Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Pack Trailer!

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Hello all – As we posted last week in the initial announcement of the Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack, we’re now happy to present this trailer showing off of the awesome new maps, characters and items included in SCENE!

You can also download this trailer for free from the PlayStation Store later today. Remember to stay tuned here in the coming weeks, there’s more cool stuff on the way!

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  • OMFG..PPL trophies r so dumb….can we leave them out of metal gear please…

  • I can’t believe how lazy people are. Oh it takes approximately 15 seconds more to log into Metal Gear Online because it doesn’t use PSN, that’s just too much bother.

    XP, sounds to me like your fat stubby thumbs could use the workout ya lazy bastards!

  • I agree with many. I have not bought many things for MSO because of the cumbersome login and multiple ID confusion. I always go “huh?”

  • Well said #1, well said

  • PSN ID and friends list > Konami ID
    PlayStation Store > Konami Store

  • Ohh come on Guys I live in the USA and I like the whole Konami thing yes it’s a pain but It doesn’t bother me. log in, play, and they do have auto login for the game so it’s not like you have to remember alot unless your like me and have 2 accounts on it. hrmmmmph anyway. I just wish they would make the stuff in the online cataloge available for purchase with money not just reward points

  • I love MGO, but I dont play it anymore because of the whole painful log in experience.
    I personally don’t mind going through all that hassle however I do mind when I finally log in and see that really not that many people are online. If it was using PSN like any other game (call of duty !) then more people would be online and I will have more reasons to buy the expansion pack.

    WHY would buy an expansion pack that i can play only with a handful of people ?????

  • @55
    exactly what EVERYONE wants
    I can only add “region free”!!
    yes, FREE mgo !! I want to play with my cousin!

  • Ohh and if anyone here does play despite all the bickering and moaning and is in need of an active friendly MGO clan please check out Christian Rebs we’re new but we’re here to stay all levels, all badges, all children of God are welcome to join, just apply and you’ll be accepted thanks

  • whoa, this trailer showed some awesomes stuff. Bunny from Silent Hill FTW.

  • Don’t even fix the Konami ID until you fix the glitches/boosters/… oh, wait, all those e-mails aren’t going to Kojima Productions and if they are Kojima Productions doesn’t care because their region (Japan) isn’t full of PSN rejects.

    Until then, I don’t care.

  • I have one expansion pack and most of the time I do play with only one other person I like 1 on 1’s and it’s all in when you log in half the time I can’t get into the otacon room cause there are over 900 people and the room is locked down. so the only other room I play in is Eva. sometimes Meryl if Eva is filled also but it don’t happen all the time.

    usually just at night yes mid day in usa everyone is at work so 50-60 people on at once but at night the rooms are packed. and besides you can only have up to 8 on 8 anyway. so….. that’s my take on it

  • With or without trophies this game will still always be amazing, I love the fact that I can now have firefights in the mansion and a mall. I just can’t wait to buy this new expansion, I got them all.

  • well i have to agree with everyone that posted i LOVE MGS4 and MGO i play it once in a while but i hate when all the good servers can only be access if u have the map pack which i would love to get but i dont have a credit card and get psn cards to buy stuff (hint hint*) so PLEASE take of the konami id and connect with psn more money in ur pockets from me if u do (hint hint*)

  • Drop the Konami ID, maybe use it once just to install the game or something, but it sucks that it doesn’t use the PSN. I’m not buying stuff from the MGO Store either.

  • “I think Trophies seem to be the only thing people have to whine about regarding MGS4’s online element.”

    WRONG. They need to get rid of the KONAMI ID and intergrate the PSN instead. I DON’T want trophies for MGO, because I’ll never play it (unless it uses PSN). I want trophies for MGS4, not MGO.

  • I guess I’ll be playing some more MGO pretty soon.

  • well yea trophies for mgs4 would be awesome

  • AWWW!!! Why did you abruptly cut the music!!?!?!?!?!?! I like that song!!!! lol

    *pulls out MGS4 official soundtrack and listens*

    Much better! :)

  • On a more serious note… YES THIS GAME DRASTICALLY NEEDS TROPHIES!!!! If unreal tournament 3 can, MGS can too!

  • WOW. Awesome Trailer. I was on the fence about purchasing this Exp. but now I getting it on day one.

    As for the log in system. GET OVER IT!. In a way i am glad it is like that because it prevents the stupid people who don’t have a 3rd grade reading level unable to play .

    As for Trophies they said last week that they are looking into it so chill. All I ask for them to do is to fix those cheating bastards who do the “CQC Glitch”.

    Can’t wait see you guys on the battlefeild and remember….


  • MGO rocks!!!!

    But please put trophies and for the sake of all the playstation fans here please make MGS5 exclusive!!!!

  • The patriot is online now damn. Vamp has health recovery. Nm more to look at in the game that will be enjoyable. unless shadow moses @ the end is included and looks like we’ll be getting new enemy costume pieces as well since Raiden was chopping up frogs on the ingame engine. gotta get back into my swing of things in this game before I lose that swing its like the levels are no longer about sneak’n they’re more about shoot’n which takes away from MGS’s sneak authenticity.

  • Jesus people stop your whining about trophies. Buy some other game or just accept it. GREAT trailer.

  • I would like Metal Gear online only if they got rid of the stupid konami id for it, and if they added trophies to it, and if they made all the purchasable items through the PlayStation Store.

    I also REALLY would KILL for there to be actual Metal Gear Solid 4 DLC, and for it to be updated with Tropies

  • they’ve gone to far with the online, like playing as raiden, come on…. it sounds ok, but it’ll be much better to buy these on the playstation store, cause i never get to get them through mgo… :(

  • I love MGO!!! Minus the fauxhounds and the glitch kings of course. There needs to be a link to the PSN!!!

  • Hi everyone – I posted most of this to the comments last week, but I think it got buried, so you may not have seen it. Regarding MGS4/MGO trophies and Konami ID/PSN integration – you are being heard. As I posted last week, we have been circulating these issues internally, and we will report back as soon as we are able. With regards to the glitches / cheats, we are definitely working on addressing that – I am getting all the details on exactly what fixes are going to be patched and I will report it as soon as I can. Again, as stated last week, I’d like to mention that every bit of video/photo/or other evidence of glitching / cheating you can send us at really helps us to address these issues. We would like to sincerely thank all of you who have sent stuff in previously, and I’d also like to thank those of you posting constructive comments here. It really, really does help me push for what you want. Thank you!

  • No PSN Id’s No buy from me. Stupid move by Konami to use their lame ID crap. No trophies yet either??? **moves onto Killzone2**

  • Man this totally makes me want to go play it again (and I will when I have time).

    Btw anyone know how controlling Raiden/Vamp works? Can you choose him right off the bat or are they kinda like Old Snake where it’s mode specific and chosen at random?

  • Yeah, you should really of used the PSN. Makes everything a step easier :)

    Good that you are still supporting the game, thanks.

  • Trophies for MGS4 or GTFO.

    UT3, Fifa 09, TRU all getting trophy patches where’s the love for MGS4?

  • i wouldve still been playing mgo and bought the expansions but its too bad i forgot my KONAMI ID

    i know my GAME ID and still remember the password.

    but the konami id i forgot.

    it wont even let me recieve my forgotten password through my email because i forgot the secret answer to the question.

  • Add trophies and PSN integration and I’m in.

  • Yupi trophies, you guys need to watch the video, I’m just saying.
    I think I saw a trophy there ^-^
    I think the Konami ID its just for the demo.

  • Nice! I’m liking thise SCENE pack guys, but…

    Ahem, TROPHIES for single player? We need to keep MGS 4 alive!

  • Oh and I mean, We NEEEEED TROPHIES!

  • We need trophies and the ability to buy the expansions through the PSN store because I will not buy them anywhere else!!!

  • Mr. Laurino,

    Could you guys do something for Playstation HOME? Even if it is something as simple as giving avatars outfits from the game. I would be willing to spend $2.00 or maybe higher per uniform part for outfits like the ones in the game. But please try not to make the price too expensive. Oh, and if you could work in custom soundtracks for the MGS4 and MGO, that would be great.

  • Robbie the Rabbit!


    MGO with konami ID is a DISASTER!! Im not playing it, im not buying expansions for that reason.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Thank You Brandon for responding back quickly. At least we now know that you guys are there working on this issue.

    All the MGO Community wants is to be heard and not ignored.

  • That would be nice if i could play the piece of crap. I play all the time on my friend’s PS3… Love it. I had an old Character created, but don’t remember my retarded all number password – and the website is a piece of ****, so using the forgot my password thing is completely useless. I doubt it even works anyway. I could create a new character, but you guys seem to find it necessary to charge me 7 DOLLARS just to do that, so no thanks.

  • Now of course, by friend doesn’t have a credit card and he’s asking me to buy this expansion for him (like we did with the other 2). You couldn’t just use the Playstation Store so he could get some Playstation cards, no… Of course… You need to buy it THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE. What the? Why? Really… Why!? It’s too bad SONY didn’t step up and make damn sure this Konami ID crap wasnt possible on the PS3. We all know (and love) sony for letting devs be free to do what they want – but sometimes i think they should step up and stop stuff like this. We all know Microsoft would laugh in your face if you tried this on the 360. That being said… that’s one of many reasons why Microsoft is the worst company ever.
    Anyway. It’s a shame you guys messed up such a great game and made it impossible for me to play the friggen thing, cause lord knows id like too. I would never give you guys my 7 bucks for this though. Thanks though!

  • I love the entire Metal Gear Series. I’ve played every single game since the original Metal Gear on the MSX and then on the NES. Also, I have been looking for a new game to play online with my friends, but until MGO comes to PSN with official support for everything, I will not put 1 cent or 1 minute into it.

    I refuse to buy digital content from a 3rd party vendor since I have no guarantee I can redownload it at a much later date. I can trust Sony to keep the PSN up until the PS3 is done with and the PS4 is here, but I cannot say the same about a 3rd party.

    If all of MGO came to PSN tomorrow, I would gladly download every single expansion pack and play this game online as my primary game on the PS3, but until then, it will remain unplayed by me and by many others who feel the same way.

    Way to ruin what could have been the newest big thing in online shooters since COD4.


  • Everyone who complains about the login is stupid, simple as that. You type your login info in ONCE and have it remember it all. It is not THAT hard. You’d think we’re talking about rocket science here or something. The trailer for SCENE is awesome and I will definitely be preordering it.

  • I am not buying these expansions until they:

    #1 go the PSN store

    #2 Integrate MGO with the PSN

    #3 add trophies to MGS4

    #4 connect the game to Home.

    end rant/

  • Thank you for your continued support Konami and Sony. I hope new content comes for MGO/MGS4 as long as the PS3 is still active. One suggestion I would like to make is that maybe when we buy an expansion we get a few pieces of gear with no hit to our reward points.

  • @Brandon Laurino

    Thanks for responding. It’s great that you’re listening to us.

    I do hope our wishes come true, a bigger MGO community would be great, and he idea of returning to MGS4 to earn some trophies is very exciting! If you add MGO trophies as well… consider those expansions bought! :)

  • MGO play´s really well, every time I play it, I haven´t any problem, no lag, no latency.
    I don´t know why so many complains about it, yeah the konami ID and game ID it´s weird, but it work´s, the only think that is too weird is the friend list, outside that, the konami shop it´s fine. Not having the content in the PSN is more a chance cost for konami (seems they realice). About trophies, come on guy´s, I think, we, PS enthusiast, were way apart from the spoil XBOTS, that, if the other consoles have it, we want it, come on, plus, if MGS4 ever get´s thophies, I bet to everyone of you, that the Xbots will say that that´s a sign of the game arrival to their console.

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