Insomniac Games Named One of California’s Best Places to Work

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Hats off to Insomniac Games who was recently named one of “California’s Best Places to Work” in this year’s Employers Group survey. The only video-game studio to have made the list, Insomniac ranked as the fifth best place to work in California. The award represents the eighth “best workplace” honor the team has won since 2005.

2008 marked a momentous year for Resistance 2 and Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, as well as the opening of its new North Carolina studio.

Insomniac continues to grow at a steady pace and is currently seeking new employees in a variety of production-related positions. If you’re interested in joining the Insomniac team, check out Insomniac’s career page for current openings:

As part of its upcoming 15th anniversary celebration, Insomniac is treating its employees and their significant others to a fun-filled cruise to the Bahamas. For additional company perks, take a look at Insomniac’s 2008 recruitment video below.

Congrats Insomniac and enjoy the well-deserved trip!

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  • I would so love to work there. Too bad I have no development experience.

  • congrats

  • I have friends that sued EA after working their and u literally could not pay them to go back! you can tell a lot of love went into Resistance so i can imagine the place is filled with it…

  • So we already know there is a R&C for 2009 as per end of Booty…so what is this unannounced game?

  • Haha, awesome!
    Congratz guys.

  • I am wroking my way to become a game developer. So be prepared for Thrasher20 to apply for a job there!

    Oh and any announcements on R2 DLC? Insomniac FTW!

  • Wow, I want to work there.

  • I was going to say something about R2 being a huge letdown to me but i’ll just say congrats.

  • i hope they’re still hiring when i graduate with my game design bachelors : (

  • Great video guys! Man my job seems so boring right now…

  • needs moar ted price!

  • Hey–

    That video is awesome.


  • Great place to work that makes great games! Congrats guys and gals!

  • I would love to work at IG :)
    Congrats guys.

  • You guys are the best! Best franchises, great support and best employees ever! Great movie!
    Hopefully you guys will stay in Sony’s family =D
    And can’t wait to see your upcoming games!
    ROCK ON!!! =D

  • too bad I don’t know how to program, would so love to work there, have had that vid on my myspace forever

  • I saw that video. Isn’t that the same video that we all saw long time ago? Oh, and it’d be great to work at Insomniac you guys make the best games. I love Resistance 2 and think imo that with it’s story and unique weapons it’s better than KZ2 and yes I own both. I just like Resistance 2 better cause of it’s story. I am currently trying to get into the game programming biz. Any suggestions? I am going to go to school for all this and hope that maybe one day I’ll work there :)

  • Congratulations guys!!!

  • Awesome job for these guys. I’ve met a few of them, and each and everyone is not only passionate about their jobs, but just videogames in general.

    Here’s to you, Insomniac, hopefully you guy’s continue to grow and never lose your direction. Congrats!

  • It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: you guys rock and we’re all proud of you. Are you just going to hang this one on the wall alongside the others, or is the wall getting so crowded that you’ll need to start turning down awards that aren’t prestigious enough? :P

  • Greatest Recruitment Video in the history of Forever!!

  • congratulations guys!!!!!!!

  • hey insomniac games, any word on another Spyro PS1 game coming to the PS STORE soon?

  • @ 17 totally agree with you Resistance 2 is better than Killzone 2…anyhow congrats you guys rock!

  • ITBC: Resistance 2 viral marketers.

    I’ll agree that it controls better than Killzone 2 can hope to, but better multiplayer? LOL WHAT?

  • Are relocating expenses included? Or is there a Seattle office? ;-)

  • Congrats!!!! Can’t wait for ur next R & C game :)

  • @24 everyone their own taste, i prefer killzone 2, im not saying resistance 2 was bad but it felt too much different from the first one which i really love, it lost in a way his identity, only thing i liked in r2 was the coop mode

    On topic, congrats! wish you more nice projects and bring us more more new IPs on PS3 !!! :)

  • Congrats!

    Anytime you guys need a release manager, configuration manager, waffle maker, just let me know!

  • Kudos Insomniac; I was at the launch in SF for Resistance 2 and was amazed how casual and non-fried the folks seemed there despite being at the end of a grinding dev cycle. I guess this helps explain why. The cruise is an awesome perk, and I wish everyone there a great trip, followed by getting back and getting me some closure on Ratchet and Clank :)

    Thanks for the many, many, many hours of good times, guys, and here’s to many more to come.

  • Insomniac is so awesome. Every game they put out is pure genius.

  • I would love to get paid to test their games. Hats off to a great developer!

  • Loved R&C and resistance 1 and 2

    @ 17 & 24 I loved resistance 2 and the story but lets not get carried away now,Every time Ive beaten it it feel fresh and is been 5 times while resistance 2 after 1 time I was done.anyways great game and keep up the good work.

  • love the video good work

  • In other news, Insomniac Named One of California’s Six Remaining Places to Work.

  • i read the post, and only have this to say.

    I’ll be the judge of that, now give me a job. >=D btw congrats, so do i have the job or what?

  • I hope for Resistance3 Campaign, you guys go with your own designs (like in Res1), instead of trying to copy the popular things and mess up the campaign (like you did in Res2).

    Anyway, very awesome recruitment vid and congrats on the award again!

  • That Pinballz music video was epically amazing.

    ALL HAIL INSOMNIAC! Well, not really but, congratulations! Here’s to another 15 years of awesome PlayStation games!!!

  • Congrats, you guys should really allow Sony to buy Insomniac and become 1st party.

    And sorry to rain on people’s parade but Resistance 2 is not even close to as good as Killzone 2.

  • Might want to take a few days off to learn singing as well guys :)

    just joking, keep up the good work. dr. nefarious in nxt ratchet and clank. omg epic win.

  • lol awesome video. hopefully there’ll be room when i become a game designer/programmer/etc. im not really sure yet. just something with making video games.

  • Don’t let this years award go to your heads.
    Your only as good as your last game and your last game wasn’t all that good.

  • Am I alone in thinking that Resistance 3 on the Killzone 2 engine would be awesome?

  • Congratulations Insomniac!

    Always seems like a good to place to work.

  • @ norm01 (43)

    Yes… is what I’d like to say just to single you out, but that would be pretty awesome, except we may be waiting several years for it then.

  • like said before…everyone has their own taste….I personally am still hooked in r2 even though i got it at launch lol kz2 is great nut it just lacks that feel, atleastt to me it does, off topic…sony…we need another heavenly sword…try to get ninja theory if possible and if no then forget about it, but if it gets done then get the same voice actors

  • Awesome guys! Looks like a blast working at Insomniac! Need any web devs? I’m certified baby! lol

  • i love the video… it makes me want to become a game designer just to come there. oh ya and i love insomnniaC

  • lol that was damn awesome…. really wants me to work with you guys… maybe one day when i get some skillz

  • Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store next.

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