No Gravity: The Plague Of Mind Coming to PSN Tomorrow

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Intergalactic Adventurers


The Krosso Empire, the oldest and most powerful empire which ever existed, is looking for intrepid pilots to help find a cure to the “Plague Of Mind,” an unknown sickness mysteriously affecting people’s minds.

Join our forces and fly up to 5 different spaceships with outstanding capacities and weaponries. Explore the different worlds of our ever-extending empire and help your fellow citizens!

Krosso Empire – Service of intergalactic research

No Gravity, a science-fiction space journey that goes beyond a simple space shooter, hit the headlines for the first time in 2007 as a “homebrew” game for the PSP. It was acclaimed as a game that “puts tons of retail games to shame with its incredible polish.”

It was a long time ago, and since then, No Gravity has been entirely rewritten and improved to meet higher standards: this is the new version you will be able to download on the PlayStation Store tomorrow for your PSP.

You will be able to choose up to 5 spaceships (paired with pilots), each of them having different capabilities that you can use to your advantage across 31 different missions (each mission is composed of different sectors).

Some spaceships are faster which can help with time limited missions, or have more powerful weapons which help destroy bosses, or have better shields which can help sustain attacks from highly powerful weapons.

The most powerful two ships will be unlocked when you reach some specific goals. Note that you will be able to use any ship in the first person, but also in the third person.

You will start discovering the game with a tutorial mission designed to help you get to grips with the handling of this game, offering great playability, by training yourself to fly whilst locking and shooting at asteroids. Following this introduction, the game will offer you a wide range of gameplay which you’ll discover as you progress through the plot.

Although most of the video footage and previous coverage for No Gravity has been about the shooting aspects, the game also has more complex flight challenges such as escort missions, cargo retrieval using short range sonar, time limited missions, and even infiltration and strategy!

There is a level which illustrates many aspects of the game. During the first four minutes you must solely protect a group of spaceships until reinforcements arrive (Note: we spent a lot of time chasing a bug there!). You have to choose what ship to protect depending on their damage level (at least 50% of the convoy must survive) and also manage correctly the limited number of boosters you have left. This is a stressful sector because you have to handle a lot of information at the same time. When the reinforcements arrive, you need to continue protecting them using this time, a more strategic approach with your wingmen (hoping a group a them will defend your cargo more effectively).

If you have a look at the trailer, you will notice that some enemies are huge. Some can be really HUGE! You’ll even have to fly into an enemy spaceship to destroy it from within! (Does it remind you of a well known film?)

In the images below, you are helping one enormous battleship fight against another huge battleship, and the fight sequence is truly awesome (lots of explosions, directional outstanding sound, and finishing in a massive explosion!).

No Gravity The Plague of Mind screenshot 06 No Gravity The Plague of Mind screenshot 04

But don’t worry — you will face standard “bosses” and you will even find a giant mechanical kind of crab. ;)

No Gravity The Plague of Mind screenshot 03

When I was testing the game, there was one boss I could not kill…I asked our 2D artist (and main tester) how to kill it and his advice was: “with rage!!!” (I am sure you’ll get what I mean when you get there).

From time to time, you will have some missions where you will be able to “rest” a little, for example, when you have to retrieve cargo from shipwrecks in the asteroids world. The sonar only works at short range, so you will not “hear anything” as long as you do not fly close to the wrecks. The visuals in this particular level are dramatic, mixing dark space, flying closely to wrecks, and really stunning lens flare/lighting effects.

The game will take you through six different worlds: “normal” space, asteroid worlds, through to the mother planet of your enemies, propagating the plague of mind. It means you will not only be flying in space. At least six levels are over a planet and two other levels are not in space.

No Gravity The Plague of Mind screenshot 01 No Gravity The Plague of Mind screenshot 02

One of the last levels, over the enemy’s mother planet, is huge! You will have to destroy many energy generators and radars spread across a massive area.

The game is concluded in an apotheosis by the destruction of several generators within the planet.

No Gravity The Plague of Mind screenshot 05

We hope you will enjoy this game and we would be pleased to hear your feedback at

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2 Author Replies

  • Sounds pretty cool.

    Will it have remote play?

  • It’s for the PSP so remote play is a moot point. Maybe I should learn to read a little closer.

  • Freespace 2 on a PSP? (Or something like it)

    Demo please? This looks cool.

  • looks interesting to say the least

  • Haha, I played this as a Homebrew game, well done getting it on the PSN.

  • I may or may not download this, but it sure is awesome to see Sony support homebrew software devs like this.

  • thats one large step for sony and all handheld gaming companies

  • $10… Multiplayer? Looks funnn.

  • From

    Product information

    * Distribution: PlayStation Store Europe and America
    * Price: 9.99$
    * Rating: Pegi 7+, ESRB 10+ Everyone
    * Space requirement: Less than 100 MB.
    * Release Date: 26th Feb. 2009 (Europe and US)

  • This makes me wish Sony would re-invent the Yeroze Program for PSP and PS3 to allow people with homebrew interests to really take part.

    I missed out on the original program when it was on PS1 due to the fact that I couldn’t afford the kit being 15 at the time. Program continued, but it seems to be closed off from the general community.

    Certainly get me to stop production on my game engine if I could be apart of the PS3 or PSP with a sony sanctioned program.

  • Looks cool to me day one buy! I love space combat games that have a twist to them! Now all I need is that PSN card tomorrow to buy it with! Target here I come!

  • All those PSN games that come out for the PS3 and now some love for the PSP. Wish they would port some of those releases or just come out with more games for the PSP!

    I might just have to buy this! Looks pretty cool!

  • wow you guys couldn’t have pick a worst time to release a game on the PSN. This game is going to get sallow up by Killzone 2 and a lot of people are going to be skipping. This game do look fun however and I will buy it next week when my $50 dollar PSN card arrive in the mail.

  • support your indie developers


  • Cool, I was waiting for another fun game to purchase for my PSP since I bought Super Stardust Portable though this game looks so much better!

  • Homebrew IS good for somethings…

  • Schweet. I’m not used to “_____ Coming to PSN” blog posts being about the PSP…

    Definitely picking this one up tomorrow.

  • finally! i think its amazing that sony supported this. way to go man. can’t wait to get it.


  • Hey Jeff if you recall this GAME was FIRST A HOMEBREW GAME FOR PSP, I remember playing their demo a long time ago and just recently to get a feel for it again.

    It is nice to see Sony embrace Homebrew even if it is no longer considered as such. I want to ask if the new psp2 or the ps2p will support user generated games? You see, that phone touchy thing by that fruit company that makes laptops and music boxes, has user generated apps and games. The point is that there are literally Hundreds of Thousands of apps and games already made for the PSP unofficially, it would be nice to see this happen officially and those apps and games made for sale on the psp store.

    I will buy this game, mark my words I’ll buy it.

  • Hmm, that looks pretty cool. Looks like a gussied up Star Fox.

  • This game looks sweet.
    Didn’t this game come out as a freeware on the pc?

    But I going to get this game when the store updates Thursday.

    I going to get a $50 ps card and chill with this game.

    That would be funny that it would get a port to the ps3, but this game almost looks like a ps3 title.

  • Hey, wait a minute… homebrew!? And you’re releasing it?? Isn’t this the kind of stuff that you guys want to crush with continuous firmware updates that do nothing except find new ways to keep people from using the products they buy to bring more homespun innovation into the marketplace?

    So is this an indication that you guys plan to drop your draconian take on this matter?

  • Did I mention how glad I am that there’s finally another space shooter? Us Wing Commander/Tie Fighter/Freespace fans have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

    Now go make a big budget PS3 version! ;)

  • any word on Bomberman you said end of the month did’nt you?

  • Stopped caring at “escort missions”. Developers need to be beaten with sticks whenever they decide that those are good ideas.

  • Nice to see Sony supporting homebrew.

  • Are there any rumors for a patch to let me try out psp games on my ps3? I don’t mind if the screen comes up smaller. Just not sure if I want to bother with a psp or not.

  • Jeff, when does Fat Princess will hit the store? I want to play it!!!

  • I love this kind of game, Star Wars Starfighter games are my all time favorites!!!

    I wish there were more games of this kind both on the psp and ps3!

  • Great graphics for a PSP game.

  • I hope this is a sign that sony is starting to open up more to small time creative groups out there. No doubt the PS3 has the most original line of games out there, but the smallest people doing some of the tinniest projects still deserve their share on the PSN :P I look forward to more of these small-grouped/individually developed games :)

  • Homebrew game eh? This only futher proves my point. Whether its the current PSP, or a PSP2, I think sony should open it up to developers for an Application Store. Having a PSP, the power of it, with a store would be aweosme

  • Cool! This seems like a great new game for the PSP! Thanks for all the info!

  • The graphics look really good for the PSP but I dont hink I would want this.

  • wow… i didn’t think sony actually acknowledged the homebrew scene at all..

  • Thank you Playstation. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long while. I am totally buying a 50 dollar PSN card tomorrow.

  • Sony, I am not kidding around anymore.

    I have been looking forward to this game since before Christmas. I have been waiting *eagerly* for its release.

    Now it’s DLC?!

    What the *#($ is this?!

    I am SICK of the people who like physical media being treated like GARBAGE.

    I *DEMAND* a physical release for this game.

  • I don’t get it…

  • Is this a tacit admission that Sony needs to give more credit to home-brew developers?

  • please please let there be a free roam option??

  • PSP offically has two games that interest me.

    Now if they get some new RPGs I’m down.

    Or *NEW* Castlevania :D

  • I’m serious and I’m not giving up.

    I demand and expect a full, physical release for this game on UMD.

  • Sweet… kinda reminds me of Colony Wars.

  • Sheesh… and here I was all excited until I saw that it’s for the PSP.

  • sign me up.

  • Are there any plans to bring out a new Colony Wars on PS3? Since Colony Wars 1 on PSX I’ve never played a better Space Opera with such brilliant story, gameplay and especially music on any platform to date.

    Now would be the ideal time to bring out a new Colony Wars, no competition whatsoever on any next gen console, online gaming is commonplace, 7.1 Sound, fabulous graphics thanks to the PS3…

    Imagine how endearing it could be to play online coop against an armada of huge battleships, 20vs20 dogfights, team deathmatch with one cruiser each team has to defend?

    Racers, FPS, Action Adventures, Horror Survivals everywhere but no Space Opera, it’s sad really ;(

  • i forgot about colony wars….
    that game was amazing, i had red sun. i think thats what it was anyway.

  • This game looks like starfox.

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