PATAPON 2: It’s Pata-Pata-Pata-ON!!!!

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Dear peoples of the PlayStation Blog, RSS subscribers, Twitterers and beyond –

It brings me great pleasure to inform you that yesterday marked the anniversary of a very special day in Patapon history…P-DAY.

It was a year ago (plus one day) that millions of spear-wielding, music-loving, monster-fighting, stew-making, desert-crossing, drum-beating Eyeballs invaded homes across America with their hypnotic mind-altering songs. It was on that day that the skies darkened with spears and arrows; it was this day that Zigoton blood saturated the earth. Many Patapon’s fell during the great battle for Earthend… and those who survived… well you know how the story ends.

So to honor this great and momentous holiday, this Day of days, we here at SCEA feel that its only fair to officially announce that the tribal drums of war have started to beat once again… the dark hour of dance-battle is upon us…

Patapon 2 is in the horizon! Oh-Yeah!

The team has worked hard to create a sequel worthy for all the Pata-Fans out there. We doubled the missions you play, amped up the number of bosses, added more Patapon troops, and revamped the Patapon evolution system to Darwinian levels.

Oh, and we added Multiplayer. WOO-HOO!!!

I know you all must have millions of questions, so know this: in the coming weeks we will be posting more Patapon 2 features, screenshots and gameplay videos and other sweet Pata-news right here on this Pata-channel. Fun news like…



So get excited and mark your calendars! No longer will you have to resort to Kittens to pass the time cause we got more great things to come as we all march to launch!

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4 Author Replies

  • Very nice post…the link for multiplayer is a timeless classic…it always delivers.

    The games looks great, the idea of multiplayer sounds very nice. I’m looking forward to this game. More people need to play this.

    when will we have our Patapon toys? I mean LBP costumes are surely nice but real toys…that would rock.

  • I’m trying to follow your advice and mark my calendar…but it’s pretty hard considering you didn’t give us a date. Where should I start marking? I don’t want to waste my pen…

  • Can’t say I enjoyed playing Patapon that much but it was interesting. Certainly I’d want the costume for Sackboy though.

  • ooops sorry…didn’t watch the video…I’m at class right…shouldn’t be here actually…

    Is there a way I can have Sony setup an automatic payroll deduction from my paycheck for all this INCREDIBLE CONTENT?

  • Yessssssssssssssssssssss. Patapons are invading LBP. I do like the cross game costumes in LBP.

  • Costume is epic. Loved the 1st game. Day-1 buy for this one.

  • LOL AWESOME! I love the Sackboy :-)

  • Great! I really enjoyed Patapon 1 so I’m looking forward to this..

  • Awesome, the first game was quite enjoyable. Any chance that we’ll get the Ad Hoc Party for PS3 that’s out in Japan to allow multiplayer tunneling for the game?

  • @ 2 If you watch the embedded video it says that Patapon 2 is out 5/5/09.

    I have a question though, will the army that we worked so hard on making in the previous game be transferable or are we going to have to rebuild?

  • Chris,
    Sorry for being off topic, but are you going to add trophies to Hot Shots Golf?

  • @ #2 –

    I’m guessing you didn’t watch the video…


  • Awesome! I regrettably couldn’t get into Patapon, but LittleBigPlanet costumes are always appreciated. Thank you and good luck with your launch! I hope it’s another PSP success story- and at $20, how could it not be? :)

  • Love it!

    Please, see if we can get an HD Patapon game made for PSN. I want those drum beats to shake the hell out of the home theatre!

  • Nice! I still need to finish the first Patapon, but I’m definitely looking forward to part 2. And the Patapon Sacks are sick. Already bought.

  • Can’t wait for the Sackboy costumes!

  • Need to finish the 1st one but I love the PSP support I’m seeing.

  • Is the multiplayer going to be online or just ad hoc?
    Also, what’s the price going to be?

  • Really cool thanks.

    BTW what’s the update with more PSN Avatars please?

    It can’t be that hard can it?

    Can we have Patapon ones? More Killzone, some Sackboys? Or just any will do at this point.


    Seriously, what’s the hold up guys?

  • The sackboy is amazing… I may have to break down and purchase him

  • I enjoyed the first one, I am buying this one.

    *Thank you* for putting this on a disc, the way it should be.

  • Could you please release on the PSN a pack regrouping Patapon + Patapon2, at a reduced price of course. I keep hearing about patapon, but i still have not got a PSP. I might eventually get one..i’ll see.

  • Day 1 purchase for sure! I totally loved the first one. I also agreed that I’d love to see a PS3 version.

    Are we going to have the same songs to move/attack/etc. as the first or are they going to be tottaly new?

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Yes, the classic commands will follow the same patter… and we\’ve thrown in a couple of new ones in there to mix it up a bit.

  • please, make that sackboy free

  • Looks pretty cool … though I have no clue what it is about or how the story goes.

    • Here\’s a quick synopsis-

      An oppressed tribe calls on their legendary god, \”the Mighty One\”, (that would be you)to help them defeat their enemies and lead them to the promised land of their ancestors, Earthend. You sign an oath to protect them and lead them by using the beat of your war drums to command their actions.

      Patapon One followed their rise from a knocked-around tribe, to a powerful army. Patapon 2 will continue the tribes journey to the promised land.

      Hope that helps!

  • thats one intense patapon trailer

  • Loved the first one. Can’t wait til 5-5-09!

    Now, back to Killzone 2!

  • I’m just here to echo the wants for a PSN Patapon title.


  • Woohoo! I love Patapon so I’m very excited about the sequel and the LBP DLC.

  • This will make the missus very, very happy.

    And yes, a PSN Patapon would be fantastic… or even a retail PS3 Patapon. And no, I’m not going to buy another PSP to play the old one on my TV — nice try, Chris! ;-)

  • Patapon= A Mans Game LOL

  • will there be a PsP bundled with the game because mine broke, it would be nice to have like the japanese version

    @ 11 i’m pretty sure your patapon army from the previous game is transferable

  • Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this game for the longest time, is the one last games I need to complete my very small game collection…

    Great game they should really consider making a PS3 version that runs on glorious 1080p and 5.1 ;)

  • I want a PSP again! =(

    Multiplayer = YAY!

    Patapon in PSP is going to be my favourite costume EVARRR!

  • Sorry… Patapon in LBP =P

    Damn you, missing edit button!!!

  • YES!! I love patapon. I love Little Big Planet. So do we get the costumes if we get the game or do you just purchase the costumes?
    I want another MGS type download for LPB.
    I don’t know if I can do this but here’s a link to my Flash. Some PSP and PS3 shout-outs for LBP and Patapon.

  • I loved the first Patapon, can’t wait to play Patapon 2. Still I would like to see a Patapon prequel. The ancient history in the intro movie sounded really interesting. And yes like many here I think it would be neat to have a PS3 Patapon. But I’ll be happy to have a little Patapon on LBP.

    Earthend or Bust!

  • Yay, Yay, Yipee, Yay
    Yay, Yay, Yipee, Yay
    Yay, Yipee, Yipee, Yipee
    Clap, Clap, Clap, Yipee


  • Sacka Sacka Sackapon

  • Sweet! I love Patapon and have been looking forward to this. Giving me LBP sackboys to boot? Very nice.

    Now, where can I get Patapon swag? A shirt or cap with the artistic designs would be pretty sweet.

    I have one problem: Patapon 2 means new fights with the wife as I put on headphones and play in seclusion so that the noises of the house would not throw off my beat and ruin my FEVER!!!

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Or you could just give her a late Valentine\’s Day gift (ie. her own PSP and her own copy of Patapon2). MULTIPLAYER!!!

  • Pata Pata Pata Pon!

  • Cool, looking forward tho this game. $20 right?

    Also the PSP needs a bit more love, but those other PS3 games incoming to the PSP should make this year a good one.

  • omg those are the coolest looking sackboys yet lol I love it

  • We need a PATAPON for PS3!!

    Make it happen Chris! Please pretty please!


  • Pata-Pata-Pata-Sackboy!!!

    Price for costume?

  • Awesome Chris, your strategy posts on Patapon 1 were among my favorite blog posts on here, especially the list/graphic with the rare Patpons. Do you have something similar planned for the sequel ?

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Thanks AKG! You can expect to see us back here quite often, keeping youz guyz well informed on all things Patapon 2.

  • Oh My Kami!! It´s so awesome to finally get some confirmation on this game, but in May!!

    Well, you better compensate us PataFans by releasing the first game on PSS.

    ALso, I’m expecting some “Level Kit” to go with the Patapon Costume ;)

    Amazing game as always!

  • you should release it on PSN as well… surely this wouldnt be too difficult of that time consuming.

    I dont have a PSP, or plan on getting one any time soon (i dont really have the downtime, and when i do id rather just play PS3).. Do it.

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