Win your own Killzone 2 StA52 Assault Rifle Replica

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Hello All,

Well, the wait is almost over as Killzone 2 is just a few short days away from hitting the PS3. We are very excited about the game & would like to thank PlayStation Nation for the support that all of you have shown. To show our gratitude, we’ve decided that for the first 14 days of March, we’ll be giving away one Helghast StA52 Assault Rifle replica per day to one of our fans. Check out these photos (NOT RENDERS!) below.

Killzone 2 Rifle Replica

All you need to do is to play Killzone 2 from March 1st to March 14th & at the end of each day, we’ll check out the stats on and pick out the winners based on specific categories from either the single player & online multiplayer. Check out the full list & contest details for the March for Helghan contest here.

Get your hands on the demo… preorder your copy now… get the game early… build up your skills… do whatever it takes as these limited edition replicas won’t be sold in stores.

Good luck!

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7 Author Replies

  • Does it shoot real bullets :)

  • Nice! Will look forward to this and can’t wait for the game!

  • Sweet!

    I’ll be playing then anyway, so that’s just an added plus!

  • I’m going to set a reminder on my iPhone for March 1st.

    I am going to get this gun…watch

    how much does it weigh?

  • Dang….I wish I was skilled enough to win one of these….but I’m just “okay” at shooters. Can’t wait to play this game though.

  • “Day 13: Most Games Lost”

    IMHO that is not going to be very cool when I’m playing with people who want to boost their lost game stat… :(

  • Only 14 of them huh? These are going to be really tough to get.

  • Too bad Canadians aren’t eligible….

    I just hope we at least get the video store soon.

  • I need to get me a PS3

  • To bad all stats can be padded with just a friend and bots.

  • Awww! Do WANT!

  • Woah, this is cool :p I want one, gimmie!

  • man theres no way ill get one since i suck playin online :[

  • 14 huh… man thats gonna be tough..

  • I was gonna play KZ2 around that time anyway.I might as well try to win this nice gun replica while I’m at it.

  • should have waited till all the amazon pre-orders arrive, give us a chance to catch up, just a few xtra days you know.


  • I MUST win one of these!!


  • Taking those days off from work. LOL.



    I NEED IT !!!!

    Dammit I cant wait till friday, literally CANNOT WAIT lol

  • *drool* That’s it, newbies, time for the beta tester to show you my acquired skills!

  • oh damn…. just 2 days… and i start my job interview next week… i would have love to enter this but looks like im going to have to pass on this….sooo broke

    anyone wanna buy a bass amp? :P

    anyway good luck to those lucky/skilled people to get this awesome trophy :(

  • That thing is sexy!

    I’m so gonna try and get one of those things! :D

  • Hey TJ,

    Does it shoot live rounds?

  • Just realised this will be US only… ;_;

    When the hell are we getting a EU blog?

  • going to play killzone 2 non stop want that replica

  • I think Guerrilla should have a Killzone store on their website where fans can buy Licensed Killzone Merchandise, including stuff like other Gun Replica’s, T-Shirts, Killzone 2 Soundtrack, and other Limited Edition merchandise because I’d be all over it.

    Anyways, I wonder how much one of these Replica’s will go for on Ebay. I’m pretty sure that some people will keep it, but I’m sure that some people will resell it. Personally if I won the Gun Replica I would keep it because I Collect many different things, but I just think it’s going to be interesting to see how much one of these Gun Replica’s will sell for in a Auction.

  • Why are these competitions always so unfair to us busy college students :'( Id like to have a shot at this but I wont have all the time in the world to play KZ2. I’ll play it a lot but I’ll never have the time to reach #1 or anything to get this. Every day is another bitter medicine. But in the long run college is worth it. So I’m told :'(

  • are they for sale??? i’d gladly buy one instead , dont have as much time as others to play the game

  • Will it be based on the stat for that day or an accumulation of the stats up untill that point?

    Like for day 13. Will it be the person with the most losses on day 13 or from release day?

    Yeah, that’s the one I think I might stand the best chance at getting. Of course no one is going to want to be on the Hellghast team so it might be hard getting into even matched games. Unless the game regulates how many people are on one team to keep it even.

    • It will be based on the stat for that day. We put that in the Official Rules (click on the link in the post for more details).

  • Could you please clarify which are single player and which are multiplayer? I’m asuming that the first 4 days are single player, correct? Also, is it a cumulative total for that day or for every day since the begining of the contest?

    • Yep, you\’re right. The first four days are single player stats.

      We\’ll select our winner from the stats for the past 24 hours of that day.

  • Killzone 2 online is freakin’ awesome!

  • This contest isn’t fair… obviously the 14 guns are going to be won by 14 losers who have no lives and stay awake 24/7. Then they’ll have the replicas but no friends to show them to.

  • So you’re looking at those stats just for that day? Or are you gonna be looking at those stats up until that point?

    Kinda confused on that.

  • @34 hey that loser could have been me now shhh

  • Is it made of plastic or medal?

  • Nice! Thanks for telling us the requirements too!

  • Already completed the game twice and started on Elite, but it’s just so damn hard on Elite, I doubt I’ll play singleplayer again. Oh well, I’m in the EU, so I’m left out… again *tear*.

  • Could you please clarify which criteria apply to the single-player and which apply to the multiplayer?
    I assume the first 4 are single-player, correct? Also, do the rankings apply to that particular day or every day preceding it since the contest began?
    Does the difficulty level impact your ranking in the single-player criteria? It’s obviously a lot easier to meet the criteria on a lower difficulty. So do the rankings only apply to the highest difficulty level (Elite)?
    Do the multiplayer rankings only apply to only Warzone games or player hosted Skirmish as well?
    Do you have to be connected to PSN while playing the single player in order for your rankings to be update or only when you beat the final stage and you’re given your stats?

    • For your first 2 questions, refer to my answer @33.

      No, the difficulty level does not impact your stats.

      Warzone only.

      Single player stats are manually uploaded from the main menu by hitting the X button when viewing stats. It\’s really easy, you\’ll see.

  • so do we have to like respond to a message or something or are u all gnna send us email via PSN? i don’t really check website stats so im really in the need to know.thx in advance.

    • We will contact the winners via e-mail. We\’ll also post the winners on the contest details page once the contest is over.

  • Meh, I dont have skills enough to win, but I will try. Here is hoping we can buy it down the line

  • Well I was planing on playing as much has possible those days anyway. But wow, that replica is bad ass.

    I would be nice to own a gun that I can put on public display. ;)

  • I was hoping for some kind of a fan art contest along side this to win a replica. I wish you dedicated 3 of those to such a contest.

    I this the only time these will be available or are you planning to host other such events, with different weapon replicas perhaps?

    I know you don’t want me breaking into your office and stealing your giant Helghast statue! ;(

  • @ TJ

    Whats up? What kind of materials where used in the construction of the replica?

  • My birthday is March 14…do you take that into account :D?

  • This is absolutely awesome! It sounds very hard to win, but I shall try.

  • im getting that, be surer to c my stats, 100% im getting it!!!!!! I LOVE PS3!!!!!!

  • Day 13 will be a good time to rack up wins if everyone is going to try to lose. =P

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