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Back in November we introduced the ability to sign in to using your PlayStation Network login credentials. Currently you can see your online ID, your avatar, and view your friend list. You also have the ability to get your Portable ID for use on forums and social networking sites.


If you haven’t already signed in to using your PSN ID, you’re definitely going to want to tomorrow (sign in here). When we introduced PlayStation Trophies last year we promised we would be extending the feature to the web. We are near ready to release our first phase which will allow you to view your PlayStation Trophies on with all of the details you can see on your PS3. Later this year, we’ll enhance these features giving you the ability to compare and sort trophies in new ways.

Here’s what you’ll see when we go live tomorrow:

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  • Sounds great Eric, can’t wait to try it out

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome

  • cool

  • Thanks Eric, i am glad there is work on improving online for PS3. Sending messages through the web would be nice too.

  • Great stuff!

  • Pretty overdue. But, better late than never.

  • That’s pretty cool. Will we soon be getting Gamer cards so we can display our trophies on other forums too?
    Please say yes.

  • Umm… isn’t that US only? Gonna try it out, this looks amazing! Truly my huge compliments for improving.

    Rolling on the Floor, Jeff has sure improved his trophy level until now :-D

  • Great stuff, Sony. Now I’d like the ability to send messages using as well.

  • Wow….

    PSN is on a roll.

  • ALRIGHT!!!

  • Sounds awesome. It is nice to see you guys following through with all of your promises. This is why I love Sony and will be always be a Playstaion Fanboy :)

  • Thats Neat! You guys are always coming up with new stuff. Keep those thumbs were they belong :)

  • Awesome. Btw Jeff, you need to work on those Platinum’s. ;]

  • Awesome! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Oh..almost forgot.

    New way to view trophies?
    Possibly 3D Trophies to see online and in Home?

    Keep it coming SONY.

  • Sounds awesome. Good idea.

  • Hopefully this will put an end to the remaining Xbox fanboys who troll this forum now that anyone can see they have 0 Trophies on their fake PSN accounts.

  • Cant wait to check it out.
    Also cannot wait to see this implemented into the PSN Portable ID.

    Thanks :)

  • Dear Mr. Eric,
    Few days ago was announced a PSN for Latin America. I would like to ask you, we Latin americans will be able to transfer our accounts? Since most of the Latin Americans have either US Accounts or European (portugal) accounts. Thank you very much. And Congratulations for the new trophies release. That is one of the many reasons Im a huge sony fan.

  • Nice, although I couldn’t give less about trophy’s!

  • Oh boy, I’m logged in! Stupid of me, I always thought it was meant for users from America only *duh*. Updating it right away :-)

  • ok… good stuff.. now we need the ability to message one another cross-platform. PC to PS3 to PC. That would be a great addition to the already very cool functionality of PSN.

  • Eric’s post always are special… although a teaser for 2.70 would have been an icing for the cake!

  • ok thats gonna be cool. just need to be able to check our friends and see a top leader board and such

  • Will there be an update allowing users to mark stuff to download to the ps3 from the ps store as soon as the ps3 is powered on from the convenience of as can be done with the 360?

  • Sure gonna show off with my PS portable ID, never used any of those, but looks much better than all those ID’s from other websites. That part, you should have done sooner, because a lot of websites took the credit thanks to “your” trophies.

  • Awesome!

    Really looking forward to a future update which I assume will enable “Trophy Cards”!

  • w000t! :)

  • Will future phases of your plans for PSN trophies include putting our latest trophies on those currently bland PSN ID cards?

  • no way can’t be true …

    <3 ya guys

  • Unfortunate I can’t add Asian games, got Aquanaut’s Holiday and soon Demon’s Souls, plus Everybody’s Putter Golf with Toro, they’re not in the search menu :-(

  • Very nice… Keep up the good work…

  • Could someone please answer when Qore annual subscribers (or at least the rest of us) are going to receive their Syphon Filter voucher? I’ve been an annual subscriber since Episode 1 and have never had any problems before. Could you at the very least direct me to someone who can help me with this situation? I have tried calling Sony Customer Support with no avail. Please tell me who to contact to resolve this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and attention in regard to this matter.

    **I apologize for voicing my issue here but I have no other avenue to turn to since Sony Customer Support is unable to help any of the subscribers afflicted with this issue.**

  • I think the hud for when someone signs in[gray rectangle] should be changed to something more nicer like the beautiful PS store interface. Just a minor suggestion.

  • Looking forward to this. Hopefully you will integrate them into the PortableID soon too!

  • Freaking sick!

    Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Nice feature. Could we please get an update to send voice msgs to another user on the PS3? Its getting annoying having to type everything out. The chat room is cool but its not enough.

  • Finally! Thank you!

  • Awesome. Does it also show when you’re signed in/what game you’re playing or will it in the future? Either way it’s great news.

  • Sweet! I was wondering when this was going to happen last week and now today you announce it’s coming tomorrow. Keep up the good work, and stop reading my mind.

    P.S. Continue reading for “My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.”

  • Great!

  • Keep it coming!

  • nice been waiting for this. great work to the guys that made this possible

  • 5 out of 5 after the better part of 50 comments…what does that tell ya!

  • hey you should bring out a trophy card to put on forums.

  • Very Cool!!! Are there plans to make this available to third party apps and websites?

    Thanks for the added feature..

  • This is great news, now please give us the ability to send messages to friends from the web!

    In fact revamp the whole message structure from an email based system to an instant message type system. Right now everyone just puts what they want to say in the subject line!

  • Are there any thought of making it so that we could put them in forum signatures just displaying the level total and basic bronze silver gold platinum breakdown. that would be sweet.

  • very good, but updating the portable ID to show your current level should be top priority.

    still, this is a step on the right direction.

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