The Road to Retribution Begins Now!

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OK, so you’ve completed both Resistance games. You’ve read the Resistance comic books. You’ve even pre-ordered the novel (due out this April) and action figures (September). But you still crave more from this franchise? Not a problem—in two weeks (March 17, to be exact), you can continue the fight against the Chimera in Resistance: Retribution for the PlayStation Portable.

As many of you already know, Insomniac didn’t work directly on this title. Instead, it comes from the folks at Sony Bend, the studio best known for their fantastic work on the Syphon Filter series. And from what we’ve seen of Retribution, Sony Bend has delivered yet again.

To help prepare you (and even us Insomniacs) for the launch, we’ve put together a feature on called “The Road to Retribution.” Over the two next weeks on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we’ll be posting a story that covers a different aspect of the game.

Today we sit down with John Garvin, Sony Bend’s director of development, to learn all about who you’ll be playing in this upcoming Resistance installment. You’ll find out why James Grayson is so ticked off at the Chimera, how he compares to Lt. Nathan Hale, and which members of Resistance: Fall of Man’s supporting cast return to the fight. Check it out here. And don’t forget to keep coming back to over the next two weeks for even more info and screenshots of Retribution.

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  • Looks really good!

  • talking about the PSP…. ummm whats with all these rumors, I cant wait until E3

  • I was watching some videos videos for the game the other day and I really have to say, Bend did a great job on this one.

    Congratulations Sony Bend, you’ve done it again!!

  • “As many of you already know, Insomniac didn’t work directly on this title.”

    That’s good, maybe I’ll like it better than R2… How many weapons can I hold? R:FoM is still one of my favorite PS3 titles, btw. The second one just didn’t do it for me.

  • Grr, I gotta save up for a PSP. I’m the ultimate resistance fan. :)

  • Can’t wait for this game.

    It is a little off topic but will the Full Moon show be returning any time soon?

  • thanks for the info Bryan!

    now about that Ratchet sackboy <_<;

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Insomniac should join Naughty Dog and become a 1st Party to Sony :D

    Also please patch RFTOD and Resistance 1 with trophies and bring out Home Space for both franchises, kthxbye.

  • I traded in my resistance 2 for killzone 2, I was not impressed…

    Still loving whatever Ratchet comes my way though.

  • hopefully this won’t be a syphon filter with a resistance skin.

  • The demo was nice. Thanks for adding in the infected mode.

  • so when i go to my res it asks for birthdate but when i try to scrol down in the list it wont let me so i acsidentaly entered that i was borne in 2009(why is thateven anoption???) and noe i can’t get in nomader what!!!!. . .grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . .

  • @ EmperorKorea

    That’s what I was worried about too, check out some videos on YouTube, believe me you’ll be impressed. It seems like Bend took the “essence” of the PSP Syphon Filter games and polished them, but really how different can you make 3rd person shooters anyway, especially on the PSP..?

  • You know, a Resistance film would be so awesome…

    I yet need to play R:FoM. I beat part 2 which is an incredible game, and I will be looking forward to Resistance: Retribution. Hopefully I get my hands on that bad boy! :D

  • Amazing, but I’m not gonna get a PSP until it uses Blu-Ray UMD discs, a secound analog stick, R2 and L2 buttons under the R and L buttons, and a HD screen for it. Sorry, but when I look to Sony I see the infinte sea of superb gameplay and tech and the PSP is in it’s 6-7 year in it’s cycle.

  • cant wait 2 more weeks and it looks really good nice job sony bend!!!

  • I lent my PSP to my bro after getting bored with it. I might want to try getting it back from him soon…

    Also, it seems that there are quite a few people that didn’t exactly find “Bite my infected arse” the pinnacle of in-game one-liners. Hopefully the gaming experience will make up for that…

  • I am looking forward to this game thanks guys!

  • Not being a ***k or anything but, i might play a game on my psp!!! It’s mostly for watching stuff i dl off the network. I would quit my job if it wasn’t for my psp.

  • i really want this game!

  • Is there Co-op for this game? (Jokes Bryan). Ive had my pre-order in. Cant wait to infect my R2 with this game

  • Yay! and this one isn’t ruined by the money hungry COD ripping off insomniac games either! Its actually sticking to the series and not ruing the whole experience! YAY!

  • Anouther reason to own a PSP! With the great way they did the Syphon Filter series, this game should be great looking forward to this game.

  • i cant wait till this game comes out iv been waiting since i first heard of it:)

  • Retribution definitely has my attention but what I really want is some Ratchet news! Fall 09 is right around the corner and I havent heard anything from insomniac yet…

  • Demo?

  • Somewhat interested I am still debating on it.

  • BostonCollegeFan

    Go Intihar!

  • Resistance action figures? Where is there more info?!? :D

    I have the action figure from R2’s collectors edition, but didn’t know there would be more.

    (Still haven’t taken it out of it’s packaging.)

  • Sony..Sony..Sony..
    You guys ROCK. I own everything Resistance and I mean EVERYTHING so this is a must have. From what I have seen so far the game looks & sounds amazing I just can’t wait to play it. I am going in for back surgery & I am not going to be able to sit up for about 6 months so I will have plenty of time to finish Resistance 2 & Retribution amongest the other games that are coming out like RE5. I just hope that all goes goes good w/this surgery. they have to remove 3 disc from my back. I am just scarred if they mess up I may never walk. Can’t wait for these games. I now own 55 PS3-205 PS2-46 PSP Games & counting….

  • looks fantastical! sony bend has done it again thats for sure. the game looks amazing on my lil PSP. can’t wait for the full game.


  • @30.

  • As a fan of Insomniac all the way through their career starting with Disruptor:

    Please stop making Resistance games, they are not that good. Stick to Ratchet and Clank. The first one was fine as an interesting experiment with a cool concept, but please just stop.

  • Looks awesome! Maybe YOU GUYS should have made SOCOM CONFRONTATION. At least then it wouldn’t freeze on me all the time in Ranked rooms with my clan. This might steal me away from it…

  • Full Moon Show, please! :p

  • i don’t understand why i am banned from the forum, but i do understand why you will still take my money when i purchase stuff

  • Certain people bring nothing but bad luck.

  • ok this game will be out in a few days kudos on that note. iresistance 2 been out for about 4 now wheres the DLC

  • I’d buy it, but $40 is just too high for a portable game :/ $25-$30 would be just great tho :D

  • this will be one of the best psp game!

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Cool. I’ll be sure to tune in to MyRes.

  • When do we get the demo?
    I went to preorder to get it, but my gamestop didn’t have any codes.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • To all at Sony Bend:

    Thanks for your commitment to make superior games for the PSP. I know that its “your job”, but the dedication and level of polish you put into PSP titles is really exemplary. Keep up the great work and know that its really appreciated.

  • Cann’t wait sounds cool!!! I was wanting to know if there is ever a possiblity that we could get games on PRO duo cards instead of UMD’s. With meomry sticks geeting so cheap.. I think it would be a good move.. Not only that but most blueray disc have digtal download any way. PSP win’s ether way!!!

  • Hi Bryan!
    There’s any hope to see the Resistance comic books and the novel here in Europe?

  • In the infected mode why does James get called by the name Tommy? I saw this and was completely confused?

    @ 15
    The PSP launched on March 24, 2005. It is not quite 4 years old.

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak
    eh, Insomniac is a first party company infact they work at the same building as Naughty Dog, dont mistake them to Incognito.

    So hey Bryan , anyone out there ever thought of a Ratchet and Clank + Jak And Daxter game in there? , that would be amazing.

  • can’t wait two weeks and can’t wait

  • @30

    I know what you mean man…I have leukemia and i regularly stay at the hospital for chemo..AND they had to do surgery on me to put a little tube on me to put all the chemo in…dude just be strong …thats what im doing..being strong..hope you get better

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