Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Skills and Map Details

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Hello all – Only one more day until the SCENE Expansion for Metal Gear Online is released! That means only one more day until the pre-order period ends, and your opportunity to get the “cardboard man” head gear for free! You can purchase the SCENE Expansion by itself for $9.99, as a bundle with the MEME Expansion for $14.99, or for the best value, get all three Expansions, GENE, MEME, and SCENE, all for only $17.99. All three options are available now via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. Along with all other normal methods of payment, you will be able to use PayPal as a form of payment, and the PlayStation Network Wallet payment system will be coming soon.

As part of what is included in SCENE, you can acquire three new Skills.

The First of these is CQC (Close Quarters Combat) EX. In order to obtain this skill, you have to execute a CQC maneuver 200 times with CQC Mastery Lv3 equipped. Once you have this skill, your character will automatically counter an opponent’s CQC attack.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Skill_CQCEX

You can also gain Toughness, by receiving a knockback, knockdown, or blow away type attack 100 times. Once you have this Skill, your character will be able to endure knockdown attacks and recover time will be decreased.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Toughness_Shockabsorb

The third Skill you can gain is Charm, by getting distracted by a magazine 100 times. It’s similar to Mei-Ling’s special skill, where holding the salute pose will have the same distracting effect as a magazine. The salute motion will also change to one of three different exclusive random animations.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Skill_charmup

There will also be some new Top Elite emblems in the SCENE Expansion. If you earn the emblems, you’ll receive a free in-game t-shirt! Here are two to check out, the Fighting Fish, which you can unlock by playing a series of Death matches, and Arctic Skua, which you can unlock by playing through a series of Solo Capture missions.

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Emblem_Arctic_Skua Metal Gear Online SCENE - Emblem_Fighting_Fish

Metal Gear Online SCENE - Emblem_title_tshirt

I also have some detailed overviews of the new maps included in SCENE: Hazard House, Outer Outlet, and Ravaged Riverfront.

Hazard House

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_02_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_03_2ndF

2nd Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_04_2ndFDuct

Duct Area

Outer Outlet

Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_02_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_03_2ndF

2nd Floor

Ravaged Riverfront

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_02_waterway


Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_03_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_04_2ndF

2nd Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_05_3rdF

3rd Floor

Just looking at those maps, I can already see some intense battles playing out in a few key areas. Where do you think the most action will be?

SCENE comes out tomorrow, March 17, 2009, don’t miss out on the latest Metal Gear Online expansion pack for the ultimate squad-based, tactical shooter based on the Metal Gear Solid franchise!

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  • Brandon Laurino I love it how you guys are supporting MGO. But I have a question. Will there ever be trophies for MGS4/MGO and will MGO ever use the PSN. I see people asking this all the time in these posts and yet no one responds. Can you please advise? Thank you sir.

  • PSN Integration or GTFO.

  • Any trophies released with this?

  • oh and trophies too.

  • Great addition but I have the same questions as post #1.
    Please let us know

  • Cool stuff but still waiting for it to be on the PS Store and also for trophies.

  • Wow, looks like a great Expansion!

    My only concerns and what is ultimately stopping me from going back to the game is the bugs and exploiters. Hopefully those will get fix;d sooner rather than later.

    Also trophies please :)

  • the best thing about this expansion is that it’s the first from Konami for MGS to include support for the PSN wallet. that’s a huge plus in my book.

  • holding out on trophies for the eventual MGS4:sub are we Mr Konami?????

  • When will we be able to purchase SCENE with our PSN Wallet, I don’t want to wait a whole or heck even more and miss out on the launch fun.. Really you guys should have prepare for this.

  • awesome. to bad i trade it in for killzone 2.

  • MGO is fun, and I would certainly use it more if it was through the PSN. I haven’t touched the game in quite a while. Not having it through PSN is just such a hassle. PSN and trophy support please :).

  • PSN Integration?
    (when I first got MGS4 not too long ago, I was like WTH? A Konami ID? And I have to sign up through the in-game browser?)

    Home Integration?

  • Ummm hey Brandon Laurino, can you help me out? I deleted my game data for MGS4 and now I cant get back onto my MGO account after deleting it. Whenever I try to start MGO up it says my character is till in use. So can you help me out? Thanks.

  • Heh, Trophies. You guys have a one track mind.

  • Same as the rest im afraid, i would love to hear some news on MGS4/MGO trophies and PSN integration….

  • I forgot to mention I will be buying this once I get my PS3 back from Sony.

  • As I was saying in the Secret Agent Clank thread (clicked the wrong post), no where do I feel more ignored than the MGO posts. The “good news” just keeps on coming, despite cries for a change.

    Of course, with PSN integration, Konami wouldn’t be able to sell extra character slots anymore.

  • Raise your hands for those of you wanting trophies???

  • *Raising 2 hands*

  • Cool…but are we gonna be able to buy it from the PSN Store?
    Cuz I hate that visa checkout stuff

  • BTW..For all those who are waiting trophies…

    Yall suck..get a freaking life..

    I hope they never put trophies on MGO…that would be so lame :(

  • Guess I’m going back to MGO.

  • you guys are really obsessed wih trophies eh? i dunno about this CQCex skill… if it auto counters any cqc attack… think maybe just auto counter from the front? cus auto cqc counter seems kinda unfair dont ya think? that alone kinda destroys TSNE mode for anyone who CQCs

  • this scene expansion looks terrific! if time and money are permitting ima get this fo sho!


  • Trophies please…, MGS4/MGO is a great game and it comes as a surprise that it hasn’t gotten a trophy patch by now.

  • No trophies. The in game achievements are enough.

  • Sounds good if you are into this but that’s a select few.
    Trophies would make everyone happy. :)

  • Once again, if you want my money, add in some trophies.

  • Brandon do you ever respond at all to any comments? You see Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, and many more Devs at least responding to some of their costumer comments but you don’t. I know some people just ask for trophies but others want to know when we will be able to pay using our PSN wallet wich I added money just to be able to purchase the SCENE exp. without any hassle yet it looks like it will be a hassle after all.. thanks.


  • THIS WILL NEVER ARRIVE TO PSN…because you don’t really download anything but only unlock the maps in Konami servers to use them….have any of you noticed that?

    SONY can’t allow that because DLC is always re-donwloadable fron PSN, SONY would get in legal troubles if they allowed Konami to sell via PSN something that doesn’t exist in your HDD…

    A real shame, I wish Konami made this available over the PSN, you would be making 10 times the money…keep selling it via your Konami store in Japan but for the rest of the world use the distribution channel we trust and are used to (PSN)

    This was a TURN OFF for 99% of my buddies at the online community site were I belong…we were looking forward to setup a Game Night and all the hurdles just killed the enthusiasm…

    MGS4 is still the best game in a long time, love it! But I wish you could have made easier to enjoy MGO.

    ps. Don’t care about trophies, MGS4 is too awesome to have trophies.

  • I would love! some trophies for Mgs4….

  • MGO really doesn’t need more people boosting and quitting. There’s enough of that as it is and this will only make the problem worse.
    Plus, I’d rather Konami focus on making something worthwhile, not burn time on some dull task-reward system that just seems to be a quick fix for games with ZERO replayability.

  • Sweet expansion i love Metal Gear, please support trophies!!! =)

  • i want trophies!

  • online trophies are stupid. I hate it when games require me to play online for a Platinum trophy.

    Make the online trophies Bonus trophies, and keep the campaign trophies required for the Platinum

  • I’m surprised these pictures are uploaded to flickr and not some other website where I have to put in three separate logins and my credit card to view them.

  • I had something I wanted to say but I forgot….

    I’ll get back to you if I remember.

  • I want trophies for the single play and not for MGO. also I don’t even remember my konami id.

  • PSN Integration?

    ahh **** it…

  • Needs psn integration. EA managed to integrate their accounts with the psn login. I don’t care if I’m playing on Konami’s servers or Sony’s servers, but I have enough accounts in general that I just gave up MGO rather than try to track down my konami id and then the game id in addition to it. First time, I’ve ever seen a game make people jump through so many hoops to access the multi-player.

  • well i wont get an answer but trophies?

  • @41 that s why i quit playing mgo after spending money on the first two expansions hell I actually bought the last one and havent even logged in since.

  • Trophies and PSN Sign-in please.

  • I love all the complaints here. Really. There are a ton. Unfortunately people will STILL buy this expansion and STILL sign in using the non-PSN system. So for those of us who know how to join a website and know how to shop on an online website, it’s not THAT big a deal. I’m looking forward to the release of SCENE. Can’t wait to see all of what’s in store.

  • Yes! But will it all be on the PlayStation Store or will just the SCENE will be on the PlayStation Store?

  • If you think all thats Sweet, then feat your eyes on this:

  • stupid konami id login. you’d figure they would do anything to receive money from customers, but nooo not them. got myself a credit card error and paypal error. and psn wallet not available. pathetic

  • This is the greatest game in my entire game collection and by far one of the greatest games of all time. I just want TROPHIES though dangit!!! The online expansions are great and all but I just want a trophy patch….

  • LOL!! U guys crack me up with the constant whining about trophies or PSN sign in comments. I mean is it really that hard to figured it out? I didn’t know reading was such a hard task to do these days.

    As for the counter CQC makes sense that it doesn’t automatically considering the CQC skill at level 3 with one button knocks the players gun out of there hands completely. So it would make sense for the Counter to do it automatically as well.

    Finally i kind enjoy Team Sneak. As for the glitches in the game. The only one that needs to be address now is the Dead Man glitch but its so easy to counter that. U guys seem to be getting things together. A bit late though but I will take it.

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