Watchmen Live Q&A with Warner Bros. Interactive

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Here we are on another live chat Wednesday – today it’s all about Watchmen. Alongside the movie releasing this Friday, Watchmen: The End is Nigh hits PSN tomorrow (headlining this week’s Spring Fever section of the PlayStation Store). Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment associate producer Jerry Pritchard is on-board for a one-hour live chat to answer all your Watchmen game questions, so be here when we start at 11am PST.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who jumped on and participated. Hope you got some good info about the game from Jerry. See you next time!

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  • lets get this rolling

  • Can’t wait for the movie! I’ll be at drill all weekend though. Hopefully there will be a midnight show on thursday.

  • Thanks to WB Interactive for taking time out of their schedule to do this. Kudos!

  • Thank you Chris and developers of Watchmen! Too bad I have to go to anthropology class!!!!! ARGH! ;) I will read after I go home

  • Ready when you guys are! I love these Q&A sessions!

  • *laughs* I just saw on kotaku that they think this chat is tomorrow. I threw a correction at them, but I don’t know if they’ll see it.

  • Question: Why is this game so expensive?
    Answer: I’m not buying it.

  • OK ready to go!

  • BTW, people, the demo of this game is on the EU PSN right now.

  • ha, Jerry recommended waiting to play the game until after you see the movie. So… don’t buy it this week? :O

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Ah, I’m way too late to get caught up now. Thanks for taking this time for the interview.

  • Sorry but what is there to know?

    I’ll pass on this one Bring on the Resident Evil 5 Live Chat!

  • That was fun. I gotta run! Chris, thanks for helping out with this; I know going through all these questions has got to be rough.

  • lol I sent like 10 comments/questions and the only one that got posted into the chat was “thanks jerry”

  • I’m sorry, but this game doesn’t look like it’ll be worth a purchase. It seems very mindless and repetitive, which is a shame.

  • That was a awesome chat, thanks for answering my question also :D

  • That was a neat PlayStation ConverStation! Thanks for setting it up. The game is getting mixed (read: bad) reviews from some folks. But they’re just being smarmy jerks who probably love Watchmen so much that their shoes hurt. So good to get the positive spin on the game as well.

  • I arrived when everybody was saying goobye!!!

    I wanted to ask about licensing and copyright stuff.

    Hope more live chats like this come in the future!

  • That was pretty cool. We should definitely keep doing this. How about a Q&A for Uncharted 2? :)

  • Can’t wait to download and play it tomorrow

  • Sweet! I got 2 questions in! Now, if you excuse me, I gotta go dl the demo…

  • i’ll be buying this somewhat begrudgedly..
    i played the demo, and enjoyed it. it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth 20 bucks. 10-15 would have been much better– for consumers and and the publishers (alot more sales).

    whatever, i guess it’s worth it just to play through it with my girlfriend then promptly hop over to see the movie in IMAX.

    but still $20? you can get burnout paradise, wipeout hd, or warhawk (now) for that. all those have alot more than 4+ hours of gameplay.

  • Any one in America (U.S.) know when we’ll get the demo.

  • “Jerry Pritchard (WB Games, INC): The pricing was set as such to be comparitive to other titles offered as digital downloads. Additionally, the game’s high end AAA quality and look also justifies the low cost. Truthfully, we feel that the price point is very much reasonable for the content and quality”

    This statement bothers me. Compared to what digital downloads? Full retail game ports? Wipeout HD (which was very much worth it)? Low cost? This is not low cost or comparable with digital download games on the PSN.

    And then he said:
    “We did change things throughout the project to be cooler, better and more lively”

    Ouch. After Zack Snyder has talked so much about fighting with WB to stay as faithful as possible I shouldn’t have expected the game to do the same.

    I will give the demo a try, but I cannot promise anything more.

  • Wooo Hooo! I got a bunch of questions in. The one thing im still confused about is Co-op. Is it online support or my buddy has to be with me? and if it is indeed online, is there Mic support?

  • Your buddy has to be with you. There’s no online multiplayer.

  • All of my questions were rejected while several other users were allowed to ask multiple questions. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed this. Perhaps certain measures should be taken in the future to ensure that several people get to ask atleast one question instead of a few people being allowed to monopolize the chat with multiple comments and questions.

    Regardless of my disaproval for the way the chat was handled, I’d still like to thank Pritchard for joining us and sharing little bits of information with us.

  • @28

    Same here, I sent multiple questions in only to have them answered minutes later and as a response to someone else’s questions.

  • Just got in, CAR DEMOLISHED, missed the chat. oh well…

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Someone should’ve asked him why Europe got free Watchmen Home costumes and we didn’t get anything.

  • just bought my advance tickets for friday at 6:15!!! YAYYYYY buddy. see you all there, if you’re going.


  • After seeing the reviews………ouch.

  • I am from Germany and there the game is cut. No blood, no teeth in the air and you can’t hit the bad guys on the ground.

    It’s a shame. Better “Not in DE” than this peace of S**t!


  • nice, played the demo and enjoyed going to get this. after seeing reviews helped me more. ign as usual gave it 5.5 or something but the rest have been positive and thats good.

  • Just bought it and played through as Roarsharch in about 4 hours, still need night owl and a some collectibles… Great game

    the price dosent’t really bother me, here in denmark it didn’t cost a lot more than a couple of movie tickets, thats ok for 5+ hours of rock solid action!

  • hope ill be seeing some dlc with the game also??

  • Couple notes:
    Nigher and Nighest are real words – how funny would it be if those were the titles of the next episodes? Watchmen: The End is Slightly Nigher

    haha also, nigh means to wash or bathe something in some parts of Europe. So some will be surprised that gameplay is not the same as Super Rub a Dub.


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