The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Q&A with Eric Boltjes – Senior online game designer Eric Boltjes responds to feedback and questions from the fans.
  • Killzone 2 Launch Recap – Killzone 2 is out in stores, and that can only mean one thing: it’s launch-party time!
  • Update v1.20 Fix List – Check out what’s been changed in game update version 1.20 in the Killzone 2 FAQ section.

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    Voice Messaging

  • Jeff where is the motorstorm pacific rift surprise ??

  • Any word on Video Store for Canada?

  • The Helghast have taken over :(


  • yeah wasn’t there supposed to be a motorstorm article?

  • Yeah there was supposed to be hopefully some dlc, very soon because ive just started playing MS:PR again

  • still pluggin away at KZ2 campaign mode. lovin every second. this game screams attention to detail. its near flawless!


  • @jakinov

    Go back to your POS RRoD box and stop trolling this site.

    No one gives a damn about some stupid little Xbox online feature.

    OMG!!! You can be playing one game and invite someone playing another game!!! How can we live without that???

    What a joke.

  • Im with no.2… WHERE WAS THE SURPRISE!!!.. mabee it comes sunday ?

  • Yay for SCENE. And no I won’t be picking up KZ2. Not my thing. Tsk tsk all you want!

  • 1 word Chris or Jeff: Firmware 2.70

  • Now that I’m used to KZ2’s controls I couldn’t imagine them any other way. Loving every second of the game, thanks GG!

    I heard a rumor that firmware 2.70 might have a PS2 emulator. Please let it be so!

  • Socom patch great, maybe /6 will save some fans like me alot of duress also what content is going to be released for Socom? Which iteration of the game will maps be ported from?

  • Where is the MOTORSTORM: PACIFIC RIFT surprise?

  • can you guys talk more about the new SCEE portable IDs that Playfire just announced in conjunction with them? their new portable IDs look pretty cool and informative by the looks of the picture BTW.

  • @KivrinL
    Even Steam has those features :). Just because you never experienced the useful ness of the features doesn’t mean they are stupid.
    Cross game inviting makes it so much easier for third party games to play with friends. On Live or steam you can automatically launch your self into anyone’s game. A better thing to call it is Universal XMB Inviting.
    Voice Messaging is so much easier than text messaging. It’s faster, easier and less time consuming.
    What I mean by parties is that chat room thing we have now that doesn’t work in-game. It makes it much easier to play games with friends when you can always be talking to them about what you want to play and how to get into games, whos hosting for some games etc.

    A LOT of people say Live is much easier to use to play with friends than PSN and it’s because of these features. You just say differently because you’re bias. I know that because of your first comment. I can show you plenty of people who say how much more efficient Live is than PSN. Patcher for example a big video game analyst said Live is far ahead of PSN. PSN is still working it’s way up getting the same features when Live is working on getting new features.

  • when do we hear the results about the facebook kz2 picture concest? I thought we were going to hear the results yesterday. well hopefully we’ll hear about it soon! i’m crossing my fingers! :D

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 trophies :)

  • I agree with 19. ALso where’s the Canadian Video Store.

  • Everyone in th US, don’t forget to move your clock 1 hour ahead tomorrow on daylight savings time.

    Darn it! One hour of sleep and Killzone time lost!

  • Still loving Killzone 2!!
    My clan is in a full swing wining 2 in a row!(our first 2 matches) although they did it with out me lol :D

  • I can’t believe how fast the Killzone patch came out so soon, it’s got to be some sort of record. My only complaint about Killzone is how fast I ranked all the way to General, I wish there has been more ranks. Other than that it’s the best fps i’ve ever played.

  • why dosent sony get off their lazy asses and get out to canada and help fix socom.

  • So….

    where is our promised Motorstorm 2 announcement, when this week is over by now? Will it come tomorrow?

  • a bit off topic but I hears that official SONY trophy cards are being released. Is this only for Europe??

  • there is a problem in killzone2 online that i noticed. people die a second late sometimes and it results in some cheap revenge which isn’t fare. Great game but that problem is getting on my nerves. And please please please someone get a free for all in killzone2. teamworks great and all but sometimes i just want a regular old death match.

  • Thanks for the links

  • i heard a rumor that 2.70 PSN update will have time traveling software and the ability to resurrect the dead. please make it real sony!

  • Hey guys I’m from Europe:

    Did SOCOM stop being a pile of broken P.O.S yet?
    I’m thinking about it VERY little about getting it but then I read in these fixes they have to fix stupid crap like “You can now detonate when prone” and it shows me this game was developed by cows or really lazy people (no offence to developers but it’s offensive to release such a broken game, you are robbing people off their money).

    So what I’m asking is, is it playable and FUN yet to have as another title on the PS3 to accompany Warhawk and KZ2 or is it not worth the time and the money?

  • Hey, Jeff. Any comments on the 2.70 rumors?

  • @ 17 i agree with 9 now useless is a little strong word but i just dont see sony doing it because 1 a lot of ps3 owner are not wanting these features and 2 allowing the features in will say to the video game world that sony couldn’t beat MS they had to copy them . am not for or against these features but after two year of people comment on the subject no one from sony have comment on it because its a dead subject to them . so can we stop with the fake story and rumors please its not coming on any updates to our ps3 sorry if that upset you.

  • Well Eric Lempel did say it was coming… later on but what he said it wasn’t important but it will be coming but not on the next firmware update.

    Google: bonus round eric lempel

  • Hey guys. I just wanted to know if the Killzone website is down now or somthing? I cant get on the site if my life depended on it. And K6U1R5D i agree with you. Killzone needs to fix that .5 sec lag time on multi-player when enemies get killed. It does allow for a cheap shot. Not cool. Other then that Killzone is the best FPS in the nation.

  • somethingatt , your missing a good fun game in your collection

  • @ 33 untill someone from sony say its going to happen then its a fake story rumor .

  • @jakinov:
    In-game chat is like Slant 6 fixing Socom. Now shut up and go buy a PS2 if you want to play Socom…LOL

    @xbox sales staff:
    Telling people to go buy an xbox is a sad comeback guys. They don’t need the advertising. Sony does.

    Rumors are great. They might not be true, but it draws interest to the system. It’s great to be let down by Sony…”sigh”.

  • FIX the sluggish controls in killzone, please.

  • I just bought killzone 2 today… I found a store that was selling the game for 60€ resistance 2 will have to wait untill it’s ridiculous price drops quite a bit :B

    anyway cheers.

  • hmmm i didn’t want to sound like i hate the game i love it just the .5 second lag really bothers me. and i would like a free for all but i guess my voice alone won’t change anything. Where is a killzone blog spot where i can complain lol plz plz plz respond.

  • Been playing Killzone 2 for 47 Hours so far lol.
    Its far more addicting online than I first expected. Its the only game I play online right now (used to play L4D all the time, but this takes the cake when playing Cooperatively with friends).

    Until Resident Evil 5 tho, after that, I’ll be back for more Killzownage. Just need some Resident Evil Trophies :]

  • yeah killzone online is addicting but i want to see how resident evil 5 handles on co-op. i played the demo but wanted to se how it is on the orignal game.

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