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We thought we’d try something new – give you a look at what we’re working on for this week, as well as ask you, dear reader, a quick question. No surprise in today’s query:

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Now that we’ve quizzed you, how about some answers? Here’s what we’re working on for this week:

Plus your weekly PlayStation Store update and more, so make sure to check back every day. We’ll talk again soon.

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3 Author Replies

  • Nice post, I know there are concerns with KZ2…

  • The query misses an option “I have the game, but had better things to do at the weekend”.

  • Nice addition with the poll and what not. I really want KZ2 but cant afford it yet. :(

    Is the poll thing going to be something regular from now on?

  • The game blows! U owe me $60!

  • where’s the option “game is 3P1C W17V but controls SUCK ATM…” hmm?

  • I hope Watchmen isn’t another doomed movie-comic game. I’m reading the graphic novel for the first time and I’m really enjoying it. Def a must read! I hope the movie doesn’t suck either lol!

  • Looking at the poll, I’m a little shocked. The majority of my friends list is playing killzone2. I say maybe 3 out of 90 were playing Street Fighter IV.
    48% haven’t picked it up yet. What on earth are you guys waiting for?

  • I can’t wait to see the winners of the KZ2 photo exchange. :D I posted my picture there.

    Looking forward to the MotorStorm: PR news also. :D

    Also hope to hear more SingStar news in the future.

  • I normally play SP before getting really into MP, but with this game the MP sucked me in immediately.

    I put about 12 hours into the online in the first 2 days owning it, which is something I haven’t done with a game since I was a teenager. This game is THAT good and original.

  • @Axecution
    You know that you can change the controls right? call of duty, halo, whatever you want.

  • Internet polls are completely useless. To many trolls out there gimping the results.

  • Oh man this wait is killing me to bad this game launched on my rent payment week or I would have had it day 1…I need to wait another 7 DAYS!!!! agghhhh!

  • k2 is a great game i love the campaign and online , this game to me should be game of the year . anyone who hate this game should be forced to play the game agin and let a doctor check your head . it up there with a cod , and past any halo or R2 , great game guerrilla and sony .

  • oops sorry that was for Red1126… my bad.

  • Killzone 2 was the first game that I’ve seen everyone online on my friends list playing at the same time. I’ll be enjoying it for months to come!

  • @ 6
    “where’s the option “game is 3P1C W17V but controls SUCK ATM…” hmm?”

    The controls don’t suck ATM. Maybe you shouldn’t be playing shooters if you can’t handle these simple control options.

  • I’m just saying….5 years to make this game.(watched halo 3 and cod4 release) You would have thought they make it easy for friends to group up and play together, chat, ect. 5 years this game should be a 10 not a 8.75(game informer was being nice)

  • How about the, I’m not interested in Killzone 2 still waiting for my RPG need to be fed option :-P

  • Im saving this game until I finish bioshock and assassins creed which i have recently rented from lovefilm.

  • I pre-ordered over a month before the game was released and still Amazon haven’t shipped my [DELETED]. I’m never going pre-order anything from them again. I missing out big time.

  • @ The troll (18)
    I guess you forgot about the more than 11 perfect scores it’s gotten so far including publications such as GamePro, G4, 1up and Playstation: The Official Magazine. It’s pretty easy for me to play with my friends and chat with them, but I guess you don’t understand how the game works. Perhaps you should try playing it.

  • why is it “a good time to start” playing Motorstorm 2? The link just goes to the normal game info page. Whats new other than the patch that came out like 2 weeks ago?

  • I hope theres more stuff this week than that and that you are just playing nice to the NDA Jeff :)

  • i havent picked up the game yet myself(im going to be out of town for the next two weeks, so im getting it after we come back),but i was really shocked to see 44% havent picked it up yet. most of my friends list has it.

  • should have added, “I’m still waiting for my Amazon pre-order to arrive” checkbox. $50.00 with free Home armor was a great incentive to wait a few days.

  • I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon, but they haven’t shipped it yet. Should be shipped today or tomorrow.

  • ……. seriously, 90% of my friends list online are playing Killzone 2… I’m surprised at the poll results * are these trolls doing this… I have 50 friends online O.o


  • New things to do on the interwebs?
    Could it be, that we get an XML resource for our collected trophies?
    That would make me happy beyond words =D

    Regardless of what it is, I’m excited, and I want it NOW.

  • What about:
    I can’t log in online because of error.

  • I just got this game yesterday, my old ps3 died so I picked up a new 80GB one at ebgames and since I bought killzone, I got a free DS3 :-D great deal and KILLZONE is INSANE!!!

  • Since its a little early to complain, please don’t consider this as such, but the site is frequently bogged down by the plethora of people trying to utilize it. As one of the few titles that integrates the API into a 3rd party website and a very robust stat tracking/tournament template I really think the PS blog should follow up on what Guerrilla is doing to support site overall. I’ll of course follow on twitter/forums but I think the success of these methods will set the standard of online MP FPS tournament/clan integration.

  • I’m not getting the game personally. Just a little burned out on shooters atm. Practically everybody on my FL is playing it though.

  • Killzone 2 overrated.

  • I played lots of Killzone on friday night and saturday morning with my cousin. I left for the weekend and came back sunday night to find no more online bots… I was seriously disappointed by that. I don’t care about ranking on bots or not, they’d better get them back online ASAP. That and a party system.. As it stands, its pretty much impossible to communicate in that game. It’s a jumbled mess of 32 voices piling over one another.

  • Atleast 50% of my friends list online play this game at all times. My only gripe is the “Dead Zone” takes some getting used to. I think this game is awesome otherwise. Tons of detail and the maps in multiplayer are HUGE

  • Lol @ the KZ2 Video guide in the PS-Store that costs like $7.99. All the trophies it says are “Hard”, i got on my first try. I didn’t even know how to get em and i was playing on Veteran. Also, has anyone seen a [GG] yet? been wanting to shoot one… =D

  • such an amazing game, been playing this all weekend and a good 80 percent of my friends list is doing the same.

    @35, try to form a squad in game, it works and the voice chat works just wonderful. Not sure where you played but i have had no issues talking in-game.

  • Killzone 2 is where it’s al Jeff! I haven’t seen you in the multiplayer yet! Maybe soon maybe soon? ;)

    Yayuh and my PS Blog wish came true! (Poll of the day) Thanks guys for always improving the PS Blog experience! Looking forward for this week’s blog!

  • Wow I’m surprised to the #’s of people who haven’t picks this up.. Almost every single person my play list has the game.. And for me not even being a FPS gamers.. This game is very good.. Its has that addictive factor.. This is the only game that has actually kept me from playing Warhawk.. And Warhawk as been out for a while.. Its funny cause what KZ2 lacks, R2 has (split screen/party system) but yet.. R2 didn’t pull me in the way KZ2 did. Good way to start 09 Sony

  • ^

    err… at*

  • You need a sixth option for “Still waiting on Amazon to deliver my copy of K2! WTF!?” According to the tracking info, it’s still sitting in a warehouse somewhere. :(

    I LOVE Amazon, but much I’d rather buy my games at the local Gamestop and be able to get them at least the day after the release day. Waiting sucks, especially when everyone else is blowing away Helgahst soldiers. Damn these exclusive preorder bonuses…

    At least I have Street Fighter 4, Skate 2, Flower, and Noby Noby Boy to keep me company during the long wait. :)

  • Since the day I got the game(Thurs) my days have consisted of playing Killzone and…playing Killzone.

  • lol there are 35 post but 675 voted on the pole lol can you say repeat voters . are you so much of a ps3 k2 hater that you going to waste your sad life to log out then back in to vote on a poll that have nothing to do with its sell or the amount of people playing it? man you guys are sad so sad , oh well back to k2 later hater .

  • Jeff. Why don’t you just give us a tiny hint at what you meant by “Some new things for you to do on the interwebz”?

    I think a lot of us have some hopes for what that means, but why can’t you just give us a bit more right now? :)

  • Wow… I’m going to attribute the mass amount of ‘haven’t picked the game up yet’ responses to the current recession.

    I love this game. I worked my way through veteran over the weekend while taking breaks to play burnout whenever I got frustrated (like when trying to finish the last boss). I then played online for a few hours and went back to campaign to finish elite. I know a lot of people are complaining about controls but once you play for a little bit you get used to it and I’m actually preferring them now. It just makes SENSE. Left stick is your body, right stick is your eyes. Anyone who is still making their way through campaign may I just say that you need to remember that your knife can reak havok. I went through a few levels on easy to get intel and knifed my way through the majority of it. Talk about satisfaction.

    This and burnout (@ $20) have been some of the best game purchases I’ve made.

  • Polls on the net are useless. Too many warped individuals skew results for the hell off it. Strange bunch those trolls.

    I love this game. Can’t stop playing it. The controls are good, the graphics, sound and atmosphere are amazing. I just took at peek at MP but will get into that once I complete the SP. It’s taking a bit longer then normal for me since several people in the household are also playing. Can’t get exclusive use of the system. Maybe it’s time to buy another PS3.

    Also, I let my 8 year old play it. Okay, maybe some may consider that shocking since its an M rated game. But I’m at least supervising :) He’s playing on easy, but he has zero problems with the controls. He’s just whipping through it. We have to keep the volume low, in case the wife hears what he’s playing. I say you have to start the gamers early.

  • ZOMG….. “Some new things for you to do on the interwebz”

    Is this what I think it is!? Does that mean we get to send messages to our PSN buddies from a computer to a PS3!? Please! Let it be it!

  • Played multiplayer first for a few hours. Literally everyone on my friends list was playing it, so I figured I’d hop in while the action was hot and fresh. After that I played the campaign for most of Saturday and finished it up on Sunday. Now my attention will be turned back to multiplayer for a little while, then I’ll replay the campaign for trophies. :P

  • Campaign was pretty short, even compared to this current gens short 7ish hour campaign average. But it was still well paced and well varied.

    Played MP a bit here and there, fun but the leveling takes time so it will take a while.

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