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Hello all!

It’s TJ from the Marketing team (again). We’re at T-minus 10 days until Killzone 2 hits the PLAYSTATION 3 & we figured we’d get you up to speed on

Last week, Victor Zuylen of Guerrilla Games gave us all a little insight into the world of and showed us how uncovering intel while playing Killzone 2’s single player campaign can extend your experience with the game. will allow you to view your stats* and those of other players online, connect to compete in tournaments, learn more about the Killzone universe, and much more.

Killzone 2 screenshot

I’m sure you all have questions about, so Seb “MotherH” Downie of Guerrilla Games, will be here tomorrow on the PlayStation.Blog to answer your questions in a live chat!

So tune in tomorrow, February 18, 2009 at 12 Noon PST for the PlayStation.Blog’s first ever live chat – you won’t wanna miss it.

– TJ

* As many of you fans have speculated …could’s stats-tracking be related to that Helghast Assault Rifle replica?

Killzone 2 Helghast Image

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  • Where are the Ads, 10 days and still no ads, Come on the public must know of this game and it’s goodness. BTW awesome poster, I Look forward to pwning you all on KZ2 day.

    AKA FEB 27th 2009.


  • Awesome and thank you.

  • This is pretty cool but I probably won’t make it. As #1 said where are the ads? C’mon Sony, seriously. I know times are tough but you’ve got the games to make the money if you’d spend some on the marketing. Every Sony commercial I see sucks.

    Back on topic. Killzone 2 is going to rock. I’ve already pre-ordered and I’m looking forward to the update!

  • Oh, and Helghast Assault Rifle, I think it has to do with the stats???

  • There are no ads, because Sony is poor as hell right now. They can’t afford it.

  • Yeah guys where are the ads?? I want to see 1/2 hour infomercials. LOL

  • I’ve played the demo 7 million times.(actual number) Now it’s starting to get a little repetitive.(a little) Push the game’s release up a week. kthx guerilla

  • You misspelled his last name, it’s “Downie”.

  • I would suggest stop whining with the no ad for killzone 2 … The ad’s will show up when they show up we can’t keep bugging them about it, there trying their hardest and we need to give them credit for the hard work they have done so far.

    10 days! nice can’t wait! :)

    I’ll try to make it to the live chat.

  • Did you guys fix the site? Is it still slow? Does the forum work alright now? Cause before when you hit reply sometimes no box appears…

  • 10 days. They will know that Helghan…

  • time to get killzowned yet

  • The already said they will show the ad on here this week. Any ways I think the Helghast Assault Rifle does has to do with the stats on and it will be given to the top player of the week honor were they have trophy for that also.

  • i will be here

  • this is awesome, tomorrow is my day off so ill be there fo sho! can’t wait guys. i cant believe its only 10 more days b4 D day.


  • Wow! I came to say WHERE IS THE MARKETING?!!!, but I guess everyone above me beat me to it.

    Seriously, I didn’t even know a Product Marketing Manager existed at Sony…are you guys playing Killzone 2 everyday so that’s why you haven’t market it at all?

    Come on… This is unbelievable, fans begging for a game to get the marketing it deserves and Sony not doing anything about it. Too sad, because I would like a lot of people to experience this amazing game, and to bad for GG that cannot push the game into a lot of home because of Sony’s poor marketing…

    Anyways, Thank you Sony for my code..

  • I love it when developers come and chat with us, always a great way to know who your audience is eh?

    Hope I can ask my question fast enough, I have a funny feeling its going to get packed and fast…

  • killzone 2 is going to get lot’s of DLC after the release right? I mean look at burnout paradise they set a real good example and every developer should follow. oh and please keep adding some more weapons not a lot just a few more assault rifles and especially shotguns.

  • u guys should really make advertisement.just not in game website.u sud like the halo 3 add in burger king.i see lots of kid buying halo after seeing the halo sticker on burger king.thats the only way to beat halo sales.u must let the ppl outside the game world to know how badass is this game.

  • I am going to guess everyone’s gonna ask when the controls are gonna be fixed and when the advertising is going to start!

  • Sweet, will be watching out for this for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • see this the type of things the PSN need in general for all games tournaments and stat taking.

  • @20

    Right on the money… I hope some BETTER questions get asked tho… like the slowdown on

  • sweeet hellz yeah

  • There is a marketing team?
    Where have you guys been all this time?

  • @25

    Obviously they have been locked up in the basement playing Killzone 2 24/7

  • To you people who beg for ads:

    It’s 10 days before the game comes out. Why do you want them to show ads this far away from the release? I don’t think it’s a smart marketing decision. First of all, if someone sees it and gets excited, they’ll look it up and say, “Oh… It won’t be released for over a week. I’ll just get it then.” But, people will either forget or get uninterested.

    You might say “They can just make a lot of ads!” First of all, that costs money, and second, come on. Seeing the same ad over and over can get annoying really quickly.

    It’s much more effective to show the ad closer to the release date.

  • hmmm…
    what to ask, what to ask

  • Live chat is a great idea can’t wait for that, but as others have said the marketing has been abysmal this generation. Look at LBP. This is the biggest PS3 game so far and with a week till launch and no T.V. ads yet.

  • Sounds cool. I’ll try to make it.

  • ^~~~~^
    o o
    see you at noon tomorrow!

  • can’t wait for the live chat tomorrow.

  • wow way ro kill the bear lol

  • Start the ad campaign. Its getting pretty close the release date. >_>
    I want plenty of people to play.

  • Yay for shooting things digitally lol!

    Actually, I am not a big shooter fan, but KZ2’s demo sold me hook line and sinker–got the game paid off and everything!

  • Were are the Killzone 2 ads? Everyone want this game to succeed but it seems that Sony is doing almost nothing to promote it. Ten days until the game is release and still no ads on TV. The NBA All Star game was last weekend and nothing. You think since Sony had the Playstation Skills Challenge at the All Star Game they would have showed something. Sony you need to hired a new marketing team because the current one isn’t doing the job.

  • Can’t wait to NOT get any sleep over this Game haha!

    its going to be one Good Friday :D

  • If the replica gun has anything to do with stats count me out, i’m no stats wh0re. I play for fun.

  • @27 CrimsonFox13
    The reason why Sony should have been showing Killzone 2 ad’s is because not every can afford several games a month. Think about it, if the ad’s started last week then more people would know about the game and would be saving their money. Some people only buy one game a month and they may have already bought a game this month instead of Killzone 2. Not everyone go on the internet and look for games, instead the see them on TV ad’s and go out and buy them. It how I found out about game several years ago before I started using the internet to look for new and upcoming games.

  • Oh I’m here…and stats may have to do with getting that replica huh? KZ2 has gotten a little more interesting.

  • the first ever live chat on the PS blog….that is sweet..

    BTW I think KZ2 will be the game of the year…well that and GOW…

    Take that lousy xbox!!!

  • as awesome as this may be im betting that most of us have school of work tomorrow at 12:00 noon and would not be able to make it maybe a later time because i realy want to be here for this

  • How could the stats be related to winning the assault rifle?

    Person with the most kills at the end of the month gets it?

  • Will we be able to watch the chat after it ends the live mode?

  • how the hell is 10 days far from release crimson fox?? the ads should have started last week. when do you want them to start?? 3 hours before release?? thats just not gonna work.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Street Fighter IV this week, Killzone 2 next week, then Resident evil 5 two weeks after that. Man it’s going to be hard completing homework with all these excellent games coming out lol.

  • Will we need to download any type of Java client in order to participate?

    Looking forward to the chat! :D

  • Any playstation home details or little big planet updates related to Killzone 2?

  • I preordered my game tonight from Newegg, so how will I get my demo key? I can’t wait.

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