Zuma Available Today on PSN

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Hey folks, it’s Greg again over at PopCap Games. You may recall that I made a post a few weeks ago announcing our multi-title publishing deal with Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) to bring our hit casual games to the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation Network. We also announced our first title in the partnership, the puzzle classic Bejeweled 2, on PSN that day. Since then, the community has responded in a big way, and Bejeweled 2 is a hit! We’ve been blown away by how well-received the game has been on the PSN. All I can say is, thank you!

Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of our next title, the action puzzle smash hit Zuma, on PSN! Zuma is one of our biggest and most popular games of all time, and it’s one of those games that truly appeals to hardcore and casual gamers alike. It’s just the right blend of action and strategy, with a healthy dose of skill and a bit of luck as well. I’m very happy with how great the game looks on the PS3 and how well the controls map to the PS3 controller. And, like the case with Bejeweled 2, Zuma includes an absolute ton of gameplay – 13 temples, more than 50 levels of puzzle fun, Adventure and Gauntlet modes, unlockables and more. The game looks and sounds great in HD with Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and includes exclusive features like Trophy support and PSP remote play, which you’ll only find on PSN.

In collaboration with our partners at SOE, the team has worked hard to bring our biggest franchises and most popular games – Bejeweled 2 and Zuma – to you first, for your immediate enjoyment on PSN. Both of these games are puzzle classics that everyone should have in their collection, and frankly, never get old. I am really excited that we were able to get this second title out to you guys so quickly after the release of Bejeweled 2. The team is hard at work on the other three titles we’ve announced – Peggle, Feeding Frenzy and Heavy Weapon – and we plan to release those to you later this year.

In the meantime, kick back, relax and download a game of Zuma tonight. Enjoy!

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  • Thanks for your continued PS3 support.

  • Pop Cap good job with the PS3 support :)

  • Classic game Pop Cap…Thanks

  • Will this game also support remote play for the PSP?

  • AWESOME!!!!

    I really enjoyed Bejeweled 2 (Mostly for its Remote Play support!) And I’ll be sure to pick up zuma! (Unfortuneately I only have $5 on my account now, but once I get another PSN card I’ll be sure to get Zuma!!!)

    I honestly LOVE how you guys at POP CAP are supporting the Remote Play feature! It’s a God Send for when I’m away from home and I have my PSP with me! 2 questions though:

    1. How much will Zuma be?

    2. Are you looking into patches for your games to support custom soundtracks?

    Thank you, and please continue your great support!

  • Maybe now that you realize PSN users will buy things if you give them to us, maybe you’ll stop showing blatant Xbox 360 bias. The fact that this sort of console-exclusive bias still exists is sickening.

  • YAY!!

    I love love love ZUMA! One of my favourite games. Hopefully the visuals and audio are a big step up. Will buy if so.

  • eh pass.

    Waiting on Peggle tho:D Love me some Peggle.

    I hope its a new Peggle, or take all the Peggle on Steam and port it over in one nice pack!

  • Very excite!

  • Oh dear there is just way to much in such a short period of time..i will be eventually getting the Mirror’s Edge DLC, the POP DLC, Flower, Noby Noby Boy, Killzone2, SSRPBC, Street Fighter IV and few others

    I truly want to get Zuma, but i’m afraid at it’ll have to wait to get into my shopping cart.

  • Sweet—Zuma isn’t really my thing but I thought I should still voice support for people doing content that is either exclusive or has exclusive features for the PSN/PS3—thanks for your support of our community hehe :-)

  • great although i never played zuma b4 in my life lol but hey Jeff do u know if we can get the helghast custome for home without pre-ordering on amazon later because i want to get my copy on release date withouth paying extra for shippin so im just gonna pick it up from gamestop but it would be cool if we could just purchase the suit .

  • What’s the price of Zuma on PSN???

    I remember playing the web broswer version a few years ago and I found it to be fun so if it’s around $5 I’ll pick it up today with Noby Noby Boy

  • I was excited when I heard Zuma was coming, but my eyes lit up when I saw Freedy Frenzy! I can’t wait for these two to hit the PSN.

  • i’m not a fan of bejeweled or zuma really but i’m a big peggle fan, and i’ll definitely consider that when it drops, also any chance of putting insaniquarium on the psn, i just love that game

  • Thanks for including Remote Play support in both Bejeweled 2 and Zuma, guys!

    Here’s to hoping this is a standard feature for all PopCap games to come, ne?

  • Awesome! Please please please implement custom soundtracks in the popcap games.

  • I have Zuma on the 360 so I’ll pass on this one but I’m definitely interested in buying Peggle. I assume Peggle is the next game correct?

  • What’s Zuma? I’ve never heard of this game.

    Does anybody on here that’s from New York knows where I can get the Street Fighter IV tournament arcade stick?

  • I bought Bejeweled 2 so I could remote play it on my PSP. It does not work. Others have the same problem. Make Bejeweled 2 as advertised and then I might consider this game.

  • hmm…zuma in HD with trophies could be really cool…depending on the price. for $4.99 i’m all in. but i can’t pay $10 for a game i can play online for free.

  • Good job Greg and everyone at PopCap games!

    Will these be coming to the Europe PSN any time soon? Or is this US only? I would really love to give you my money, but there’s not a lot i can do if we don’t get them

  • @chubigans…

    i second that. custom soundtracks could make these games a lot better so we can listen to our own music while puzzling away. lol.

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for Peggle.

  • Yeah I tried to play with remote play on Bejeweled 2 and it locked up and I wasn’t able to log back into remote play until I rebooted my system. Why not make a PSP and PS3 version, these games would work great for games on the road or bus stop.

  • Cool! I’ve tried the trial for Zuma on the 360, but idk, I might just get it for the PS3 instead depending on my mood ;)

    Really hoping Popcap continues their support on the PS3!

  • I love Zuma, but I already have it on my PC. I’ve played it up to temple five and can’t pass it. I don’t think I’d get it for the PS3 but maybe a demo will help change my mind. Thanks for the PSN support!

  • Score for Zuma!
    Beat it on PC and now I can get trophies for it!

  • Better late than never but I think all of the popcap games are overpriced. As mentioned earlier, you can play them for free online.

  • sweet deal. I suck a zuma, but it’s still fun to play.

    looking forward to peggle (nights?) to drop soon.

  • my old lady will be extremely thrilled, zuma is her all-time favorite, hands down, gonna get this one today!

  • I would get Zuma because i loved it on PC. but probably not at $9.99
    you should make your games at $4 or $5.99 that way it is easier for me to impulse buy it

  • GOD!!! I cant wait for peggle.

  • I have to say that I loved the bejewled demo and considered purchasing it until I saw the price set to 9.99. Make your games available for 4.99 please. I tried out Zuma a long time ago on a friends 360 but I don’t remember it being that interesting but I could be wrong there…its been a year or two. 4.99 would def be a big selling poitn for a lot of us I’m sure.

    Another thing to look into would be a ‘Pop Cap Bundle’ once you get out a few more games which we can grab at a discount. Perhaps let us pick and choose three for a discounted price or even a ‘buy em all’ option for an even bigger price drop.

    I guess my point here is pricing. 10 dollars is way to much for me to spend on this kind of stuff(no offense).

  • I was glad to see bejewled 2 for half the price of the pc version on the ps3 still want to know if there is mouse/trackball support in the game.

    zuma doesn’t need mouse/trackball support after having to goto your site to see pics of the game forgot how the game looked thoug I hope it comes out for the same price as the ps3 ver of bejeweld 2. still wish you had put a game play pic on the posting.

  • Man, I fail at life because I don’t even know what Zuma is.

    Perhaps next time, you can post some screens or a video for the title in question?

  • I like these types of games but they desperately need custom music support, moreso than possibly any other genre. Please think about adding them to your next puzzler.

  • Thank you this is really good news and i look forward to trying this out.Any hopes that Bejewled 2 will make it’s way onto the psp for some on the go fun????

  • Feeding Frenzy for the win!

  • Huge step forward for the PSN. Good job!

  • $4.99 yes. $9.99 is a bit much for games I can get for free.

  • Hurry and get Peggle out to us, that’s the game I really want. Also a PSP version is a must.

  • I fail too, I don’t know what zuma is. A screenshot perhaps?

  • Zuma doesn’t do much for me, but Peggle would be really tempting.

  • Fun game, can’t wait. And of course trophies and PSP are exclusive to PSN, 360 doesn’t have a portable device and they have Achievements lol

  • Oh yeah, price? $9.99 right? haha

  • popcap dot com has a demo of zuma for uninformed people like me.

  • just checked out the 4 level free version online. i really dig it, definitely buying this evening…


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