Second Killzone 2 Live Chat Coming this Wednesday

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Hello All!

Back by popular demand (and we do mean “demand”), Guerrilla Games will be staying up late in Amsterdam this coming Wednesday, February 25th, to participate in a second in-Blog live chat & sharing more info on Killzone 2.

If you missed our last live chat, Guerrilla’s Seb Downie took on your questions live, ranging from topics such as, multiplayer ribbons, and unsolicited marriage proposals. You can re-live the session here. With thousands (!) of you participating in the chat, it’s no surprise that many questions were left unanswered. That’s why Jan-Bart Van Beek and Geert Donker will be back this Wednesday at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern for another hour of Killzone 2 mayhem.

Make sure to tune in a bit early for the topic (we’re staying more focused this time, a fan request), and we’ll see you then!

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  • omg are you serious? we said the same thing… at the same time… wow.

  • Sweet, I might get my question off this time :D

  • Good stuff, but I have a question, if you said that the questions were flooding the screen last time, well now everyone knows that do you think they are going to flood even more??

    My question for the live chat was that I was wondering if it took 5 years to make this game, are they going to think about license it out for other companies to use? Or was it a one time go?

  • Killzone 2 Home Support?

    KZ2 costumes in the stores for people who didn’t pre-order from Amazon?

    KZ2 Home Space?

    KZ2 Home launching on Friday?

    KZ2 Home support for clan clubhouses?

    Can we have screen captures from clan matches up on the walls of our clubhouses?

    Can we have replays of clan matches in our clubhouses?

    Live top clan match streaming onto public screens in Home?

    Leaderboards to follow the top clans inside of Home?

  • 1+2 – Hivemind. :P

    Live chats are always good, hopefully people will understand how a live chat works and not get annoyed when their question isn’t asked.

  • Only 4 more day :)

  • oops I meant to license the game engine out, sorry about that!!

  • Do this more often with other developers…

  • sweet. I hope my friend question get answer because I would really like to know also. Maybe you guys can help him out now.
    His question was:
    If you shoot someone and a medic comes and revive them do you still get he Kill?

    Can you guys please help him out by answering it. I am use a lot more people would like to know also

    • You know, I specifically remember that question coming through, and I thought we had gotten to that, but I guess not. I believe the answer is \’yes, you get the kill\’, but we\’ll find that out for you.

  • thanks gurilla games :)

  • Cool!I had a question about re-mappable controls and that should still be an option, but i just didnt mess around with other control schemes and now i found a really good one

    STANDARD 1 is the one i use.

  • @6

    Don’t think anybody really cares… I’ll care once it’s default in all games.

  • What’s up with the new PSN logo chime? I really don’t like it at all. Sounds like you guys are really copying X box Live’s chime.
    For those of you that doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Take a look at the new The Making of Killzone 2 videos.

  • Coop in the future please. More maps and why not a coop package just like Resistance 2.


  • Sweet! This time I’ll keep spamming my questions till they get answered… not send it it once and then wait politely… :D

  • I can’t wait for this game!

  • cool now mayb i can get answers killzone 2 home support game launching etc

  • awesome, my question is will there be vehicles online?

  • unsolicited marriage proposals

    Hahahahahahaha epic!

  • @20: I can answer that for ya: Not right now, but maybe in a downloadable form later on…

  • “cool now mayb i can get answers killzone 2 home support game launching etc”

    Yep, the greatest FPS in history deserves the greatest Home support.

    You log into Home. Jump to your clan’s club house. The club house is decked out with screenshots of your favorites KZ2 games. Perhaps there is a custom KZ2 clan space to buy instead of the default one. Video clips of your matches are streaming on video screens on the walls. There is a Warhawk strategy room type setup where everyone in the clan get together around and voice chat strategy before jumping into matches.

    Clans can invite rival clans over to their club house and jump into and out of matches after talking [DELETED] about how many valor points to bet on. After the match everyone from both clans return to the same clubhouse.

    Top clan matches have someone in spectator mode watching the games and streaming live video of it to huge public screens inside of Home where everyone can gather around and watch the games unfold. It could be a weekly event with a announcer calling the matches over the live video. Complete with clan leaderboards right there so everyone knows how many valor points are at stake and the relative standings of the clans participating.

  • I’ll definantly be here for the Live Chat just like last week.

    Isn’t Jan-Bart Van Beek the Art Director for Killzone 2?… I think he is b/c I remember seeing his name in a “Making of KZ2 video”. I’m not sure who the other guy is though and his role while working on KZ2.

    Looking forward to the chat! I think It would be nice to get Steven Ter Hiede, Herman Hulst, Arjan Brussee or Mathijs De Jonge in a future Live Chat.

  • Can’t wait for the game already!

  • That last chat was very fun. I enjoyed it allot. That hour flew by fast.

  • Cool.
    I thought the chat was great.
    But can you guys screen a bunch of the
    “OMG Killzone 2 is awesome!!!” comments so actual questions can be posted?
    (Its also kind of annoying reading something 50X that we all already know)

  • To bad ill be at work working then :(

    but i will check the Questions that were said and answers to them :D

    Have Fun Guys in the Live Chat!

  • Hopefully my questions would get answer, even if they aren’t asked by me.

  • 4 DAYS TO GO :P Well for me in the U.K anyway ;)

  • Nice, everything Killzone 2 related is always good. An amazing game that I love to know more about.
    I can’t wait until friday…

  • I’m sure all the IMPORTANT questions will be answered in this live chat. I’m really looking forward to knowing the answers to questions like these…

    “What’s your favorite food?! LOLZ!”

    “Do you like scary movies?”

    “Wanna play a little game?”

    Then the REAL questions will be ignored because i’m sure they will be flooded with questions and they can only pick the top questions people want to hear like stuff NOT relating to Killzone 2 in any way.


  • So when is SCEA going to start marketing this game? It’s out in 4 days and I’ve only seen the TV ad once, during a UFC fight. It was pretty sad since both the GTA4 DLC and The House of the Dead game for Wii were each shown about half a dozen times during that same fight.

    Pretty sad; my most anticipated game in the last 8 months and it’s going to get destroyed in Feb/March NPDs because nobody knows about the damn game.

  • Although good to hear, I certainly hope you’ve got a plan this time… Beer and marriage proposals notwithstanding, you could do a much better job feeding GOOD questions to the team. Please don’t waste their time or ours this week!

    Thanks. I look forward to the event.

  • #1Will we see new weapons to come in DLC?

    #2Will you be able to invite friends into games from the XMB like RE5?

    #3What kind of support are we going to see with home day 1?

    I really can not wait any longer for this gaem I’m so excited for it. :D

  • Well, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I just want to demand that FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that are found here and other online resources are ignored for new questions and information.

    Asking GG if KZ2 is 1080p – No
    Asking about the Cover system in Multiplayer – no
    Asking about the Knife in Multiplayer – No
    Asking about Co-Op- No
    Asking about other games – No

    please just let the fans ask some new questions here..

  • “Well, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I just want to demand that FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that are found here and other online resources are ignored for new questions and information.”

    How about the:

    “Since you could ______ in COD4, can you do it in Kz2?”

  • I hope I can make it. I have college until 4:30. Any time set yet?

  • There were seriously thousands? it was a lot of fun either way glad you guys are doin’ it again!

  • @39

    Read the whole article above. The time is plainly there.

    Noon (Pacific)
    3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

    Looking forward to it! :)

  • OMG, three more days until Killzone 2.

    My list of things I need to do or don’t do when I get killzone 2.
    Energy Drinks: CHECK
    Snacks: CHECK
    Turn Phone off:
    Sleep 20+ Hours Thursday:
    Weekend Free: CHECK

  • Live chat Wednesday

    PSNation Kyle Shubel interview Thursday


  • if you can’t wait untill friday for kill zone 2 (like me)check out killzonewebgame .com

  • there is no space but if i put it together it would have to sit there waiting for moderation

  • KILLZONEWEBGAME.COM it’s fun and is from sony

  • thanks for the information, K2 looks like a great game. :-)

  • Ah, dammit. I’m glad there’s going to be another session, but at noon I’ll be on a bus. I don’t suppose we could postpone it an hour or so just for me…? =P

  • This is good news. But please, PLEASE, do not post useless questions. I understand you were getting tons of questions. But do you have any idea how it feels to have your good question ignored and seeing questions like “What’s your favorite beer”, “Will you marry me” being posted. It’s frustrating.

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