Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Pack Trailer!

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Hello all – As we posted last week in the initial announcement of the Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack, we’re now happy to present this trailer showing off of the awesome new maps, characters and items included in SCENE!

You can also download this trailer for free from the PlayStation Store later today. Remember to stay tuned here in the coming weeks, there’s more cool stuff on the way!

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  • Trophies for the single player campaign.
    End the Konami ID and go PSN (seriously, how much money are you losing on this because of your stubborness?).
    Allow purchases through PSN for ALL expansion packs.

  • I’d be quicker to buy these if they were sold through the PlayStation Store…

    Also, are they ever going to bring the original Sneaking Mission back?

  • i love mgo, its just to bothersom to log into! i wont be playing it again until it comes to the psn. sorry!

  • Great Video!

  • Trophies are a must for this game.

  • It looks like a great expansin pack. I haven’t played the game in months. I may pick it this up later on.
    Konami, please get rid of your user name ID system and integrate with the PSN and PS store.

  • Sounds like your missing out on a lot of money Konami.

  • More cool stuff like….TROPHIES?!!?!?

  • i love mgo, i play every day, i dont know what is the problem whit the konami id and that stuff, is just security, and trophies? come on guys dont be a x box ser lovers, archivmentes sucks, and is more easy to purchase from the konami store , cuz i dont live in usa, so the konami store accept all the credit cards,

  • That was awesome.

    Looking forward to hearing more. Hopefully trophies will also be coming along with this new expansion pack.

  • It would have been a buy….. if it had trophies……. I’m sorry, I’m moving on to Killzone 2… which does have trophies * AND MORE!

  • sorry for the double post, but integrate MGO with the PSN user names and PS store they’ll be a lot more successful.

  • Trophies are a huge factor for replay value. HINT HINT

  • Great trailer! Can we now start using our PS wallets to buy ALL the MGO DLC? You know, not just this expansion.

  • Please use the regular PSN friends list and add trophy support.

  • PSN integration!

    But this stuff does look really cool.

  • USE PSN ID to log in into the game please! or put out the MGO client on PSN so I don’t have to put in the MGS4 disc all the time!

  • Awesome, when is it available for pre-order??

  • If it isn’t integrated with PSN, then I’m not interested. Way too much of a hassle.

  • MGS4 is my favorite game of all time but I’ve never played online and won’t until it works like ALL OTHER ONLINE games. Trophies would be nice too.

  • Konami go with PlayStation Store!!!

  • This is nothing more than a last desperate plea to recruit new players before Killzone 2 comes out. — Seriously, I can renew the plates on my car faster than I can register through the Konami ID system, just for a CHANCE to try this game.. Wasn’t the PSN CREATED to do away with this kind of garbage?

    Konami ID system = FAIL
    Game ID system = FAIL

    I hope the developers are embarrased over the mess they’ve made with this game.

  • Fix the Konami ID system. We won’t play your game until you let our PSN ID’s actually work for a PSN game!

  • I assume people throwing away another $12 still won’t fix the glitches? I don’t understand why KP think they can just dish out new content and leave the moderation to Konami whom doesn’t do jack about all the issues plagueing this game. When the player on top of the leader boards is a idiotic blatant glitcher, you know you’ve got yourself a problem.

    I would probably still play MGO if it didn’t try to directly compete with other shooters. TDM in a Metal Gear game is just absurd as giving Resident Evil 5 a competitive CTF mode. I assume Raiden and Vamp appear only in a new mode since I see Haven Troopers running around.
    That’s what it should’ve been from the start instead of trying to make the game into a shooter when the actual shooting mechanics just blow. Sorry but when I play a game I want to have fun not to get instant-headshotted just for walking around a corner. On a series based so heavily on realism, it sure loves assault rifles that can hit someone in the head from over a 100 feet away with a single shot. More modes like SNE and TSNE, with rankings that actually rewarded you for plying them, sure would be nice.

  • The integration of MGO with the PSN will never happen. By not integrating with the PSN, it allows Konami to reap all the profits from DLC without sharing it with Sony. That’s probably why this title is a ps3 exclusive. If Konami couldn’t take all the rewards from DLC, this title probably would have gone multi-platform. I would like to see PSN integration as well, but I guess this is how you pay for exclusivity.

  • SCENE Expansion pack will be on PSN..
    And I really don’t care how I log in Still one of the badest online games I have ever played.. And I keep wanting more!!
    (cough mgs5) :D

  • No Trophies, No Thanks. Konami messed up bad. I actually was excited about MGO until I found out they weren’t using PSN.

  • Get rid of the Konami and Game ID’s, and I’ll buy this in a heartbeat.

  • Listen to all these people who want to give you money get rid of the konami online id and use psn for the game id and the store add trophies, bundle the expansions together in a pack, throw in a home space like the new warhawk one released today and you will start a complete rebirth of mgo. We want to give you money for this stuff make those changes and let us

  • I tried playing this game once….took way to o long to get started, I gave up. Sounds like they need to integrate with PSN more…

  • I think Trophies seem to be the only thing people have to whine about regarding MGS4’s online element.

    Hopefully Konami will listen and then there’s nothing to whine about…for a little while at least. ;)

  • Konami needs to bring it’s other series back home to PS3…DDR where are you?
    And I really want Suikoden 6 to be on PS3.

    Thanks for the MGS stuff though. Trophies anytime soon?

  • This looks amazing, lots of content for an expansion pack, good job guys, also I loved the masked man part lol.

  • Troooooooophieeees!!!!!!!!

  • I’d love to play MGO, but the lack of PSN ID and PSN Friend List support is annoying thus it deters me from playing. Come on throw me a bone please.

    I’m also in the belief that a trophy update is a must.

  • Get rid of the Konami and Game ID’s, and I’ll buy this in a heartbeat.

    Get rid of the Konami and Game ID’s, and I’ll buy this in a heartbeat.

    Get rid of the Konami and Game ID’s, and I’ll buy this in a heartbeat.

    How many times do we have to tell you Konami?? Seriously, is no one listening to the customers?

  • It sounds like with lack of trophies and no PSN user names, I will still have to wait to buy this game.

  • Konami,
    It time to let go of the pain in the butt login. Merge with PSN for regular sign in procedure and contents downloading. Its a guarantee block buster is you improve your service.

  • How about doing the right thing? Release the first DLC packs on the PSN like it should have been from the start. And how about some trophies, is that too much to ask?

  • Sweet!

    I love playing MGO, how can you not love MGS mixed with Online :p

    Thanks dude

  • WOW!!! Raiden takes the spotlight now!
    Funny gear LOL And super sweet Maps

  • Love MG.

    Hate MGO specifically due to Konami ID … I’m willing to support MGO when you properly support PSN…cash on the table Konami.

  • LOL I was going to chime in about the lack of PSN support but I was beat too it. I liked MGO but I too feel inconvenienced by the Konami ID system, and now I gotta go through them to get the new stuff, looks great but I’ve already lost interest but i guess this pack is for the few hundred that still do play it.

  • I dont even remember my log in info for this. they make you use so many different ones. I havent played in forever. I never liked the ranking system. I’ve played for months and never got past level 3 rank

  • I really DO NOT like how they turned the best STEALTH game into a SHOOTER with MGO. That´s the only reason I don´t play MGO. Plus the process to download updates takes forever, direct download sucks and no one is there anymore to do peer to peer.

  • I love MGO, and this expansion looks great. My only gripe is the price of the expansions.

    Also, if you’re looking for user feedback, know that users want trophies on MGS4 and/or MGO.

    I also hope you are keen on eliminating the cheats on MGO.

    Thanks for your atention, and thanks for a game that I’ve been playing for the last 6 months non stop!

  • Konami ID killed this game. MGO is actually pretty good only if you can find some people to play with.

  • Haha that trailer was hilarious.


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