Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Details!

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Hello everyone – I’m excited to announce details of the new Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack! Coming in March, there will be tons of new content to keep old and new players alike entertained: new maps, special characters, new gear, and of course a couple surprises.

First, I’m excited to announce that now, in order to make the SCENE Expansion more accessible, players will be able to use their PayPal account, along with their PlayStation Network Wallet, if they so choose, to purchase the SCENE Expansion.

For those players that want to get a head start on the action and pre-order SCENE through Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop or Konami’s shop, there’s a special gift in store. Once the pre-order period starts, one week before the release date, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive a special “cardboard man” head gear for free. It should definitely provide ample cover for any bad hair day.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot Boxman

Now for the stuff I know you all are most excited about, the new maps and characters!

The first new map is Outer Outlet, an all new environment that takes place in a commercial mall area made up of lots of buildings and subterranean areas. Multiple floors with openings onto the areas above and below will offer many unique vantage points from which to stage the action, while the décor will provide plenty of unexpected places to seek cover. It should be ideal for medium to long range battles.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 05 Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 03

Second is Hazard House, set in a huge three story mansion – a take on the one seen from Act II of the MGS4 single player game. Lots of doors, hallways, and blind corners, will make for intense claustrophobic combat.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 06

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 04 Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 07

Third is Ravaged Riverfront – a take on the Eastern European environment from Act III of the MGS4 single player game – with a large clock tower surrounded by lots of underground and underwater areas. Lots of clear space, perfect for long range attacks.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 01 Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 02

SCENE will also bring two long awaited, much requested, special characters to MGO – Raiden and Vamp, both with impressive special abilities and offensive power to spare! First is Vamp, knife-expert extraordinaire. You may be able to defeat him once, but that’s no guarantee he won’t be back for more! Second is Raiden, whose appearance belies his extraordinary skill and agility in combat. They are formidable opponents, or one of them can be a great ally to have on your team. Yes, you will indeed be able to have a multiplayer battle between Raiden and Vamp, which is a fun as it looks! More specifics about their abilities will be revealed soon!

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot Raiden

Next week, we will be releasing a trailer for SCENE on the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Blog, so please look out for that. There’s even more on the way with the SCENE Expansion – stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog in the coming weeks for more details!

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  • MGO needs to be fully incorporated into the PSN (i.e. buy everything from the store) because using the Konami ID its a pain that’s why i stop playing the game a few months after released. But im thinking of getting back to it seeing the support that konami is giving the game

  • Still not putting it on the PSN store? This is why MGO fails so hard.

  • Fix Konami ID–then I’ll play–that is what we’d be excited about–we already have a PSN ID and that is enough for Warhawk, Resistance, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and a plethora of multi-plat shooters—until it is also enough for MGO we will be playing other online games—which is sad, I was in the beta and found it very enjoyable, but the Konami ID thing totally kills it.

  • Yes. Yes. YES!

  • I played the demo for MGO but the KONAMI ID turned me off. I played the SP of the game but I won’t touch the online. wish it wasn’t KONAMI ID

  • we want TROPHIES for mgs4!!!!
    we WANT TROPHIES!!!!

  • MGO sucks.

    Until you fix the glitches, incorporate it into PSN so I can use PSN cards as opposed to having to get a debit card just for your stupid Konami store. I will not play.

    Even then the game sucks compared to other TPS (*cough* Gears 1*cough*).

    Seriously, I don’t know why you bother anymore considering the US support/fixing glitches that asshats found isn’t there.

  • Nice update! I’m wondering is Konami or Kojima Productions going to release a trophy patch foe MGS4? The game really needs it, it will give a lot of replay value for the game.

  • The only thing I need in MGS 4 is trophies.

  • They need to add trophies to this real bad. I haven’t even played online with this, nor would i purchase any add ons because of the crappy KONOMI ID thing.

  • Finally more people are able to get the expansions through PayPal or the PSN Wallet

  • Only way I’m EVER returning to MGO is if you axe the entire Konami ID scheme.

    PSN login or bust.

  • Cool, but where are our MGS4 trophies at?

    While I’ll play and love the game regardless (I’ve already beat it multiple times,) I wish that Konami would get them implemented.

    Guess we’ll never get them though, since you guys don’t seem to have any interest at all with Trophies.

  • Sweet. Can I use my PlayStation Network Wallet to buy the older expansions as well? Also, are you planning on releasing a bundle for all expansions?

  • no trophies? I’ll be passing on this disaster.

  • I would really love to play MGO but that damn Konami ID makes me hate it. Please, change that and use the PSN like all the other devs.

  • Konami ID, Game Id? whats up with that? why not use the PSN id????

  • I want Trophies! And make MGO integrated with the PSN instead of being the ONLY game that makes you jump through hoops to play it!!!

  • If i can get back in, ill might give this a try. Since my ps3 got repaired, i didn’t play MGO. It was a test of patience trying to get in, the first time.

    I’m not a trophie chaser but it would be cool.

  • Wow this is very very cool. Please think about trophies for MGO and MGS4!

  • Hey Brandon, did you have to log into your PSN account to post this? Yeah? Cool.. good to know you have one. We do too! Funny huh?

    Hey Konami, where are the trophies for MGS4?

    Considering Metal Gear pretty much carried your fiscal asses through 08, the least you could do is support the platform its on.

  • Buying this on Day 1 :)
    May we get trophies for MGS4?
    For Kojima’s next PS3 game, please use the PSN for the online side.

  • I recently got back into MGS4 online and enjoy it very much. I tried to purchase the meme and gene expansion packs when they came out but the process was so painful I ended up giving up and stopped playing MGO till about a month ago . I won’t purchase this one either if it is in the Konami store. Please make the dlc available on PSN. THe single player was excllent (played it over many many times) and I appreciate the continued support of the game and wish I could support it too by purchasing the packs on the PSN. THX

  • We can use our PSN wallets? Thank you! I might consider picking it up. I like MGO, but i felt incredibly ripped off after the first expansion pack. I spend 10 bucks on the expansaion pack… no downloading? We had to pay 10 bucks for content we already owned? Talk about Nickle and Diming. If this is a REAL download, than i’ll consider it.

  • well unless you release a trophy patch, I wont be buying this at all!!!!

  • Man I don’t care about Trophies. I am not a Trophie [DELETED] like most here. I care about them stopping from cheating in MGO.

    Also stop asking about PSN usage or getting rid of Konami ID because they won’t.Besides its not that big of hassle now if you can read and follow directions. Just the way i see it.

    I will be buying this pack when it comes out but if someone from Konami is reading this DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CHEATERS IN SURVIVAL AND TOURNMENT MODE!!! They are single handly killing this game with there constant cheating. Here is proof.


  • Konami ID is not cool. I’m not jumping through hoops just in order to play. Sorry.

  • Please get rid of the Konami ID BS and I’ll start playing this again. Konami is so backwards when it comes to online gaming. The PES series being the prime example.

  • I was such a huge mgo fan. But while attempting to answer a survey for the game, it refused to accept my konami id and password. I spent over half an hour trying to reset them..just to answer a survey for you guys. The answer to the survey is that I quit playing MGO, which sucks because I truly enjoyed TSNE despite the 4 minute waits, but I cannot support such a miserable online concept when other great online games exist. And the lack of trophies is pathetic.

  • Link our konami IDs to the PS network, and do away with that weird setup. Please

  • Where are trophies

  • I agree that though the content sounds great, the hassle that is “KONAMI NET” really pushes me away. The whole reason I put my eggs in the console basket is for the ease of single sign on.

    That and trophies to the single player experience would be fantastic.

  • Two questions:

    1. Will MGO ever use PSN login?
    2. Will MGO ever receive trophies?

    Thank you sir.

  • YES FINALLY ON THE PS STORE. I could never buy anything on the mgo shop because for some reason it said mgo doesn’t recognize this card financially. Anyway Yes finally I can get an expansion. BTW if you don’t know me I’m katsuo kaito ranked 3rd in base :)

  • Dear KONAMI, this game got ruined by the cheaters and glitchers a long time ago, the MGO community is plagued by whiny kids that only care about their ranks and team stack all the time, the lag is terrible and the hit detection is even worse.
    You have had almost a year to take care of these issues but you never cared.
    A MGO shortcut is also needed it takes like 5 minutes or more to access MGO.
    This a game that had the potential to be awesome but you never cared and never listened to the community, now is to late…

  • Please merge MGO with PSN ditch the Konami id stuff…or at the very least put the DLC on the PSstore. I know so many people who haven’t even played online because of the hassle Konami Online makes it. The game is great….why must you guys impede people from playing it? :(

  • I haven’t played MGO since the beta, I wan’t to be able to play it through PSN. Also it’s terrible not to have the DLC on the PS Store

  • Seriously Konami you are sitting on a gold mine here, ditch the whole Konami Online stuff and “relaunch” MGO on the PSstore.

  • On the plus the expansion does sound awesome.

  • Will this come to the ps store because thats the only way i will be able to get…

  • This is pretty awesome.

    But, I agree with the other comments about getting rid of the KONAMI ID and GAME ID system. It is terrible and was a horrid idea.

    Maybe with this update, they will rid that?

  • can we get trophies for mgs4 plz that all this game is missing

  • Love my MGSO I will be buying this expansion. Also We need more suport on PSN for this game.. More downloadable stuff on playstation Store Please!!!

  • gosh darn it. and to think i was gonna move away from mgo to play killzone. this will breath a good 2.5 months of play time. possibly even hold the summer for me.

  • MG single player > MGO


  • I haven’t played online in forever. The ranking system is harder than Gears of war 2’s. I played online for months and never got higher than a 3 rank on MGO. I just gave up on ranking up my character. I know i suck at the game but I dont suck that bad that I come in last place in matches. I like COD4 rank up system the best as far as shooters go.

  • i want my trophys i will never play this game

  • Trophies for MGS 4 !!

  • I will probably get this bundled with the MEME expansion because i was holding off on getting that because i was expecting a new expansion soon. its what happened with the GENE expansion, i bought it and then about a month later the MEME expansion came out and it was bundled for less.

  • Yeah I gave up on this game long ago. I couldn’t stand going through the 2 other passwords. I wish it just used the PSN instead of trying to do their own thing on top of the PSN.

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