The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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    Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

  • State of the Game – The SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Online Team clues us in on how things are going and has some new stats for you.


    Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • The Second Extrasolar War – A Helghast tactician advises Visari on the reasons for the failed invasion of Vekta, and the lessons that can be drawn from it.

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  • Are there going to be more Previews of upcoming game like what they did GOW3, Infamous, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 where they had a day where they showed off their game to everyone and a week or hours after evreything site would have a preview and images of it at a certain time?

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Better way to phrase that.

    Will there be more press events for upcoming games like they’ve already done with GOW3, Uncharted 2, and Infamous?

    • Yes…no specifics yet, but we\’ll definitely bring you updates and info on them as they happen in the future.

  • great week indeed.

  • Flower is cool :)
    Any chance of doing Trophies for ‘Fl0w’??? :)

  • have Jeff, I still have yet to receive my email with the code to download the game for the PSP from the latest episode of Qore. I been a Qore Subscriber since last August.

  • <3 flower. It’s been a good week for me gaming wise. Bought a lot of psn games and preordered kz2. Need a survival horror game now though. Already have bioshock and dead space. Gonna try out silent hill homecoming. Don’t care how old it is.

  • God of War 3 and KZ2 stuff was really the big listers of the week for me.

    God of War 3 especially.

    However I feel that it is odd that Playboy Magazine seems to think that they can speak for what gamers want and had the gull to ask the question they did. I want more story and more cut scenes, flow is certainly important to me, but i have had no complaints about the length of story.

  • great week for playstation3 owners everywhere. street fighter 4 next week then K2. its madness! flower was awesome btw ;-)

  • Oh yeah I forgot about siren. I should give that a shot.

  • Killzone 2 can’t get here fast enough. Too bad Godfather 2 was delayed, but at least I have a replacement game pre-ordered.

    Thanks for the links

  • I purchased Flower last night and I have to say for 9.99 it is a great game.

    Actually played the game till the wee hours of the morning.

  • The dwindling Xbox fans in the media are now just flailing around spewing almost incoherent trash at the PS3 and PS3 owners.

    Killzone 2
    Uncharted 2
    God of War 3

    If equally mind boggling good Heavey Rain and GT5 footage comes out soon there are going to be mass suicides…

  • awesome close to the week! official god of war 3 trailer definitely made it. oh and i just picked up force unleashed and PoP from Circuit City for $35 a piece.


  • Hello Jeff, I just finished Flower and saw your name on the credits! Didn’t know you were famous :)

    I loved the game, even though I think it’s too expensive on the UK store

  • killzone 2 ad..??? come on! only 2 weeks till launch! the whole idea is to hype the game before release.. so that people want it really bad even though its not availible.

    hurry.. i hope to see a post on here by at least tuesday regarding the ads.

  • Any news about possibly adding a -Photo Gallery- like feature to the music and movies department? Because the current options for organization are terrible. They need to be more like itunes or specifically Front Row. Also is there any more word on the Killzone 2 advertisements yet? The game is in less than two weeks and there hasnt been a single advertisement period? This game needs to be shown to the world!

    Lastly is there any chance that we might actually get full/live coverage of the xgames maybe? I mean seriously sony has been sponsoring that for how long now??? Its about time we start getting some serious exclusive features like that guys.

  • Big highlights this week for me were:

    Flower – awesome game, just buy it.

    KZ2 review scores – makes the waiting that much harder.

    GOW3 coverage – wow…

    Anyways, looking for more info on heavy rain and fat princess. Also, Infamous is looking way deeper and more intriguing than Prototype…nice work!

    On a side note, any idea when Warhawk is hitting $19.99 on the PS store? I think its about time it did, I’ve been playing the Blu Ray religiously since it came out and I’d love to have it on my hardrive at all times. Just not gonna pay $30 to do so. Pass it along!

  • today is my birthday where is my present from sony ;(. lol i wanted a happy birthday card from my friends at sony lol.

  • Flower is indeed a great game. Loved it.

    BTW any news for God of War III?

  • Plus whatever happened with Life with Playstation. I thought people said it would continue to grow as well yet, like home, it has yet to under go any changes? There hasnt been anything new or interesting for some time now :(

  • So I am guessing God of War III will follow suite and release sometime in March 2010?

  • I forgot to mention I am quite upset at SCEA / Sony in general I know I am not a huge media outlet but I would have loved to have received a Patapon V-Day card containing a UMD demo, it would have made my year!

  • wow busy weekend for us, i think that this has been the busiest i ever seen the blog, is good that street fighter 4 is coming this week to ease the paint until kill zone 2 comes out!

  • can u guys bring the guys from Gurella games here to talk about the, um, DUh! the most amazing game in the world-killzone 2?
    like Q&A from the bloggers or any thing just bring them here! lol!

  • Team ICO news soon?

    Or is that gonna be saved for E3, as an amazing announcement?

    Ugh, June.

  • With Qore this month on the download screen it said paid subscriber was going to get the promo code for Syphon Filter. Do you know when the code will be emailed out?

  • What am I saying, you guys don’t know a damn thing do you?

    The most you get is the most accurate rumours.

    SCEJ kills me.

  • @jeff or chris

    you guys ,start the freakin ad campaign for your biggest game in Q1 already, you know i m talking about KZ2.the game will be out in 2 weeks .Start the damn ads already man.

    other than that awesome news .THese past couple of weeks have been great with Uncharted 2,killzne 2,GOWIII and infamous stuff.keep up the good work man.


  • Jeff, I have an huge favor too ask.

    With the release of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection on the PlayStation 3 things have gone almost flawlessly, except for one thing. When have a BlueTooth headset turned on during game play, it will automaticly re-direct all sound threw your headset resulting in no audio.

    I myself dont know how to personaly get in touch with Sega to help them relize this problem. Is there anyway you could do this for the PS3 fans who purchased this game?


  • how do you play the new nhl 3on3 arcade once you buy it of the playstation store

  • hey I saw that guy who did the E3 sony press conference handing the trophy for the ps skills challenge

  • weird i cant post on the psu?

  • Awesome. I hope to see more press events for upcoming video games here in the blog

  • Hey Chris!

    Could you or Jeff give us a showdown of the PSB survey you had a week+ ago? I loooove to see numbers!

  • I think I’m with everyone else on this blog when I say that this was a GREAT week! Seriously, this whole month has been great, and will only get better! (February 27th!)

    I’m hoping that there will be a LOT more info on Heavy Rain in the next few months… That game has got me more excited than any other!!!! (I’m a freak when it comes to games with a HUGELY fleshed out story!) And it’s not even done going through development and it’s already the best looking game I’ve ever seen, period!

  • Is there ever going to be Resistance 2 DLC?

  • FLOWER IS GAY! I wasted money!

    anyway doom 4…..coming soon?

  • why is my map pack for call of duty 4 not working?any1 help plz!!!

  • plz any1 i need help

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