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Waking up this morning is going to be rough. But once we get rolling, here’s what we’re working on for this week:

And speaking of Watchmen, that’s our topic for Question of the Week:

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See you again soon!

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  • Good week for PlayStation

  • what happened to the Motorstorm: Pacific rift article that was supposed to land last week. I was waiting for it all week and it never appeared???

    • You\’re right – the announcement is still forthcoming. Looks like I got my date wrong – should be this week.

  • Socom update is out but the LAG is still there. Been trying to join a room for the last hOur now.

  • Good morning Jeff,
    “this one will have a comic book theme”
    DC Universe chat maybe? would be nice to hear more from them on it.

    Also, would love to hear some more plans with trophy integration (saw there are some official PSN trophy cards from SCEE coming out). Maybe we can hear more news about those features (and the rumored FW 2.7) over the next month or so.

  • Good morning guys,

    Great week for PS Blog. Wish me luck on my anthropology test today ;)

  • The Watchman game really needed another half years worth of development time. I downloaded the demo and it has a lot of potential. However, the team making it really needed more time to flesh the game out a little.

    What bothered me were the environments. They were very empty and graphics needed a little tightening up.

    Such a shame really. Going to see the film this weekend coming and looking forward to it :D

  • I’d really like to hear some more about Fat Princess sometime. Any idea when we might get some info on that one?

  • I second that Tiller_jnr, what’s what I was waiting for as well!

  • Rag Doll Kung-Fu is such a fun Steam game. I just hope it’s not a port from the PC version as some of us would have already beaten that game.

  • No post about upcoming Valkyria Chronicles DLC this week? Sounds like it’ll be out soon based on twitter.

    I was initially hoping trophies would be out for it, but the DLC is good too I suppose. :-)

  • Jeff could you give us a reason as to why the motorstorm article was not posted???

  • Looks like a good week, and that Spring fever release could be Fat Princess?

    anyway i know this isn’t the place but, any chances to add the option to delete games from our trophy list? i tried PJ monsters and i don´t think i’ll be finish it, just didn’t like it. and i don’t wanna have that 0 % on my trophy list.

    @5 good luck bro.

  • I heard Firmware 2.70 will be released sometime this month! Lets hope so :D

  • I kan haz Cross game chat nao? K thx bai ^_^


  • – reply to SOOPERGOOMAN187

    I was waiting all week as well. I haven’t picked up the game because of the flood of games from the holiday and wouldn’t mind some motivation to pick it up

  • Both of Course…saw the film in Imax…awesome movie, but I could have done without the large blue nudity.

  • I’ve gotta go to the cinema to watch Watchmen. Still haven’t!

    And I really hope I’m one of those random people! Wish me luck.

  • “this one will have a comic book theme”

    I’m calling inFamous! Those guys love to talk about how they are going for a comic book feel.

  • i dont even know what a watchman is..i do however know what a motorstorm pacific rift is…

  • I just want the update from SEGA on the Valkyria Chronicles DLC. They started teasing it on their Twitter (or one for VC, rather) last week and I need more info! :)

    • I\’ve noticed that as well. If they want to spill the beans here, they\’re welcome to do so.

  • @11:
    “i tried PJ monsters and i don´t think i’ll be finish it, just didn’t like it.”

    I spent the most time on this title…countless hours… Best PSN investment. Give it another try :-)

  • awful week ahead. Why another chat with Watchmen devs? Also when is the firmware?

    • Sounds like someone\’s got a case of the Mondays. Shouldn\’t you be happy you\’re holding on to Beckham for the rest of the Serie A season??

  • Thanks for posting what is coming up this week. I think this should be a weekly post to give the readers an idea of what to expect.

  • Well, I’ve seen the movie twice, and beaten the game with Rorschach and am working on doing it with Nite-Owl as well (although he’s less fun to play as because he isn’t as brutal).

    Can’t wait until Wednesday’s live chat with whoever it is . . . those things are fun!

    How about you, Jeff? What did you think of the movie?

    • Haven\’t seen it yet – my friend who I was going to see it with couldn\’t wait, and caught the Friday morning showing. Probably this week though.

  • The movie was great but I think the game is overpriced. I’ll be waiting for a price drop before I purchase it.

  • Waiting for PSP Trophies … ^^

  • I’m with ya Ketchup. ;)

  • The teasers are good and all, but you guys forgot some stuff last week, you were supposed to talk about motorstorm, and didn’t. And you were going to draw the names friday, and wasn’t the facebook thing for one of those replica guns?

    • The Facebook thing was for Strategy Guides – and those are going out today! The winners will be contacted via FB.

  • I found out yesterday that my local Gamestop is having a Resident Evil 5 Midnight Launch. I’m so stoked! I’ll be showing up a few hours early so I’m first in line (as I did with GTA4) and bringing along my PSP and Phantasy Star Portable. I could wait for days… :)

  • I’d like to see “This week on PlayStation 3” just to keep the fans from going crazy about the rumored firmware update(s).

    • This is why rumors suck. Don\’t believe *anything* firmware-related until you read it here. Seriously.

  • Watchmen was a great film. Looking forward to the 3 hour Blu-ray version.

  • I downloaded the game, and am enjoying it but its way too expensive for what it is.

  • I have barely even payed attention to this whole Watchmen thing. The commercials for the movie look pretty cool, but I don’t frequent movie theaters. Hell, I don’t even ‘rare’ them, if you get my drift.

    Looking like a pretty like week at the blog, but Killzone 2 is keeping me plenty busy. I think I actually missed some articles last week because I was focusing on smoking 1000 Helghast.

  • watchman was awesome for the 2 and half hours i was there lol. rhorshack is the man

  • “This is why rumors suck. Don’t believe *anything* firmware-related until you read it here. Seriously.”

    Every time there is “firmware” in an news, everyone gets excited … But it can be understanble :)

    Let’s hope we’ll have a Eric Lempel post this week ^^

    (and sorry for my poor english … i’m french :) )

  • This is normally the type of movie I like to go see with my dad. Unfortunately Im not sure how comfortable I would be sharing the experience of glowing blue, radioactive junk with my father.

  • I’m not much of a movie theater guy, I hate sticky floors, people who talk during movies, and who crunch their food loud. With that said i’ll wait for watchmen to hit netflix.

    I really hope the PSP gets some much needed PSN support like a friends list, trophies, and something firmware related like a screen shot capture feature available when ever we wanted to use it. I know it’s possible since those who chose to go down the dark path can do it. My little angel of a PSP is anxiously waiting for the official version to come out if it ever does.

  • What time do you have to get up Jeff.

  • Personally I really don’t get all this watchmen stuff, just another failed attempt at re-creating a comic book. It seems all the movie industry can do these days is re-create a old movie, adapt a book, adapt a video game, or adapt a comic book series. They have gotten seriously desperate and the over all quality of movies have dropped dramatically. Though I suppose its been like this for some time now :/

    Just hope they don’t adapt the book Enders Game or The Giver to a movie like they said they might. Every time they adapt a book it always ends up TERRIBLE (I.E. 1984).

  • I wish the coming comic-book related chat is about Batman: Arkham Asylum!!!!!

    But I guess it’s going to be the new Punisher game! I bet that’s the “secret spring fever release” of this week. It looks nice but I purchased Warhawk with the offer that expires this thursday and ran out of videogame money :$

  • honestly watchmen sucked so bad i wanted my money back…. teach these people a lesson and do not go see this film! our hard earned money deserves better than this crap.. even hellboy2 was better…

  • Sounds like a great lineup for the week! Can’t wait for Thursday as usual, but I’ve got Japanese Lit and History exams Monday and Wednesday.

    Can’t wait! Great job on the blog.

  • On Killzone 2, I got my Valor Grand Cross trophy last night! Man it feels so good. Now I can actually focus on the offline campaign.

    Anyone who is trophy hunting on KZ2, you should check out the Brady Games Video Guide on PSN. Great tutorials on how to get some of those trophies.

  • Watchmen was a pure popcorn film. it was hollywoods take on the best graphic novel of history and did what it could to be great. i praise Snyder for his adaptation and am perfectly fine with what he accomplished. its impossible to recreate the universe of Watchmen into film because it wont ever capture what the novel did. theres nothing quite like reading and visualizing it on paper compared to a movie with moving pictures. the film was fun and i suggest it to other Watchmen fans who are on the fence about seeing it. you’ll feel let down walking up but as soon as you’re out of the theater, you get the feeling like you want more. thats all i want.


  • “Jeff Rubenstein replied on March 9, 2009 at 9:02 am
    This is why rumors suck. Don’t believe *anything* firmware-related until you read it here. Seriously.”

    That makes me soooo sad :( I was really looking forward to the list of updates going around. /runs off crying

  • Jeff whats the deal with the U.S. version of the Unreal Tournament 3 patch?? It got released in Europe last week and has been stuck in certification by SCEA since! Killzone 2 and LBP get their patches pushed through lightning quick it seems..whats the hold up with UT3? We are dying for trophies and split screen!

    Also you guys should really advertise this! Trophies can bring alot of people back to this great game!

  • Why my PS Blog account (Sephiroth) hasn’t merged with my PSN account (Santhiel) ?

    Also, we want more updates about the Latin American expansion! I can help if you want, I’m a programmer living in Costa Rica and I’ll gladly help!!! ;)

    Also, please more PS1 RPGs on da PS Store, any news about when White Knight Chronicles is arriving America?? I want that game really bad :D

  • i haven’t seen it yet. I want to, but just haven’t found the time. My brother said he enjoyed it, and he’s willing to watch it again if I end up going. Heard mixed reviews; mostly about blue junk plastered all over the screen (the commercials, I guess, are very misleading).

    I loved the Watchmen Demo tho. Rorschach is much more fun than Night Owl, IMO. I’m just waiting on Bomberman though. Got 20 bucks in my PSN Wallet to burn!

    And thanks for the clarification, Jeff, about firmware rumors. Like you said, I’ll only believe it when it’s from Sony ^_^.

  • Last week, you said, and I quote:

    “If you haven’t been playing MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, now’s a good time to start. Find out why.”

    But there was NO post about MS:PR at all :(

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