MLB 09 The Show – Saving Interactive Replays as Movies

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Hey everyone, Greg Batalucco (Game Designer) back here to bring you another blog installment for MLB 09 The Show. This post will focus on the new feature that many of you have been calling for, saving interactive replays out as movies. We know that everyone likes to show off great plays or even funny ones to their friends. Well, now you have the capability to create your own movie from within our replay system and do just that. Now it is easy and fun to make movies and let everyone see your specific highlights.

Have you ever hit a home run to win a game or made a diving catch in the field and wanted to make a movie to show off to everyone? In MLB 09 The Show, it’s possible and very simple. Here’s how it works.

In the game, select a replay you would like to record as a movie. You can either use the regular instant replay or our replay vault (As a side note, replay vault allows you to go back to any inning or player at any time to get the exact play you want). Now that you have selected the specific replay you want to record, you can get started. On the replay screen, you will notice a notification in the upper left-hand corner that lets you know that pressing the L3 button is for recording/stopping the movie. This is important because the user must press the L3 button to start the recording process, then again to stop recording. All replay menu controls are usable like fast forwarding and rewinding your replay to get the exact shot you are looking for. You can also zoom in and out, and move the cursor and camera around to get the proper focus and angles in your movie. This will help you to find the perfect play or spot in a particular play that you wish to record. You can record as many movies, of the same replay, as you like. There is no limit, other than your hard drive of course. All movies are saved out as MP4s, and depending on your hard drive size, you can record numerous movies to showcase to everyone.

MLB 09 The Show screenshot- Replay Vault replay

MLB 09 The Show screenshot - Replay Movie setup

Now once you have finished recording your movie, it will be automatically saved to the XMB. You can then go to the XMB to see your newly recorded movie. It is that simple (note: you must be back out of the game and in the XMB to actually view the movie…sorry, can’t view them while still in a game). Once in the XMB, look under the Video section to see your newly created movie folder. The initial folder will show the title MLB 09 The Show – enter it to view your created movies. Your new movie will have a file name of the exact play, date and time of recording and length of recording. From the XMB bar, you can copy this movie onto a Memory Stick or USB drive and take it to your PC to further edit, or post to any website for your friends viewing.

MLB 09 The Show screenshot- Movie is recorded

MLB 09 The Show screenshot - Movie icon_recorded now

With the addition of saving interactive replays as movies for MLB 09 The Show, you now have the ability to showcase your great plays or not so great plays into movies. It is a very easy way to let your friends know what type of player you are. So have fun and enjoy making movies of your gameplay in this new feature for MLB 09 The Show. We appreciate your feedback and know that your ideas help to make the game the best it can possibly be. Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy MLB 09 The Show and making movies!

And to get you ready for the game’s release on Tuesday, here’s a nice chunk of MLB 09 The Show gameplay to drool over:

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  • Love being able to save/upload videos. Thanks

  • Looks Amazing the replay stuff sounds pretty sweet I’ve been a 2k player since 05 but this year I’m getting the Show

  • Nice! Good to see more games supporting this feature!

  • Awesome feature. BTW, I caught your guy’s commercial today, and I must say it has been a while since I’ve seen a great game commercial, and I applaud that it got across what the game is about, but it still had humor.

  • Quick question – does this support direct to youtube? I found the feature useful on noby noby boy/pixel junk monsters (not sure if it’s on anything else), but then again, I may be the minority that does this. Anyways, can’t wait for the game to release, looks very good and loving all the features.

  • It would be cool for ’10 to be able to take that video you made and upload it to Sportsconnect or something and have your MLB friends be able to see it when they view your sports profile.

  • Only during replay? Nice feature, but I was hoping I could record during actual gameplay.

  • I’ve had the game since wed and this feature is really nice. I’ve already uploaded some videos on you tube. Great, Great, Game and very beautiful One of the best if not the best looking game period sports game or not.

  • Can you save replays during online gameplay?

    • You can save replays after an online game. Once you get to the Post Game Menu, just go to the Replay Vault and save any replay you\’d like.

  • MLB 09 The Show: It slices, it dices, it can put your kids through college… We get it already.

  • Already have the game, and its incredibly GOOD. Best Installment of The Show franchise yet.

  • I cant wait for this game, and you show my CARDINALS and my fav player #55 Skip Schumaker in this video. YOU GUYS DOUBLE ROCK!

  • 5GB mandatory install. No thanks!

    • We over estimate a bit. Initial install is only about half that. Good things come at a price, in our case a minor one! ;-)

  • Man, people got the game already…5GB installment?

  • Yea I bought the game this morning.

    There is a mandatory Install its 1,500MB

    Takes About 6-7 Minutes.

    Best Baseball game out there. I also played the FULL version of MLB 2K9 and while its improved The Show still beats it.

    (& I was a 2K fan in 2007 until it stunk last year but its back to being a quality game. The Show is better this year tho)

    Must Buy!

  • Just curious, is Sportsconnect active for MLB 09 as of now?

  • Hey shark it was earlier today but now it says a software update is required which there is none. Guess they locked it out till release date.

  • hey how can i buy the game? like go and buy it from the store? what do u do?

  • So what resolution will the recorded videos be in? 720p, right?

  • i mean to buy it for today

  • What’s up MLB the show 09 nation? For you guys that bought the game today what store is selling the game early thanks?

  • Are the replays going to be able to be uploaded to YouTube or can we take screenshots to send to our PSN friends? I’d love to be able to show my buddies my perfect game or no hitter stats!

  • ***** Greg, as I said in previous posts you and your team provide an excellent game each year. I am sure I can speak with the rest of PS players and baseballs fans, that we love each March/April for the Bigs to start getting underway and for us to play our virtual hearts away.

    One extra question which i may hope get answered. — In previous years in watching live games through Sportsconnect, there was some lag with updating progress and more importantly, the team icons were always off. Is this addressed this year??? I know there were tons of enhancements to the online aspect of the game.
    Thanks for your time!!!

    p.s. I have a league starting for Yahoo Fantasy baseball. Any takers please message me on PSN.

    • We have addressed the logo problem. If something crops up, let me know via here or OpSports and we\’ll get it fixed up!

  • Dear ‘The Show’…

    I mistakenly downloaded MBL2K yesterday on the PSN update…wasted 1 out of my monthy 60GB alottment…Damn.

    Erased it right away and await your game instead!


  • i really excited about this game. however with all of these extras in the game why did you leave out the most requested : Home Run Derby. I know some people can live without it. I can but i know a lot of my friends who are big into baseball still enjoy this feature.

    It certainly wasn’t an issue on space since this is on a blu ray with a 5 gb install.

    You have your reasons and i’ve already bought the game and will still enjoy it. Just everytime i see one of these blogs that says a feature that many fans have asked for you are still leaving out the one asked for the most.

    • We hear you guys and it\’s got one of the top spots on the list for next year. We just always like to make sure additions are thoroughly thought out. We don\’t just want to throw in a HR Derby, but we like to make sure it\’s properly implemented within all of our season modes.

  • where is everyone getting game early ??

  • cant wait for this game!! unfortunately i wont be able to get my hands on it for a little while. i just had to send in my ps3 to sony two days ago. i really hope they get it back pretty quickly. already have the game ordered. GO CUBS GOOO, GO CUBS GOOOOO, HEY CHICAGO WHADYA SAY…

  • Jason Villa, will Australian PS3 users be able to download this demo at all? I would love to check out the demo before considering a purchase in the future.

  • Thanks Jason for your reply. I really appreciate the time you guys take with the blog posts, even days after orignally posted. I will let you know if any problems.

    Hey, What ARE the chances that we could get some online games with you and your team??

    • Very good chances. We hope to hold some tournaments soon. Keep an eye out for info in announcements or messages from our community manager, Russell.

  • I’ve been waiting in great anticipation for Tuesday to get here. Game looks amazing, guys!

  • there should be a home run derby… you keep listing all of the new features but ignore the most requested one.

  • This game looks awesome and I loved the demo, and though I haven’t bought a baseball game in awhile, this will probably be the one, I was pretty disappointed to learn there wasn’t a home run derby, it’s simply just the best feature to have when friends are over and you wanna have some fun, without them having to learn all the controls of the game your friends can just try and press “x” at the right time. It seems like a basic feature, at least for those of us who aren’t incredibly hardcore about these kinds of games

  • Is there any chance of the MLB The Show getting a contract with the Minor Leagues so real minor league players who have never appeared in the majors could be in the game?

    • Man we wish we could. Big long licensing story behind that one. It\’s always a possibility, just not an easy issue to tackle.

  • I completely understand, its good to know that it is a tiny possibility though.

  • That Tournament sounds good. If you guys do make a tournament so we can play yall. How will it work?

  • After quite some time. i finally pre-ordered cant wait until tuesday!!!

  • In this year’s game, is the pitcher going to start walking over to first base if he receives a ground ball? Because in 08, only the computer would be able to do that, and I could almost never do it.

    • What we like to call the Bermuda Triangle (pitcher, catcher, first baseman) area of the field has had a huge amount of work done to it. You should not have a problem fielding balls hit there.

  • Brilliant as always, praying for an online Franchise-mode with AI-teams in 2010.

    I have a stupid question that probably doesn’t require an answer, but seeing Ankiel in CF in that YouTube clip put it in my head. When you get to the 18th inning or so, can you throw position players into the game at pitcher? And if so, does Ankiel have slightly better stuff than the average hitter?

    Stupid, I know.

  • on “09 the show” for the ‘homerun derby’ say that the situation is in the final round. the guy needs just one homerun and he has no outs. The man hits the homerun to win the game. Although, in 08 the show and the previous ones he keeps on going until he gets the last out. Will this years homerun derby let it be a walk-off homerun in the derby so you don’t waste time.

  • oh and in 09 the show after we clinch the division , wild card. Also win the division series, championship series, and the world series. Will we be able to see them actually celebrate for the ps3. please write back and same for #39.
    Thank You. :^)

  • Sunday morning papers…..combing through the papers I was looking to see approx what time this game would be available on Tuesday. Best Buy has 2pm and Target has 8am (but states to call for availability).

    I think I can answer my own question as they will ship on Monday, overnight…game is usually at stores in the early-mid afternoon. My only big concern is the weather issues in the Northeast, we could all be waiting till Wednesday (ugh)

  • After owning the psp version the past 3 years.
    I’d like to say…as savy as I’ve come with my old age of 26 with never paying retail. This will be my 7th ps3 game and will be the ONLY game I can justify paying full retail price day one.
    and will happily do so. thanks for always putting out a quality product.

  • Seeing Soriano in the video reminds me to ask if he does his signature jump catch in the game. Doesn’t really matter to me that much but it would be cool.

  • SWEET the show series is the best online is always fun hope there will be support for it throught its lifespan bc there wasnt that much online support on 08 so hopoe u guys support ur game a little more this year other then that u guys have the best baseball game series PERIOD :D

  • I remember speaking to a producer last year & was told that this year the game would implement multi-colored bats & gloves. Has this indeed been implemented?

    Also, the bug I reported in the previous blog (where after using the R2 to dive for a ground ball, that the fielder would then proceed to throw home even though I pressed the “circle” to throw to first base)occurs whther I used the “X” pitch or any other pitch.

    Btw… I also found a strange bug that you may wish to look into. After hitting a line drive to the second baseman who proceeded to catch the ball for the third out, I had a runner on first base at the time. The timing of the catch & the timing of the runner running from first coincided that the second baseman actually also touched the baserunner. (while making the third out by catching the ball) The next inning the batter who had lined into the third out actually led off the next inning.

  • One more question, I noticed in MLB 08 that when playing a 2 player season (hotseat, as opposed to online, am not sure if this issue is also a problem online) only the player whose game it is get’s their stats & wins & losses saved to their profile.

    Just to explain what I mean a bit more clearly, let’s say I am playing my frined a 2 player season. I choose the Yankees as the team I control. My friend chooses the Red Sox as his team. I play all the Yankee games & he plays as my opponnent. (the team that the Yankees are scheduled to play against. The game will only save my profile stats & win/loss even though my friend also played the game as the opponent & his profile was also loaded into the game. & of course it’s vice versa when I play as his opponent verses the Boston Red Sox.

    My question is, is there a fix that will get the game to record the stats to BOTH profiles for each game?

  • PS, I don’t mean the “online profile” but rather the profile located in the game which records wins & losses plus personal stats in games you play against the CPU or against other players playing on the same Playstation 3.

  • Wazza12, just sign up for a US PSN account and there you go. Thats how I downloaded it.

    P.S – I have to wait a further 8 days for this game after release due to shipping

  • This might be inconsequential to most, but I was just wondering if there is going to be any MLB 09 wallpapers available… I still have the MLB 07 wallpaper on my desktop…

  • hey send me a request we can play againest each other, the videos are nice but cant wait till i get it in my hand LETS GO YANKEES

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