest for those who like the game.

  • dang makes me wish i had this game!!! anyone here know if its any good, worth checking out?


  • cool, include this in all ubisoft games

  • I love the Youtube upload feature.

  • That really looks like a sexy flight stick. I haven’t bought HAWX yet, though, because I don’t think you can use the cockpit view with assistance off. That’s what I really want!

  • Yea I love how New York can’t participate in the contest. :(

  • Looks like fun. Who ever has HAWX, enjoy it for me :)

  • My Video should be done in 4 days.. but I’m on it..

  • will upload when i get home.

  • Nice! I like it when Developers put a way to show off what you do within a game! Like a photo mode and youtube functionality…

    I like it better when they take advantage of those features and reach out to the community by creating contests using those features! :) KEEP IT COMING!!! lol

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