MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Game Update 1 Now Live

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MotorStorm: Pacific Rift game update 1 screenshot 04

Time to rev up your engines guys, because the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Game Update 1 is finally here! More than just a patch, there’s a load of new features in there that will make your time playing MS: PR that little bit sweeter. Here’s a peek at a few of the major elements:

  • You can now back up your save data for later restoration to the User Account it was created under (on any PS3 system, so you shouldn’t ever need to lose your personal progress).
  • A ‘MotorStorm Helmet’ icon is now displayed on-screen during critical data saves. This is in addition to the HDD Access Indicator, which currently flashes while the game makes a critical save.
  • We’ve fixed an exploit that was recently found where pausing and unpausing during critical boosting would grant you an extra second or so of boost. Repeated over and over people have been able to shave seconds off the top leaderboard times. Seems like a lot of work for someone just to cheat at a leaderboard time, but it’s all fixed now. Anyone who has used this exploit please be warned – we’ll be clearing down your times off the leaderboards shortly.
  • We’ve made the online rankings easier to understand, and made the whole Online experience even smoother and easier.
  • You can be confident that Photos taken in Photo Mode will now look their best, because we’ve tuned the graphics up a notch in this mode.

There’s plenty of other stuff in there too, so make sure to grab the new patch next time you take the game online (don’t worry, you’ll be prompted!).

To give you an idea of the sort of great action shots you can take, we’ve included our examples here. Think you can do better? Get posting those snaps at and prove it! For those of you new to the delights of virtual photography, there’s a great tutorial to get you started here.

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift game update 1 screenshot 03

Game Update 2 is also on the way soon, which has some very cool new content in it, especially if you have a bit of a penchant for collecting cool stuff, or if you’re the type of person who enjoys PS3 Trophies and the like. I’ll say no more for now, and leave that one hanging there…

Keep on MotorStorming!

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  • Awesome game, really recommend it. Trophies are abit too hard for my taste though :)

  • YAY! Finally I can back up my save and not worry about it getting corrupted! Now, when are we going to see some DLC?

  • Im hoping in the next update that the dumb 4 players trophy could be changed. Its my only complain about this great game.

  • Too bad this came out after all my save data got corrupted and I lost most of my game saves. :\

  • I wonder why this game and Resistance 2 had save problems.

  • Keep up the great work guys, can’t wait to see some of the new content.

  • Man that shot looks nice. I have this in from gamefly but just couldn’t get into it, even though I owned the first one. Maybe I’ll give it another shot due to this update.

  • Sweet! Keep it up! Now only if I can get on psn and get rid of the error…..

  • Great game and severly under-appreciated IMO. The biggest change that should be added is a Tournament race mode in MP similar to Wipeout HD’s. At the moment players have to return to the lobby after every race, it would be so much better to have the option to continue on with the same players for a 4 or 8 race tournament on tracks from each zone. The Single race and Tournament options were implemented well in Wipeout HD and I’m sure Evolution can do just as good a job.

  • About Time! Thank You.

  • WOWWWWWWW!!!! someone using pause menu to shave seconds off leaderboard times.

  • Mh, you should better patch the glitch, which makes it possible for online-players to “teleport” all over die track. In 9 / 10 online-races, there are always at least 2 to 5 people who crash somewhere on the track and suddenly appear in front of you, which makes it impossible to beat them. I won’t play Motorstorm:PR online anymore, because this bug / glitch / whatever completely ruins the game.

  • @fuxx1986 (#12)

    The teleportation sounds like lag. It could be your connection, or other players. Make sure no-one on your Internet connection is downloading / uploading data or streaming videos because it will mess up your in-game connection.

  • Hi, the trophies in MSPR are really hard,can u make it easier?

  • @fuxx: either you or the people you’re playing against have some massive lag issues then. Simply race your hardest and ignore them and it won’t make any real difference besides being distracting.

  • niccccce i love it good job

  • This came at the right time. I want to get all the trophies before Killzone, but after the patch, so this gives me 9 days to get 8 more trophies.

    Also, the trophies are easy, but time consuming. Could the new ones be harder but more based on skill rather than play time?

  • this is amazing I can not wait to upgrade and play this great game for hours thanks jed

  • awesome, an update for a pos game….lame!!!

  • Awesome! Keep it coming. :)

  • @Gadbury: No, the problem isn’t because of lag. I don’t have lag in other Games (like Warhawk) and it happens so often, that the lag of other people can’t be the reason too. Try searching google for this glitch, you’ll find many people, which discuss about the best locations on the different tracks to crash and respawn in front of your enemies. It’s a bug, which is exploited by many cheaters.

  • Anyone who doesn’t own Pacific Rift, should really consider it. It is really a large improvement over the first game.

  • about releasing a premium dlc..$4.99 to unlock all the trophies? you know.. for the people that dont have a lot of game time…

  • I’m very happy about this update, but does it fix voice chat issues?

    I play with my friends a lot on MotorStorm: PR. I know for sure I (and same with some others) have ports open for SCEA game servers and PSN. For some reason, the voice chat constantly cuts out while talking. If my friend is trying to tell me “Nice game, but I should have won”, I will hear “Nice ga……should……on” is how it comes out with it just cuts out during times.

    Outside of that online is fantastic. I just hope this issue gets looked into.

  • Evolution I just ask this: please give us a replay feature!!!

    So many epic moments on this game, I wish I could see them again and post them online :(

  • Cool update thanks ;)

    Any chance of each player(my friends)using their own Profiles when we pay Multi-player 2/3/4 split-screen off-line games??? ;)

    It just says ‘Player 1′ Player 2’ etc etc

  • How big is the update in MB?

  • LUNATICS UNITE!!!!! love pacific rift guys , evo is there any way to get a splitscreen pnline multiplayer??? meaning 2 or more people can play pacific rift online in the same ps3 , it doesnt have to be ranked but pacific rift online needs to be a little more friendly like the original motorstorm. as i said b4 i love the game , already have my platinum trophy and always play it at night , keep them coming evo

  • I just bought MotorStorm 1, it’s amazing :D But where is the trophy patch? :(

  • Cool updates. No game launching for Home in this update. ETA on Home game launching?

  • Going to try the new demo, still haven’t had a chance. Hope the new demo includes the enhanced photo mode.

  • Praise the lord…Halleluliah!!
    I can finally finish up MS2 :)
    Thanks Evolution

  • Awesome. but it took you guys a while, haha. Still motorstorm 2 is my favourite racer ever. Good job Evo. Im looking forward to that DLC.

  • So glad to hear about this. I got the game about a month ago, have loved every minute of it and I’m practically done with the festival… I think I’ll take my chances online now.

  • could you please make the trophies harder so that I can KILL MYSELF.

  • @ reson8er, agreed it improves on the original in almost every way. Sony need a bigger advertising budget, this game deserves to sell well! Hopefully it will be a sleeper hit like the original and have a steady stream of sales for the remainder of the year.

    @ JBrun, what’s up with the 4 player split screen trophy? The devs are rightly very proud of the 4 player split screen (especially in light of all the flak they got for having no split screen in the first game), so it’s perfectly reasonable for them to encourage you to try it! Personally it was the first trophy I got in the game!

    @ Kenshin71, that is a very good suggestion, there does seem to be a lot of menus/waiting between races! It would be so much better if you could have a tournament where you pick your car/tracks upfront and just get on with it for 8 races. I may be doing something wrong, but I don’t understand why I have to wait a few minutes for match making between each race, why not just keep the same group of players together?

    @ HanSolo, that’s a horrible idea, it would completely undermine the whole point of the trophy system!

    @ spiderfish, replays would be good, especially if you could pause and use the screenshot function during them as well.

  • I have to get this game. I have no idea why I haven’t picked this up yet.

  • i fink im gonna buy dis game and de update

  • Now you just need to add the ability to play the game in high def on 1080i TVs….

  • So, hopefully update 2 will fix update 1. I’ve been on all morning and have had it freeze twice, and can’t stay connected to the online server for more than 2 races. It’s not my network, because I stay signed into PSN.

  • Great update. Lots of fixes and tuneups from what I saw. Keep up the good work.

  • I need to get me this game. Motorstorm is my 2nd favorite racer on the PS3 (Burnout Paradise being my 1st). Nice to see updates.

  • Finally, now get that DLC out there…..people are still waiting.


  • I wish I could at least get unbanned form PSN :( gosh

  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift has always been a great game to play amidst all the FPS games I own. I am glad that update 1 is out and looking even more forward to update 2 that adds features.

  • Yay. Time to fire it up :D

  • Does this game have wheel support yet? If not, can you please add it, and then I’ll buy it? Thanks!

  • NICE, keep it up guys, the game is awesome!!! :D

  • when are we gonna get a motorstorm space in ps home?

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