The PSB and SOCOM Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

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  • Good stuff this week, especiallly the psp announcements…now how about telling me where alphazone is huh huh? what is xi?!?

  • I hate the fact that I can’t play the game off line. Why can’t I play the game get used to it and if I want to join online then play. I am also wondering why we don’t have missions, such as “Bad Company”, or “World at War”, where we can join together as a squad or platoon and fight together that way.

  • I’m sorry, I really love the game it’s the best shooter out, but there’s one thing you guy really need to fix.

    I don’t understand why shooters come out and they all do the samething.

    All shooters come out and forget that Halo 3 has the best party system in history of games, but yet no one realizes that people like the way of online gaming.

    Halo is still running with gamebattles today because of it’s great party experience.

    Their matchmaking system is outstanding.

    I just wish someone would atleast copy off them.

    I bet people would be more satisfied.

    The only game that came close to Halo 3’s online system is Call of Duty.

    I know you guys can do a patch to surpass these games, I know it.

    Just please atleast come up to par with bungie’s online system.

    Also I’m not a 360 fan, I sold mine about 2 years ago.

    So I’m just saying this because it’s the truth.

  • Killzone 2, is the game in talking about.

  • We need XMB game inviting and for it to be mandatory so all online games we use our friends list to join and invite people to games.

  • too busy with KZ2, be back later! thanks for the porcelain thrown reading material. wait what am i talking about… i have no time for things of that nature, far too busy here.


  • I’m glad more developers are adding games to the PSP line-up. It has been in the shadows for a while.

  • Hey Chris or Jeff your “Home Updates” link seems to not work…

  • You know what I thought would be great when I read the news about the great games coming for the PSP? PSP Trophies!

    Using the same PSN account of course, you could use your new PSP games to contribute towards your trophy level. It would be the first cross platform award system and I honestly only see advantages if this system was extended to the PSP.

    Can anyone from Sony give me a “Hmmmm!”? :P

  • there should really be a free for all game type in killzone 2. i like wuts there already but my favorite has always been free for all. simply going around and shooting everything that moves is y i got into shooters in the first place. killzone would really be good for that but i really want a new level for DLC where battle takes place in a small indoor building with lot’s of destructible environments

  • God I want that Helsghat suit that I saw someone wearing on :P

  • When is SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 going to be announced for the PSP? I need a new SOCOM fix for on the go and since SOCOM FTB2 was released BEFORE Sony unlocked the PSP’s CPU, i can only imagine how much better FTB3 could/will be!

  • hey killzone2 needs free for all jus sayin

  • Hi Chris! You were correct when you replied to my comment about M.A.G. by stating that some news would be coming soon & I thank you very much for that. We’ve recently learned that it will release around Mar. 2010. When will there be a weekly M.A.G. posting on this blog? I’m sure that I speak for many people when I state that we would like to hear some news about this game’s features.

    Also, the PS3 really needs to have a science fiction RPG other than Fallout 3. I’m thinking specifically about Mass Effect 2 which reportedly will release on multiple platforms. Can you please bring us some news about any efforts to bring Mass Effect 2 to the PS3?

  • Killzone 2 def met up to my expectations, I do wish it had a party system and I still don’t quite get how everyone is supposed to get the valor trophies, if everyone can’t get it then how are we supposed to get platinum?

  • I’m too busy with Killzone 2 :) Great job GG!

  • Please put more support behind Slant Six. Socom fans deserve much better

  • Any new PSN Avatars soon Sony?

  • My Clan and I worked Codeman who said he was from Slant 6 on Friday Night. It was awesome I got MVP twice he got razzed on by everyone. What a great time to be had. Keep ur boyz from slant 6 coming into our games we love mercin em. ;)

  • I’m still waiting for my free socom and warhawk vouchers for showing up in the new “Gamers Lounge” on Ninja day all dressed in black….. That was the deal and I was there from launch in the morning until Cyd showed up at around 6 my time.(NFST)

  • Good week we’ve had here, I’m still dreading the fact I’m without KZ2.
    Enjoy KZ2 Jeff and take out a few Helghast for me cause I won’t be able to for a while.

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