Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Release Date and Details

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Hello all – We’re happy to announce the official release date and more details about the SCENE Expansion pack for Metal Gear Online. SCENE will be available separately for $9.99 and offered as a bundle with the second MGO Expansion pack, MEME, for $14.99 as well as all three expansion packs – GENE, MEME, and SCENE, for just $17.99 on March 17, 2009 via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. All will be available for purchase using the PlayStation Network Wallet (as well as PayPal, in addition to the previous payment methods). The pre-order period for SCENE starts on March 10, 2009, and will run up until release date. And remember, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive the special “cardboard man” head gear for free!

I know many of you are curious to know each of the new special character’s (Raiden and Vamp) weapons and abilities, as both characters display incredible talents in the Metal Gear Solid 4 single player campaign. You’ll be happy to know that many of their same abilities will be available in Metal Gear Online.

Raiden is quite agile, can run very fast and uses a High Frequency Blade. Much like in the single player campaign, he is best at close-range hand-to-hand combat. He will be able to jump to high places where ordinary soldiers would need a co-op boost, and can also fall from high places and land without taking damage. Naturally, he can use his High Frequency Blade, which can be used to deflect frontal attacks when drawn, in addition to attacks. He can also choose to use it in a non-lethal mode, by using the back of the blade. He also will have Throwing Knives available, and can headshot other players by using them. He also has a special VISOR that, when in the closed position, will be able to detect traps. As he does not have nano-machines implanted into his body, he will be unable to use the SOP Link, SOP Destabilizer and the SOP system information gathering skills such as scanning, etc. All SOP related abilities and affects are therefore nullified when using this character.

MGO SCENE pack raiden jump MGO SCENE pack raiden sword

Vamp, master of knives, is agile, runs incredibly fast and excels at close-range hand-to-hand combat, especially when using his Combat Knife and Throwing Knife, which he can use to headshot other players, like Raiden. He will be able to jump to hard-to-reach places, fall from high places without taking damage – but will be able to utilize the SOP system and fall victim to it, unlike Raiden. His unique nano-machines will also make him seem immortal, every time he is defeated during the game, he will be resurrected in the same location.

MGO SCENE pack throwing knife MGO SCENE pack vamp jump

There will also be a new game type opened to all MGO players: Solo Capture (SCAP). SCAP is a FREE-FOR-ALL Match with no team divisions. Capturing the Kerotan frog will make that player’s timer begin to decrease. The player who can keep possession of the Kerotan frog the longest, and allows their timer to reach zero first, will be the winner. If a player who isn’t holding the Kerotan is killed, no points will be awarded, but that player’s timer will be reduced.


Also included in SCENE is a great deal of new gear that you can use to customize your character, including the Bikini Outfit, Clown Face Paint, Haven Trooper Uniform Set, Resistance Uniform Set, Hockey Mask, Mohawk Wig, Short Cut Wig, Shirtless, and Robbie (Silent Hill character).

MGO SCENE pack bikini MGO SCENE pack clown MGO SCENE pack haven

MGO SCENE pack Resistance MGO SCENE pack mohawk MGO SCENE pack ROBBIE

There’s still a lot more cool stuff in SCENE yet to be revealed, stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more updates in the coming weeks!

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  • I think it’s fair to say Kojima-san and fellow staff at Konami are FULLY aware that we all want PSN ID access for MGO and Trophies for MGS4 and it’s online counterpart.

    Let’s give them some time. I have a feeling something will be announced prior to the Greatest Hits edition of the game hits in a couple months.

  • Awesome expansion, Trophies please!!!!!!!!!

  • The ID system is bad, VERY bad! Merge the game so we can use our PSN login. patch MGS4 and MGO for trophies and move the games onto Sony servers so it will stop the lag. Then you will have a game a lot of people will come back to play, thus earning you more money

  • Good to hear all packs are coming to PSn as they should’ve from the start.

    All is left now are TROPHIES.

  • People are complaining about the Konami ID thing because it forces this game to avoid using the PSN. Thanks to this, there is unfixable lag and unhosted games (where peers have to host every single match). Konami probably did this to save $1 per player but it’s not worth it.

    It’s a shame this game never got as big as it should have thanks to Konami’s extremely poor choice for networking functions. With PSN integration, you wouldn’t need a goofy p2p system for updates, you wouldn’t need 8 different logins, you wouldn’t need peer-hosted lagfest matches, and you wouldn’t need an internal messaging system and a COMPLETELY SEPARATE FRIENDS LIST…

    Too bad Konami. Thanks to you counting pennies, you’re not counting me as an MGO player. This game is unfixable. I really want to play too considering how bad SOCOM is.

  • Only 1 thing is needed to make me play this game… TROPHIES.

    I think you guys at least owe it to the paying customers to at least say if you are not going to incorporate them so we can lay it to rest.

    I honestly don’t know why you guys are keeping this such a big secret.

  • I need to get MEME and SCENE.

  • Sounds like a great deal.

    Now throw TROPHIES into the mix and I will definitely buy it.

    Otherwise, i’ll pass.

    I think you are severely underestimating the impact of trophies Konami.

  • Nice addition to an awesome game, but I’ll have to pass for now, at least until the game gets trophies added on. Trophies please! Thanks Konami.


  • MGS4 is my favorite game of all time and has one of my favorite multiplayers.

    But please you guys gotta drop this konami id stuff and just use psn so its easier for everyone, especially the newcomers.

    Cant wait for this expansion!!!

    P.S. WE NEED TROPHIES and MGS5 exclusive to PS3 PLEASE!!!!!

  • I am incredibly excited for this expansion and the fact that I play as Raiden. I wish they would make a Raiden game in the future too. (with trophies lol)

  • Sorry to say this…TROPHIES PLEASE :)

    Amazing game guys, keep up the good work :)

  • its amazing after 61 post no one there have not example why this game doesn’t have trophy support . the ID crap i can deal with but no trophies i cant , its a no for me on rebuying the game and buying DLC for the game so keep being pig headed guys you just lost my money .

  • i have been a metal gear fan since i was a small boy but even i hate the konami id system i mean i know it’s not hard it’s just a hassle and abit of a timewaster.


  • they really should try listening to thier fans. i love mgs wish i had more, but i won’t play the online game cause of the konami id and i wish there were trophies.

  • Brandon, I just want to point out, amidst all this flak, the game is amazing, and likely my favorite onliner -a successful cqc scan in tsne is the greatest feeling in all my gaming experience. If we (the posters) didn’t agree, there would be no posts.
    This game is like Springsteen without a guitar -Amazing stuff but a greatly hampered experience for anyone in attendance.

    You can do this mate, and the rewards when you flip that switch to the PSN will be immediate. In a split second, the voices of the internets will join and scream (in perfect unison) WHEEEEE!…or !

  • Great addition to use the PSN wallet, but still you should use the PS Store also (like RB that has the ingame store and also the content is on the PS Store). Leave the Konami ID out of this please

  • Why the hell should Metal Gear Online have trophies?

    There’s nothing to do in order to get them.

    Besides they made the game already.

    To me, adding trophies is a big waste of time.


  • getting rid of the konami ID would be a huge plus. i want that more than trophies. its such an inconvenience.

  • I didn’t like the online much… is there any chance we can play as these characters in single player? I’d buy it in a heartbeat if so…

  • Ive been waiting for this… an all in 1 package. Gonna buy day 1… playing as Raiden will be amazing!!

    Also, I circulate around a lot of message boards and there are a lot of people that haven’t bought the game that are waiting for a trophy patch to tip them over the scale. As insane as it sounds, there are A LOT of people out there who recently got a PS3 in the past 3 months that wont buy any game without trophy support.

  • Get rid of the Konami ID, move the game to PSN servers, move the expansions and updates to the PSN Store. Nothing that post tells me that it’ll appear on PSN, just that we can use our PSN wallet or Paypal through the Konami store.

  • I must agree that TROPHIES would be quite wise to add.

  • Trophies. YES!

  • @ 70 here a reason because the majority of there customers wants trophies in the game so they should listen to them or sit with them that why . money talk everything you said walk.

  • Yes, please for the trophies.

  • trophy plz

  • In case your not sure, YES we want Trophies, please and thank you.

  • If the Trophies are added and the online is merged with the PSN and PS Store, then I will start playing this again and most likely pick up all the expansion packs.

    Until then….it’s all about Killzone 2 for me :)

  • CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?? okay so i dont really play online like that, but this pack is making me wanna jump back on. BUT i dont get it, with RAIDEN and VAMP, can we play as them??? or how are they used????

  • Oh man all three for 18$? Damn, me want. Shame it’s not using PSN ID cause it’s such a big hazzle to log into MGO. It feels kinda like Home in that sense. Gotta go through too many screens just to play. That said MGO is my favorite online multiplayer atm (believe it).

    But man, that Konami ID is killing me. I don’t even remember my account.

  • Hi Brandon, I have given some feedback last week as well. I will have to post this as two comments, because the blog won’t let it be over 1250 characters.

    It seems this expansion will give players some new ways to enjoy MGO, with Raiden and Vamp having such distinct gameplay. I have not bought any expansions yet due to a lack of time to even join a clan, much less to discover and memorize new maps. By summer I’ll try them all out. It’t would be even better if you had trophies by then.

    I read your last comments here on the blog, and if you’re really considering trophies (if you are, thousands of gamers would be happy), would you please have MGS4 and MGO as separate entries on our trophy lists? They’re essentially separate games, and MGO has been getting expansions of its own, so I’m sure Sony would let you guys do something along these lines [I hear MGO is sold as a separate game in Japan, so my hopes are up for two platinum trophies :)].

    Speaking of PSN integration, expansions on the PS Store would be a good idea, and I’m sure you guys know it. I have NO problems with the Konami ID login, because I have my account set to auto login, therefore the login system is not painful at all.

  • I understand why gamers would prefer to use their PSN accounts, so I don’t blame them.

    If you do PSN integration, good luck and I hope the process works well for both existing players and newcomers.

    I must also say I appreciate the way you keep releasing new songs, camo and podcasts for MGS4 every week. Once you’re done with the “secrets podcast”, I’ll do a new MGS4 run to look for all the stuff you guys talk about. Once again, if by then you have trophies, wonderful!

    This is getting long, I hope you appreciate my feedback and it would be great if you could acknowledge it. If not possible, a general post/comment like you did in the last two weeks will do just fine.

    Thanks for bringing us the game I play the most on my PS3.

    ~Andrefpvs (Level 12 @ MGO)

  • Thanks for continuing to ignore your audience! we want trophies and most importantly get rid of the stupid Konami ID! MAKES NO SENSE to have 3 different IDs for a single game! o! and did I forget to mention that we want TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES!

  • Looks like a great update.

    I played the single player of MGS4 and enjoyed it thoroughly. But I never got into the online aspect. I’m not a fan of that Konami ID. We have the PSN infrastructure can you pleas use it? And also, as others have said please bring full support of trophies. That would be a nice touch.

  • Looking back at it it was somewhat of a big post, I hope you have the stamina to read it :P

  • AWESOME I’m Buying This ASAP!

    I would like to have TROPHIES!

  • for $10 bucks awesome new characters sound balanced the new gear should be fun. And Konami has enabled the playstation network wallet for purchase of MGO expansions which should help players access them easier without having to go through credit card verification hopefully bringing more players back to MGO that will make use of the expansions better. BTW give us our dang TROPHY PATCH for MGS4 already……….PLEASE :)

  • Unreal also will have trophies from what I’m hearing….MGS definitely needs trophies. BTW, the packs look awesome.

  • Konami id is garbage. One of the reasons I didn’t do MGO.

    I’ll pass.

  • yea we need some dang trophies…just sayin

  • Bring in Trophies & take away your Konami-ID then I will definitely buy this! (Your Konami-ID is the only thing keeping me away from playing MGO.) :(

  • I’m liking the MGO expansions, but Konami/Kojima Productions…..


    Those who oppose the trophy patch, why do you care anyways? It never hurts to have trophies. It’s a big plus!

  • First off, this is a great online shooter. I am clad I waited on the expansion packs becasue $17 is a lot better than $10 a pack. Also this game should have been the pioneer of trophies, but instead us fans are left hanging while little $10 games on the PSN have updated with trophy support. Sony has already stated that adding trophies to past titles is not hard. Trophies need to be added to the main game and to each expansion pack. Thank you.

  • I agree that trophies would be cool…but damn people are so picky. The konami ID really is something that stops you from playing MGO…why? It’s really not that complicated at all and the auto login from the main game helps you not to have to input your info all the time. Sure doesn’t stop me from playing. Yeesh…it’s so easy to complain…

    this expansion looks awesome…they’re actually providing you with new stuff every once in awhile…and the first thing people mouth off is…boo hoo..konami id this…konami id that….

    but for real…trophies would be cool =)

  • @ DrDre74

    I will remember you, once MGS4 releases a trophy patch, I will laugh

  • Yes we need trophies. Thats what people really want. The expansions seem really good but no buy for me until we get TROPHIES!!!!

  • CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?? okay so i dont really play online like that, but this pack is making me wanna jump back on. BUT i dont get it, with RAIDEN and VAMP, can we play as them??? or how are they used???? im confosed

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