MLB 09 The Show – NEW Roster Vault Feature

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Hey folks, Jason Villa (Producer) here to let you know about a new feature to look out for in MLB 09 The Show. I’ll be explaining the details of the new Roster Vault feature for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of MLB 09.

Following in the footsteps of the My Slider feature, we’ve put more control in the user’s hands. Community shared content leverages the creativity of user’s like you. And if you’re one of the users that love to customize rosters and share with others, you know how difficult it’s been in the past to relay your settings to other users. The Roster Vault in MLB 09 The Show solves that problem. The Roster Vault allows you to make all your roster changes (some new to this year), save them off, and upload them for others to download and use.

Here’s how to upload a Roster to the Roster Vault:

1. Take any roster (on disc or a weekly Live Roster update)

2. Make any changes you’d like to the roster and players within. This could be player names, attributes, jersey numbers, accessories, handedness, etc…

3. Save the Roster to your hard drive

4. Connect online with MLB 09, via SportsConnect, select the Roster Vault feature from the Community section.

5. Select Upload from the Roster Vault options

6. Select one of the Rosters from your hard drive to upload

7. Name it, describe it and Upload

MLB 09 The Show Roster Vault

At this point, anybody in the community can browse the Roster Vault to find the highest rated or most downloaded Roster online.

Here’s how to find a Roster in the Roster Vault:

1. Simply connect online, via SportsConnect

2. Select Roster Vault from the Community section and choose to Browse/Download

3. Once in the Roster Vault you can sort by highest rated, most downloaded or date uploaded.

4. Select the Roster you’d like and choose to download

5. Save it to your Hard Drive and name it

6. Select the Roster section in the Features are of the Main Menu

7. Select the Roster from your hard drive and apply it

8. Select to start any offline Game Mode (Exhibition, Season, Franchise, Road to the Show, etc) and play with our new Roster

9. Connect back online and Vote for it’s rating

MLB 09 The Show Roster Vault

As well as being able to browse all uploaded rosters on the server, there is also a My Rosters section. That is a custom list of all Rosters you’ve uploaded and downloaded. It allows you to easily see how you’ve interacted and contributed to the community. You can browse and remove rosters from that list at any time.

Although we believe we package the best MLB game out there right out the box, users always want to customize and make changes. The goal is to provide you, our community members, the tools to customize the game to your liking.

We appreciate your feedback, as we try to make the best game possible. Thanks for your time. We hope you enjoy MLB 09 The Show and the new features!

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  • Nice addition.

    Is it possible to share you roster between the PS3 and PSP versions of the game?

  • Probably would never use it, but its great to have the option.

  • wheres KILLZONE?! and ingame chat :D

  • wow… great info… WHO CARES. I love the show and i preordered it but who will really use this… should of used this space to make road to the show defense and pitching mini-games in addition to batting and baserunning…. oh yea and why is baserunning an option… it isn’t even that important to the game who cares about that… should have been hitting and defense, not this baserunning [DELETED]

  • Does this game have a “USE ROIDS NOW” feature for players like A-Roid?

  • “Does this game have a “USE ROIDS NOW” feature for players like A-Roid?”

    So overplayed.

  • There is nothing wrong with adding another feature. It only adds to the experience of the game. Def my favorite baseball game. I am most excited about the custom music feature.

    Quick Question: Can you only add your voice to the crowd chants if you have a playstation eye?


    • You can use just about any USB mic. I\’ve personally used the PlayStation Eye, Rock Band Mic, Sing Star mic, and a 6 year old crappy PC headset I had laying around.

  • wow this is a really nice addition to mlb 09. btw thanks for using full use of this website, allowing us to have some nice updates on this game . :)

  • Wow, i dont know anything about baseball but this game is full of features and has some crazy tech.. you SCEA guys should do a Wrestling game with all this tech. :)

  • Wow guys! How many more new features are we getting?

  • Once again, another feature the NHL games need desperately…Come on Sony, where’s my hockey game? :)

  • Can someone tell me if this game is getting an EU release? I downloaded the demo of the US PS Store and its brilliant, please

  • Were you guys able to fix the walls at citi field and make them grey and not blue?

  • “Does this game have a “USE ROIDS NOW” feature for players like A-Roid?”

    Yea im sick of roids talk…

    Although i think it would be real funny if i got a message in my RTTS inbox saying “Your trainer has approached you about possibly taking anabolic steroids to gain an edge” hahahaha

  • Couldn’t even get five comments in without an “ARoid” comment, way to be original.

    Back on topic, this sounds easy enough, but I play this game for one reason, living out my dream as a Major League pitcher on RttS. If Oil Can Boyd can make a comeback at 49, maybe I still have a shot….

  • Is there going to be any ‘moderating’ of the uploaded rosters? Namely, if someone uploaded a roster with accurate minor leaguers whom don’t have a MLB appearence so you don’t technically have the rights to their name(at least that’s how i’ve understood the license) are you going to be required to pull them down?

    I know LBP has had massive problems with things being pulled down for various copyright issues. I know it’s a fine balance between protecting your business from lawsuits and giving us fans what we want so we keep growing your wallets.

    in anycase, can’t wait to try out the new Franchise features and restart RTTS?

    Which brings me to, i’ve seen this question asked a few times, but i don’t recall an ‘official’ answer. Can you import/carry over franchises and RTTS saves from 08 into 09?

  • These additions to the 09 game are really great. I have a question that I don’t believe has been answered or asked. The addition of the Free Agency Rankings (A & B) system is a nice touch, my question is when we start the game initially and begin to alter our rosters before playing a franchise does that alter the draft that occurs in the franchise? Like for instance Juan Cruz is a Type A free agent in real life and lets say we add him to a team in a roster and then play a franchise game using the roster; does the team that the player added Cruz to lose their first round pick to the Diamondbacks?

    • Anything you do that is not done through the Franchise logic (IE placing someone on a roster to start the franchise) will NOT be treated as a legitimate transaction. The player is, as far as the game is concerned, on the new team\’s roster.

  • Yo Mr. Met the wall at Citi Field is green not grey. But still, can they fix the wall to green and add the pepsi cola sign above the rightfield porch.

  • sweet!!! the best baseball game on the market is getting better and better with every update…….

  • 14 days at nidnight is when i get mine… YEA BABBY CAN’ WAIT.
    14 days
    5 hours
    40 minutes

  • Sounds like a fun feature.

    If we create players and add them to the rosters, will other users then be able to download and use others’ created players?

    Thanks, and I can’t WAIT to play MLB 09 The Show in only two weeks!

    • Yes, sharing your created players and rosters is the point of the feature. You can edit the rosters however you want, name them, write a short description, and set them free on the Roster Vault!

  • You say you can use any USB mic for crowd chants…what about Bluetooth mics?

  • GoPhillies, yes anything that the ps3 recognizes as picking up voice can do it.

  • Nice addition! thank guys. :)

  • ALL of these updates look awesome!
    i also had a question that got burried in the other blogs so i was wondering if anyone could answer them for me please???

    1) w/ all of those additions to Fran. mode (ie 40-man roster, waiver trans, sal. arbit., and sept call-ups) will those also be available in the Career Mode or just Fran mode? it’s prob a dumb question i just wanted to make sure

    2) i can’t remember what you said but if classic stadiums aren’t in this game, what are the possiblities of you guys ever coming out w/ a map-pack type thing like i’ve seen done w/ other games where all u’d have on it would be those additional classic stadiums and maybe even HR derby? i don’t really know how those map-packs work so i don’t know if that would work for this type of game (since i’ve yet to buy a map-pack, just liked the idea)

    thanks! very, very excited for the release

  • Wow, I was originally second-guessing buying this, but with all of these great new/improved features, I can’t imagine NOT picking it up (even with Pedroia on the cover… ).

  • Thanks to Kolbe Launchbaugh for answering my question. I have another one I just thought of; speaking of the draft, does that occur during the middle of the season like in real life in the upcoming 09 game? In 08 the draft occurred at the end of the year.

    Also I was just wondering if this upcoming draft’s real life players were going to be featured in 09? I’m thinking not since they haven’t joined the union but if they won’t be featured can we expect to see similiar players (albeit with different names, ethnicities) like a Strasburg-esque pitcher or Grant Green shortstop in the draft?

  • I was curious about the rosters in general. Will MLB09 include just the players on the 40 man roster, or will it include top prospects as well? Reason being, I have already reserved my copy and am planning on building a roster that icnludes the names for at least the top 10 prospects for ech franchise, but knowing what will be included would help pair down my research if possible. Thanks in advance if you can answer that.

  • Thank you for the reply Kolbe. This is def a DAY ONE buy! Thanks again!

  • Can you make your own ballparks and can you take a picture of yourself and have it be you character?

  • This is an important “feature” question.

    Can you edit other teams rosters at any time during your Franchise or season? What I’m asking is can you edit other players on other teams any time? If players on other teams are a little overrated or underrated I would like to edit them. I am refering to rookies and such.

    Thanks ahead of time.


  • I don’t know how clear that was. I just want to know if you can edit EVERY players attributes at any time? No matter what team they’re on? Even if your in the middle of a season?


  • When I saw the term “Roster Vault”, I immediately thought of a Vault-Tec Vault sealed away in the Capitol Wasteland filled with only MLB stars….. the obvious sign of playing waaay too much Fallout 3.

  • wouldnt this allow someone to update the rosters after the year is done and upload them for the new year without having to buy the new game. this would be good for me cuz i dont like shelling out for reoster changes every year

  • HI,

    One question. If I’m playing an on-line game, will that person hear my walk up batter music that I have put in for that specific batter or the chants that I have up loaded?


  • Someone with a lot of time on their hands needs to create a roster with all players from classic teams from the 1980’s, etc.

    Has MLB The Show looked into obtaining rights to historic players and featuring “Classic” teams in the game like Madden used to do back in the day?


  • I’m confused by the mention in step 1 of a “weekly Live Roster update.”

    I was under the impression that MLB 09 did not have official roster updates as the season progresses and rosters get moved around in the real world.

    Was I misled? Will I be able to download and manually load official roster updates via this feature? That would make me very happy.

    Sorry, I haven’t played one of the Sony MLB games in a few years, so I’m not in the know. I’ve really been cued in on these blog posts because of that, though. Thanks for the constant stream of details.

  • I have already paid for this game and can’t wait till march 3rd . All these extras are nice addition to the series . Keep up the great work guys . March 3rd , Feb 27th sony fans were all doom

  • i have ’08. i’m torn between getting ’09, or waiting for the 2010 edition. what do you suggest, jason?

  • Here is my question hope it is somewhat understandable

    When I make a trade in Franchise mode will the players hat change in their picture?

    You know how ESPN can instantly change the the team hat when trade is announced.

    This just bothers me when I make trades during the season and when they announce line ups and show bat stats in game majority of the players have different team logos in their pics and it look more like an allstar game than a regular game.

  • are any of these features going to be on the ps2?

  • I was wondering… Im tired of seeing the old never really used Met home pinstripe uniforms(the one with the blue helmets)… are you guys gonna finally have the sold white uniforms for them? and how about choosing your uniform colors and style while playing in fran/mode?

  • I can’t believe some of you are asking should i wait until 2010’s game. I’m sure that will be good but have you played the freakin demo? I am on countdown and last time I checked it’s 8 1/2 days away from blissful baseball.

    I just picked up the bluetooth mic because I love the chant feature….boy I’m going to have fun with this. I also love the on-line season with stat tracking by player, that was a winner in 2k (one of a few).

    My only question is if we can converse on the mic’s during the game, I’ve seen nothing on it. EA seeme to have in all their games, a few Sony…think it would be part of the deal.


  • Will owners of the PSP version of the game be able to create rosters and upload and share them? If so, will they be compatible with PS3 rosters?

  • Teams from the past is a must. I don’t know why Madden got rid of that feature. I think this feature will ameliorate the process of editing all the minor league teams.

  • GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  • Dude, all we want to do is be able to use updated rosters in SEASON mode! When you get 60 games into your season and one-third of your team is gone, it takes the fun out of it.

    There needs to be a way to take the weekly Roster update online and implement it into your on-going offline season. I understand that you can start a NEW season with a roster update, but you need to be able to incorporate the current roster with your current season without starting over.

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