Sack it to Me – How to get “Crowned” Edition

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LittleBigPlanet crown render

As promised from this week’s Sack it to Me post, we are introducing more ways for our LBP Community to obtain the rarest of rare DLC – the Community Prize Crown. Up until now, the only time we (SCEA) offered up the Crown was as a prize for a few of our LittleBigChallenges. With our fan base becoming more and more active, we wanted to give our LBP Community members more chances to be “crowned”. Here’s how:

First off, a few notes: in order for us to contact you, you must have a PSN account in the US, and have opted-in for marketing materials (under Notification Preferences in PSN Account Management.)

#1 – A “Gold Star” on the LittleBigWorkshop
Frequently, when we’re on, every so often, we come across a submission, whether it is an inspiration, workshop or forum post that makes us smile. As a small token of our appreciation, we like to put a smile on your face too by giving you a Community Prize Crown.

#2 – Raising our Eyebrows

Every once in awhile, LBP fans do something that immediately grabs the attention of a few people, spreads on the web, and eventually is talking about it. We love it when this happens, and as a sign of thanks, you may just get a Community Prize Crown in your mail box.

#3 – LittleBigChallenges
We’re in the process of coming up with more LittleBigChallenges, so get your creative thoughts together and stay tuned next week for LittleBigChallenge2.

Now everyone has more chances to be LBP royalty! If you have posted in the past or have some cool stuff up your sleeve, don’t be surprised if you get a crown on us.

Thank you all for your continued support and contributions! Every time you share your creativity, you make the LittleBigPlanet better for everyone.

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  • I really want that crown :) .

  • wow Mark, could you tell us in english and not this Marketing Business speak, I read the whole thing and I only understood the third option

    • Sure…simply, get our attention (in a good way) and if we feel like handing one out…we will. The two places we\’ll be watching is on and, obviously THE INTERNETZ.


  • Crown…crown…have to have the crown. P L E A S E

  • I need it!

  • @2…

    1) i can’t really understand. But im guessing it has something to do with submitting something on the workshop site.

    2) people who create thing in LBP that get spread across the internet for their amazing creations.

    3) well, u already know this one.

  • Wow that crown looks awsome

  • I sure wish the contest laws in Canada were the same as in the US….bummer

    • Hopefully, in time this will change to include our neighbors to the north. I\’m crossing my fingers it will be soon.

      But to be clear, #1 and #2 are not contests, so there are no rules. FYI – a company, we can\’t contact you directly, unless you\’re \’opt-in\’ to hear from us.

  • If Chris-Chan can get a Crown, I’m sure I can.

  • I hope there will be other ways to get the crown. I know I’ll never accomplish any of those 3. There has to be more ways for us “normal” people to get that crown? What if I say please, please, please?

    • I wouldn\’t sell yourself short. Anything as simple as an interesting blog comment or an intriguing forum post could get you one. It just has to peak our interest.

  • @8 I love you. Seen his latest “doll” video? It’s horrifying.

  • Why can’t us Canadians have a crown? We are the ones with the Canadian Monarchy, like our friends at Mm with the British Monarchy!

  • That crown should be exclusively for Thrasher20 ;)

  • Bah. I wish I could make good levels.

  • How bout a crown for the first 14 comments;D

  • Awesome! Soon everyone in the game will have the so called ‘rare’ crown! Taking away it’s rareness and exclusitivity, just like you guys did to the God of War pack and Nariko costume. Sweet job!

    • Hey Dardantuan,

      GOW and Nariko was \’exclusive\’ for a certain period of time – and I don\’t believe we termed it \’rare\’, although it was for the first 3 months. ;)

      As for the crown, I\’d estimate we\’d hand out around 50 in 2009. Rare enough for ya?

  • I’ll never qualify to get it, but I think it’s great that you’re opening it up to more people.

    Dardantuan, the sarcasm really isn’t necessary, get over yourself.

    • I don\’t know…you\’ve been a familiar name on our blog posts, maybe one week we\’ll decide to give some to our blog comment contributors. But then we\’d need to make a new post…SITM: How not to get \”crowned\”

  • Sounds pretty awesome. Now I just need to come up with some good ideas to grab you’re attention lol.

    **Scratches Head**

  • Raise eyebrows?

    Can has two plx.

  • Why only in the US? This is a pretty big f**k you to everyone else in the world :(

  • I just want to add that you should get the crown for getting the Platinum trophy or something sensible like that, not just for posting in the right place at the right time and being American.

  • i hope playstation releases more rare dlc that can win and that crown looks awsome i hope i get 1

  • I have one!!! Sorry I had to brag, it’s only 5 out in the WORLD as of now!!!

    • Hope you\’re wearing it proudly, but actually, there are more out there (over in EU they had a few contests for crowns too)

  • there should be another way to get the crown such as getting the platinum LBP trophy, which i already got all LBP trophies 100%. =]

  • I said this before but you SCEA guys should put a Top 5 levels for the week/month on this blog, in the sidebar. There is more than enough content in the game to make this an ongoing thing. Anyone clicking on the blog would see the levels and be drawn to the game. Additionally it would give some recognition to those who make the game what it is, the community. It is inexpensive, common sense marketing.

    • Hey Kenshin,

      We have a few more announcements up our sleeve to better highlight levels, but don\’t think a sidebar on this blog is the right place for it (now if this was a LBP blog…)

      Check out for some great level spotlights. Check out the fansites we\’ve been collaborating with too.

  • Hey, I have a question… Other than the obvious “can I have a crown for having to erase my save data after a glitch killed my game, start over and then beat, ace, and 100% every level in two days… including the Metal Gear pack?”


    Okay, then forget those two questions. Will the PSP version have content that I can transfer to my PS3? You know, little things like objects, costumes, and the like. Better yet, will owning the PSP version and linking it to your PS3 allow access to special DLC to enhance our gaming in LBP?

    Well, I guess that was way more than a question… so here’s one more. When might we see that Day One MM T-Shirt?

    How will you know I bought mine on day one? Which I did thanks to my pre-order. It would sort of suck if the “Day One” T-Shirt was available to people who weren’t here for Day One… I mean you wouldn’t do that to us. It would be like offering the Pre-Order Content to everyone who has the game regardless of whether they pre-ordered or not.

    Oh… wait.


    • PSP details will come in time and don\’t worry, you won\’t see the \”Day One\” shirt (we addressed on previous posts), but we\’re hoping to have more similar items in the future.

      Did we mention, we\’re starting a blacklist for the crown too?


  • Meh.

    How long before we can purchase it from the Playstation Store for like $5.00 or so?

    It’s inevitable. I give it 6 months.

  • @Mark Valledor

    #1 & #2 aren’t contests in any way shape or form. There are no legal terms and conditions attached to them so you are not bound by the normal rules. You ARE going to be literally giving these away to anyone you feel like just because they are American and get lucky and it sucks when they are so rare and have been earned outside the US with so much effort in PROPER competitions.

    There is no other way of looking at this. Its wrong and it bloody sucks.

    As for me being on the US blog?

    Do a proper EU blog isntead of shafting us like normal. We are the biggest gaming market for Sony in the whole sodding world yet continually get treated like s**t.

    LittleBigPlanet was developed about 20m away from where I live yet I have no chance at all of getting this stuff while someone on the other side of the world does.

  • Really like the crown, hopefully in the Uk we will be given a fair go at getting one of these!

    Agree with 27 that we dont have anything even like this great blog in europe so I would expect there are going to be more and more europeans on here as time goes by.

    Any chance Mark you could dig out the release schedule for the LBP DLC thats coming this month? I was hoping to see it before the weekend seeing as we didnt have anything this week on the PSN.


    • Check back next week, if we don\’t have a schedule, we\’ll at least have a date for the next DLC on the PS Store.

  • Ya know, since you already did the crown before, wouldn’t be even better to offer something different? That way it would seem like something special, and not just something that was re-hashed.

  • @Mark, thanks for the reply. I don’t want to labor the point but I’d argue this is the perfect place to add a Top 5 LBP levels. The game is a flagship title that will draw in casuals and expand the market. There is also the reciprocity aspect, it will be seen by the PS community as giving something back (you supported us, here is your level on the PS blog). The traffic for MM/fansites is miniscule compared to the PS blog, there is an audience of thousands visiting everyday, potential PS3 buyers included. Anyway, will be interested to see what you have up your sleeve but please at least bounce the idea off your colleagues. It can’t hurt to try it.

  • crown is so shiney….must get….*drool*

  • Hey. I think it’s really awesome what you are doing with the crown. Half the people who are arguing that these new contests are unfair probably haven’t made anything that great anyway to win one. Littlebigplanet is my favorite game of all time. It’s the reason I got a ps3. I LOVE IT.

  • i want that crown now lol………………

  • sweet well like he said anyone can win in his own words so just believe u can get it, ill be trying to get this crown I WANT IT LOL but everyone else good luck :D

  • sounds awesome! im gonna go create something now… perhaps LBP killzone!!! i know its not original but still the two go together like peas and carrots. oh and pass this along to MM Mark, please make a K2 themed level like the MGS4 one. that would sell like hot cakes.


  • @ Mark Valledor

    Any more news on when we will be seeing LBP avatars for PSN?

  • Great that you are opening it up more. Though personally I don’t give much about the crown. :D I would love to see sackbook back up (or something alike it). Weekly spotlights based on levels send in by the players in LBP. New level DLC would be amazing too. Info about the LBP Home space. (wouldn’t it be amazing if the uploaded screens that were taken with the in-game camera would be on slide show display there? With the name of the level they were taken in.) I could go for hours like this, LBP gives me so much creativity..

  • Hey, this might seem selfish, but since I and 14 others ALREADY peaked media molecule’s interest when you guys had the honorable mention list last LBC, do you think we could maybe PRETTY PLEASE WITH A SACKBOY ON TOP get one of those absolutely SAck-tastic SHINY SHINYs? PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE? lol IT would make sackboy HAPPY….Don’t you WANT to make sackboy happy??????

  • >Every once in awhile, LBP fans do something that immediately grabs the attention of a few people, spreads on the web, and eventually is talking about it.

    What about something that does that, yet gets censored because of copyright? (I’m thinking of the Contra remake level that’s making the rounds right now)

    And #19 is right. This is a BIG F@#k you to the rest of the world.

    Considering there is only *one* Sony blog – based in the U.S. – that’s not really a fair response. Thanks for being discriminatory guys!

  • Hey guys love the idea don’t really care if it’s here in Canada or anywhere else in the world. It’s a Crown of a Crowning Achievement. LOL

    I was just wondering if the new psp game is going to be able to interact directly with the ps3 game. What I’m really asking is will you be able to go on the same levels at the same time as a player on a psp and one on the ps3 version and play together online? That is very important to me as I have 2 PSP’s(old and new) and My roommate and I both have PS3’s(what a electric bill we have) we both have LBP.

    Also two of my levels were erased after the beta, they show up when I do a search but I cannot play or save them to my moon. How in the world can I get my “Lost Levels” back? One is called FIREFLIGHT and the other is BUNGEE JUMP. Please tell me you can recover them for me. My PS3 is in for repairs so I’m not sure if my levels are saved online or the ps3’s hdd.

    Can ya help a fan out?

  • I think the crowns should be given only through level creations achievements and not just for being nice in the forums. This would motivate us to create amazing levels.

    Good for the guys who are getting it this way.

  • *Sigh* To bad I can’t get it…
    Though I have posted on the LittleBigWorkshop…
    and I still plan to post more in the future.
    Sorta sucks for everyone who’s not from the US, me being Canadian and all…

  • HAHAHAHAH….I hate to brag….but kinda already have one :-P

    BTW guys—I found something awesome if you get one–some of the stickers are scenes–there is a dream-ish scene with a lot of purple in it—stick that sticker on the crown (make sure it is blown up UBER big!) then all the red will switch to purple felt and the gold will switch to a silvery platinum—-I did it by accident while trying to paint something else and kept it that way hehe!

    BTW SONY: PLEASE institute a system where we can pay you money and you mail us a Sackboy action figure that is a replica of our personal sackboy!!!!! Please?!?!?!?!?

  • Wish you would do a LBP/KillZone 2 Level Pack! ;P
    Like the LBP/MGS4 Level Pack! ;P

  • Any idea on when these are going to start??????

  • If there is any justice in the world, the collaborators for the Contra level remakes will all get crowns. These levels are truly amazing.

    In case you guys missed it:

  • Very cool of you guys to do things like this, definitely gives things a “community” feel. Keep up the great work with these fun little perks!

  • The crown should come with a robe ;)

  • Include Mexico please

  • sweet.

    wish i can get one, I ain’t that lucky but who knows…

    all you guys stop the sarcasm don’t be mad if you don’t get it, you need to do your job to get one not by telling MM to give you one.

    on the other side keep up the great work Sony and the dedication to the community :) I feel like home when I enter In the PlayStation site/blog

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