Qore Episode 10 Today – Featuring Burnout Paradise, Riddick and Alpha Protocol

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We’re in the middle of week five of the PlayStation Network’s “Spring Fever” celebration, so pack your bags because we’re going island hopping with Qore.

Burnout Paradise
One of our favorite racing games will soon receive an expansion pack known as Big Surf Island. Our UK correspondent, Katers, takes a ride with Criterion Games to the new area especially designed to let players to catch big air. She also takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of their expansive studio.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Five years ago, Starbreeze Studios created a great game from the Vin Diesel film. The Qore team travels to Sweden to report on the sequel’s development and find out if Starbreeze will strike gold once again.

Alpha Protocol
Is it an action/espionage adventure? Is it an RPG? It’s both! This ambitious title from Obsidian puts players into the role of an inexperienced but resourceful agent. We visit the development team for an early look at SEGA’s upcoming game.

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite LittleBigPlanet levels are created? Qore tracked down the man behind one of the most “hearted” levels – The Azure Palace – to learn how it was done. Plus a look at some of our other favorite user-created levels.

This month, new and existing Qore subscribers will also receive a voucher for High Velocity Bowling as our way of saying thanks for your support. The voucher will be sent to the email address associated with your PSN account starting within 7 days of Qore’s release. Finally, we’ve got an exclusive Resistance: Retribution theme for the PS3.

Look for Qore Episode 10 to arrive Today.

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2 Author Replies

  • Alpha Protocol eh? I’ve never heard of this one before.

  • Is there a reason we didn’t receive a free Qore code with our copies of PTOM this month?

  • Nothing terribly exciting this time around, but not not entirely terrible either. I wonder which people will be seeing their creations showcased? That’d be a pretty big honor.

    And could you let Veronica Belmont know that I think her new hairstyle is very cute.

    Happy Up-day.

  • Veronica Belmont = BABE ;P

  • Sweet! cant wait

  • AWESOME! Qore just keeps getting better and better :)

  • Qore has been alright. Not great, not terrible. It is stupid to have to go to your download history to get it each month.

    Most likely won’t get another sub to it unless it gets better:

    * Shows up as dummy icon in the XMB

    * Let’s you only download the segments you want to watch

    * Auto-download the latest episode if wanted

  • NICE! I almost bought HVB last week. Glad I didn’t!

  • oh, btw cant wait for Alpha Protocol! (if anyone gets gameinformer it was in issue 180.

  • Cool..more people to bowl with online!

  • Cannot wait for Surf Island!

  • HVL! I’m glad I never bought it. Nice episode

  • Thx, it seems this will be a great episode

  • Meh.. Not a big Qore fan.

    BTW, Portable IDs from eu.playstation.com are now working for everyone though..go check it out.

  • Cool but I am still waiting for my SOcom and Warhawk vouchers……….

  • nice, but i kinda already have this game.

    seems like the downloads are getting a little stale, but that’s because I own most of what’s being doled out. what are the odds of getting exclusive DLC for LBP or MotorStorm or SFIV or something? That’d be pretty cool.

  • when is this update going to take place ?! what time 12 ?

  • In the last QORE ep with the free PS1 game I never got my voucher code I e-mail sony and geuss what no reply? SO I pay 30$ to get nothing? If someone could please provide me with the correct e-mail address or what to do that would be helpfull

    • Most folks who have difficulty receiving vouchers usually have an invalid email address associated with their subscription or don\’t have Notification Preferences set to \”receive materials from SCEA\” under the Account Management section off the XMB.

      You can also message Consumer Services through this url:

  • I love Burnout and can’t wait to get some details on “The Island”! And we are getting ANOTHER free game with Qore. That makes 3 this year! (if you include Calling all Cars) That seals it, I’m renewing my subscription.

  • I’ve already purchased everything Qore has offered for free so far. It’s cool that you offer free stuff, but for me it’s just advertising.

  • I like the idea of a digital “magazine” such as Qore.

    Here are the reasons I have not subscribed…

    1. Can’t use television for reading Mag (wife & kids)

    2. When I get a chance to turn on PS3 – don’t want to spend time reading articles or watching videos about games I could be playing.

    If Qore was also viewable from a computer, I’d be more likely to subscribe. I used to read the Offical Playstation Magazine (OPM) U.S. Since that print mag was cancelled I don’t have any Playstation-specific magazines to read. I just visit the blog and read what other mags and sites about Sony products.

  • “Finally, we’ve got an exclusive Resistance: Retribution theme for the PS3.”

    That doesn’t seem… right. A PSP-game’s theme for the PS3 and not for the PSP.

    “This month, new and existing Qore subscribers will also receive a voucher for High Velocity Bowling as our way of saying thanks for your support.”

    I think that individuals who do subscribe to Qore either purchasing single episodes or annual subscribers (like myself) typically purchase more PSN releases than non-subscribers. This is yet another “free voucher” that I can’t really take advantage of because I purchased HVB on release.

    I don’t know – I don’t think this is the best way to reward your Qore subscribers. Maybe gifting PS1 games or something might be better?

    In any case, looking forward to the episode…

  • Nice thanks!

  • I’m an annual Qore subscriber & I would like to see an interview with Biart, a Russian game developer, that is developing a sci-fi tactical shooter game for the PSP named Underwater Wars. Here is the link to their official website: http://www.uwar-game.com/?pg=3

    This game will feature very cool underwater combat with futuristic high tech weapons.

  • @21 The Official PlayStation mag is back but under a different name its called PlayStation: The Official Magazine. http://www.futureus.com/products/index.php?magazine=playstation_mag

  • this is great news…

  • nice, another free game. my subscription is really starting to pay off. i think it has already paid for itself. free calling all cars, free syphon filter ps1 game, and now free HVB!! the only downside is now im going to be tempted to buy the add-ons for that game.

  • So does this mean we are getting the Riddick Demo today?

  • @22

    Fun fact…50% of PS3 owners also own a PSP.

  • I agree with depward about the free voucher stuff. I already have HVB and had Calling All Cars before you guys were giving away these free vouchers. Give more vouchers for some PS1 games, some newly released PSN games or some credit to the purchase some other content off the PS Store. I love QORE and enjoy all the extra content but getting free vouchers for games already purchased isn’t a benefit for me.

    But beside my rant, can’t wait to see more info on Big Surf for BP. Love that game.

  • ******************************************
    Are you guys EVER going to add some RPGs? Even PSone classics will do. Japan got Alundra, when will we be getting that one. Do you guys hear us at all?

  • Burnout hugh keeps making news and yet I still havent got it yet.. But any way I wounder will we ever get any more BETA codes for any upcoming Games. Miss those day’s

  • cool…high velocity bowling was something i was always curious about, but never really wanted to drop money for it…looks like I won’t have to =).

  • Thanks…

  • riddick looks pretty sick… i might just check this episode out!


  • COOL! I like Qore! I would be an annual subscriber if it weren’t for getting the episodes for free thanks to PSOM!

  • Ya I would be excited, but Qore really offers nothing IGN can’t give me for free already and more of said content as well. Qore leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth as I feel that I’m paying for limited amounts of information and bonus content normally found on game discs.

    I want producer, director, lead programmer, interviews. I want to see Veronica really get out there and into the thick of it. She doesn’t even have to be in the shot as far as I’m concerned.

    I suggest Sony go back to Underground Volume 1 Issue #2 and look at the Hironobu Sakaguchi interviews for FF7.


    I believe it rounded out the interview with Yoshinori Kitase the director of FF7 who is now Producer of FFXII.

    There was more content included on that single CD, than there is in 3 issues of qore.

  • Great news Kevin!

    I’m always excited for more Burnout video (still hunting the platinum trophy for that game, just a few to go). Whoever doesn’t own this game by now is really missing out.

    And giving away the bolwing game is just fantastic and appreciated! For all the complaining that went on about subscribing to Qore, I’m glad I signed up. It’s pretty much paid for itself in free games already.

    That said, a big thanks to Criterion & PSN/Qore for continuting to support the users that support them!

  • Can’t wait for the Burnout map and thanks for the HVB I’ve been thinking about getting this game.

  • Is the Burnout stuff going up this week for purchase in usPSN? Ive seen the 3xBoost car on JapanPSN and I think the Island, heard they are on Xlive too.
    So yea……I am still not going to get qore…..just thoght I would say that.

  • Cool to hear about the LBP feature, great idea ^^

    Hopefully the Sack-it-to-me of this week will contain more info of why the last month has been pretty much a dry streak of DLC…

  • Thanks for the update Kevin. I have one question: If we already own HVB, can we give out the voucher code to someone else or is the voucher tied to our PSN account?

  • @35

    Two new boost cars will be appearing in the store later today. The island has not been given a release date in NA yet.

  • Good to see you’re saying “Seven days after release” so people aren’t expecting the crapshoot that was the Syphonfilter voucher.

    Also, I’m guessing this is for annual subscribers instead of those that bought just the episode like Syphonfilter? Count me out if that’s the case.

  • Free game yahoooo
    This is exactly why I subscribed to Qore

    I love free stuff. I have a good suggestion for you guys: put some free stuff for HOME on Qore, t-shirts, furniture, anything.
    I know you will not give us a free game every time (it would be nice if you do :D ), so I think giving us some free goodies like HOME t-shirts won’t hurt.

  • @30

    come on guys : Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, Alundra, Parasite Eve, RESIDENT EVIL, etc etc etc etc etc

    you have a gold mine why not open it?

  • Nice to see a free game for Qore subscribers. I’d like to see more free games/items available for Qore yearly subscribers.

  • Love Qore, but wish we had a pick list of a few games instead of only one game that many may already have (HVB).

    Would be nice if you had maybe 3 games and we could pick the one we wanted out of that list.

    Anyone that doesn’t yet have HVB will find it’s a really good game at a fantastic low price.

  • I think Veronica Belmont of gorgeous! Yeah for more Burnout content!

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