Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Skills and Map Details

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Hello all – Only one more day until the SCENE Expansion for Metal Gear Online is released! That means only one more day until the pre-order period ends, and your opportunity to get the “cardboard man” head gear for free! You can purchase the SCENE Expansion by itself for $9.99, as a bundle with the MEME Expansion for $14.99, or for the best value, get all three Expansions, GENE, MEME, and SCENE, all for only $17.99. All three options are available now via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. Along with all other normal methods of payment, you will be able to use PayPal as a form of payment, and the PlayStation Network Wallet payment system will be coming soon.

As part of what is included in SCENE, you can acquire three new Skills.

The First of these is CQC (Close Quarters Combat) EX. In order to obtain this skill, you have to execute a CQC maneuver 200 times with CQC Mastery Lv3 equipped. Once you have this skill, your character will automatically counter an opponent’s CQC attack.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Skill_CQCEX

You can also gain Toughness, by receiving a knockback, knockdown, or blow away type attack 100 times. Once you have this Skill, your character will be able to endure knockdown attacks and recover time will be decreased.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Toughness_Shockabsorb

The third Skill you can gain is Charm, by getting distracted by a magazine 100 times. It’s similar to Mei-Ling’s special skill, where holding the salute pose will have the same distracting effect as a magazine. The salute motion will also change to one of three different exclusive random animations.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Skill_charmup

There will also be some new Top Elite emblems in the SCENE Expansion. If you earn the emblems, you’ll receive a free in-game t-shirt! Here are two to check out, the Fighting Fish, which you can unlock by playing a series of Death matches, and Arctic Skua, which you can unlock by playing through a series of Solo Capture missions.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Emblem_Arctic_Skua Metal Gear Online SCENE - Emblem_Fighting_Fish

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Emblem_title_tshirt

I also have some detailed overviews of the new maps included in SCENE: Hazard House, Outer Outlet, and Ravaged Riverfront.

Hazard House

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_02_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_03_2ndF

2nd Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_04_2ndFDuct

Duct Area

Outer Outlet

Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_02_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_03_2ndF

2nd Floor

Ravaged Riverfront

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_02_waterway


Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_03_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_04_2ndF

2nd Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_05_3rdF

3rd Floor

Just looking at those maps, I can already see some intense battles playing out in a few key areas. Where do you think the most action will be?

SCENE comes out tomorrow, March 17, 2009, don’t miss out on the latest Metal Gear Online expansion pack for the ultimate squad-based, tactical shooter based on the Metal Gear Solid franchise!

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  • I say we don’t buy this until they put trophies on it. see if you buy it, you give them a reason not to patch it with trophies, if you don’t then they’ll be force to think about it, because i don’t see how they have time to do this but will not invest the time to put trophies in the f-ing game

  • I love the complaints too, im with you guys keep em coming. trophies are great for replay value and to show off to friends online, konami id sucks.

  • trophies or bust

  • no trophies no buy for me sorry if that upset anyone

  • Its funny how dumb/stubborn the people at Konami are. There are so many people who love Metal Gear, yet half of them (or more) were turned off before the game was even released from the moment the word was out that it would not be integrated to the PSN. Not only have they ignored such a large amount of complaints with tons of potential DLC sales lost over the past months, but they keep ignoring the situation and digging themselves deeper with every single month and new DLC that passes in which MGO is not on the PSN. Sooner or later, the game will be “old” and will start losing its fan base. The smartest thing to do would be to correct this god-awful situation now. 4 of my friends and I were so pumped for MSG$ and MGO and not one of us has played even more than 6 hours of MGO before it was completely abandoned.

    Nice DLC, as always, but no thanks, just not worth it unless its on the PSN. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thanks for ruining what could have been the next COD4 for the PS3.


  • LOL I expected evildude to talk crap. Sorry buddy but you are never going to shut us up. Why in the heck would trophies be lame? Simply ignore em and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

    Nice details Konami, but please I want my MGS4 trophies. I will buy if you guys supported MGS4 also.

  • No one has mentioned Trophies yet! ;D

    Sounds cool the SCENE Expansion, cool;)

  • Comment #31, great points my friend.

    Thanks again Brandon for the info. Trophies would be cool, but hey, Konami can take their time because I’d rather wait a few+ months for new content to keep the game interesting, then getting everything in a matter of days or weeks and going “im bored now” a month later.

    Keep it up Konami, this game deserves more then it’s given.

  • do you really want trophies that bad? why? are you just complaining just to complain? play the game for fun.

  • You can also gain Toughness, by receiving a knockback, knockdown, or blow away type attack 100 times.

    So shotgun attacks, CQC throw down attacks??

  • As cool as this expansion sounds….

    No trophies and no PSN integration = no care on my part.

  • Whats better? hmmmmmm
    MGS4 or Resistance 2? MGO or COD4?
    Well, looks like ima go play B.L.A.C.K on PS2 while i figure out my choice :P

  • 95% of posts will be about trophies.

    and mine the same.. lets see some trophy support for this game.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play on the new maps and with the new characters.

  • awesome! I’m gonna buy this right now!!!!

  • yeah that kind of pisses me off though… shouldnt we talk about you know… what the expansion is gonna be? not just say “oops no trophies can we haz plz?” the new skills seem pretty weird imo but i havent seen one person succesfully use mei ling’s charm haha so i dont see it as a threat

  • MGO is a great concept, but could really be enhanced with just some really simple adjustments, like PSN integration, ditching the ‘Konami ID’, adding Trophies (yea, we’ve all heard it before), and making everything available from the PSN Store.

    you can make the right decitions.

  • Please make it part of the Playstation network, and add trophies, I will buy it in an instant

  • Geez! maybe these guys don’t get it… everyone has been asking for trophies support and PSN integration for the longest time and they keep ignoring everyone. I’ve only played MGO a few times and I know I’ve been missing out, the single player experience left me speechless but I’ve only played MGO a few times is just ashame how stubborn KONAMI is their missing out on a lot of revenue and a full load of cash bugs just because they provably don’t want have a revenue share with SONY and perhaps to follow a billing model has proven to be so successful. I myself haven’t download any of the expansion pack just because what we’ve all been asking for…. is to bad because there’s no need to go back to it either with some many excellent games like KZ2.

  • I can imagine Brian Laurino putting his hands over his ears and saying, “Lalalala, I can’t heeeear you.”

  • Oops, Brandon.

  • Great post and Awesome game! I agree with people that it should be on the PSN (or at LEAST a way to have them both integrated). I personally cannot play the game until the glitches are gone (they’re way too INSANE – it’s unplayable).

    ONE QUESTIONS I do have: Why is everyone so damnn ANUAL about the freakin trophies???????? WTF


  • I know I stopped playing cause it was just to much of a pain jumping through all these hoops just to play MGO. Heck, I can’t even tell if people on my PSN friends list are playing online because you have to create a different user name that might not even be the same one as the PSN ID. I’m shocked that they still haven’t done anything about it.

  • dont tease use with this until you put this on PSN! NOT only through the Konami setup

  • Now that I think about it, if you’re not developing something for the PSN or local PS3 environment (ie. game you can buy in stores for the PS3), then you shouldn’t get the opportunity to use this blog for advertising. Konami chose to do everything on their end, so they should stick to using their end. You want to post blogs on the official PS3/PSN blog or post videos/trailers on the store, then make your damn software available and useable on.with the PSN.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • People… how ignorant can you be…
    It has its own badges, its own in game music and even its own online network!

  • i dont think they will ever make trophies….

  • OH! is CQC EX similar to MGS3 CQC countering?

    man i mastered those on MGS3 Subsistence.

  • I was trying to update the game to 1.21 yesterday. Bittorrent method gave me 0.08KBps. HTTP method takes 30 mins to reach 11%. Not to mention that it actually error three times =(. You tried hard to make a profit Konami, probably too hard.

    My connection sucks, but that doesn’t stop me from updating other games including 900 MB games. *sigh*

  • Lol at Ravaged Riverfront…Imma’ go fishing with a sniper rifle. ahahaha… :)

  • Well everytime I come through and read this I C people always asking for trophies but I think that is something that MGO wont get because its seperate from PSN but MGS4 could get them and thats most likely the case for the trophies.

  • Comment#31 said:

    “Don’t care about trophies, MGS4 is too awesome to have trophies.”

    I concur, sir.

  • #76

    I agree completely. If Konami wants to sell everything through their own network, and force everyone to sign up for some stupid Konami ID just to play their games through THEIR system…then they should go set up their own BLOG to advertise as well.

    All they do is POST AND RUN anyway. Never answering questions, never leaving any follow-up comments.

    Never addressing the loud and constant concerns of the people buying their products.

    Screw them.

    They’re not welcome here.

  • I haven’t even tried MGS Online (which I believe is included with MGS IV). I will eventually, but I’m trying to finish Resistance 2.

    Hopefully, I can still get in and enjoy MGSO without having these expansions. I want to learn the game before I buy the add-ons.

    Me and many other gamers appreciate the additional support developers are providing to games. Thanks!

  • Fix MGO until the PSN ID is enough, otherwise this is a no play.

  • yes…PSN integration (no more Konami ID)…and trophies PLEASE.

    The whole Konami ID is bringing us a step back in online gaming.

  • why don’t you reply Brandon? are the trophies coming or not? its a simple question!!!

  • *sigh* I know whining is what nerds do but…COME ON!! This is the 3rd expansion to come out…still no trophies. So it seems the best choice would be to either A.Deal with the lack of PSN integration & trophies. or B. MOVE ON! There are other online shooters you can play, so please stop filling up the comment section of MGO announcements w/ you’re whining!!

  • your* lol

  • No trophies = no reason to play this game!!!!

  • Guys, I think it’s time for us to stop asking for PSN and Trophies for MGS4. Every time someone asks about these, they never respond.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Konami just doesn’t care…

  • trophies are just an digital way of showing doesnt make the game better or worst. its no bigg deal..once u get the trophie NOTHING HAPPENS. THERE IS NO PRIZE. SO IF WE DO GET TROPHIES HOORAY IF NOT..NO BIGGIE..THE GAME IS GREAT REGARDLESS.

  • Konami store, separate ID, No Trophies.
    No sale

  • They never going to integrate MGO to psn because they want full profits… Also because MGO its its own game and Konomi is working on releasing MGO for 360… Yea i do know what u doing Konami, surprised? which is ridiculous.

  • Been playing MG since the beginning didn’t have trophies back on a in 1 and don’t need it now. Keep the expansions and more stages and variety and in many cases randomness coming.

    Its a sad day in the gaming community when trophies decide for gamer (hardcore, casual, or trophy addict) compared to gameplay or storyline or anything. Keep the expansions coming make trophies the last thing if need be to keep more content coming

  • Put all DLC for MGS4 on PSN and I will buy it! I’m feeling that I’m not alone with my opinion!

    And take this crappy Konami log in system with a patch away. Why MGS4 can not be like any other game, integrated within the PSN? I stopped playing MGO since 2008 just because it is so inconvenient…. This can not be the purpose of an exklusive game!

  • Sweet the t-shirt’s i like alot
    I just hope to see some Trophy’s and Psn intergration…

  • Im worried new skills will make everyone OP. what if someone with CQC EX uses it on someone else with CQC EX, do they still counter it? that will just make everyone hesitate from using CQC at all.
    and good luck even being able to use CQC when everyone just Charms you when you get next to them.
    the Toughness skill just adds lack of strategy, most people will just not even use fragmentation grenades after that.

    I’m all for skills, but not if they make fragmentation grenades and CQC completely useless.

    and they should add
    Final Fantasy gear/outfits/hair styles
    Killzone gear/outfits/
    (Other popular games) gear/outfits/hair styles/maybe even characters??
    I’d suggest anime stuff as well but that might be going a little too far
    High Quality Map Maker
    Maybe even copy CoD 5 and add a zombie mode? I mean, they just made a shopping mall level, why not put it to the real test??

    And that may be a lot, but in the end I can practically guarantee they’ll have every playstaton fan playing the MGS series all day long.

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