Free Magic Ball, Cuboid & Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom PS3 Themes

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Hey, everyone – Michael Robinson here, Director of Communications for Creat Studios. We wanted to give you all a heads-up that we here at Creat, along with our partner in crime, TikGames, have been hard at work on some outrageously good Add-On content for Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Booster Packs will be available soon and will include tons of new levels, additional themes, level editors, more trophies, and lots of other exciting gaming goodness! So be on the lookout for those Booster Packs, and producers from Creat and Tik will be coming atcha soon with more juicy details with some action-packed blog posts here.

But in the meantime, as a token of our appreciation for the tremendous response we have received from our recent releases on PSN, and since we are in such a giving mood, I’m happy to announce the release of FREE Themes for your PS3 available tomorrow on the PlayStation Store! So, instead of starring mindlessly into some wacky swirling color mass on your XMB, why not be the envy of all your family and friends by downloading a FREE Theme from one of your favorite Creat/Tik PSN games? How can you go wrong? Check out some screenshots for the Themes below, and remember, friends don’t let friends have boring XMBs!

Magic Ball Theme 1 Magic Ball Theme 2

Cuboid Theme

Mahjong Tales Theme1 Mahjong Tales Theme2

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  • I like that Cuboid one.

  • I love the cuboid theme… I just wish Sony would make the themes have a little more… push to them…. like 3D effects and stuff….. the XMB is getting a little bland….. but that’s my complaining lol XD…. but seriously keep up the good work :)

    oh and I’d bet that people WILL pay for themes that COMPLETELY change the look of the XMB… just saying

  • Cuboid. Agreed. Thanks for stopping by Mr. Robinson!

    • Hey, thanks for having me, guys! And thanks, everyone, for the kind words about the themes.

      Link01, we can certainly work to making even better themes in the future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you do feel like paying for the themes, I can get you an address to just send us some money! ;-)

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the free themes!

    We look forward to your next game…

    Oh and we gotta go out and grab Kelly’s Roast Beef some time…

    • Hey, our pleasure! Enjoy the themes, and if you want to send some Kelly\’s to the office as a special thank you, I would be happy to receive it :-) (inside Boston reference, sorry)

  • Wait a Tik….. Did he just say more trophies?! I like, so totally read over that the first time bro!. That’s great.

    • I did say more trophies! And they are pretty sweet ones, too, so you have that to look forward to, in addition to the start of the baseball season, the warmer weather, etc.

  • thanks for the stuff, and fun game, the family loves it.

    • Hey, thanks for buying our game and loving it! BTW, which one are you speaking of? I mean, they are ALL fun, after all.

  • @3… lol, yea free is nice :)…. hey as some 3D smoke effects in and I will send you some money XD

  • I meant… add :P @7

  • Wow cool stuff, I got magic ball for my girlfriend to see if she would dig it, but it turns out we both love it, and since we can play it co-op its way more fun!!

    So thanks for all this stuff, gotta love the price of free, and I am just wondering about the extra levels for magic ball, are they free? or can you ball park the amount were going to be looking at?

    • Thanks for the kind words about Magic Ball; glad you guys are diggin\’ it. And you\’re very welcome for the free themes – you do gotta love the price! We were thinking of goinbg even cheaper by actually paying everyone to download the themes, but when we crunched the numbers, we realized it would be too costly. As for the Booster Pack, stay tuned for more info shortly on the details but don\’t worry – it won\’t break the bank!

  • Magic Ball is quite good indeed, I haven’t tried Cuboid yet.
    I would love more specific challenges (and trophies) like the one with the knight and the dragons.

  • Sa-weet! That Cuboid one looks pretty cool, and will go well with the game. You guys are doing a great job and I hope you get all the success you deserve. I’ll do my part on the customer’s end. :)

  • I looooooove Magic Ball, it’s in my TOP 3 favorite downloadable games of all time! I will definitely use the Magic Ball theme!

    Why don’t you release a demo for your games? I’m very interested in Cuboid, but I’m a little scared of puzzles, so I have to try it before I buy it!

  • We need a TikGames combo pack! Magic Ball and Cuboid for the low price of 14.99!!!!

    (Figured it was worth a shot considering 10 posts and 5 dev replies)

    • Since you\’re playing the odds, I figured I would give you a reply :-) Sure, there\’s no substance to this reply, but hopefully you still feel good about it.

  • Those themes looks great nice work guys ! I cant stop playing Magic Ball its so addictive and it remind me of the Arkanoïds game Really nice work keep em comming :)

  • I have bought all three games and will buy all the add-ons you guys make. I love your company’s offerings so far and will support ya on the PSN! Keep up the great work!

  • I’m most interested in soon purchasing Cuboid and MagicBall, any chance of a bundle with the boosters for each one?

    Would definitely make it even more appealing for people that haven’t bought any of them! :D

    • No plans for bundles at this time, but it\’s certainly something I can mention to the super high up executives at Creat and Tik.

  • I didn’t know Creat Studios was located in Canton. That’s awesome.

    • Yup! Beautiful Canton, Massachusetts! Where there\’s a Dunkin\’ Donuts on every corner, and I think a pretty decent high school football team?

  • The Cuboid one looks awesome. I wonder when they’ll release more level.

  • Whoa… Booster packs you say… for Cuboid?! *Faints*

    Seriously, if you love puzzle games then you really should get Cuboid! I’m totally hoooked to the game. I want to finish the game today on Expert (4 puzzles to go) before Flower drops in the PSN store. To think I still need to buy Magic Ball, Mahjong Tales and Savage Moon which I’d like to have as well.

    Sure gonna download all the themes, they’re very beautiful :)

    Love, Anouschka, Holland

    • Thanks for the shout-out from way out there! From Holland to Canton – you gotta love this Internet thing…I guess it\’s not just a fad after all!

  • Oh, oh, since you’re here anyway, there’s a question which came to my mind this morning when playing one of the hard expert levels in Cuboid. Will you release the songs from the game on PSN perhaps? I really love the sound of the game :)

    • Okay, Anouschka is the frontrunner so far for \”Best question of the day!\” A Cuboid soundtrack, you say? Hmmm…. let me look into that for you. If it could be put up for a Grammy monination and we could get P.Diddy to produce it, we might just have something there!

  • All these themes are awesome! But Cuboid theme is simply inspiring- it’s sooo powerful visually! /can’t wait for PSN Thursday update :)

    • \”Powerful\” – wow, that is certainbly one way to describe it. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and enjoy! :-)

  • Another question of curiousity…
    What is the relation of Magic Ball on the PSN to the one on the PC. I mean, first off the PSN one looks much more amazing but I see there is a different developer/distributor (BigFishGames) for the PC one and they are up to Magic Ball 3.
    I guess I am just curious where the original concept came from?
    Thanks! :)

    • Another good question, and here\’s a good answer: We were officially licensed to develop a version of Magic Ball for the PSN/PS3, as we knew we could make it bigger, better, and just super-duper-awesome, so there you go!

  • Cuboid is a very awesome game. Can’t wait for the DLC.

  • Welcome to the blog.

    Will we ever see remote play for the PSP for any of these titles?

  • I am actually planning on picking up all 3 of these games this Friday. This adds a nice extra incentive. Thanks!

  • Awman. 200 bonus coins in one playthrough. So, so cruel….

  • I gotta say that im absolutely in love with Cuboid, and do hope that more levels come for it, as im about to finish it… The art style, the music, the intelligence is fantastic =D
    Mahjong and Magic are really fun, but i really liked Cuboid’s intellectual style more…
    Hopefully we will get to see more awesome PSN exclusive games from you guys! Great work, and thanks for the themes! =D

    • You will be happy to hear that more levels are coming via the soon to be released Booster Pack, and you will also be happy to hear that Cuboid is absolutely in love with you too.

      And we do indeed have new games coming out for PSN later this year, so stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming soon! Thanks for your support.

  • “Thanks for the shout-out from way out there! From Holland to Canton – you gotta love this Internet thing…I guess it’s not just a fad after all!”

    Thanks to broadband makes like 10.000 miles difference so close by all of the sudden, doesn’t it. And you’re welcome ;)

    “Okay, Anouschka is the frontrunner so far for “Best question of the day!” A Cuboid soundtrack, you say? Hmmm…. let me look into that for you. If it could be put up for a Grammy monination and we could get P.Diddy to produce it, we might just have something there!

    What’s in it to be at the end of the day the one with the “Best question of the day”! *lol*

    Hahaha… now don’t overreact, or it feels like I’ve just asked the “most silly question of the day”.

    • What\’s in it? How about an autographed photo from Cuboid? He could sign it in big block letters for you! hahaha (okay, that was uncalled for)

  • @DeforMAKulizer, you literally kicked out every word from right out of my mouth, couldn’t have said it any better ;)

  • Ah Free stuff. You guys are the best.

  • @Michael in response to #24

    Thanks for the quick reply. Remote play almost always equals a must buy to me so I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  • The cuboid theme is pretty sweet. I have Mahjong and Magicball games. I was a little disappointed with Magic ball with it being so short. Can’t wait for some more levels. I guess I’ll pick up Cuboid since everyone is raving about it. I suppose I’ll grab the free themes, you gave such a great sales pitch.

    • Sales pitch? Hey, I was just keepin\’ it real :-) But I know you will enjoy the themes, especially since they\’re free. And you will definitely love Cuboid as well. IGN gave it a 9 out of 10, so really, how can you go wrong?

      As for Magic Ball, the Booster Packs will contain more levels, and an entirely new theme, so that should keep you playing for a while!

  • Nice thanks! Cuboid theme is awesome

    By the way, i bought magic ball and it is awesome! cant wait for more levels!

  • The Cuboid theme is serious. Please give all of our props to the creators.

  • I saw the custom themes on the PS3 and I thought to myself:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the PS3/PSP had 3rd party apps, like an iPhone or Wii?

  • I love cuboid! Ill defiently be buying the booster pack for that.

    As for Magic Ball, i dont find it all that fun, but im glad to have supported Tik anyways. I do hope to find more different and unique titles from Tik in the future.

    About how many more titles do you have in production for PSN anyways?

    • Thanks for supporting Tik and us here at Creat Studios! Tik worked with Creat in releasing Cuboid, Magic Ball and Mahjong Tales. Stay tuned for future collaboration announcements, as well as more exciting stuff to follow from each of us!

  • Check it out: 2 player competitive Cuboid. The exit hole is in the center, a player starts on each side and you just mirror the layout. It might even work 4-player!

    That one’s on me, but the next golden egg I lay is gonna cost ya. :-D

    Also, would a random level/layout creator be impossible for this game? I’d imagine so, since the solutions can be calculated with mathmatics, but what the hell do I know. Get on it! XD

    I’d like to talk about how much I love Magic Ball but I can’t do so without sexual innuendo… so.. thanks for reading…. [DELETED]!

  • very cool thanks

  • My family and friends are already savagely envious of me. The Cuboid theme may push them over the edge.

    Pray for my safety!

    • Yikes. Enjoy the free theme, but proceed with caution when alerting said friends and family to your new technology windfall :-)

  • I’ve been quietly waiting for the mahjong tales level editor since it was mentioned on here a little while back. I’ve still not fully completed the game yet though but happy to see I’m still at the top of the high score table for online play ;)

    Magic ball was good & the trophy to help the knight defeat the dragons was both exciting & frustrating at the same time :)

    Not bought cuboid yet but it looks like just my cup of tea, another cerebral workout to sit back & relax with into the small hours.

    • Not sure about you, but in the small hours, I prefer sleeping over a celebral workout, but if it works for you, hey, we appreciate your support! :-)

  • “Michael Robinson replied on February 11, 2009 at 7:34 am

    What’s in it? How about an autographed photo from Cuboid? He could sign it in big block letters for you! hahaha (okay, that was uncalled for)”

    *Rolling on the floor laughing* oh that would be something, with love from Cuboid *lol*. That was absolutely the “joke of the day”. You’re seriously crazy funny you know that ;-)

  • Hey, I bought Mahjong Tales and am enjoying it, but I gotta say, some of those trophies are TOUGH! The only one I have left is one for playing 100 levels in Infinity (I think the trophy’s called Infinity and Beyond). You guys are very cruel for making that trophy! ;-)

    Anyways, I was wondering, are the new trophies going to be just as time consuming, or will you give us a little break this time around? ;)

    • Hey, earning a Trophy for anything should be difficult. Just ask Bobby Brady! Don\’t you feel so much better about your accomplishment, and yourself, when you have to work hard to achieve something special? Of course you do.

  • LOVE the magic ball and cuboid themes!!! Good job guys.

    Also new DLC and trophies coming?? WOW you guys are doing great, keep it up. I will be buying the add on’s day 1 :)

    Thanks guys.

    • What, no love for the Mahjong Tales themes? Hey, we\’ll take what we can get! Thanks for the kind words and support :-)

  • BTW, I love your company’s approach to all of these games. I’m definitely planning on buying Magic Ball and Cuboid in the near future. Keep up the good work!

  • @36: My bad, Creat deserves almost all the credit! I cant wait for more games from you guys! Keep up the good work on future titles!

    As for the YouTube video feature, will your future titles support that feature?

  • I have all three, so I’m happy!

  • You, by far, have the highest reply to post ratio! :D
    I think it is great that you are replying to so many of the questions, praise and ideas. That is exactly what I enjoy most about the PSblog, I just wish more would do the same (*hint* Criterion on their latest post.) ;)

    • I wish I could take the credit for my responsiveness, but the truth is, they have chained me to my desk and computer and will electroshock me if I try to get up, or do not respond to at least 85% of all questions/comments posted.

  • Nothing against you guys, but I hate the fact that we have to say “Free themes” now. The premium themes I wouldn’t download even if you PAID me too. Don’t steal the [DELETED] art you can find off DeviantArt and charge us $1.50 for it. I loved it when all themes were understood to be free and it really disappoints me that the people of the PlayStation Store would allow this.

    Anyway, sorry for the tangent. Of the games, I only currently have Mahjong Tales, but I might pick up another one. It’s nice to have a mahjong game for the PS3. :)

  • I have bought Cuboid and Tales, but due to your incredible replies I might just buy Magic Ball also

  • Three great games, and those themes look really awesome. I’m not kidding, but they could very well be the best themes ever. Locco Rocco 2 is a great theme though too. One of the biggest mistakes the designers make is going too bright thus you can’t ever read the text in messages or alerts, it’s like they forget to do QA testing on the themes. Can’t wait for these.

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