This Week in PlayStation Home: Street Fighter IV Live Q&A, Resident Evil 5 Space Launching

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What’s up Home-boys and Home-girls?

We have some über-cool events scheduled for this week that we want to hip you all to. First, we are holding a live Q&A session with John Diamonon and Seth Killian from Capcom today, March 4th. This chat will focus on all things related to Street Fighter IV and will give a few lucky attendees the chance to win a more intimate follow-up Q&A (complete with an SFIV tips and tricks tutorial) in a private clubhouse at a later date.

HOME Street Fighter

To participate in the general Q&A, just bring your bad self over to the Gamer’s Lounge today between the hours of 7:00 – 9:00pm PST (10:00 – 11:00pm EST) – and don’t be afraid to show up dressed as your favorite SFIV character! To start, John and Seth will be tackling the most popular questions culled from the official PlayStation Home forums (under the usernames “HIERO9D3” and “clothhand”), but will hold a brief open chat afterwards. These two gents will be “instance-jumping” throughout the event, so if you’re in the Gamer’s Lounge and you don’t see them, cool out and sit tight! They’ll be making the rounds.

To qualify for the private chat, make sure you attend the general Q&A decked out in the Dan Saikyo shirt (unlockable in Home). Attendees sporting this hot reward will be entered into a drawing and then chosen at random to participate. If you make the list, we’ll send you details via private message in your XrossMediaBar regarding the time and date of the follow-up session.

In other news: We’re launching the Resident Evil 5 game space tomorrow, March 5th. So dress yourself up in that free Resident Evil gear available in the Mall, check out the new space, and learn more about the game before it launches later this month. We’ll be looking out for you!

HOME Street Fighter

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  • yeah !! I hope i can cut pieces of other home user in the RE5 space !!

  • When are games going to support Home? i.e.: Game Launching / Lobbies / Party systems, etch ala Warhawk?

    I have no other reason to want to use the service as of now.

    • Both of these games support Home, actually. SFIV has unlockable content in Home, and the RE5 space supports game launching.

  • woot… how do you get the street fighter clothes anyway?

    • The clothes are unlockable by performing certain actions in the game. The character costumes are for purchase in the Threads store in the Mall.

  • cool i might have to get on home in my helghast costumes xD

  • I cant wait 2 c the re5 game space!!!

    When will we be able to get the clothes from re5 and also will we ever se the killzone2 clothes at the stores for the people who didnt get it?

    Thanks and cant wait for more Home news!!!

  • Can’t wait, I’m definitely bringing my Saikyo shirt.

  • …dont care about these rooms with no features. Home needs features that it was supposed to have to begin with:

    trophy room
    Streaming content
    Party system
    loading spaces in background

    i used to back up home when people were saying it was an epic fail up until now…
    You guys said more stuff would come a months after launch.. and there still isnt really anything.. so.. idk anymore..

  • looking forward to the RE5 space, thanks.

  • RE5 area = awesome to hear
    Really huge RE fan, but I can’t say I’ll use Home any more often XDDD
    Either way, it’s cool.

  • Don’t give a damn about the RE5 stuff – that game is crap.

    Everyone wants to know when the Killzone 2 space is showing up.

  • Yah I would for sure go as my favorite SFIV

    character … if i knew how to unlock the

    costumes in the game…. But ya for sure im

    gonna hang outand the gamers lounge @ those


  • Awesome… Resident Evil space! I’m starting to get excited, here… :)

  • also can i bring my shadaloo t-shirt??

    instead of dan’s?

  • Nice, i’ve already bought my Ryu outfit :)

  • Where’s the Little Big Planet space? LBP is virtually absent from Home. A huge game for the PS3 and there’s 3rd party spaces going up.
    I consider LBP to kinda parallel Home. Killzone costumes, Streetfighter Costumes, and a strong community. Except Home is more of a social playground LBP is more of a sharing playpen.
    Home has incredible potential. I wish we had a create-a_character that rivals wrestling games’ Create-a-wrestler.
    Things I can’t wait for Home to get done:
    TVs, Pictures, furniture, etc… there’s no point in inviting anyone to my place. I have nothing to share.
    I feel very restrained by my avatar. I wanna jump and climb.
    Mini-games could be made outta anything. Dancing for instance, easily a rythm based game.
    So much more could be implemented. I wouldn’t mind seeing the largest room be a city block where you can skateboard, ride bike, play basketball.
    Implement more mini games, mini golf!!!
    Sorry, I get going I can’t stop.

  • omg omg omg…woooh!!! just had a nerdgasm…sorry…will so wear my saikyo shirt woooh

  • Are the watchmen clothes that are already available for free on the European HOME server coming to the US HOME???

  • Cool cool might have to check all of this out!

  • beware of the saikyo arts

  • lol might check this out

  • Little off topic:

    … i wonder if Konami could make a good place for PSN/Home ?
    it would be funny to see Konami and Capcom in the same place :]

  • Awesome….. is the in game music coming too? O.o

    I know… it’s a wish

    I really wish something would be done for trophies though * tear

  • AWESOME!!!!!!:):):):) too bad my PS3 got the YLOD Monday :(

  • in game music is there for sf4

  • When will we be able to listen and match contents from your HDD in your home space? Are you guys even working on that at all?

  • Cool are thoes chairs comeing to Home too?

  • This is excellent news! I can’t wait to see what more HOME has in store for us! Game Launching needs to hurry up and come! Thanks for the update Locust_Star! :o)

    • Game launching is already a part of the Warhawk space, and will be in the brand-spankin\’ new Resident Evil 5 space next week after the game is released. Check it out!

  • I want this!

  • Can you change the hair color of Ken?

  • cooll cant wait dont got those games but i brought all ken gear an ryu head gear was those msg on home like two weeks ago was a hint for residence evil 5 space and are we goin to see watchmen gear in the usa thanks for the hard work u and ur team put up see u tonite

  • just noticed…this is 9-10pm central time…nba or Q&A…can’t decide

  • I honestly think that Home is thus far Sony’s biggest mistake. As a social networking service, it’s pretty bad, as you cannot easily find friends and there’s a ton of creepy people wandering around. As a companion to the core gaming experience, it has virtually no use. It takes forever to get up and running, the party system is virtually nonexistant, and only Warhawk can be launched directly from the service. Live chats are cool, game spaces are ok (I’d rather play the game), but I still don’t really see a reason to use this service. I would love to have one soon.

    • It actually is easy to find your friends if you they are on your buddy list. Just send them an invite so they\’ll come to you, or select Go To from your Menu Pad Friends List to be teleported directly to them!

      What would you like to see in Home to make it a better social gaming experience?

  • nice! good to see HOME is doing something nice

  • Best thing in Home! I can’t wait to see what Sony adds to Home later on.

    I can’t see it as a mistake if it generated over a million dollars of goods from Home.

  • John’s gonna be there? I just started caring. I’ll be there.

  • And I don’t have to just chill and wait. John’s on my list; I’ll go to wherever he happens to be.

  • this might make me go out and buy the game now lol

  • Cool. I’d like the Street Fighter stuff for sure. I don’t even like chatting online much but I quite like heading into Home and chatting to my online/real-life buddies in there sometimes. Certainly more interesting than MSN anyways.

  • Anyone knows how i get into the Gamer’s lounge?

    • You can access the Gamer\’s Lounge through the Menu Pad. Select the Locations tab > World Map> PlayStation Home chip > Gamer\’s Lounge. Voila!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Cool, more Home Space the better, and again Resident Evil 5 better have some AMBIENT music, the best Home spaces ALL have AMBIENT MUSIC/SOUND.

    I hope there’s Game Launching with RE5 too.

  • John D hasn’t given us some blogging love in quite some time :(

  • Any way home could offer full movies in the theater, doesent matter if their old ,plenty of good/old movies out there that sony can get us or a partnership with a cable company prehaps :)

    • We\’re working on this, bob52. The main issue now is that it would take forever to download, so we need to focus on getting streaming video working in Home.

  • I have the akuma shirt, will that work too?

  • Yayuh! I will be visiting ;)

  • Where is John D.??? :(

  • sweeet :)

  • Yawn…..I’ll be PLAYING Killzone 2…come get me when HOME actually has something worth me going in for. You know…Game Launching…Video/Music players…No? Okay then. I WANT to have a reason to go into HOME Sony…I’m begging you!!

  • one more thing…since re5space is tomorrow, to all closed beta members that were in before november…I say we wear our closed beta halloween costumes….that’s assuming you still have yours or remade it…i remade mine so I’ll be sporting that tomorrow

  • I wish I could be there with my shirt and talk to them but my PS3 broke down… have to send it in repair. :(


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