PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi everyone. Here’s the weekly update of the new movies and TV shows available on PlayStation Network. You’ll notice a great lineup of new television programs from MTV, Comedy Central and Spike. And check out this exclusive promo from host Geoff Keighley announcing the arrival of Spike’s GameTrailers TV on PlayStation Network. Have a great weekend!

This week we’ve added the following new HD videos:


  • Hit and Run
  • Brideshead Revisited
  • My Best Friend’s Girl
  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • Resident Evil: Degeneration

And the following feature films:


  • Hit and Run
  • Brideshead Revisited
  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • The Lodger
  • Frozen River
  • Gospel Hill
  • W.
  • Against the Dark
  • Pathfinder (Rated and Unrated)

And new video content from the following television series:


  • Burn Notice | Season 2
  • My Name Is Earl | Season 4
  • Damages | Season 2
  • Fringe | Season 1
  • Privileged | Season 1
  • The Beast | Season 1
  • Watchmen Motion Comic | Season 1
  • 24 | Season 7
  • American Dad | Season 4
  • Nip Tuck | Season 5
  • The Closer | Season 4
  • Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection | Season 2
  • Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection | Season 3
  • Chappelle’s Show | Season 1
  • Chappelle’s Show | Season 2
  • Chappelle’s Show | Season 3
  • Comedy Central Stand-Up | Season 1
  • DEA | Season 1
  • DEA | Season 2
  • GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley | Season 1
  • GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley | Season 2
  • MTV’s Nitro Circus | Season 1
  • RENO 911! | Season 4
  • RENO 911! | Season 5
  • How’s Your News? | Season 1
  • Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory | Season 1
  • The CollegeHumor Show | Season 1
  • Jackass | Season 1
  • Jackass | Season 2
  • Jackass | Season 3
  • Rob and Big | Season 1
  • Rob and Big | Season 2
  • Rob and Big | Season 3
  • South Park | Season 10
  • South Park | Season 11
  • South Park | Season 12
  • The City | Season 1
  • The Hills | Season 4
  • The Real World | Season 21
  • Viva La Bam | Season 0
  • Viva La Bam | Season 1
  • Viva La Bam | Season 2
  • Viva La Bam | Season 3
  • MTV Launch Series

And finally, here are our top 10 HD and non-HD movie and TV downloads for the week:

Top Movies

    1. Righteous Kill
    2. Eagle Eye
    3. Pride and Glory
    4. College (Unrated)
    5. RocknRolla
    6. Step Brothers
    7. Max Payne (Unrated)
    8. The Rocker
    9. Bangkok Dangerous
    10. The House Bunny

Top HD Movies

    1. Righteous Kill
    2. Eagle Eye
    3. Pride and Glory
    4. College (Unrated)
    5. RocknRolla
    6. Step Brothers
    7. Wall-E
    8. Traitor
    9. The Dark Knight
    10. Bangkok Dangerous

Top TV Episodes

    1. Smallville Season 8 “Requiem”
    2. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 3:00PM – 4:00PM”
    3. Watchmen Motion Comic Season 1 “Chapter Eleven”
    4. Watchmen Motion Comic Season 1 “Chapter One”
    5. Family Guy Season 7 “The Man With Two Brians”
    6. Supernatural Season 4 “Sex and Violence”
    7. Afro Samurai  Season 1 “Revenge”
    8. Family Guy Season 7 “I Dream Of Jesus”
    9. Robot Chicken Season 0 “Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II”
    10. Watchmen Motion Comic Season 1 “Chapter Ten”

Top HD TV Episodes

    1. 24 Season 7 “Day: 3:00PM – 4:00PM”
    2. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 2:00PM – 3:00PM”
    3. Xam’d: Lost Memories Season 2 “The Great Rock and the Girl”
    4. Sons of Anarchy Season 1 “Giving Back”
    5. 24 Season 7 “Day 7: 8:00AM – 9:00AM”
    6. Xam’d: Lost Memories Season 1 “Xam’d at the Dawn War”
    7. Burn Notice Season 2 “Seek and Destroy”
    8. 24 Season 7 “Day 7 9:00AM – 10:00AM”
    9. Bones Season 4 “Hero In the Hold”
    10. Sons of Anarchy Season 1 “Pilot”

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  • That’s cool. I like gametrailers. Good quality movies online for free.

  • Awesome gametrailers finally supporting the psn, that got my support.

  • Hm, I can’t say I’ve watched GT more than once or twice, but still I suppose it’s a nice addition.

    Just because of Flower, I’m calling this a good week. :)

  • EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE AND CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FINALLY Gametrailers and South Park… now I’m in heaven THANK YOU!… do you have any idea how long it takes to buffer the gametrailers show on the ps3’s web browser… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

    now get an exclusive deal with ign :p

  • Great Update. Will be adding money to my account to buy some South Park.

  • wow, that’s awesome. Gametrailers stuff eh. It would be awesome if you guys would be able to put up HD reviews for games from there.

  • @ 5 Calm down….did you ever think there might be some legal issues to work out. Give it some time and I am sure it will be in Europe and Canada.

  • Burn Notice is so good

  • I’ve been wanting Resindent Evil:Degenaration in HD,nice update.However,I still don’t see UFC OR DIRTY JOBS.NOT COOL!

  • Will GameTrailers TV be a free download on the PSN Store?

  • any news about Canada getting a video store too?
    plz reply

  • I’ve never downloaded a video off the PSN Store before. So I would like to know if it is possible to put the video you download onto your psp. Or are the restrictions that don’t allow this? If it is possible, then I think it would be nice to download a GameTrailers TV episode, put it on my psp, and watch it on the go.

    p.s. the GameTrailers episodes will be free right?

  • Rather than have GameTrailers TV in the PSN store ( which sounds like you will be charging for it ), why not get GameTrailers to create a PS3 friendly version of their site. That way the PS3 browser can just go straight there! It is not rocket science guys.

  • Two questions:1 is this going to be on the Video store or the games? 2 if it’s on the games is it going to cost or is it going to be a fee?

  • …. of course i’m a ps3 fanboy

    but, GT tv is not only about the ps3, will sony cut the show when they talk about the 360 ?!

  • sweet!
    Now that the flash player has been upgraded in the PS3 browser I actually watch a lot of Gametrailers videos on my PS3. It will be nice to have a whole programme to watch. Keep it up.

  • Here is hoping to a sensible drm solution for purchased movies and tv shows. I purchased some tv shows and a movie. After they downloaded my hdd crashed. It was a pain to get my content redownloaded and then be told I can no longer do it. So if my console goes then I am SOL.

    Until the den is consumer friendly I will not be purchasing tv shoes or movies from PSN.

  • How about the rest of the world people. Don’t forget us too!!!

  • So, why isn’t GT TV free? I mean, I could just boot up the PS3 web browser and watch it from there in HD for free.

  • Lovely. My phone autocorrected what I typed. Hopefully you can still decipher what I say.

  • Damn this is great news, i love GameTrailers to death but yet again … why was I born in the EU?

    Sony please after supporting you guys for over a decade now and going trough the hard times I still get mad when I can’t acces a video store are pay thing with a Pre-paid cart.

    Now I know that you guys are looking into covering EU news since i participated in the survey … so please spill the beans on when it is coming, if it’s coming at all en when I will be able to buy the stuff which I can’t atm because I don’t have a CC….

    A reaction would be the bomb! ;)

  • the video feature can come to Canada anytime now …

  • Well at least we get Spike in Canada…

  • Please sony…any word on the store for other countries? Just something?

  • Any words on when Canada will have the video store would be apreciated , Give us a date or at least an update .

  • That’s pretty cool, free content in the video store is always nice.

    Yes, PLEASE GET IT OUT TO OTHER COUNTRIES, you are losing potential revenue, they want to buy your stuff!

  • Please take my Canadian dollars for my video rentals. Pbpbpbpbpblease!

  • Chapelle’s show nice..

    Quick thought – can you provide full-feature Stand-up comedy on here? Eddie Murphy’s RAW and Delirious, Dave Chapelle’s Killing Them Softly and his older one, Steven Lynch feature length, Ellen Degeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, maybe Chris Rock’s HBO special, Dane Cook (ugh, but 1st standup was good), NOT carlos mencia, etc.

    haha was that too specific?

    Things like this would be IMMEDIATE buys for me. The SD quality wouldn’t bother me but they’re hard to find elsewhere.

  • Also, CollegeHumor has a show? whah?

  • Last of all, I must say, that please check out Rob & Big if you haven’t already.

  • Question!

    Now that Xam’d is done, any plans in the forseeable future for any more exclusive and/or hi def anime?

  • sounds like GT and MTV are getting things together. PSN is a great network to bring this amazing TV shows together. Geoff is a very respected game journalist.

  • We should all rate the weekly video content update posts negative until sony releases a statement about when the store will be available in other countries!

  • OH man..
    Beavies and butt-head….

    Thanks a lot Sony.

    BTW: where is the add-on for cuboid?

  • SWEET! Good job Sony!

  • Good Lord! The Real World’s been on for 21 seasons? Someone needs to put that show out of its misery.

  • and whens the european video download service coming?

  • And the movie of the week is… is…

    You know what? Just play Flower.

  • I will most certainly be rating this update a 1 on an ongoing basis until we get an update about the store in Canada AND the one time download for video is changed (i.e. a video policy in line with the one for games).

    At least a “yes, we’re working on it, but don’t expect it this year” would be fine– it shows respect for your consumers by keeping them in the loop!

  • So is their any chance Xam’d will be released on DVD or Blue-Ray? I cried like a baby during the last episode



    if you “ctrl+f” and search for ‘canada’ you’ll see how just how many people from Canada really want this video store.

    WTF is taking so long???????


  • DRM for purchased content, please; otherwise, not worth making a purchase.



    if you “ctrl+f” and search for ‘canada’ you’ll see how just how many people from Canada really want this video store.

    WTF is taking so long???????


  • Hope GTTV is in HD here on PSN. Can’t wait to see more on inFamous, looks really good.

  • Hi Guys,

    Only my second comment, but I have to say we need trials for all PSN games like on Xbox Live every single arcade game has a trial mode from which you can buy the licence and unlock the game, this really needs to come to PSN, things like Lumines I’ve got on Xbox Live but would love to try the PSN version and possibly buy it after but without seeing if it’s significantly different to play I’m not gonna stump up the cash.


  • Wow!! Sony is really kicking it up a notch. I can’t wait. I also seem to miss or forget about GameTrailers on Spike but now that its coming to the PlayStation Network – very cool! And to think a few friends just bought a 360 and are paying a premium for service whereas PSN is totally free!

  • Yea loll.. Canada need it too! Bring it :)

  • video store in canada pleeeeeeeeeease.

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