Haven’t Tried MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Yet? New Demo Coming Today

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MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has been out for a couple of months now, and we’ve been rabidly beavering away on producing a pile of downloadable content to give you some new gameplay to get you teeth into. But for you unfortunates who have yet to taste the thrill of destroying a tropical paradise with a bevvy of dirt racing machines, we’ve also put together a brand new demo of the game, which should be available to download from the PlayStation Store later today.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift updated demo

Like the previous demo we are offering you both a single player and a split screen multiplayer race, but this time we let the veterans of MotorStorm.com choose their favorite track, Razorback. With its thick jungle, colossal waterfalls, dank caves and a multitude of routes, the Razorback is an ideal taster of the off road thrills and spills MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has to offer, so grab it and give it a whirl.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift updated demo MotorStorm Pacific Rift updated demo

There are few more entertaining things you can do with your pants on.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift updated demo

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  • Nice to see a 2nd demo of the game. Thanks

    • Thank you! Evolution Studios worked very hard to get this out to the fans. It\’s great to see that it\’s appreciated. :)

  • I’ll have to try the demo out. Somehow the game slipped under my radar.

  • AWESOME! Will have to try this one out TONIGHT!


  • I bought Motorstorm Pacific Rift weeks ago and started playing the game a few days ago, I really love it! Controls are much better than comparing to the ones in the first Motorstorm game :) I only doubt I’ll ever win that many games online, some drivers a real cheaters *grr*.

    • My tip: turn the wheel as little as possible and punch that turbo on the straight-aways. That\’s the best way to beat the other guys online!

  • Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. I already own the game, personally my favorite tracks are Colossus Canyon and Sugar Rush. But both of those are too good to give out in a demo methinks…

  • Not sure I want to download it again with a different level.

  • Good to read this. The first demo wasn’t really a glowing example of the final game. But I knew how much fun this game would be after playing tons of the first. Also exclusive demos are not a good idea.

  • Chop chop with the patch.

  • I just rented this game……WOW….. Truly entertaining. The tracks are so much fun. I don’t normally like racing games (I get bored of them quick), but this one is just fun. I really believe Motorstorm and Valkria chronicles deserve more attention than they have recieved.

  • Hopefully the new demo will impress me more than the original.

  • I bought the game about two weeks ago, I would’ve bought it at launch like I did the first but I had other priorities to consider!!! The game is a blast to play and the graphics are awesome, as are the crashes, easily one of the best racers around, you done good Nigel, you done good!!! :P :D

  • Nice. It would be smart for other games to do this.

  • Two Demos? Is MS2PR not doing so good?

  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift is a very underrated game. It came out during the holiday crush of games and in my opinion, forgotten too soon. It’s a very fun game, offers trophies, custom soundtrack and photo mode in addition to online and offline multiplayer.

    • It\’s true. There were a lot of heavy hitters in that time frame but it\’s a great game nonetheless. Did you get the platinum trophy?

  • ” DonnyG
    Two Demos? Is MS2PR not doing so good?”

    I think the same :D But nice so see new demo of great game.

  • No no no, a 2nd Demo from the same game? Sony c’mon, try to release some new stuff, It’s seems that Sony does not have good stuff to be released on the Store, just Flower!!!

  • Personally, my favourite track is The Edge.

  • I picked this up via gamefly and could not get into it. I own the first one. I love both games, but I’d much rather sit down and play an action/adventure story than keep racing over and over. I wish I liked them more.

  • Nice hopefully this will make me get the game, the first demo was..ok

  • I bought everything for the first MotorStorm, so whatever you guys put out, I’ll buy. :D

  • great, I want to try it as many people said the on previous the graphics weren’t as good as the final game

  • It is impossible to get the Platinium Trophy for this game unless you happen to be one of the .001 percent of people out there with FOUR PS3 controllers to get the idiotic Bronze ‘play a 4 player splitscreen game’.

    You guys blew it with the junior level synchronous vehicle loading screen with the first Motorstorm

    And then you blew it again with the moronic Trophies in the second.

    Perhaps its time to hire some people with a clue at Evolution to keep you from making these stupid mistakes in future games.

  • ive got to get this game ty now i probably will now for sure ty

  • Thanks for the post Nigel. I do truly hope that more people discover Motorstorm 2 from the release of this demo. I however am extremely disappointed that you haven’t supported us your loyal fans/customers. It has been over 100 days since MS2 released and in that time we have been waiting for a patch that stops the save file corruption and freezing during online. Plus we can’t even backup our save file until you release the update you promised us long ago. You should have released the update before releasing this 2nd demo. Thanks!

  • When is the patch coming out? Also, you got any plans of DLC? Release DLC with trophies, that way it will sell better, believe me

  • Wasn’t into the first demo, but I’ll give this one a shot.

  • I liked the first demo sadly other games took priority and now well there’s zero $. Tough times calls for a second demo eh?

  • I’d like to see the next Motorstorm game mix up the races more… like one desert course, one jungle course, then a race through, say, a snowy area or something, etc.

    I loved the gameplay, but felt that the game needed a change of scenery, as towards the middle of the game, it started to, not to sound hypercritical, get a little old for me.

    My opinion is clearly a minority opinion, given the admirable sales of Motorstorm and its sequel, but I figured I’d state my position and see where it landed me. Basically, it is to keep the gameplay the same, but to discard the practice of theming the games in favor of an around-the-world scope.

    Regardless of what direction the series takes, I wish you the best of luck!

  • Awesome news. :D I bought this game back in November and really like it. Unfortunately some trophies are just too hard for me, but it’s great. I’m kind of struggling with rank 7 right now. :(

  • Hmm thanks David for the tip, I’ll sure keep that one mind. I’ve got the feeling it will come very much in handy.

  • Razorback is a beautifull track :D


    We need:
    Legendary Cars (like Burnout)
    > A-Team Truck
    > New Kitt
    > Ghost Rider Bike

    Starter Girl (For bone crush with Monster Truck)
    Snow Tracks *

    * Yeah!!!! :P

    I winder to know if is possible put stunts on the motocycles…?

    Look for motorstorm aquisição netweb on youtube.. is my unpacking video!
    Very Cool!

    Portugal!!! PSN ID: Netweb
    See you on paradise island!

  • luved the demo. does this new demo offer new cars to try lik an atv

  • I’ll pass, hated the first game. Kudos on the 2nd demo though it’s a nice concept to push those on the border to buy.

  • @ 4 Onna76_NL

    I didn’t know you bought Motorstorm PR Onna. We gotta race next week when I get back from vacation.

  • Maybe this will change my mind and I’ll actually by the game.

  • I did not like the 1st demo, because of how hard it was to actually win the race (And not crash). It was MUCH harder in this demo than Motorstorm 1.

    So I am looking forward to downloading this new demo to see if it will change my mind. I don’t know that it will, since the available course wasn’t my problem with demo #1.

  • Can I ask something?

    I heard tha the first demo was a “older build” from the game, that is why the “poor” graphics complains.

    I this demo a updated build of the game?

  • I am absolutely crazy about the first MotorStorm, but I was really disapointed with Pacific Rift. There are too many events with time trials or restrictions (time limit, wreck limit) and that really takes away from the MotorStorm chaotic brutal experience set by the first game. It’s like setting a bunch of rules after leting a kid do whatever he wants for a long time… It’s by far the most disapointing game of 2008 for me!

  • Any word as to when the patch will be released? “Just around the corner” is not 2 weeks.

  • I saw you ask someone if they got the platinum trophy. Well arent you funny, IT TAKE SO MUCH TIME O_O In my case my ps3 died and so i lost my game save date when i was actually close :(

    It really was a very underrated game, it certainly should have gotten in the top three racers for the year no matter what site etc.. cause as far as i see it MS:PR is the only racing game in a long time to actually put detail/care into its physics and track design. I really really hope to hear about some DLC soon (pretty please soon :)

  • I still have the game sitting on my shelf in the shrink wrap, I really should get to that soon, I loved the first demo. Of course, it’s only waiting on the shelf because I got both the original and Pacific Rift for Christmas, so I’m trying to work my way through the orignal first. :)

  • From what i heard, This game is selling pretty well isn’t it? I certainly hope so, its very fun

  • Dear Evolution Studios,

    Your game trophies are TOO HARD.

    You are crazy sadistic !”£%$£^£”$.

    Thanks for a great game.

  • Great news. I may have to pick this up.

  • Man I had this game day one. Whats with the slow pokes? The Trophies are so stupid hard to get though, kinda makes me mad. Great game anyways, keep up the good work!

  • This game is AWESOME! I bought it like 3 weeks ago, and was sludging through it but now that I’m one of the HUNDREDS of people who’ve gotten the yellow light of death I can’t play anything, and since sony wants to make more money rather than keep me playing I sold the game and wont be able to purchase any games for quite a while

  • I almost have platinum for this game. This is seriously one of the most funnest and underrated games ever.

    The demo didn’t do the game justice at all really. My only complaint with the game was that there wasn’t enough variation. You basically play each map over 10 times and each time it gets harder. Maybe even if you guys added rain for later levels to make mud everywhere and big puddles so its much harder. (Im not sure if rain is in the game, I havent seen it yet though).

    I did really enjoy all the bonus modes though like timed mode etc.

  • Cant Wait to download it! :D

  • I love this game but the fact that you can lose XP online for coming below 5th now that I’m a veteran is just game breaking.
    I can play for hours and get nowhere…Infact I can go backwards…
    It’s completely ruined the online experience for me.

  • I don’t know why this game got such poor reviews (relatively speaking 81 on metacritic). It was a lot of fun, with friends and by myself. I enjoyed this a lot more than bioshock (which I found dull and boring).

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